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Ducati February 13, 2010 posted by

1992 Ducati Fast By Ferracci 851 Custom Superbike

1992 Ducati Superbike 851 Custom for sale on ebay.

You need to read the full ad to understand what this bike is.  Located in Tucson, Arizona is a 1992 Ducati 851.  Now, the frame defines what make & model a bike is.  The Arizona title and registration of this bike states that it is a Ducati 851 however, it is a complete custom bike that has been pieced together from some choice bits.  The frame is supposedly a Superbike race frame obtained from Fast By Ferracci with a long dead 851s VIN stamped on it.  The engine is from a 2001 996.  It has a Ducati Corse fully adjustable shock linkage, a Ducati Corse aluminum fuel tank, custom made F1 two into one exhaust, Ohlins rear shock, 17″ Marchesini five spokes, Showa Gold Nitrade forks, Brembo four-pots, Corbin seat and numerous carbon bits.

It will be interesting to see what this bike will sell for, at this point it’s very hard to value.  There are numerous custom 851s but, this one does have some–very possibly legitimate–Corse items; specifically, a titled Superbike  frame.  What do you think this bike is worth?  Is it worth more than a stock bike as it has some very rare bits bolted on or, will it sell for about the same?  Custom bikes are very hard to value because:  If this were a Fast By Ferracci Superbike race bike, determine a value based on that, and if this was a bone stock 851 we could easily determine a value.

One thing I have no doubt about is that the buyer of this bike needs these parts history verified and documented prior to sale.  If a World Superbike frame is what you’re paying for, it needs to be proven.  If this bike seems interesting, and it should, .


Ducati February 12, 2010 posted by

2008 Ducati Monster LE Tri-Color #287 of 400 on ebay

2008 Ducati Monster LE for sale with $20,000.00 in upgraded bits…

Just to disclose the obvious – I am not a Ducati expert nor do I claim to be one, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then and boy did I ever….

Listed as #287 of 400 produced this Ducati is way cool and has some of the best looking upgraded parts I’ve ever seen. I refer you to the full Termi Titanium/Carbon exhaust or those sweet rear sets. Did I mention the matching red powder coated swing arm and exhaust pipes? Now I’ll have to admit the red exhaust pipes aren’t my favorite, but I can certainly appreciate the thought, effort and costs that went into getting it done. I like the raw Titanium look of an expensive Termi exhaust, but like I mentioned I can appreciate it and won’t knock it.

Since I’m an honest guy I’ll also admit I didn’t know Ducati made this bike in an LE. But, I’m sure most Monster fans would kill to get their hands on one of these bad boy street fighters.

The starting bid is $12,500.00 with no reserve so it is possible to own this LE for just that. Bike is located in Springfield, Missouri and is said to have 1,677 miles on the odometer. I’m pretty sure I could ride this one and be proud to do so. Give the pictures a once over and then jump over to the auction and check out the rest of the pictures. You won’t be disappointed.

Quotes from the seller:

$3,000 Full Termignoni Titanium & Carbon Fiber Exhaust System
Fully Mapped Ducati Performance ECU
$250.00 Ducati Bike Stand
Upgraded Dark Tinted Wind Screen.
Ceramic Coated Exhaust by JET-HOT, approx. $450.00
Matching Red Powder Coated Swing Arm.
$1,000 Ducati Billet Rear Set.
Gold Andodized Clutch Plate with Red Anodized Bolt Plugs
Custom Black Clutch Basket Cover
Drilled Billet Sprocket/Chain Cover.
Carbon Fiber Chain guards.
Upgraded High Performance Gold Drive Chain
Red Ducati Hallmarked License Plate bolts.
Clear Lexan License Plate Shield/Cover.
Gold Anodized Oil Plug.
Gold Anodized Brake and Steering Fluid Covers.
Custom Red/Black Gel Grips.
CRG Gold Anodized Billet Brake & Clutch Levers
CRG Custom Cafe Racer Mirrors.
Matching Red Latex Rubber Tank Protector.
Upgraded PIAA automobile Horn
Xenon Blue Headlight Bulb
Modulating & Spinner Tail Light

That is quite the laundry lists of upgraded parts and some of them are high dollar bits. So if you’re interested in a killer looking Ducati Monster and check it out.



Ducati February 11, 2010 posted by

2002 Ducati 998 Bayliss Replica on ebay

2002 Bayliss 998 Race Replica with only 2182 miles on the clock and it is clean, clean, clean!!!

The 998 Bayliss replica is my second favorite right behind the Bostrom replica. But this one is so perfect and clean I could be persuaded to change that order.

