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BMW February 1, 2023 posted by

Something Borrowed – 1999 BMW R1100S

Today’s Beemer has been well loved and ridden to a respectable odometer reading.  It’s also been treated some nice updates and a substantial sprucing-up.

1999 BMW R1100S for sale on eBay

A lot of the R1100S’s attributes were handed down from the R1100RS, but the new alloy chassis gave the rear suspension and Paralever shaft drive some serious co-location.  The Telelever front end isolated dive under braking and doubled as a conversation piece.  The four valve heads used a single cam, and increasing the compression ratio brought 98 horsepower, an increase of ten percent from the previous year’s engine.  Unusual Brembo brakes were 320mm with optional ABS, and the wide 18-inch rear wheel helped keep the footpegs off the tarmac.  Mirrors mounted to the fairing which follows the streamlines nose to tail.

Looking way better than its 34,045 miles, this R1100S is in surprising shape, and has a few unusual mods.  The darker than Pacific Blue and near-factory checkerboard indicates a repaint, and the RS – looking bars are at least more comfortable.  More carbon accessories than the usual R1100S, with almost matching krinkle paint valve covers.  Sharp Sargent seat and polish on the exhausts which are usually a bit tarnished by now.  Comments in the eBay auction don’t mention any of this, but even better – catalogue a bunch of mid-life maintenance –

Complete recent service includes engine oil & filter change, transmission oil change, valve adjustment, synch throttle bodies, adj. alt. belt, flush & bleed clutch, flush & bleed brakes, replaced tires, front & rear shocks, front & rear brake pads, final drive bearings, front & rear wheel bearings, spark plugs, air filter, fuel pump & filter sock and fuel filter.
Everything works and performs perfectly.

Seeming ready for another riding career, this R1100S is at least worthy of a new owner.  Bags are included in case a fly in – ride home would work.  The low opener has attracted a few bidders, but the reserve hangs in the balance.


Something Borrowed – 1999 BMW R1100S
BMW December 6, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing – 2014 BMW HP4 Competition Limited Edition

BMW knew the writing was on the wall. The iconic boxer motor – more powerful and efficient than ever – had evolved from air cooled to air/oil cooled, the chassis was on the cutting edge of suspension with the Paralever and Telelever designs, and a successful promo campaign concluded with the Boxer Cup one-make race series. The wildly popular – and expensive – HP2 Sport took the boxer ideal to new heights (as did the stillborn MotoGP project with Nico Bakker). But if BMW wanted to go racing against other companies in the fierce battleground of WSBK and beyond, they needed something more. Enter 2009 and the mighty BMW S1000RR. This homologation machine was continually massaged and updated, including a rare, optional offering specifically for track days and racing – the Competition Package. Today’s 2014 BMW HP4 Competition is one fantastic example of that rare combo.

Featured Listing – 2014 BMW HP4 #5503

To call the S1000RR a successful racer is an understatement. WSBK involvement included riders such as Troy Coarser, Rueben Xaus, Leon Haslam and a win by Marco Melandri (BMW continues to compete in WSBK to this day with riders Scott Redding & Michael van der Mark). The S1000RR was also in MotoGP competition during the era of the CRT class, with Colin Edwards competing on a Suter chassis powered by the BMW engine. Legendary Michael Dunlop competed – and won – at the Isle of Man TT in two different classes on a S1000RR. To say that BMW introduced a competitive machine would be to state the obvious. And for mere mortals like the rest of us riders, the BMW S1000RR makes for a sublime street bike; there is lots of racing DNA built in, but amenities and assistance to keep commuters safe and happy. Win. Win. Win.

From the seller:
2014 BMW HP4 Limited edition bike number 5503. It has 3935 miles on it and in mint condition, all stock except rear fender delete.

The bike is a 2014 HP4 with the competition package, so it has real carbon fiber and aluminum forged wheels. I am the third owner and the bike has been serviced by the owners. Last owner installed a new rear tire on it and changed the oil. I have installed a new lithium battery. Bike runs like new and is in new condition as you can see from the pics. Bike is always stored indoors and has never been down or tipped over. Bike has never been ridden in the rain or the race track. It has a nice tank bag and you can charge your phone inside. The original owner hurt his back and sold it to his nephew, I purchased it from him. Most miles were put on the bike by the original owner, I purchased the bike with 3500 or so miles on it. I am selling because I have other sportbikes and I am planning to build a race car in the spring. Bike is located in Prescott AZ.

