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Sport Bikes For Sale November 4, 2022 posted by

Going Back – 1975 Ducati Supersport

Forty Seven years old. Nine Hundred cubic centimeters. Three thousand, nine hundred miles. Two hundred and twenty five thousand US dollars. I’ll let that sink in while you do the maths.

1975 Ducati 900 Supersport for sale on eBay

From the seller:
This is a pre Keith Harte owned 1975 Ducati 900SS. First year for 900 Supersport and only 246 were built in combination with the ‘75 750SS. The ‘75 SS is the only Ducati that shares the ‘74 750SS frame. Also the first 900 Supersports were made for production racing. They featured a fiberglass tank with 40mm Dellorto carbs, Conti Silencers, no turn signals and GP style right side shift. At the time you can also order them with the Imola upswept pipes as shown in some photos. They were the real superbikes of the 1970’s. With less than half of 1975 900SS built compared to the 1974 750SS Greenframe it makes the 1975 900ss the most rare of the Supersports.

More from the seller:
This particular example was slightly modified by Keith Harte in the 70s. He disassembled the motor and built it with high performance Ducati racing parts and also nickel plated the frame. It also won a Canadian championship with rider John Connel from Oakville, ON, Canada. I recommissioned the bike approximately 5 years ago giving it a new set of shoes, some elbow grease, carb and brakes rebuild and some TLC. I ride it approximately twice a year without any issues. Thanks for looking and good luck.

The 1970 era Ducatis are pretty hot on the collector market. The green-framed 750 is the usual suspect when it comes to valuation, as these are most closely aligned with Ducati’s early race efforts (and victories). The 750 was first made available in 1974 as a round case model. By 1975 there were two versions, the 750 and the 900. These are suitably rare due to the low numbers in production at the time. Interestingly these models had the shift linkage on the right hand side, rear foot brake on the left – in the days before global standardization of controls. They are also relatively identical, save for capacity. And while neither was officially imported into the US, it is nice to see a few of them made the journey. Today’s example is exactly that.

The seller indicates this is a Keith Harte bike, Keith being one of the earliest Ducati dealers/importers in Canada in the 1970s. That would fit how this bike came to North America. Keith was well known as a tuner and builder of race bikes. Certainly there must be some interesting stories about this particular machine if Keith toyed with it! By all accounts this is one gorgeous and historic piece of thundering artwork. The bike is well presented and the seller has offered some beautiful photographs. This 1975 Ducati 900 Supersport is being offered in a Buy It Now format for a mere $225,000 (the seller is open to offers). Check out all of the details here. Good Luck!!


Going Back – 1975 Ducati Supersport
Bimota October 20, 2022 posted by

Oktoberfest! NEW 2003 Bimota 500 V-Due

What a week it has been on RSBFS! It’s hard to say what could top Monday’s Honda CB1100R, Tuesday’s Suzuki RGB500 or Wednesday’s Yoshimura Tornado S-1, but I think a BRAND NEW Bimota v-Due with ZERO MILES qualifies as a contender. Interested? Read On!

2003 Bimota 500 V-Due with Zero miles for sale on eBay!

For those unfamiliar with the v-Due, you are looking at the only Bimota motorcycle ever to be powered by an engine of their own make. While every other Bimota utilized donor engines and transmissions housed in one of their frames, the v-Due was 100% Bimota born. And not content to be a me too company, Bimota shot for the stars with an ambitious and never been done before 500cc vee twin two stroke with direct fuel injection. The goal was to clean up the two stroke’s thirsty and polluting nature, while benefiting from the power of the smaller package. The reality is that this was an early attempt at success, as fueling issues, reliability and seizing were common. Sadly Bimota never had the opportunity for a second chance at that glory; fortunes quickly waned, operating capital vanished, and the company went under.

From the seller:
Brand new Bimota 500 V-Due with 0 km/ 0 miles from a collection in Original condition.

500 cc, 105 hp, two-stroke street legal racing machine!
Stunning design paired with breathtaking technology with attention to detail manufactory built.
Endless carbon parts, such as the self-supporting one!! Carbon rear monocoque that is second to none.

