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For Sale: Original Owner, Modern Classic of 15 Years, 8.3 Million Visitors, 27m pageviews, 6,400 posts, 22 contributors!

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It is with a heavy heart that I announce that RSBFS is available for new ownership. My day job is where my primary focus is and it’s time for a new steward to see RSBFS into the future. I’m hoping to find a buyer for the site that is one of us, possesses web experience, and respects our readership.

Writing this post is the first step in this transition and I have only a vague idea of how to proceed next. But I encourage interested parties to contact me with their interest and bona fides.

In the meantime, as a thank you to all the readers, get your bike on the homepage of RSBFS for free! The usual criteria applies and posts will be abbreviated. Price required. Email me!

Thank you to all the readers and contributors over the years. I’ve had a blast running RSBFS and I’m excited to see someone with fresh energy take it to the next level.

Sincerely, Dan Crouch

Clean Honda Hawk NT650 in New York

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What’s not to like about this loveable and affordable Honda Hawk? Featuring a melodic v-twin adorned with a single sided swingarm, I’ve always appreciated that this bike has more character than it’s price range would suggest. It’s got a ding in the tank but otherwise looks very tidy.

At just $3k, this is a fun bike to add to your stable and ride straight away.


1989 Honda Hawk for sale on eBay

from the seller:

even though this bike has 28 k miles it starts and runs like a new bike .everything works great .does have a little wear and tear with a ding on the left side of the gas tank but very clean enside.rear tail supports have been repaired as they always break recent new tires and battery.come with owners manual ,shop manual and toolkit

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New in the crate: 2001 Honda RC51 SP1

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Located outside Montreal, reader Rod sent in this brand new RC51. Pictures seem legit though listing on Kijiji is slightly suspect for something of this caliber. Listing states make offer but the price listed is $38,990 CAD, which is $28,770 USD as of today. This bike falls a couple years short of the 25 year import rule but this was a bike offered here in the U.S. the same year. Not sure if that helps but on the other hand, it destined to remain a display model the rest of it’s life so maybe it doesn’t matter.

2001 Honda RC51 on Kijiji in Canada

From the seller’s listing:

Only one ,brand new Honda RVT, 0km one owner. Just one in the world. Time capsule. Make an offer.
Unique au monde, Honda RVT SP1 complètement neuve, un seule propriétaire . Dans crate origine. 0km
Faire offre sérieuse svp.

If you’re looking for an RC51 you can actually ride, Black Market Motorsports has this 2002 SP2 model with just 6,500 miles available:


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Track Day 1982 Suzuki Katana GS1000sz

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I’m a day late on Track Day Tuesday, but with the recent sale of the Featured Listing Katana yesterday, this seems appropriate for those looking to go further than street duty allows. Located in Portland, Oregon, this Kat sports multiple Heavyweight Championships and a completely rebuilt engine. The buy-it-now listing on eBay shows $9,500 or best offer.

1982 Suzuki Katana GS1000sz for sale on eBay

Details from the listing:

1982 Suzuki Katana GS1000sz AHRMA legal Race bike. Vintage Superbike Heavyweight Championship winning bike multiple years. Well sorted. Excellent condition. Completely rebuilt engine built by Frank Lyons PNW Machining. 1015cc/ 128 H.P. EVERYTHING NEW!. Custom ported head. Pearson Crank, Web Cams, Katana rods, JE Pistons, Stainless Kibblewhite valves/ springs. Yoyodyne Custom Slipper Clutch. Can be started by remote hand held starter or rollers. CR29mm Keihins. Dynatek 2000i Ignition and coils. WEGO air/fuel gauge. Braced swing arm. Custom Race Tech shocks G3, New 41mm forks springs and oil. Extra sprockets. Also raced at the famous Phillip Island Circuit in Australia at the International Challenge multiple years. This bike is ready to race or track day! Buyer will arrange shipping and or crating.


