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Featured Listing – 1991 Ducati 851 SP2 Tribute

Update 5.3.2022: This bike has SOLD! Congratulations buyer and seller! -dc

Legendary as the Ducati 851 was, the racing department made several updates which were offered in the guise of the SP2.  A previous owner and Northwest European’s present client honed their 851 into this sharp-edged SP2 replica, beautifully presented here.

1991 Ducati 851 SP2 Tribute

Arguably Ducati’s first superbikes, the 851 was powered by their first desmoquatro, with water cooling and fuel injection also firsts for the model.  The SP2 had well over 100 hp per liter available at 116 hp, pushing the full fairing through the speed traps north of 150 mph.  The trellis frame, single rectangular headlight and hinged fuel tank are classic now, but new then.  But it was largely the components that the SP2 was sold to homologate – a close ratio gearbox, fully adjustable inverted forks, Öhlins monoshock, and cross-drilled Brembo brakes. 

Jason at Northwest European is a friend of RSBFS, and has helped the owners of this SP2 replica preserve and maintain this excellent tribute.  Though not an 888, so many SP2 details have been up-cycled that it is a dead ringer for the unicorn.  Most evident are the monoposto tailcone and SP2 triple tree with number plate, but look underneath for the alloy seat and fairing supports, billet brake calipers, and braided lines.  The carbon rear mudguard and large diameter Ferracci exhaust are more modern upgrades.  A few of Jason’s notes from the Northwest European web page:

Visually, the overall condition of this Ducati beguiles the 30 years since original construction. Essentially every detail of this machine from the lightweight bodywork, front and rear aluminum subframe, OEM Ducati tail section, machined details, and refined mechanical features are beautifully polished, honed, and properly maintained to factory specifications. The tires, massive Brembo brake calipers, drilled disc brake surfaces, and drive chain are all in excellent condition. The engine fires off brilliantly with crisp throttle response, fantastic exhaust note, and blistering acceleration even on mild throttle. Every aspect of this SP2 tribute confirms the magic and iconic status of these original race-bred bikes.

This Ducati is accompanied by a factory owner’s manual, service manual, original tail section and subrame and a support stand dolly for the rear wheel. Also includes original exhaust. Featuring fresh fluids throughout, and less than 50 miles on the cam belts, it’s a true museum piece, or ready to ride this weekend as desired.

Please contact Jason Harris at 206-355-7727 for more information on this 1991 Ducati 851 SP2 Tribute.

Rarity for the 851 is assured, with production well under 1,500 in any of its five years, though seasons might pass between SP2 sightings.  And while not sure the 37cc difference from the 888 would be easy to discern, DMV will quickly point out that SP2’s were never intended for the street, but this replica can be ridden and not only trailered to an event.  This might be a perfect compromise for a rider / collector – skillfully conceived and executed, impeccably maintained, and ready to show and register.

Check out – Northwest European’s page –  or give Jason a call at 206-355-7727 to discuss.


Featured Listing – 1991 Ducati 851 SP2 Tribute
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The Long & Short of It: 2000 Ducati 996 Monoposto

The Ducati 996 was the follow-on act to the stunning 916. Instead of a sophomore slump so often seen after a runaway hit, the 996 was a tasteful evolution – both more elegant and more ferocious than the original. The bump in displacement helped the 996 make better headway in WSBK, with Troy Bayliss winning yet another Ducati championship. At the dealership, the 996 was a flagship bike drawing in the crowds – and their wallets. The 916 might have been a hard act to follow, but the 996 was right on target.

2000 Ducati 996 Monoposto for sale on eBay

From the seller:
Model Year 2000 Ducati 996 Monoposto. Well cared for. Red with only 26,600 miles. Pirelli Diablo Rosso II front 120/70 ZR17 and 180/55 ZR17 rear tires at 24,943 miles. Ohlins fully adjustable rear shock and Ohlins adjustable steering damper. Arrow carbon fiber mufflers with Ducati Performance Eprom. 520 chain & sprockets, 14/39 ratio with AFAM quick change rear sprocket carrier. New cam belts at 24,376 miles. Electraeon start in neutral with sidestand down modification. Shorai lithium battery. BMC in-airbox air filters.

Original owner’s manual, shop manual, Ducati certification of authenticity, Pit Bull rear stand, and spare key come with the bike.

More from the seller:
Bike is lowered approximately 24 mm front and rear due to my short (28”) inseam. Rear strut length can be adjusted to restore stock ride height. Adjustable side stand to accommodate lowered ride height. Rear adjuster strut and adjustable side stand by Soupy’s Performance. Stock rear strut and side stand come with the bike.