Furthermore, many milled aluminum parts
46mm Paioli chassis with adjustable rebound and compression damping at the front
Öhlins dampers at the rear designed in the sensational push-rod spring system.
Frame made of aluminum oval profiles for the highest torsional rigidity
Aluminum swing arm with a passage for the rear silencer and an integrated Bimota badge
Aluminum alloy Antera wheels
Complete braking system from Brembo and much more… await you here with the exclusive Bimota 500 V-Due.

Dry weight only approx 145 kilograms.
World’s first 2-stroke engine with electronic direct injection.
Engine: Water-cooled, two-cylinder, two-stroke, 90-degree V engine.
No scratches, no damage!

More from the seller:
– 1 of 300 builds worldwide
– 1 owner
– German papers (vehicle registration and vehicle registration possible)
– 2x Bimota keys
– Original operating instructions
– Original sales brochure

Bimota actually attempted to buy back all of the delivered v-Due models in order to rectify the problems, but as stated above, the company did not survive the debacle. Post receivership, some bikes were re-worked with conventional carbs and sold as Evoluzion models. These are usually the ones you see with more significant mileage on them. But today’s ONE OWNER machine has a claimed ZERO miles, and as such represents a perfect time capsule of this stunning model that (briefly) shook the world.

Located in Germany, pictures show an unbelievable example of one of the rarest, and most mysterious of the bikes from the legendary firm from Rimini, Italy. This bike looks to be absolutely sano – so much that I can practically smell the Cosmoline protectant through the pictures. Everything appears to be what it should – brand new, with no visible damage. Nothing but acres and acres of carbon fiber. Am I the only one that can stare at pictures of this fascinating machine all day? From the beautifully machined aluminum to the precision welding, from the triangulated and asymmetrical swingarm with embossed logo to the offset rear shock, this bike exudes trick details like few others.

Financially, the v-Due sunk the company known as Bimota. And while they were able to rise again, they never again attempted so ambitious a project as the v-Due. That makes the v-Due a true unicorn model, and a one owner, zero mileage example is an otherworldly find. Pricing, as could be expected, is worthy of the example: a Buy It Now format for $49,900 USD. We don’t see these bikes often, but somehow that price does not feel out of place or wildly high for what is on offer. You can drool over all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Oktoberfest!  NEW 2003 Bimota 500 V-Due
Sport Bikes For Sale October 17, 2022 posted by

We’ll Always Have Paris: 1982 Honda CB1100R

The Honda CB1100R is a rare – and relatively unsung – homologation bike from the fabled stables of Big Red Racing. Loosely based on the CB900F street bike, the CB1100R was designed as a production racer in the European theater, and was a popular platform for endurance events. As a street bike the CB1100R is potent and a little bit rowdy, while maintaining all of the quality and reliability you would expect from Honda. Produced across a small span of years (1980-1983) and in limited numbers (and markets), the CB1100R continues to stand out from the crowd some 40 years later.

1982 Honda CB1100R for sale on eBay

There were several changes to the model over the short run of bikes. The 1982 “C” model was the first to have full bodywork, as the initial launch featured a half fairing and solo seat arrangement. The 1983 “D” model resembled the previous year model, however there were many bodywork and chassis pieces that were all new. So while this is a multi-year model, the specific year of the bike is an important detail. The “B” spec original bikes mostly ended up in Austraila & New Zealand, while the C and D models expanded distribution through Europe as well.

From the seller:
Mythical CB 1100R
This is a type C produced in only 1500 copies
Honda’s latest and greatest air-powered 4-cylinder

This motorcycle has remained unused for a long time, which explains its very low mileage. It has just been completely overhauled and put back on the road.

More from the seller:
Refurbishment of carburettors, brakes, fork, new tyres… just waiting to be driven. The engine is healthy and the cycle part in perfect condition. Only a few small paint defects attest to its age. It is of course equipped with the original exhaust line, chrome mirrors, the original screen and we find all the little details that sign an authentic CB1100 R with the Honda finish of the time.

This bike is in its own juice, very beautiful but not perfect, but so authentic and endearing. Completely original, which is very rare on these models, and with a very small mileage.

