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Ducati February 21, 2010 posted by

2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore #166 of 400 In The Pacific Northwest

This Monster Tricolore features some light mods and 8,800 original miles.  Located in Portland, Oregon is a 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore.  The S4RS Tricolore bikes feature Ohlins, 43mm, fully adjustable USD front forks, Ohlins rear shock, 177kg and 130hp.  This example, 166 (Ferrari reference anyone?), also features:

Marchesini wheels
Ohlins suspension
Termigoni exhaust w/ECU and air box.
Brembo Brakes
Clutch plate, springs and cover by Speedy Moto
Tail clean up with integral tail light/brake/signal LED’s
Bar end mirrors
Evo clutch slave cylinder
CRG levers
14t front sprocket
EBC front rotors & pads
Tank protector
Dripping with carbon fiber
Power take off plug
600 & 6k service completed

Doug featured a S4RS Tricolore on eBay a few days ago that didn’t receive any bids with a starting bid of $12,000.  This bike has very similar mods but considerably more miles–#287 had 1,700 miles  The asking price of $11,600 may need to be a little flexible to get this bike sold.  If you’re enjoying Portland’s fabulous weather bike-less, see this one on Craigslist here.


Ducati February 19, 2010 posted by

1992 Ducati 888 SP4 For Sale in the U.S.

Feast your eyes on one of the most coveted Ducati Superbikes of all time: This very rare, and in the U.S., 1992 Ducati 888 SP4 for sale on the forum:

quote from the forum listing:

Due to health reasons, I am having to sell both my Ducati motorcycles. My 996 SPS has now sold, but I have decided to list my 1992 888 SP4 for sale on this forum first in the hope that a fellow forum member will purchase it before going to other usual routes. It has covered 40,220 kms (25,000 miles). I am the fifth owner since brand new. It has a complete documented service history dating back to the first owner. It had a major service carried out by JHP Ducati at a cost of £1400 in April 2008. It was first owned by the service manager at NCR, Italy back in ’92. The original owner’s manual, warranty booklet and service booklet have always followed the bike. Over the years, the following tasteful modifications have been carried out by the various owners:

– 5 Spoke black Marchesini magnesium wheels
– Brembo billet brake & clutch master cylinders
– Gia Co Moto billet rear sets
– 888 SPS rear brake set-up
– Ohlins steering damper
– CF exhaust hangers

The bike is in beautiful shape and has not been in any accidents. Currently runs on a 14/39 sprocket setup. I want to say that it’s one of only three, maybe four SP4’s in the United States. I guess that makes it pretty rare. Also provided with the bike are the original black three spoke wheels, a brand new SP4 gas tank (rare), if I can find them, the OEM rearsets and last, but not least, an 1993 888 frame from a US 888 SPO that has been powder-coated white but with the 17 digit VIN number still visible which comes on a clear title. Knowing how rare these bikes are in the US, the overall condition of the bike, the proper adult Ducati mods carried out and the service history provenance, the selling price of $31,000 obo reflects all of this.

By now you know I’m Ducati Superbike fan boy, and porn like this really gets me going! Naturally only serious collectors need apply, and for the rest of us, enjoy the pictures!

And here’s some more SP4 goodness from other spots around the web (not the bike in the listing):

Here’s a great dialog on the forums on the difference between the SP4 and SP5

And here are some books at Amazon that are relevant to the Ducati Superbikes of this vintage:

Our thoughts are with the current owner and hope his health conditions improve.


Ducati February 18, 2010 posted by

2002 Ducati MH900e Mike Hailwood Evoluzione for sale in Brooklyn, NY

2002 Ducati MH900e Mike Hailwood Evoluzione (#0754 of 2000) for sale in Brooklyn, NY

The MH900e Mike Hailwood Evoluzione is  limited edition bike and only 500 units made it to the US, so they are not a very common sight.  I was already quite excited to find one (#1267 of 2000) for sale in CA, but I found yet another for sale in Brooklyn, NY!  This time it’s MH900e #0754:

This MH900e only has 631 miles on the clock, and judging from the photos, it leads a pampered life.  I’ve always liked the MH900e and even though the riding position has been described as “crippling”, I definitely wouldn’t mind having one of these to flog around the streets of Hong Kong.



Ducati February 17, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 900SS SL Superlight for sale in Barrington, RI

First year 1993 Ducati 900SS SL Superlight #814 of 900  for sale on ebay. The bike is located in Barrington, RI.

We’re having our new year holidays here in Hong Kong, so I have lots of free time to surf and found a bunch of rare Ducatis for sale.  So here’s the first of a long list of bikes coming up – a first year 1993 Ducati 900SS SL Superlight (but with a broken engine):

Absolutely Beautiful Ducati 900SS Superlight. Second Owner, I bought this bike from Ducati Dealer in Salt Lake City where it was on consignment sale. I looked long and hard for an immaculate bike and this was it. I bought the bike with about 3,000 miles on it.

The bike was serviced one year ago by Ducati dealer in South Kingstown, RI. I think they did something wrong with the desmo valves (but won’t admit it) becuase I rode the bike for 12 miles before the engine seized a few blocks from home. It sounded like a rod let loose at 6,500 rpm. The bike has sat for a year. I was going to either drop a replacement engine into it, or have em look at it and do the repairs.

