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Slippery Slope – 1984 Harley-Davidson XR1000 with 2,455 Miles !

Donn 2

Harley bought itself back from AMF in 1981 and strategists came up with a new model with XR750 racebike genes.  Not RSBFS’ normal fare but sporty and collectible, today’s XR1000 is quite original and looks good despite challenging pictures.

1984 Harley-Davidson XR1000 for sale on eBay

Though conceived as a descendant of the XR750, Sportster engine cases were specified, and bolted into the new XLX chassis.  New iron cylinders were manufactured, and new alloy heads had a more modern valve angle with blueprinting done by Jerry Branch in California.  36mm Dell’Orto carbs with factory K&N hung to the right, and an all-business dual exhaust on the left.  Showa forks and shocks and 292mm disk brakes reviewed as some of the package’s best attributes.  After a year in grey, 1984 models were shipped in black with orange accents, and single seat.

A roll out of the storage unit would’ve done this listing wonders, but the pictures are tantalizing even so.  Seemingly free of damage, almost 40 year-old finishes answer to a barely used bike.  Just a note in the eBay auction –

XR1000 orange and black this is one out of 177 made in 1984 last year of this model. I am selling it for a customer, the bike has a couple of mods , 1 carbs, 2 exhaust, 3 rear shocks, I do have original shocks. It has been in storage for 2 years, bike runs strong, located in Tucson AZ.

Though development costs tore through any chance of success the XR1000 had, reviews were upbeat – all about fun, and vibration wasn’t much of an annoyance at the low revs usable with the torque and four-speed trans.  Sporty in perspective, with only the 80-mile fuel tank coming in for across-the-board criticism.  Well that and the $7,000 list price, a whale in 1984.  Doomed by the MSRP, just a thousand were made in 1983, and this owner states 177 built in ’84, though one website reported 700.  Either way a complete rarity in a sea of Harleys, this XR1000 might be worth pursuing.


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Two Faced Twin: 1994 Harley-Davidson VR 1000

William 6

Harley Davison has a long and storied history of racing having participated in almost every form of two wheeled motorsports over the years.  In the 1990s Harley wanted to take the fight to the the Italians in SuperBike racing.  Every manufacture has come up with a clever plan to stretch the rules of homologating a bike for racing, but the VR1000 took it to a new level.  The rules stated that a specific number needed to be made, and those units needed to be street legal.  The Italians were famous for just slapping lights in VINs on race bikes, but that would not have worked for the Harley.  Sure some markets were harder to get away with that kind of thinking, but in the end it seemed to work.  This history has given us the Ducati SPS and R lines as well as a host of interesting bikes from Japan.  The rules did not stipulate where the bikes were road legal, so Harley exploited that loophole.  They found that the rules in Poland at the time were exceptionally laxed regarding what could and could not be registered for the road, so this was the only market the VR1000 was street legal in when new.

The bike shares nothing from the Harley parts bin, as this was a ground up attempt at a race bike.  A very modern fuel injected, 8 valve, liquid cooled V twin provided over 150 horsepower.  The bodywork was carbon fiber to reduce weight to around 390 pounds.  This all meant that the bike had the performance to take the fight to everyone else in the field.  Front brakes were six piston Wilwood units and the suspension was the best Ohlins had to offer.  In true race bike form the 5 speed transmission utilized a dry clutch.  All of this racing pedigree and performance came with a $50,000 price tag when new.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

Vintage Motorcycle Collective
Dealer # MC1463
No Title – They Never Had Titles
Cost $49,626.00 in 1994
Just Out Of A Museum
Ridden 231 Miles in 1994 – In Museum Since
Has The Big Box of Parts & Tools You Could Buy With The Bike – Almost No One Did
200 Made – 50 Made For Street Use – This Is #6
Only Street Legal in Poland
Porsche Designed Motor

1994 Harley-Davidson VR 1000 Motorcycle, only 231 miles, already offered 20K for the box of parts & tools made for this motor only, will be throwing the box in with the bike, a steal of a deal . Sold as is-no warranty. Buyer responsible for shipping.