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2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup in Florida

Dan 3

Just 8k miles on this Boxer Cup and a very reasonable $7k buy-it-now. Seller description is a little light but taking a look at close values over at BaT, this looks like good value if it checks out! Paging Tirefriar for analysis!

Act quickly, this one closes on Sunday evening. -dc

2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup for sale on eBay

from the seller:

2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup. Boxer Cup limited edition series with the Red , White and Blue color scheme. The bike is in amazing condition and ready for a new owner. Please call with questions. Bike is currently registered and titled in my name. I’m open to provide more information.

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Short fuse: 1997 Yamaha YZF1000 Thunderace

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Here’s a rare bike in the U.S., the YZF1000 Thunderace! Imported for only one year here, these are so rare now that this one was actually imported from Europe. Bodywork looks clean and all the bits are there, but the rest appears a bit weather worn. On the other hand, the seller states everything works as it should, and for just $6,500 you could have this 145hp in your garage ready to return to it’s former glory. Act quickly, this one is set to end Wednesday afternoon!


1997 Yamaha Thunderace for sale on eBay

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Mailbag: 1998 Ducati 900SS/FE #208 Custom

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Mailbag is a new idea I’m piloting for bikes submitted via email. It’s a no brainer that bikes like the RC45, 916SPS, ZX7RR, and the like are natural fits for the site, but there are so many bikes just outside the uber-collectible that many RSBFS readers will appreciate. This is especially true for modified bikes that haven’t traditionally been well received at RSBFS. For commentors that claim museum pieces are a waste and bikes are meant to be ridden, here’s your ride!

We’re looking for your feedback and expertise on the submitted mailbag bike in the comments: What to look for, what’s a good price in 2023 (with citations), and your experience and stories with a similar bike. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but disrespectful comments that add no value will be deleted. -dc

Bruno emails us this week with this loaded 900SS/FE. As a prior SuperSport owner from this era, I can tell you his bike has all the desirable upgrades and then some. He’s painted the bike to resemble a Paul Smart as well. He’s asking $14,500 and can be contacted by email.

Listing up for sale the my beautiful Ducati 900ss Final Edition #208 of the 300 imported.
This bike was built to cure the few flaws that the 900ss had, as well as improve it in all departments.
It has been painted to be a Paul Smart replica, something that I’m sure some will love, some will hate. I personally love it.
This bike is obviously extensively modified, I’ll give the cliff notes. This bike could not be built today as it has many very rare parts on it.
> 944 big bore
> Keihin FCR41 Carburetors
> Termignoni high mount carbon slip ons
> OZ lightweight wheels
> Ohlins rear shock
> OEM Ducati Performance carbon gas tank
> OEM Ducati Performance carbon solo seat, side fairings, front fairing, and front fender.
> Shorai lithium battery
> And much more…

Recent Maintenance:
> Fresh oil and filter
> Spark plugs
> Cam Belts
> Fresh brake/ clutch fluid
> Gas tank resealed

Runs and rides like a dream. This bike is deserving of being in a collection for a long time.

$14,500 OBO

Located in Sacramento, California.

Contact Bruno by email.
{additional comments from our email}

I do want to say that I was not the builder of this motorcycle, Martin Wong, the owner of Moto wheels was. It was built a long time ago in the early 2000s, that’s how it has such rare parts like the DP carbon tank and bodywork. I also forgot to mention that it has a carbon air box cover and dual plug heads.

Also when the frame was painted, it was reinforced where these tend to crack.

But to answer your main question, I have zero clue if the bike was ever down because nothing is original, and while to most that would obviously point out the bike has been down, this bike was Martins personal bike, and I saw pictures on the forums from the early 2000s and the bike has remained the same since then apart from BST carbon wheels. I know that Martin had a knack for modifying(obviously) especially since he would get all the parts wholesale since he owned a Ducati parts store. I personally feel like this bike was never downed, just customized from the start to make a special bike even more special. And it rides amazing!! I ride it almost everyday.


Aftermarket Parts for your Ducati 900SS on eBay!