The bike has been sitting in my heated garage since last august 2009. I have absolutely no time to ride this bike and it would be a great deal for someone. The only flaws are a broken exhaust bracket (shown). Bike has termi carbon exhausts, super low miles, no corrosion or rust etc anywhere. Just a 9 out of 10 show bike I was going to keep forever, now wasting away with a broken engine. The bike is absolutely original down to every carbon part and Marvic magnesium hub wheels. Will not ship, best offer wins. Please email with any questions. Comes with custome Ducati Bike cover and battery charge lead for battery tender.

Please check the listing for the full description as the seller has posted quite a bit of information in addition to the above. .

Some of our regular readers may know how fond we are of the 2V air-cooled Ducatis, and the first year Superlight with the 2-piece Marvic wheels is definitely high on our list.  This sample seems to be in pristine condition with the exception of the broken engine (I’m guessing it’s a dropped valve), which could potentially turn out to be a costly jobs.  However, for the more mechanically inclined Ducatistis among our readers, it’s a good opportunity to pick this up for a good price, fix it up for chips, and have a superb Superlight in your collection!


Ducati February 17, 2010 posted by

2002 Ducati MH900e Mike Hailwood limited edition in CA

2002 Ducati MH900e Mike Hailwood (#1267 of 2000) for sale in Ukiah, CA

The MH900e (the ‘e’ stands for evoluzione) was a limited edition bike created to commemorate Mike Hailwood’s 1978 Isle of Man Formula 1 Championship.  It was the first motorcycle to be sold exclusively over the internet where customers would reserve their bike online, and then waited for a year or more to have the bikes delivered.  Only 500 made it to the US. Click here for more info on the MH900e.

The seller didn’t give any details, so please for the sellers’ contact info.

When the MH900e first came out I wanted it so badly that I called up my brother and sister, trying to convince them to pool together funds to pay for the required deposit.  That didn’t work back then, but perhaps I should give them a call now.  I’m sure they would be thrilled to hear from me with another bike purchase proposal…


Ducati February 16, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 888 SPO

1993 Ducati 888 SPO located in Atherton, CA and listed on the San Francisco, CA Craigslist. Priced at $8,900 with 13,696 miles this one doesn’t look to be too bad.

We haven’t posted one of these in a while and since these are a favorite of The Big Boss Man I thought I would throw it up for him and everyone else to enjoy. The seller doesn’t say a whole lot about the bike other than it being professionally maintained. The bike looks clean, appears to be all stock and with the decent mileage it should make for a great weekend warrior.

From the CL post:

This is a very clean and well running 1993 Ducati 888 SPO. It has 13,696 professionally maintained miles on it.

Pretty skinny on the details, but there is a phone number listed for any would be buyers. Hop on over to the San Fran CL and give it another look.



Ducati February 16, 2010 posted by

2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded limited edition

2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded limited edition for sale in Kingston, RI.

If you’ve ever watched Matrix Reloaded (and who hasn’t?), then you must remember the superb bike chase scene with Trinity riding a Ducati zipping in and out of cars on the freeway.  Although you can clearly read the “996” designation in the movie, Ducati introduced a 998 Matrix Reloaded limited edition in a dark green “Matrix” colour.  :

This is a 2004 Limited Addition Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded.  Its in Great condition, low miles and always been garaged.  It has a clear title and never had any problem.  It has been regularly maintained with tune up etc…

Although it’s not clear exactly how many of these were produced, sources indicate that only 150 pcs of these 998 Matrix Limited editions were made worldwide. Here’s a quick recap of that amazing bike chase scene:

It’s always hard to a put a value on these movie or “novelty” editions, but considering that  a.) the 998 was the best of the 916 series  b.) although a green Ducati sounds funny, the colour and paint scheme is not entirely that bad  c.) the entire Matrix series was phenomenal, and d.) Trinity rocks, I would love to have one!
Ducati February 14, 2010 posted by

2002 B Boz Ducati 998 #71 of 155 w/ 800 miles!

Ben Bostrom LE Ducati 998 #71 of 155 made with only 800 miles and never titled for the down low price of $14,999.00. Located in Burlington, NC and listed on Craigslist is this one owner B Boz replica (well, not really) 998 with super low miles. I listed one of these a few days ago and spilled my heart as to why I like these and why I like the Boz Bros. so I won’t bore you with it again. The other one was priced considerably less at $10,500.00 and was said to be entertaining offers. So this one may or may not be a steal, but you’ll have to decide what the mileage and never being titled is worth to you. Is it worth $4,499.00 to you? I think if I was a serious collector, with unlimited funds, a huge warehouse full of Ducati’s and I was missing this one it would be worth it. But, since I’m “D – none of the above” I’ll just keep dreaming.

Quotes from the listing:

2002 998-Ducati Ben Bostrom Replica Motorcycle For Sale – $16999 (Burlington, NC)
Limited Edition. Only 155 made in the World and this is #71 of 155.
Bike has never been titled.
2002 998 Ducati Ben Bostrom Replica with only 800 miles.
Over $2000 in ad-on extras including Titanium Exhaust System.
Adult Owned and never been driven in the rain or sat out unprotected.
Kept in a heated and air conditioned garage.
Mint Condition
Original Purchase Price was $24,995 and I must sacrifice it for the low price of $14,999 OBO.

The other day my wife likened me and the website to her and a jewelry store; of course, I told her she was spot on with her analsys. The only difference I can find between the two is that she gets to keep a wish list at the jewelry store that I’m supposed to check in on from time to time. I guess I’ll have to come up with a clever “wish list” of my own and strategically place it on her forehead… 🙂

You can view this LE Ducati here