The $90,000 asking price is in line with what some other VR1000s have sold for in the last couple of years.  The extremely low mileage is appealing, but truth be told most of these bikes were stored in collections so not many have real street mileage.  What really sets this example apart is the extensive collection of spare parts and tools that are included.  This addition to the package means the new owner would have a substantial leg up if they wanted to keep the bike running and usable, even if only used sparingly.

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Track* Bike Tuesday – 1967 Aermacchi / Harley-Davidson CRTT 350 Replica

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Aermacchi helped H-D develop their small bike potential in the 1960’s and part of the effort was 250 and 350cc racing machines.  Today’s racer is actually a reproduction, but with 5-star credentials and marked only by a few curator’s fingerprints.

1967 Aermacchi / Harley-Davidson CRTT 350 Replica for sale on eBay

Aermacchi developed their air-cooled single in the late -50’s, and its forward pointing head provided good cooling.  The CR-TT was under constant development throughout the -60’s, with increasing compression, bore, rpm and power ( and shrinking stroke ).  Drum disks were specified, with the front well-ventilated, as is the dry clutch.  Components are courtesy of early innovators of the bits, Dell’Orto carburetor, Ceriani forks, Tommaselli handlebars, Magura levers, and Akront alloy rims.

The seller states that the CRTT is popular in AHMRA events, but that won’t be happening to this particular Aermacchi.  Evidently subject of an all-pro restoration by a previous owner, you have to really look to see all the places this bike has been polished.  Any single word describing its condition really doesn’t cover it.  Seller’s notes from the eBay auction:

Bike was restored by world famous Aermacchi specialist, Ron Cathcart.  It has had zero miles since restoration.
So immaculate, this stunning machine was solely used for display purposes by the prior owner and also by the current selling owner.  This motorcycle is sold on a Bill of Sale.  Registration is solely the responsibility of the buyer.
One of the most renowned names in Aermacchi circles is Ron Lancaster of Lancaster Aermacchi Sprint Restorations in Tampico, Illinois. This particular 1973 Aermacchi 350 example has been rebuilt to resemble a 1967 CRTT racer, with a budget of $10,000. Mike Medford was called on to make the tank and seat unit, while the fairing is sourced from a 1960’s model.  The 344 cc single was rebuilt by Ron Lancaster.  This example also boasts an array of upgraded components such as Magura levers, Tomaselli clip-ons, Akront rims, custom front brake drum, left side shift, and more.  

Aermacchi went back into two-strokes in the 1970’s, and provided the orange and black many Grand Prix wins and championships, including a rare crown in both the 250 and 350cc classes in 1976.  Smokers were working their way towards the door as the decade wore on, and AMF perhaps saw them as not in-keeping with the H-D brand, selling to buyout specialists Cagiva who retired the name in 1978.  This gem might race forever on a carpeted stretch of race track, with a new caretaker and occasional light polishing.


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Dr. Evel – 1972 Harley-Davidson XR-750

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Harley-Davidson introduced the XR-750 in 1969 in response to an AMA rule change that made their flat head racers finally obsolete.  The 1972 revision had an updated engine design and went on to an unmatched series of flat track wins and stadium jumps.  This example is fitted with the optional rear brake and a tuneable SuperTrapp exhaust.

1972 Harley-Davidson XR-750 for sale on eBay

After the quick initial conversion of their Sportster race engine, Harley took more time with Rev. 2.0 and commissioned a different layout with a wider bore and shorter stroke, and alloy heads.  In an interesting redux of the sidevalve KR engine, each pushrod has its own cam, uncomplicating cam profile and timing changes.  Power was 80 hp or better, spinning pretty well for a pushrod mill at nearly 8,000 rpm.  The 19-inch front wheel is right at the end of the Ceriani forks, so handling should be true to the 26-degree rake.  Number plates and mufflers conceal the twin-shock rear, and the tank/seat combo is fiberglass.