Today’s 1982 CB1100RC looks to be in very, very clean condition. The large aluminum tank looks to be in great shape, as does the plastics (with some minor scuffs in some areas). The engine and cases look clean, as does the front and rear suspension. Check out those quick release front forks – proof of this model’s endurance racing heritage! There appears to be some confusion with the mileage: The advert states 10,500 miles in the text, but zooming in on the pictures shows 18,949 KM – which converts to approximately 11,700 miles. Still, that is not much rolling for a 40 year old work of art. The bike has been cared for – and shows it.

Pricing for the CB1100R models has varied over the years. From a high water mark in the $30 range, down to half that price for bike with higher mileage and more use, the never-officially-imported-into-the-US model is a rare bird in the States. Today’s seller is asking $25k – which is on the high side of the range, but certainly lower than some we have seen. Whether or not this sells is down to the market, but appearance and the desirability of the model are two key factors;
and this one scores high marks in both. The bike is located in France, meaning that US-based investors, uh I mean riders, will need to consider transportation into the equation. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


We’ll Always Have Paris: 1982 Honda CB1100R
Honda October 13, 2022 posted by

Closer Look Needed: 2017 Honda CBR1000RR SP2

For decades the CBR line from Honda has been offering incredible performance packaged into a useable platform.  Long have reviewers talked about comfort, solid street manors and how approachable the performance envelop is.  The SP name plate was first used for the 2014 model year.  This version had a number of upgrades over the standard CBR1000RR.  Lighter wheels, Brembo calipers and Ohlins suspension were among these changes.  Normally this kind of specification is reserved for uber expensive Italian offerings.  While not exactly a bargain basement offering, the Honda did represent a great value in the market when new.

The MSRP of $25,000 got you more than just the fancy suspension and brakes.  It got some really interesting little details like a titanium fuel tank, oversized valves and over a 30 pound weight reduction when compared to the pervious version.  Without getting extremely nerdy, the valves and details in the cylinder head were really special.  Honda when the extra mile with this homologation bike and designed a head that would work on the street, but would allow race teams to aggressively port and polish the head to extract maximum horsepower.  It is very cool to have such focus on race team changes on a street bike.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

If you know bikes, you know what this is. A unique SC77 Honda SP2 Fireblade. Only 500 ever made, out of which 100 was raced and no longer in circulation. Worldwide only 400 in existence. In the US we have 65 of these still in existence.

I have tastefully modified this bike with a KC2 Stage 3 Race tune with the quick throttle option. Calibrated for 190/55.

Racing Stacks, Yoshimura Alpha 1 Exhaust, ASV Levers, Piug windshield, Axle sliders and a bunch more mods. Too many name. ECU has a lifetime support and warranty.

There is no question that a closer look is needed before pulling the trigger to purchase the bike.  There is odd damage to one of the turn signals and a couple of worrying scratches.  Perhaps it is just a poor presentation of an amazing bike.  The SP2 was not something that was casually purchased when new.  These were not well marketed, offered in limited numbers and commanded a premium price over even the already pricy SP.  Many of these bikes have been used as intended and that should not in itself scare away buyers.

Closer Look Needed:  2017 Honda CBR1000RR SP2
Ducati October 12, 2022 posted by

End Of The Line: 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore

In the early 90s Ducati stunned the motorcycle community with the launch of the Monster.  The combination of sporty frame and simple engine was an instant hit.  It became to define the naked segment for years.  Latter in the production run Ducati added the four valve, liquid cooled superbike powerplant to the mix and kicked off the idea of the super naked bike.  When talking about the original silhouette the S4RS was the pinnacle of specifications.

130 horsepower was plenty to motivate the 390 pounds of machine.  Radially mounted Brembo calipers ensured the bike would stop as well as it could.  Light weight wheels were controlled by Ohlins superbike suspension.  If one was just to read the technical details they might be confused into thinking they were reading about a full fledged homologation race bike, and not an upright two seat naked bike.