For more info, contact Jim Demonte ( 609-932-6898

Asking Price: $18,500

According to BMW, the Competition Package – known as ordering code 197 – included HP carbon engine spoiler and trim, HP folding clutch and brake levers, HP adjustable rider footrests, standard forged wheels finished in Racing Blue Metallic, decal kit and added approximately $4,500 to the MSRP. This was over and above the $20k+ cost of a new HP4 in 2014, which already included 193 HP, weighed in at 373 pounds (dry), offered race-tuned ABS braking with Brembo monoblock calipers, ride by wire throttle and an impressive array of tunable, electronic traction controls, Dynamic Dampening Control (DDC) to allow the suspension to automatically adjust to conditions, launch control, a “shift assist” feature to allow for full throttle, clutch-less upshifts as well as a slipper clutch for smooth downshifts at speed. The HP4 in any guise is a limited and impressive machine – the optional Competition Package takes that up a few notches further.

This beautiful 2014 BMW HP4 with Competition Package is located in Prescott Arizona. The seller is the 3rd owner, but all told this wicked machine has traversed fewer than 4,000 miles. The pictures tell the tale; crisp and clean with no hint of damage. The seller notes a rear fender delete is the only adjustment from stock. If you are in the market for one of the truly great bikes of the current century there are few offerings that combine the power, performance and civility of the BMW S1000RR. This rare HP4 with the optional Competition Package is priced at $18,500, and interested viewers can contact Jim for more information and details. Good Luck!!


Featured Listing – 2014 BMW HP4 Competition Limited Edition
BMW October 27, 2022 posted by

Blackout – 2007 BMW R1200S

Always fun to look at an unusual BMW model from more than a decade ago, seemingly undamaged, super clean – and then power up the dash to see the odometer… 33K miles !  Today’s R1200S from a Philly suburb, is hiding out in black with black trim.

2007 BMW R1200S for sale on eBay

The R1200S was a clean sheet re-design, and the 122 hp played a lot better with its 467 lbs. than the previous R1100S.  Telelever front end reduces dive under braking, and Paralever rear lessens the tendency of the rear to rise when accelerating.  Brakes are 320mm, without the servo assist but with optional ABS.  Each side of the fairing are one piece from nose to tank, and the seat console is one long piece from sidecover back.

The original owner plunked down well over the $14K list for this well-optioned S, with ABS, Öhlins, grip heat and 6-inch rear wheel all coming from the factory.  Akrapovic exhaust is a nice addition, possibly installed right at the dealer.  Miles are only mid-life for a Beemer, and no indication that either of the hex-head guards has ever been used.  Gotta like an owner with a nice rug under the bike.  Notes from the eBay auction –

33K miles in near pristine condition. It has ABS, BMW expandable luggage, heated grips, and a Centech fuse box. Performance upgrades are the factory optional Ohlins suspension, 6” wide rear wheel and full Akrapovic titanium exhaust system.

The R1200S had a two year run (2006-07) and with very low production numbers is already a niche classic. It was the most powerful BMW twin to date with 122hp and over 80 ft. lbs. torque at the crankshaft. Weight was 29 lbs. less than the previous R1100S largely due to the new trellis style frame.

The 30K service was done and I have service records going back to 2010. It has a current PA safety inspection sticker, brand new front brake pads and the tires are approx. 80%.

BMW seems to have worked on some niches in the oughties, and beside the R1200S, there were K1200S and K1200R Sport, HP2 Megamoto and G650X Challenge models available.  None were long-lived and all numbered in just the hundreds, but certainly charged up the fan base.  The R1200S had the top line BMW’s twin power spreadsheet for a few years, until the HP2 Sport came along.  This auction has recently opened, and there is a reserve.  Looks worthy of a bid though !