Offered by a Florida dealer, no history or past ownership is offered, but the eBay classified does hold promise.  Gotta love racebike details like both brake and shifter on the right peg.  XR fans will have to comment in their thoughts, however it would be unreasonable to expect anything on a dirt track racer to be original or unmodified ( or even un-damaged ! ).  From the eBay listing:

Blast from the past and a beautiful example! Inquire and we will answer ALL and ANY questions and we will try hard to get the answers. Hagerty values this at $50,000!

A redesign in 1972 resulted in a motorcycle that would be the most successful in the history of American Motorcyclist Association Racing.
Evel Knievel made the bike famous outside the fairly narrow lane of flat track racing, jumping his 1972 XR to a string of then-world records.

The right collector could take this XR in any number of directions – as raced by Roger Jr., an AMA champion tribute, or Evel Knievel lookalike.  Or home to the dirt as an amateur ?  Nothing as sensible or practical as a sportbike, but a could be a great project.


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Featured Listing: 2009 Harley Davidson XR1200 (XR Cup)

Mike 0

Update January 2020: This bike sold this past December. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

In the wild world of rare sport bikes, we don’t often feature items from The American Motor Company. Sure, we post the occasional Buell or EBR sportbike, but few H-D offerings really meet the category of RSBFS standards. That is why I am happy to share this wonderful XR1200 with readers. While the stock XR1200 is not all that exciting to the knee dragging set, this particular XR was a Cup bike, and retained all of its hot rodding and rowdiness even though it has been converted back into a street bike. Possibly the ultimate bike nite ride, commuter, canyon carver, track day weapon and conversation piece, this 2009 Harley Davidson XR1200 converted XR Cup machine is looking for a new home.

The XR Cup (officially known as the Vance and Hines XR1200 class) was an American one-design series meant to offer aspiring racers an affordable and approachable package and allow them to showcase their talents at a national level. The rulebook was simple and comprehensive. Take one stone stock XR1200. Remove lights and other DOT required safety items. Apply the XR Cup modification kit ($3,500, sold via V&H racing), which comprised the only allowable performance modifications. Upon inspection engines were sealed to prevent further modifications. Spoon on some sticky rubber and go racing. Figure about 530 pounds and 80-ish HP race ready. From 2010 until 2015 fans were thrilled by relatively full grids, tight racing, and amazing racecraft. Hearing a full field of XR1200s roar down a main straight – each rider trying to draft, jostle or otherwise elbow his way past – was truly a sight to see. In the end it was a successful foray; the fields were big, the crowds saw a great show, and some truly outstanding talent learned their craft.

From the seller:
2009 Harley Davidson XR1200 11200 km (6960 miles)

Bike was bought new in 2009 to compete in the Canadian XR-cup.

Bike have compete in 2010-11-12-13 canadian XC-cup and some AMA XR-cup races. I have some races results.
Never been crash severely. Engine still have the XC-cup seal. From 2014 to 2017, the bike have run a few times on track for track days and track school.

Bike is registered and located in the province of Quebec, Canada (Montreal area). It’s on the road since 2017.

Price: $8,000 USD

More from the seller:
Full Vance & Hines race kit
Fiberglass belly pan (modified to fit kick stand)
Ohlins steering damper
Performance Machine 17″ front wheel
Fiberglass front fender
Number plate
Fiberglass rear section
Vance & Hines fuel pack
Vance & Hines exhaust
O2 delete kit
Oil cooler relocation bracket

More from the seller:
Gilles adjustable rear set
Biltwell handlebar
Biltwell grips
Bikemaster wideview mirrors
Bridgestone S21R tires (XR cup sizing)
Final ratio have been change for more top speed
Headlight : Baja Design LED Sqadron (with Skene smart dimmer)
Safety wire everywhere that need safety wire
DNA air filter
Lithium battery
Short levers
Custom paint job
full floating front discs
Suspensions: Racetech (front : G2R cartridge with 1.0 kg spring / Rear G3S with 2.2 kg springs)