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Featured Listing – 1996 Honda RVF400 Track Bike in South Africa

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In the ultra-competitive home market, Honda’s RVF400 was the natural successor to the popular VFR400, and came equipped to do battle.  Today’s RVF400 track bike has been turned up a notch by a South African preparer, just in time for racing or track days.

1996 Honda RVF400 Track Bike asking $8,250

Only natural that the junior model to the RC45 was spec-ed beyond the usual, with fully adjustable upside-down forks, 4-pot Nissin brakes, and 17-inch wheels.  The little V-four was quite oversquare, and made 61 hp on the street with a 14,500 rpm redline.  Gear-driven cams sing a tune not heard often these days, though a little harder to hear behind the open exhaust on this racer.  Reviewers drained the superlative tank on the RVF, and though expensive for the time, build quality was such that it was a wonder Honda made a dime on them.

Importer and RSBFS fan Brian offers some insight on the preparation shop – Autohaus Breytenbach:

With a very focused and niche approach, the recipe is simple. We focus primarily on “RR” spec motorcycles, in the 400cc class. Carburetor fed, multi cylinder, multi valve, high performance 4 stroke, from the four Master Marques grace our floors. Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha all battled to create the most powerful and best handling motorcycles in each segment.

Aiming to write beautiful stories together, Autohaus Breytenbach uses only premium OEM parts, expert technical knowledge and a global supply chain forged over the past decade. It was once thought someone would require a time machine to own a new Honda VFR400RR NC30 for example, but it turns out all you need is Autohaus Breytenbach.

Autohaus Breytenbach Motorcycles are bespoke and very limited, the family business produces less than 10 units per year. As we say in our home and our business, “you only have 1 chance to have a good name – use it wisely.”

Brian also sent a cold start video in three segments –

Ready to be imported, this RVF400 had been a previous owner’s track day special in South Africa, and updated under the shop’s care.  Beside a set of fairings nicer than the usual expendables, there are a lot of mods hiding in plain sight  The free breathing Tyga exhaust is most evident – especially in the videos.  Almost too tidy for a race bike, it looks ready to load in the van. Mods and maintenance in list form –

– New Tyga Exhaust, full system, race Maggot system
– Upgraded thick core upper and lower radiators
– Custom quick release bodywork – fibreglass and plastic and foam for the seat
– Swing arm and hub bearings replaced
– Water Pump replaced with OEM Honda new. Coolant flushed and bled
– Valve clearance adjustments performed – all in spec
– Carburetors rebuilt, balanced. New intake rubbers
– Front brake lines replaced with braided – bled and flushed
– Forks professionally rebuilt, new hard chrome and grind, new seals, and oil etc.
– New fuel tap
– New clear windscreen, Tyga
– New top triple clamp, Clip-on’s, tacho surround, fuel Cap – all genuine Tyga pieces
– “Technical sports” Gearshift and rear brake linkages – CNC cut items high quality
– Carbon fibre front fender
– New brake pads all round
– Fully serviced – new plugs, fluids and filters
– New side cover gaskets/packing
– New final drive chain
– New oil filter, new premium semi synthetic oil from Castrol
– New air filter. New fuel filter
– Stainless steel fixings fitted throughout
– New throttle cables
– New OEM carb intake rubbers

Brian asks $8,250 for the RVF400, and can be reached by email – here -.

Autohaus Breytenach also has an in-country relationship with – Chedza Global Logistics – to ship cargo from Africa to the United States and elsewhere, in a safe, convenient and cost effective way.  For example, a single unit transport from Johannesburg, South Africa to Los Angeles, California starts from $2199.  Crating and purging services are handled in house, at an extra fee of $299, making the total shipping cost $2498.

The race exhaust and ECU make enough horsepower to make this RVF feel like it’s in a different class, but the lightness is really the key.  The strong fan base and support from leaders like Tyga will be there to help the next owner.  Not quite as sensitive about the rider’s size as smaller classes, the RVF400 can teach most riders a great deal about momentum riding.  For a rider ready to study, Brian’s RVF could unlock the schoolhouse doors.