Great iconic bike in remarkable condition.

This beautiful example of the 996 has some miles under the oil pan (26k+), and has seen some slight modifications. I spy with my little eye a smoked windscreen, Arrow carbon exhaust, vented clutch cover, and Ducati performance Eprom. Some of the other mods are practical for those shorter of stature. The 916/996/998 model series can be a bit taller than some riders expect. That leads to some tippy-toe moments in parking lots and at stop lights. The seller has made some non-destructive mods to help alleviate the seat height issue through a shorter rear strut rod – which also necessitated a shortened side stand. Both stock units are included in the sale to bring that aspect of the bike back to showroom fresh.

With Ducati 916s reaching skyward in terms of value, the obvious next candidate for potential investing is the 996. These are still relatively undervalued for what they offer, and draped in the super-sexy Massimo Tamburini-designed bodywork there is no other silhouette like it (except maybe for the 916 and 998). Time is running down on this auction, and with the latest bid at a low $5,480 USD, you can be sure this will see some more action before auction close. Which is your favorite of the 916/996/998 trifecta? Be sure and let us know. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


The Long & Short of It: 2000 Ducati 996 Monoposto
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Old School and Air Cooled: 1990 Ducati 750 Sport

The writers here at RareSportBikesForSale have been accused of bombarding readers with Ducati’s line of air cooled SuperSports.  The first generation 900SS has been featured many times, and for good reason.  They offer a wonderful handling package that makes and absolutely amazing sound.  Neither the buy in price nor the upkeep is eye watering.  The overall ownership experience is rather appealing.  If the 900SS simply feels too common for your, the often overlooked 750 Sport might be just the ticket.

For a while these were insultingly referred too as the “poor man F1”.  Sure the F1 might have more history but that does not mean the 750 Sport does not have something to offer, and on the classic market there is even more of a case to be made.  Low weight, simple mechanicals and classic styling just ooze fun.  The weekend enjoyment use case erases all care about ultimate specifications and performance.  This is a bike purchased on emotions.  Something to stand apart from the sea of modern sport bikes at the local bike night.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

1990 Ducati 750 Sport

Starts instantly and runs strong. Always garage kept. All original body work, never dropped (Paint has a few blems and rock chips here and there, but overall is in excellent shape.) Original Ducati toolkit. Owned since 1999.

New battery last season. Oil change last week (Amsoil 20/50 motorcycle oil). Valves adjusted 1500 miles ago. New chain and sprockets around 2500 miles ago.

$1000 Fast by Ferracci pipes. NOTHING sounds better than this bike. Video:

Racetech springs installed in the front. Original progressive springs included with sale. Also with sale, two brand new 16” tires front & rear. (Front tire on the bike is ok, rear could stand to be changed, but is still rideable.)

Original carb was replaced by previous owner with dual PHM40mm Dell Orto carburetors. These were difficult to tune, but gave the bike incredible top end speed, but I wanted a little more power and acceleration from lower down in the RPM range, so I changed the 40mm’s for 38mm PHM Dell Orto’s. I feel these are a much better fit for the bike, without sacrificing much on the top end. (40mm carbs not included.)

Less than 1000 of these bikes made and under 350 believed shipped to the US.

I will help with shipping any way I can, but buyer is responsible for shipping. Cash on pickup, or Paypal payment only. Located just a few miles south of Memphis, TN.

No buy it now price, but there also seems to be no reserve.  This bike is from an era when all Ducati were rare as they simply did not mass produce them the way they do today.  New owner will want to perform full service as well as a decent wash before heading out on the road.  A fresh set of tires are included in the sale, the OEM 16in wheels have limited modern tire options.  Parts to keep this beauty going are available from  Ducati as well as a few well known aftermarket suppliers.

Old School and Air Cooled:  1990 Ducati 750 Sport
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New Heritage – 1981 Ducati 500SL Pantah

Fabio Taglioni designed a new valve train for the next generation of Ducati’s and with it, a revised future for the company.  Here’s a classic rider that shines up beautifully for its nearly 35K miles.

1981 Ducati 500SL Pantah ( England ) for sale on eBay

Bevel drive desmodue’s were expensive to build and the easier “rubber band” proved a reliable way to turn the single overhead cams.  The engine worked within the new trellis frame for a solid chassis, and the swingarm pivot was cast in the back of the crankcase.  35mm forks and dual rear shocks were in-keeping with the sub-400 lbs. dry weight.  New 18-inch alloy wheels and 260mm disc brakes completed the running gear.  Though the eyes stumble over it, the fairing allowed the 45 hp bike to slip through the air at 120 mph.