Being a 998s these are equipped with Ohlins on both ends, Carbon Fiber fairings along with other bits, and a 998cc Testastretta engine that puts out 123 HP. And of course those racer boy decals that always make you look faster than you are.

As I’m writing this the current price is $5,800.00 and bidding looks to be brisk with 12 bidders already in the mix. Bike is located in Cedar Park, TX —- in the sellers basement. The seller has thoroughly documented his Bayliss 998s LE with no less than 24 pictures on the auction so you should be able to buy with confidence. And should you have any questions his phone number is listed on the auction site as well. He also offers up a pretty darn good guarantee – “If you dont like the bike when you win it, i will give your money back.” Nice eh?

In the sellers words:

Up for auction is the cleanest 998S Ducati you will ever see. There is nothing wrong with this bike. Its like buying it right off the show room floor. No cracks, no chips, no scratches no dents no dust no dirt!!!!.

Ducati released this 998s special Bayliss edition to commemorate his winning the World Superbike title. They made only 400 of these bikes to distribute through out the world, so this is very special and very rare. Each and every bike was hand signed on the tank by Troy himself. His signature is unique to eash bike as no two are exactly alike. This one is number 306/400. This is the last year of the 998S and with it being the rare Bayliss version as well..

I bought the bike with only 2177 miles on it. I just wanted one of these to put in my living. Thats why i bought this bike. I have been looking for the past four years to find the cleanest one, and I did, but now I have to sale it. The bike is still on its original rubber. It comes with the race exhaust, which is installed, an up grade chip, the special cover that Troy Bayliss’s signature printed on it with his race number 21. It even comes with the special plaque with its birth date and authenticity. These will also follow the new owner.

Just look at the pictures the bike looks brand new. Take a good look at the rear sprocket how clean it is. This should tell you all something about this bike. I have the orginal mirrors and turn signals. I took them off to look like a real race bike. If you dont like the bike win you win it, i will give your money back.

One quick note about Bayliss… Like most racers when they first go to Ducati they give it their absolute 100% and Bayliss was no different. He was a hoot to watch sliding the back wheel around, lifting the back wheel under breaking, manipulating the bike and lighting-it-up coming out of turns. Yep, I get goosebumps remembering him battle, what was arguably, the best WSB period ever. I did some research and found some cool video’s of Bayliss that you might enjoy watching before you jump over to the auction.

to view one clean Bayliss replica.



Ducati February 9, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight!

Now this gets me excited – a rare 1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight with 42,000 miles for sale in Sacramento.

I have a preference for Ducati’s Supersport (over the Superbikes) as they make better “real world” street bikes with a good dose of old world charm and character from the air-cooled lump.  Of the Supersports, the two most desirable models are the 900SS FE Final Edition as it is the most refined of the air-cooled SSs; the other is the first year (1993, for the US at least) 900SS Superlight, with the signature white frame and 2-piece Marvic wheels:

1993 Ducati 900 SS Superlight, one of 300 that were imported for sale by the orginal owner for only $5,000. This bike has been well cared for. It has Fox shock, forks revalve by Aftershocks, stainless steel brake lines, Corbin seat, has only 42,000 miles. This bike is in excellent shape.

I think the 1993 Superlight is one of the best looking Ducati’s ever, and at $5000, it’s a lot cheaper than other SL’s on the market.  Granted, the mileage is quite high on this one, but if the bike is in good condition then it would be a nice addition to any collection.

Check out previous 900SS SL listings on RSBFS.  Oh, here’s the link to the ad: 1993 Ducati 900SS SL for sale in Sacramento. Enjoy!


Ducati February 7, 2010 posted by

1998 Ducati 900SS FE for sale in San Francisco

Bargain 1998 Ducati 900SS FE (Final Edition)!

My first post on RSBFS was a 900SS FE and I have always liked the classic lines of the old air-cooled Supersports.  For most people and for most street riding, these bikes are more than enough to get that stupid grin on your face without getting into too much trouble.  And $4500 will get you this very nice 1998 Ducati 900SS FE Final Edition (#30 of 300) for sale in San Francisco:

Final Edition #30
10670 Miles
All Stock except for AFAM front & 39tooth Rear Sproket (1k miles)
1k miles on brakes and tires
Magnetic Tank Bag
Battery Tender
2nd Owner
Minor Cosmetic scratches and rear light lense cracked

So there are some cosmetic scratches and the rear lense is cracked, but what do you expect for a 12 year old bike?  And for the bargain asking price, I can easily over look the minor details.  FEs have been hovering around the $5500 – $6000 range, so this one’s a steal.