Blackout – 2007 BMW R1200S
BMW September 28, 2022 posted by

1-2 KO – 2004 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replica

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2004 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replica

Whenever us enthusiasts go to purchase a motorcycle, we always have to think about the tradeoffs. Especially if there is limited space or money, most of us can only have 1 or 2 bikes to serve all our needs. For many decades BMW has been one of the best at catering to the rider who needs one tool to handle different kinds of roads. Most sport touring bikes are generally repurposed flagships but it feels like BMW was a bit less compromised in their sport touring designs. The R1100 was actually versatile enough of a platform that it garnered a following by being the subject of the Boxer Cup spec racing series. Today’s find is BMW’s gift from the popular Boxer Cup series to the general public who wanted to be a bit closer to the real thing.

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The Boxer Cup Replica came with a few goodies that prepped it for track or backroad miles. It came fitted with a belly pan to catch oil leaks, carbon valve covers, Laser exhaust, and upgraded suspension (some say Ohlins and some say Sachs). The geometry was also tweaked to lift the rear of the bike up to improve the steering response. The motor remained unchanged but 74 lb ft of torque and 98 hp are plenty to keep riders on the edge. It certainly offers a much more versatile riding experience since you can enjoy a good balance of low-end torque and high end power. Boxer’s don’t sound great without a little help so the Laser exhaust is a weclome edition.

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R1100S BCRs have done fairly well over the past few years. A 2004 BCR with 19k miles just went on BaT for $9,600 in July. There have been some bargain opportunities here and there but the distinct look and race pedigree catches the attention of a lot of enthusiasts and collectors. Our find today only has 123 mi in 18 years so it was certainly a collector piece and it looks it too. There aren’t many floating around either since not many of these made it stateside. This could be a phenomenal addition to a collection or a track paddock but if you do choose to put this where it belongs just stay off the valve covers please. You’re not that guy. There have been 10 bids leading up to the current bid of $2,750. Good luck!



1-2 KO – 2004 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replica
BMW July 19, 2022 posted by

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee: 2005 BMW Boxer Cup Replika

There is little doubt that the air/oil cooled BMW boxer powered bikes from the 90s and 00s are going to go down on history as having one of the greatest motors of the time.  They are powerful, smooth, interesting and above all, ultra reliable.  Owners have racked up amazing mileage traveling to remote areas of the globe on some epic adventures.  The R1100S was renowned as one of the best sport touring options on the market.  For a limited production run across a couple of short years BMW leaned into the sport aspect and developed the Boxer Cup Repika.  While not exactly in the same vain as the Haga Aprilias or FILA Ducati the BMW was not specifically to honor a racer or championship but rather was put together to show the range of performance of the platform.

One could be mistaken to think that this is just an appearance package with some bright stickers applied to an already well performing bike, but they would be wrong.  The Boxer Cup got a few carbon bits, upgraded Ohlins suspension, as well as a few other tweaks.  These seemingly small changes added up to a really wonderful street bike.  Praised for sweet handling and manageable power these bikes are equally at home blasting around back roads or pushing the limits further on a track day.  At the end of the day ultimate power and speed is what most buyers lust after, so the S1000RR and other much faster machines meant the Boxer Cup was never going to be a huge seller.  Many claim just a few hundred ended up coming to the USA.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

For your consideration is a 2005 BMW Box Cup Repika with only 5960 miles. Of the 3 years limited production offered I think the 2005 color scheme is the best. This bike has been very well maintained and is in excellent condition. All service is up to date and it needs nothing. The battery was just replaced and it’s set up with a trickle charge. Included in the sale are the rear foot pegs and 2 sets of whole bike decals just in case any get scuffed. The rear tail section was repainted with new decals due to a couple of scratches from the previous owner. Exact match paint was used from BMW and is included with the sale. As one would imagine with 5900 mile the bike runs drives and breaks flawlessly. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this bike in my collection but it’s time to pass it on as I’ve added a number of bikes recently and space in tight. My reserve is set at a very fair price but in all fairness I will not disclose the reserve. Clean title in my name!

No Buy It Now is listed, and at the time of writing the reserve has not been meet with a $4500 bid.  That makes sense as these normally trade hands for a fair bit more.  Bike shows well and the listing gives the indication that it has always been with an enthusiast owner and well looked after.  The unconventional front suspension and engine lay our ensure this will be a unique riding and ownership experience.

