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It’s pouring Ducati 1198s! Second 1198s Corse Edition (#007) in a week!

2010 Ducati 1198s Corse Edition #007 with super low miles

You all know what they say about rain… this is second 1198s Corse Edition that has come up for sale within a week.  As I mentioned in my previous 1198s Corse post, I think the 1198s Corse is one of the best looking newer Ducatis (and no, the Diavel isn’t one of them!) and the brushed aluminum tank is the highlight for the bike.  What’s cool about this particular one compared to the other listed earlier:

-#007 (if you’re a James Bond fan, which I am!)

– even lower mileage (1,176 miles?!)

– a set of tire warmers from Ducati, two Ducati lawn chairs (ooo-er!) , a Ducati EZ up tent (DOUBLE ooo-er!) and a special Ducati titanium Swiss made wrist watch

2010 DUCATI 1198S CORSE SE Special Edition, (#007)… LOW Number!!!  This bike was bought locally at Pandora Motorsports of Chattanooga,TN. The first scheduled maintenance was done at Pandora.. The bike is ADULT owned, Never driven in the rain.. Always garage kept, covered and on a battery tender. Has only 1176miles.. Never taken to track days. Never been laid down. The bike is in perfect shape, no scratches, No dents or any other defects noted.. This bike is pristine shape. I love this bike from the way it looks, to the way it rides and especially the way it sounds..  New this bike retails for $24,995. Included with the bike is the Ducati Rear stand in the pictures, as well as a set of tire warmers from Ducati, two Ducati lawn chairs (see pics), a Ducati EZ up Tent (off course its RED!) [we all know that red tents are the fastest! – ph] and a special Ducati titanium Swiss made wrist watch (see Pics). As well as the factory exhaust and computer, Passenger rear seat, and rear riding pegs..I also have all the manuals, extra key and all paperwork.

I’m a sucker for limited editions and this one ticks all the right boxes for me.  Too bad that a.) I’m cheapskate  b.) I don’t have another $20,000 to spend on bikes (not without serious consequences anwyay), or else I’ll be scheming how to ship this one back to Hong Kong. Come on Powerball!

If you’re not me, then .



  • Half the miles, same buy it now price.

  • You can buy a new 1198SP which has more features..like the quick shifter – for the same price, new with 0 miles.

  • “adult owned.” that’s hilarious. who else can afford this thing?

  • Last May I bought an ’08 1098 with 3496 on the clock complete with 70 mm Termi full exhaust, CPU, Airfilter, extended warranty to 2016 for $12,400 (cost the original owner $23K but he didn’t like the bike). The reality is most riders don’t know how to get the most out of these bikes let alone something with “better” components. I am about to do the valve adjustment at 7673 miles and have a new set of 016’s ready to be mounted (great street tire as the edges wore predictably and the center stayed intact. Experienced folks look at the tires and simply shake their heads. Another problem so many have is with buying track tires and then not knowing how to use them). But what is more fun than any of that is leaving riders when I am on my ’03 ST4s; panniers and all! Wish I could still road race.

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