These S4RS came with a plate representing the limited production of the model.  The Internet has debated if that is 400 bikes for the USA, the world, or if it was more of a marketing stunt by the Italian manufacture.  Either way the numbered edition is really just icing on what is unquestionably a desirable cake.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore. Only 400 of these were made…250 US models and 150 Euro models. This one is #224 with only 6350 miles.
Has some aftermarket parts but pretty much stock.
*Upgraded Rotors
*Ohlins Frame mounted Damper
*CRG Levers
*CNC handlebar Rear Mirrors
*Gel Grips
*Zero Gravity Windscreen
*Cox Radiator Screen
*CNC Clutch Cover
*Billet Pressure Plate and new Springs
*Frame Sliders
Tires have less than 400 miles on them.

As of writing the opening bid of $6500 has not been made, but surely there will be interested parties.  At the end of the day this is as good as it got for the early Monsters.  Largest and most powerful engine, best suspension specs and all wrapped up in the most desirable color combination.  These will no doubt continue to be sought after bikes, and the most money will be with 100% units.  This has some typical and period correct modifications, but nothing that the next owner can not easily correct should they choose.  There is no mention of the last belt service, and new owners should budget a couple of hundred bucks for this if it has not been done.  Pictures show the proper manuals as well as the infamous red key are included.

End Of The Line:  2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore
Sport Bikes For Sale September 3, 2022 posted by

A Triumph Owner’s Worst Nightmare – 2000 Buell X1 Lightning

Image 2 - 2000 Buell Lightning

2000 Buell X1 Lightning 

As an ex-Buell owner, anytime I get the chance to write about one I’m going to take it. From start to finish, Buell has released some cracking bikes. There’s really not a single model, except for the Buell Blast, that people don’t stop and look at. It’s always a conversation piece at brewery bike shows littered with retro-modern Euro bikes ridden by hipsters with tight black jeans, suspiciously clean leather boots, and a few tattoos. If they don’t stop and look on their first pass by, they certainly will when they hear the Harley firing order which will make them wish their poor little Thruxton could carry the same tune.

Image 01 - 2000 Buell Lightning

The Buell story has been told many time on RSBFS. Track rat turned Harley engineer turned motorcycle builder. The X1 is a precursor to some of the more innovative designs that Buell came up with but what really shines about the X1 is it’s classic design. It’s a simple V-twin housed in a tube frame with a single round headlight up front.

One of the core tenets of the Buell engineering philosophy was keeping a low center of gravity. While that was taken to the next level on the XBs, you can see the beginnings in the X1. The X1 received the underslung exhaust and a battery tray that lives right above the gearbox. An upside down Showa front fork helps keep the front-end stable under braking and on corner-entry which is an ode to Buell’s pursuit of performance. A cheap, lanky front fork would’ve satisfied the bean counters but left riders with much to desire.

Image 41 - 2000 Buell Lightning

In all of the design craziness of the Buell lineup, one of the aspects that tend to get overlooked is actually the engine. The X1 got upgraded heads and and pistons that put out ~80 hp and ~80 lb-ft of torque which was significantly better than the 1200cc Sportster of the time. While that motor would have been exciting in a Sportster, it really shines in the shorter wheelbase X1 that was ~50 pounds lighter. People tend to think any and every Harley engine is a sluggish, overweight piece of metal that happens to create rotational movement. What they don’t realize is these juiced up Harley engines are torque monsters that don’t start wheezing as they get up in the rev range. Combine that with the soundtrack and you have a gem of a motor.

Image 14 - 2000 Buell Lightning

Aesthetically, the X1 is a great bike with one major flaw. The intake on the right side and air scoop on the left are truly atrocious. They make the X1 look bloated and ruin the visual lines of the design. Fortunately, there are a ton of aftermarket intake options to clean up the front of the bike. Aside from the that design flaw, the X1 has a cafe-esque design with a contrasting swingarm and subframe that nicely draw the eye to the back of the bike. The X1 also benefits from the inherent symmetry of the V-twin which adds to the cafe look. The polished rims are pretty sweet too.

Image 141 - 2000 Buell Lightning

Clean X1s are not that common to come by anymore. At one point, these were very cheap and lot of people did some things they shouldn’t have to these bikes. As far as price goes, for a clean bike this isn’t crazy but anything more than $5k would really be pushing it. That being said, people are going to wish they could pay $5k 5 years from now. This has all the elements of an appreciating classic: a great story, engine, and style. This X1 is also in incredible condition. It looks like it’s fresh off the showroom floor despite the 11k on the odo so that should help value as time goes on. Just double check with the seller on the exhaust as an R&D doesn’t yield any results on a quick google search.