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee:  2005 BMW Boxer Cup Replika
BMW July 1, 2022 posted by

Murica Buddy – 2007 BMW R1200S

Just in time for the long weekend is an R1200S in stars and bars.  The biggest S had a just a three-year run but provided plenty of fireworks.

2007 BMW R1200S for sale on eBay

Though engineers on the R-side knew the S1000RR was in final production engineering, they made one last set of tweaks to the flat twin superbike.  The cast backbone chassis was replaced by a front and rear trellis, each locating a Telelever front and Paralever rear suspension.  Less weight was good and more power was had with the 1170cc hex-head engine, with four valves per cylinder and 12.5-to-1 compression resulting in 122 hp.  320mm brakes and 17-inch wheels were sportbike norms, along with BMW standard shaft drive, with available ABS and heated grips.

Presented by a pre-loved specialist in suburban Milwaukee, this R1200S looks good and has low miles for the ask.  Often a custom re-paint gets started with a mishap, so it’s good to see the title marked clean.  Tires look recent and this bike has ABS and heated grips.  Likely related to the scuffed right cylinder, that damaged seat fairing could be replaced and the usual black or silver might not even require matching stripes.  Notes in the eBay auction –


Light and powerful as Beemers get, the R1200S would still be top in-house dawg but for the HP2.  With its focus on stability and longevity, it didn’t worry about liter bikes from other shores.  If ridden as intended, this example will be in many pictures with strangers, who probably won’t know of its particular claim to fame.  Enjoy the Independence Day holiday as safely as possible !


Murica Buddy – 2007 BMW R1200S
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Lucky 13 – 1994 BMW R1100RS Battle of the Legends Racebike

Pro race bikes don’t often change hands, and with BMW’s only occasional presence on the grid, even rarer with the rondel.  Today’s single marque racer is an R1100RS which evidently used to have Dave Aldana’s race numbers and still has his signature

1994 BMW R1100RS Racebike for sale on BaT

AHMRA folks close to BMW proposed a support race series for 1992, starting during bike week in Daytona and visiting classic tracks like Loudon, Mid-Ohio and Sears Point.  The R1100RS was the second bike used in the series, with 90 hp ( in street trim ) and four valve heads.  Then-new Telelever front end reviewed better than the shaft drive and Paralever rear, but both became BMW standards.  The fairing folded over the adjustable clip-ons and provided the rider a healthy amount of personal space.  – Lowers – were available as a factory option but not to the Legends racers.

With the same custodian since 1995, this RS might still be on its first post-race owner.  Certain real-world changes have been made, with bar-end mirrors, luggage rack, bags, and Corbin seat.  These oilheads don’t need much but at least the fluids ( if not the tires ) were changed.  For a race-used 30 year-old, the condition is amazing.  Standardized descriptions get priority over owner comments on BaT, but check out more pictures – here -.

Organizers drew the -70’s riders back with all expenses paid and matching bikes, even race leathers.  Aldana was one of the top riders in the series, and won two of the three weekends at Daytona in 1994.  The series had a four year run, and showed the new Beemer in a sporty light.  The warm silver paint is distinctive even without the series graphics.  A great riding collectible for fans of the brand and Dave Aldana.


Lucky 13 – 1994 BMW R1100RS Battle of the Legends Racebike
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RSBFS Featured Listing Summary

Here’s all the available Featured Listings from our readers in the last week of May 2022! -dc

Yamaha GTS1000 for sale

Mike has dropped the price of his GTS1000 listing to $6,750 CAD which is roughly $5,279 today.

Ducati 748 for sale

Michael’s 2002 Ducati 748 listing went live last week. He’s looking for an enthusiast to take over stewardship of this excellent and low mileage example.

BMW HP2 Sport for sale

Fred’s HP2 Sport is looking for a new home at a very reasonable $14,500. These are difficult to find and quickly becoming collectible.

Bimota SB6R

William is an RSBFS team member and his Bimota SB6R listing went live last week.

RSV4 Factory For sale

Dave lowered the price on his Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC to $11,000 last month!

Ducati Monster race bike for sale

Jonathon’s Monster 1100 Evo racebike is available for summer fun!

Ducati 848 for sale

Northwest European has this low mileage Ducati 848 available for just $8,950.

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