This offering appears to be from a private seller in southern Britain, and looks quite excellent.  Long past any worries of a maintenance schedule, only the age of the tires and belts ( and maybe the fuel ) would be something the next rider would want  to know.  For the condition, the ask is more than reasonable, as this original Pantah hovers somewhere between classic and vintage.  A short summation of the model from the eBay auction –

The first of Ducati’s ‘new generation’ desmodromic v-twins, the 500 Pantah made its debut at the 1978 Cologne Show. Designed by Fabio Taglioni, the Pantah engine abandoned the Bologna company’s traditional shaft-and-bevel-gears camshaft drive in favour of toothed rubber belts. With 46bhp available at the back wheel the Pantah was capable of close to 120mph, which was some going for 500cc four-stroke in those days. A straight-tube trellis frame and triple Brembo disc brakes ensured that Pantah handled and stopped as well as it went in a straight line.

Pantah’s went on to 600, 650, and 750 cc models, but this would be one of the most original.  Reviewers found power and torque adequate in the upper third of the rpm range, and the overall package nimble.  Many of the concepts introduced on the Pantah are still in use, as this lovely example could be for the next owner.


New Heritage – 1981 Ducati 500SL Pantah
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A Super Supersport: 1983 Ducati 900 NCR

It may be April 1st, but this is no foolish prank here. This is a beautiful, exotic and rare NCR build of a Ducati 900 bevel. If you are a sport bike fan this should pique your interest. If you are a performance fan, this is the blueprint of how to get it done. If you are collector, a NCR build should be on your list. If you are an art lover, here is an oil painting that you can roll around. If you are none of the above, seriously, what are you doing here??!

1983 Ducati 900 NCR for sale on eBay

Nepoti & Caracchi Racing (originally Nepoti, Caracchi & Rizzi) is better known in Ducati circles as NCR. The little Italian firm might be best known for Ducati performance and as an extension of the Bologna brand’s racing division. Today NCR continues to be a builder and fabricator of some note, and offers custom bike builds for well-heeled buyers. Today’s example starts off with a rare Daspa frame, a chrome-moly example from yet another small, Bologna craftsman shop that produces lightweight frame sets. From there, high quality components are hung in the right places, with nothing extra to pollute the potential performance gains of minimalism. Colin Chapman would approve.

From the seller:
Ducati 900 NCR Daspa frame

Very rare motorcycle with a daspa monoshock frame, verlicchi swingarm, NCR exhaust. The bike works perfectly and starts at the first kick, hot or cold.

40 dell’orto carburettors, mechanical rev counter, new tank with restom treatment. The bike accelerates and brakes perfectly. A rare opportunity to acquire this piece of Ducati history.

Bike is located in France. Can ship worldwide.
No registration

NCR builds are rare when we do see them; they are often found beyond the US shores. This particular bike is located in the south of France. The asking price is right up there – as you would expect from a rare NCR build. The Buy It Now is set at $28k USD. The seller is open to offers, so there might be room to move on that number. Check out all of the details here, and enjoy this drool-worthy specimen. Good Luck!!


A Super Supersport: 1983 Ducati 900 NCR
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1995 Ducati 900SS/SP #559 For Sale!

1995 Ducati 900 SS/SP #559 For Sale on eBay!

Make: Ducati
Model: 900 SS/SP
Badge: #559
Mileage: 30,311 or 31,100
Location: Costa Mesa, CA
Price: $7,250 BIN

The auction ad states 31,100 miles and even though I don’t have my glasses on, I think that reads 30,311 . . . ?

From the seller of many words
Full Desmo service

That maybe the best “For Sale” description to ever grace our page! With that said, we’re on our own for the details-

#559 looks to have been enjoyed over the past 27 years, but also appears to have been spared the typical run through the Ducati parts catalog. Other than a few prominently placed go fast stickers, mirrors, windscreen, a set of Helibar type risers and an Ohlins shock it appears to be stock and well cared for.

Much like the description, the pictures leave me thirsting for a little more. But, maybe the seller figures it’s a numbered and badged, red Ducati and you can take it or leave it. Perhaps it could also be a forced sale and really isn’t interested in moving it?

I can’t speak from experience, but all signs point to these being awesome machines to ride. Plenty of torque, narrow, and red. What more could you ask for from a 27 year old motorcycle? Oh! Let’s not forget it has a recent “Full Desmo Service” . . . whatever that means.