More from the seller:
Spare parts / Extras
Final belt drive (new)
OEM front 18’’ wheel
3 different handlebars
OEM mirrors
OEM front fork cartridge
OEM exhaust system
O2 sensors
OEM tail section with seats
OEM passenger foot pegs
OEM headlight
OEM front fender
Shop manual
Brake pads
Amsoil 20W50 oil
OEM oil filter

The XR1200 series attracted both newer riders as well as some old hands. Unknowns competed alongside more featured names. Danny Eslick won the inaugural championship in 2010 before moving onwards and upwards. Participating in this series made stars out of riders; they were approachable, brave and heroic. Here is a video of the seller being interviewed in his native Canada. While not all of our readers can speak and understand French, enjoy the shots of the bike:

This is a pretty neat find and unlike many of the offerings you might find on RSBFS. This is a race bike with some history, while also being able to serve double duty as a street bike. It looks fantastic, will handle better than any stock HD you run across in your travels, and will out-handle many other motorcycles on the road, provided you are willing to give strong leverage to the wide bars, keep your momentum up, and avoid dragging hard parts. I can’t imagine having more fun at a track day, or getting more attention from fellow riders. Good Luck!!


Featured Listing: 1972 Harley-Davidson XR750

Aaron 0

It’s hard to think of a racing bike more uniquely American than the Harley-Davidson XR750. The bike combines all of the qualities that make us who we are as a nation, and carries a long history of victories through grit, determination and dedication to the art of plying your trade better than anyone else. For riders and racers in the 1970s and 1980s, the XR is as hallowed as Richard Petty’s sacred 43 or McQueen’s trademark smirk.

1972 Harley-Davidson XR750 for sale on eBay

The XR750, which is variously quoted as having anywhere from 80 to 100 horsepower is the winningest motorcycle in AMA history, thanks in large part to the fact that, 50 years after it bowed, flat trackers are still finding success aboard updated versions. Evel Knievel made the bike famous outside the fairly narrow lane of flat track racing, jumping his 1972 XR to a string of then-world records.

This 1972 Harley-Davidson XR750 was raced by Mike Boyes in the 1970s and 1980s. It sits in unrestored, as-raced condition, and has not started since Boyes last rolled it into the pits. It is a time capsule in the purest sense of the word. It is the first year of the alloy-head XR750 engine, and carries nearly 50 years of race patina on its simple orange bodywork. The fiberglass tank is uncoated and unlined, and therefore is likely unfit for use. The seller says that, despite its long slumber, the bike shows every sign that it would fire and run with minimal work.

From the eBay listing:

1972 Harley-Davidson XR-750 flat track racing motorcycle
Engine no. 1C101XH0
Unrestored. As raced.
• First year of the alloy head XR
• Raced throughout California in the 1970’s and 1980’s
• Delivered in as-raced, unrestored condition
This 1972 alloy XR-750 was purchased by Mike Boyes from renowned Harley tuner Michigander Tex Peel. Boyes then raced it mainly in California in the mid-to-late 1970s and early 1980s. He lives near Seattle, Washington today. Boyes sold the bike to Yoshi Kosaka of the Garage Company, now of Inglewood, California, who kept the bike for many years before selling it to Mike Cheiky, a California-based inventor. Mike died last year and so his wife Charity enlisted a family friend to find it a new home. The XR-750 found its way to New York City Motorcycles. Its appearance – the patina, that is – has been ‘undisturbed’ since it was last raced at Ascot, San Jose, Sacramento, and others. The motor gives every indication of firing up with a minimum of proper servicing and safety checks although it is recommended that fuel not be poured inside of the XR750’s original, un-lined, uncoated tank. To run it, a substitute tank or external fuel feed should be used.
Ran when parked 🙂
This is my third vintage XR750 and the purest racer of them all. The motorcycle looks exactly as it did when it exited the racetrack the last time.
Recent marriage and move to Japan makes keeping, shipping and/or storing impractical. My move is your gain 🙂
See other motorcycles offered for sale along with the XR.
*missing left footpeg
*Sold with a BILL OF SALE ONLY. XR750’s do not have titles and are not legal for road use!*
***optional Harley Racing factory stand available to the winning bidder only. $500 value***