Sport Bikes For Sale August 12, 2022 posted by

Short and Quick: 2003 Derbi GPR 50 Grand Prix Replica

A bit of a fun one for your perusal. Famed small-bore manufacturer Derbi offered a line of 50cc GP racer replicas as street bikes. Different from the popular Yamaha YSRs, the Derbis were very nearly full-sized motorcycles – except for their engines, of course. This makes them excellent trainers for young riders looking to move up to a bigger bike in the future, and means that they are excellent toys for grown up kids who still love to zing a smoker up past redline occasionally. I’m too busy doing a crank rebuild on my Kawi AR50 to point fingers at anyone in particular…..

2003 Derbi GPR 50 for sale on eBay

From the seller:
DERBY GPR 50 in original as new condition. Has been stored in my climate controlled showroom since new with an occasional ride. 178 miles on the clock. These bikes are used in Europe by riders as young as 14 to train for GP racing. The engine is a 50 cc two stroke with electric start, oil injection and water cooling. Putting out 15 hp at 11,000 rpm and with the six speed transmission it has a top speed of 65 mph. They are originally sold as restricted to 30 mph, this one is unrestricted. GPRs are almost the size of a typical sport bike and are suitable for anyone up to around six feet tall. This bike is sold with the original factory certificate of origin, see photo, and a bill of sale.

These are legitimately fun bikes that are also legitimately rare. The limited capacity and performance keeps them off major roads and highways, and also limits the value appreciation factor. Bad news if you are hoping this will appreciate like an RZ350 or 500. Good news if your man cave is dying for something to fit perfectly into that corner, and can come out for some street hooning or karting track day fun on a sunny day. Not many days left on this one (will be gone by the end of the weekend) and the high bid is less than $2500 bucks, but there is a reserve in place which could spoil the party. Something this much fun is always worth a look, which I thoroughly encourage you to do (besides, I don’t want to be alone in my tiddler obsessions). Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Short and Quick: 2003 Derbi GPR 50 Grand Prix Replica
Sport Bikes For Sale July 7, 2022 posted by

Aging in Reverse – 1996 Triumph Daytona 900 Super III

1996 Triumph Daytona 900 Super III

I don’t know what it is about these Super IIIs but every one I’ve seen looks like it hasn’t seen a single mile. I just wrote up a Super III so I won’t spend long on the details to avoid feeling unoriginal. The long and short of it is that the regular Daytona 900 was a little fat and a little slow. It was different than Japanese bikes with it’s 3 cylinder and it became something the Brits used to build off of and create what is surely a Hall of Fame motorcycle in the Daytona 675/765.

Image 61 - 1996 Triumph Daytona

Shedding pounds isn’t easy and would’ve required much more R&D so Triumph tapped Cosworth to help add a little power to the Super III. Adding 18 more hp over the regular Daytona 900, Triumph gave the Super III a little extra grunt to deal with the weight and made it an excellent street/sport bike. It’s a shame they had a limited production run for a bike with a street/track formula but we take what we can get. While it’ll lose out on the track to all of it’s Japanese counterparts, Triumph knew it wasn’t building a track bike here.

Image 71 - 1996 Triumph Daytona

From the seller:

“Limited Build 1996 Triumph Daytona Super III. Only 100 were brought into the United States from Hinckley England. I am the 2nd owner. The bike is very clean and rare. New tires with less than 100 miles on them. Original exhaust included. I currently has a 3 into 1 Indigo stainless exhaust on it.”

Not the lowest mile Super III we’ve seen but it’s in great condition. These have popped up anywhere between $3-$5K. The bid is currently at $3.5K with 8 bids so there is some action if you enjoy the thrill. Even if this isn’t the highest value motorcycle out there today, there are a lot of interesting aspects to it: limited production, showroom quality, affordable, and eye-catching. It wasn’t the fastest at the time but it was certainly a chapter in what became an incredibly successful sport bike lineup for Triumph