You can make the jump here and ask all the questions you’d like.



1995 Ducati 900SS/SP #559 For Sale!
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Smaller Displacement, Capital R: 2000 Ducati 748R

The frenzy revolving around all things Ducati 916/996 has been nothing short of incredible to watch.  Collectors have taken note of these beautiful machines in a big way recently.  While one could never say any of these bikes were ever undesirable, most had a quite sentiment that they were undervalued for many years.  This history, looks, sounds and performance were unquestionably desirable, and now prices are starting to match this market feeling.  Some enthusiasts have felt left out as values increase.  Many of these would be owners turned their eyes to the smaller 748.  All of looks and sounds, but less power.  Some have claimed the reduction in power actually makes for a more enjoyable street bike.  But as demand increased, so did prices.

In all of this excitement, there are still ways to find value.  One such bike is the 748R.  This was a very low production homologation version of the three quarter liter bikes.  Some research claims that only 70 examples were brought to the USA in 2000.  The biggest change was the introduction of shower style fuel injection.  In period this was something that was rarely seen outside of a Formula 1 car.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

2000 748R up for sale. This is a period correct equipped model for 2000, there were other variations in suspension and body parts and so forth for other years.

2,730 miles……Clean and Clear Title

All fluids, timing belts changes and the airbox gaskets were changed 02/21.

Factory service manual and tool kit included.

Termignoni Full 50mm Exhaust
Upgraded Eprom Chip (stock included)
Mad Science Rear Fender Eliminator. Stock tail included
SHORAI Lithium Battery
Carbon Tank Pad, Exhaust Shields and Heel Plates.
Carbon Rear fender/chain guard
New Michelin Piot Power 2CT’s
Heli Bars.
Recent Fuel Pump Service and Dyno Tune at Boulder Motorsports …107.3 RWHP at altitude

Automatic Kickstand Retract Shut off has been bypassed

Only Blemishes on this bike are a scratch on the rear wheel that has been touched up, and small scratch down by the side stand , which has been touched up as well.

I’m Third Owner, driven less than 200 miles since purchased.

This example ticks a lot of boxes in the market right now.  Rare, low miles and a solid value at $16,500.  That may sound like a lot for a 748, but when you factor everything else that goes into an R, it starts to make more sense.  When talking comparative 996 or 998R the price point could be multiple times higher.  This could be a great opportunity for someone to enter the exclusive R owners circle at a reasonable price point.

Smaller Displacement, Capital R:  2000 Ducati 748R
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If it’s Red Don’t Touch It – 2003 Ducati 1000DS Supersport

Spring cleaning in a San Antonio garage – what have we here – a first year 992cc dual-spark Supersport !  It shows just a couple of season’s worth of miles, thoughtful and sparing updates, and what must be a force field to have kept the scratch and dent gnomes at bay.

2003 Ducati 1000DS Supersport for sale on eBay

Bologna HQ was looking for a way to revive Supersport sales, and plugged in the latest in air-cooled power – an all new liter with 10-to-1 compression, 85 hp, and a torque curve that is legend even today.  Most of the silver trellis is visible, and speaks about the strengths of triangulation.  Suspension bits come from a high shelf with adjustable Showa forks, and a nicer Öhlins shock with direct linkage to the aluminum swingarm.  Marchesini’s U-shaped spokes keep the alloy wheels light, and the Brembo brakes float on ten stainless buttons.  An integral tank pad helps that stretch to the top-mounted clip-ons, and the rather full fairing is sculpted in places where 90’s Supersports hardly even have places.

Limited pictures and info, but what is shown looks great, and the few mods are good ones.  No maintenance info, so a message to the seller about the recency of belt and tires would be advisable.  Unusual to see a one-owner bike and a no reserve auction.  Just a one-liner from the eBay auction:

Full fairing. 1 owner. 4,478 miles. Sil Moto Italia exhaust, Sargent seat, Zero Gravity windscreen. I also have original exhaust.

Cycle World’s review joked that Pierre Terblanche was in hiding after the release of the 999, and unavailable for comment on the new Supersport design.  Reviewers heaped praise on everything but the visual complexity of the fairing, and sales waned until the model wasn’t renewed for 2006.  As parts contracts wound down some “value engineering” took place, making the earlier years a better choice.  Unusual how the 1000DS turned out to be a rarity, and how many fans have warmed to the looks of the last air-cooled Supersport.


If it’s Red Don’t Touch It – 2003 Ducati 1000DS Supersport