The motorcycle is sold as is, where is, and there are no warranties expressed nor implied. Judge the photos and make your own assessment of the bike’s condition, rather than rely on my opinion and/or description. Questions and clarifications are encouraged. These are my personal opin Bidders must be certain of their commitment before bidding, as once its submitted. If you win it, you bought it. No time for nonsense please. Bidders with less than 10 or any negative feedback must contact me prior to bidding or else expect your bid to be cancelled and removed.

This motorcycle requires thorough inspection and recommissioning before running or riding. Know what you are buying before you bid. If you don’t have the expertise and/or the budget, with all due respect, this is not the bike for you.

New York City Motorcycles ( nycmc dot com) is reasonably well known in the vintage motorcycle community and this is not the only platform for offering the bike. Therefore please consider not waiting until the final seconds of the auction to bid. Because while you’re waiting to pull the trigger, if a fair offer arrives from elsewhere and there is not a comparable bid here, the auction will instantly disappear from your watched items.

Motorcycle is located in Venice, CA. I will work with your shipper but its your responsibility.

I’ve had several questions regarding the engine number.  Firstly, thank you for pointing out the number being incorrect, incomplete or possibly the engine number of the prior series, 1970 Ironhead.  I’ve just added addtional photos of the engine case, which shows the full number: 1C1013(followed by 2 with a slash over the number) H8

The slash through the two is consistent with a 1975 model I owned previously – in that instance the number 6 followed by the number 5 slashed out.  The unanimous opinion from experienced XR owners and collectors was 6 referring to 1976, the bikes completion date; the 5 slashed out refers to the 1975 model.  In that case labor disruptions at Youngstown were responsible for some 1975 bikes being carried over and released the following year. 

The number first shown was indeed incorrect.  I used the text from the Bonhams auction catalog from the Barber Motorsports, sale in October of last year, where the XR was listed.  Bonhams conducted their own independent review of the bike’s provenance.  I should have proofread their reference then, as well as now before I put the bike up for auction now.  Apologies for my oversight and hope this clears up any confusion caused.  Feel free to ask additional questions if my hypothesis appears incorrect!

Thanks again.

Running original XRs command silly money, and this one is a true museum piece with race provenance to back it up. Hurry over to eBay if it tickles your fancy, the auction is about to wind down!

Mid-Winter Roundup of Featured Listings

Donn 1

Even though there are prodigious cold fronts trained on both coasts, planning ahead is always in season. Here’s a little review of RSBFS’ recent features:

Let’s start with a couple of smokin’ race machines –

Featured Listing: 2018 Honda NSF250R Moto 3 Race Bike For Sale

Featured Listing: 2017 Suter MMX500 for Sale

From the 1980’s we have two classic supersports, plus a unique Harley-Davidson –

Featured Listing: Zero-mile, 1-of-25 road-going 1994 Harley-Davidson VR1000!

Featured Listing: 1983 Honda CB1100F

Featured Listing – 1982 Honda CB750F Super Sport

These three are more along GT lines but very sporty –

Featured Listing: 1994 Suzuki GSXR-1100

If you are a skilled track rider there are four big-displacement racers, from classic to modern –

Featured Listing: 1991 Yamaha OW01 FZR750R Race Bike

Featured Listing: 2004 Moto Guzzi MGS-01 Corsa

Featured Listing: 2000 Ducati 748RS track bike

Featured Listing: Honest-to-God 2012 Suter BMW MotoGP bike

The 1990’s were a sweet sportbike spot, and we have four currently –

Featured Listing: 1990 Honda CBR400RR NC29 for Sale

Featured Listing: 1991 Bimota YB10 Dieci for Sale

Featured Listing: 1993 Moto Guzzi Daytona 1000

Featured Listing: 1990 Yamaha FZR750R OW01

The rest are a little of this and a little of that, or more accurately a lot of this and a lot of that –

Like a naked 2003 Yamaha R1 –

Featured Listing – 2003 Yamaha FZ1 with just 661 Miles !