Also check out Ed’s 900SS/FE website – chock full of good info.  If you end up getting this or any other 900SS FE, don’t forget to get your bike in the 900SS FE registry as well!

Finally, just to show that Supersports can be Supersexy as well, see this tricked out 900SS FE special done up by performance parts dealer Motowheels complete with BST carbon fiber wheels, carbon fiber tank, Rizoma goodies… hmm….


[AffomaticEbay]Ducati 900SS[/AffomaticEbay]

Ducati February 3, 2010 posted by

2001 Ducati 748S With 960 Original Miles!

This is a 2001 Ducati 748S with only 960 original miles!  Located in Escondido, California is a completely stock 748S looking to be in perfect condition as it should with this low mileage.  The bike comes with the original bill of sale, a clean title, owners manual, and service manual.  As standard, this bike has the five spoke Marchesini wheels, Showa suspension, the motor is a derivative of the earlier SPS motor, and the “S” line features a different exhaust system.  The asking price is a very fair $6,000.  It would be possible to ride this bike for five thousand miles and still loose hardly in depreciation.  As long as regular services have been done–If you wish to ride it–I say this bike is a win!  See it on Craigslist here.


Ducati January 29, 2010 posted by

2002 Ducati Monster S4 Fogarty Edition with only 2400 Miles!

I didn’t even realize they made a special edition to honor Foggy, but here’s one of 300 made for sale in Fresno, California on Craigslist. It looks really well preserved and ready to rock for $9500:

2002 Ducati Monster S4 Fogarty Foggy Edition For Sale

quote from seller’s listing:

2002 Ducati Monster Foggy Edition with 2,408 miles. Number 87 of only 300 made! Termignoni exhaust, carbon fiber, not a scratch on the bike.

I had to do my research on this one on the Monster Forum and other websites, and from what I’ve gathered:
– these were all special order.
– only 300 in the world!
– the Fogarty package was only applied to the S4 model (which has the superbike motor and uprated suspension)
– It sits a little taller than the standard S4 (20mm)
– and of course the graphics and plaque are unique to this special edition

I tried to find a Foggy Monster video but to no avail. The closest I could find was the S4 with the high mount Termi cans:

With an original sticker of nearly $15k, this looks pretty good at $10k with only 2400 miles. It’s not even broken in yet!


Ducati January 22, 2010 posted by

Limited Edition Xerox Ducati 999R For Sale and Loaded with Carbon Fiber

Ducati 999R For Sale

Update 1.21.2010:Phil has contacted me to let us know that he has dropped the price on this awesome ride to . Someone out there has to recognize the value here!

Phil of Revercorsa in Austin, Texas, just emailed to let me know that his one of a kind 999R is up for sale on Craigslist. As if 999R‘s were garden variety, this one has been made even more unique with an amazing upgrade list that is reported valued at over $40k alone!

quote from seller’s Craiglist post:

Over $40,000 invested.

This immaculate 184 of 300 limited edition Xerox Ducati 999 R features the following upgrades..

Carbon fiber nose fairing.
Ducati 999 R carbon fairings.
Carbon fiber solo tail.
Carbon fiber front fender.
Ducati performance carbon / aluminum tank.
Ducati performance carbon gas cap.
Carbon fiber mirrors.
Carbon fiber timing belt covers.
Termignoni 58mm full exhaust system with ECU and performance air filters.
Marchesini forged aluminum wheels.
Zero gravity black windshield.
Rizoma fully adjustable rear sets.
Gilles chain adjusters.
STM paddock stand bobbins.
Rizoma clutch cover.
Rizoma front sprocket cover.
Speedymoto clutch plate and springs.
Black Ohlins front forks.
Fully adjustable Ohlins rear suspension (Xerox only)
Magnesium cylinder head covers and headlight housing.
DiD 525 gold chain with black sprocket (+1 tooth).
STM clutch slave.
Clear alternatives integrated tail light.
“ DUC 999” license plate.

This is my personal bike and it has only 1,200 weekend miles. No track use, Never dropped, always garaged kept and all services up to date.

I’m asking $28,000.00 obo $22,000 for this truly one of a kind Ducati.

More pictures here:

Only 1200 miles?! This bike is practically brand new! And make sure to check out his link for more huge hi-res images of this machine.

Interested parties, please contact Phil directly at or 512.431.6465

Good luck with the sale Phil!