Here’s Honda’s own winning V-twin, the 2005 RC51 SP2 –

Featured Listing: 2005 Honda RC51 SP2

Or this stealthily accessorized Monster –

Featured Listing: 2006 Ducati Monster S2R 1000 build!

This ’06 SportClassic is a custom using the factory Paul Smart fairing –

Featured Listing – 2006 SportClassic 1000 with Paul Smart Fairing

From just last year, here’s a Kawasaki H2R with road registration –

Featured Listing: Street-Titled 2018 Kawasaki H2R for Sale

Also looking very ready for the track, this 2004 999R is an homologation special –

Featured Listing: 2004 Ducati 999R FILA

We had two MH900E’s but one has sold.  This one has never been registered –

Featured Listing: 2001 Parking Space Odyssey – NEW 2001 Ducati MH900e

And our most recent feature is this ’08 1098S, fully decked out in carbon and billet aluminum –

Featured Listing: 2008 Ducati 1098S for Sale

When you’re not chipping the ice off something or throwing things at the weather broadcast, check the right column on RSBFS for our sponsors and friends’ latest features !  Spring is just around the corner…


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Evel Incarnate – 1969 Harley-Davidson XR-750 Replica

Donn 3

Beside being Evel Kneivel’s choice, the simplicity and light weight of the H-D XR-750 has made it a regular at flat track podiums since 1970.  This street-registered example is faithful to the legend and its owner / ex-racer’s dream.

1969 Harley-Davidson XR-750 Replica for sale on eBay


Harley was given an offer they couldn’t refuse in 1969 – develop an overhead-valve race engine since the dispensation given to flatheads was fading into the sunset.  They de-stroked their 883cc twin to 748cc’s and had 82 hp to send to the 4-speed trans.  The lightweight downtube frame had the engine bolted directly in, helping keep the total weight around 300 lbs.  Period suspension was Ceriani front and Girling rear, with the front brake ( useless to a flat track racer ) conspicuously absent.  Megaphone exhausts went left since the left-turning oval kept the near side open.


This owner’s dream was realized via a 1969 XLH Sportster, with a race-prepared engine ( bumped to 1000cc ) and overall faithful presentation.  Along with the genuine XR750 tank, seat, and Akront laced alloys, there some are nods to the road such as the front disk brake, electric start, and progressive rear springs.  Notes from the eBay auction:

This XR 750 is a fresh build of an iron XR 750 replica using a 1969 XLH engine with electric start and rare Jerry Branch racing heads. It was a complete nut and bolt rebuild on the engine.  The frame is XR style with neck and E conversion.  There are lots of fabricated, hand-made aluminum parts.  The lithium battery is mounted under the tail.  The bike was built by Don Rothwell, a mechanical engineer and Harley racer.  This was a blank check build with the best of everything used.  It has break in miles only.
Itemized List of what is in bike:
1.  Rare branch racing heads
2.  Rare branch flow metric air cleaner
3.  Lithium life pro battery
4.  Cycle electric generator & regulator
5.  Trail tech headlights mounted in number plate
6.  Drag spec rear shocks (adjustable)
7.  XR 750 cam cover
8.  XLR Straight pipe (have baffles)
9.  Motion pro throttle and cables
10. XR 750 tank and seat
11.  Polished front and rear Akront flat track racing wheels
12.  Electric start
13.  XR 750 oil tank
14.  Stainless spokes and hubs
15.  Wiring Master sheet
16.  Itemized build sheet with costs for everything
17.  Hand build center stand included, but not on the bike at this time
18.  Period decals


While one could’ve purchased an actual XR750 homologation special from the Harley dealer, chances of street registration would’ve been slim and none.  For a fan of the grass-roots AMA series ( which is having a bit of a revival ) a Sportster-based rep is a nice compromise.  This one is professionally done and has just “dealer” miles – could be a hit in the paddock…



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