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Bimota January 25, 2023 posted by

Motorv8R – 2005 Bimota SB8R

Buying a very limited edition might entail undue risk, or be a leap of faith.  The fabulous condition of today’s Bimota seems to have a calming influence on everything but the eyes.

2005 Bimota SB8R for sale on eBay UK


Bimota went with their winning formula – a great powertrain supplied by an engineering powerhouse with an in-house chassis and bespoke components.  Suzuki’s brilliant four valve V-twin lays down 135 hp and gobs of torque, but Bimota’s aluminum spars and carbon sideplates allow it to shine.  Add ( or subtract ) the weight savings from the carbon seat subframe and the SB8R tips the scales some 46 pounds lighter than the Suzuki.  46mm Paoli forks, Brembo’s current 320mm brakes, and wide Antera alloy rims testify in defense of the $23.5K MSRP.  The massive looking fresh air intakes and long underseat exhaust fib a bit, and the SB8R reviewed as an agile superbike with WSBK on its agenda.

Just one question mark, as the auction states the SB8R is a 2005 – which seems to be a year for the later SB8K, but this example certainly has the early tail section.  Bears checking, but doesn’t take away from the outstanding condition in every photo.  Mum’s the word in the walkaround – video – but there are a few notes in the eBay auction –

A perfect original example of this iconic super sport limited edition SB8R.
Only done 3,798 miles from new.
Only 250 SB8R ever made.
Superb looking machine with beautiful looking frame, swingarm, plenty of carbon, stainless exhaust system, Antera wheels, Paioli forks, Brembo brakes with Suzuki V-twin TL1000 engine used.
Very very clean all round including paintwork, wheels, frame, exhaust system and swingarm.
A real gem for any collection.

On the comeback trail from their V-Due debacle, the SB8R gave the company a little breathing room.  The evolved SB8K won a World Superbike race in 2000 with Anthony Gobert aboard, unfortunately Bimota wasn’t really in a position to capitalize on that success.  Recent support from Kawasaki should reassure prospective Bimota buyers, even if theirs is a classic example such as this.



Motorv8R – 2005 Bimota SB8R
Bimota December 24, 2022 posted by

Term of Art – 1999 Bimota DB4R/3 Redbro Limited Edition

From a high perch in the rarity department, today’s Bimota DB4R was tuned by Redbro Racing, and has recently been liberated from a Japanese museum.  Had to go all the way to Queensland Australia to find this one, but it appears worth all the pointing and clicking.

1999 Bimota DB4R/3 Redbro Limited Edition for sale on eBay Australia

Bimota had recently re-awakened their relationship with Ducati, and used the now venerable – but then quite sporty air-cooled 904 desmodue.  Most DB4’s are carburetted, but the Redbro /3 used the factory fuel injection, delivering a better-running 80 hp.  The alloy chassis was shared with the Mantra roadster, and the welds are to die for.  Though equipped with a 5.3 gallon tank and pillion seat, designers kept dry weight to 364 lbs.

Specs for the /3 include a titanium exhaust, EFI, and upper-only fairing.  Just 2 km’s on the clocks and the condition reflects that, with just a hint of aging on bare aluminum components – 23 year years old, after all.  Mirrors have apparently never been mounted, and are in the spares picture.  The seller seems somewhat low on feedback, but has a nice selection of collectible bikes on offer.  Comments from the eBay auction –

Bimota DB4R 3 1999
New old stock 
The R stands for “refine, reborn and racing”
Has been sitting in museum in Japan. only 2 kms on the odometer (push). 29 of 35 built. very rare motorbike. will definitely be on for the collection. 900cc Ducati motor. made for the Redbro racing team.  as per pictures, a beautiful bike in the tri colours. fuel injected. 

Instead of being one of a few hundred DB4R’s, this is number 29/35 of the Redbro series 3. The valise of AUD will need to include shipping and leave some for import, so a fairly serious endeavor.  But as special as the DB4R is in its own right, the Redbro with the Ti exhaust and fairing which shows off the desmodue, is even better.


Term of Art – 1999 Bimota DB4R/3 Redbro Limited Edition
Bimota December 22, 2022 posted by

World Cup Keepsake: 2006 Bimota DB6

Seems to be raining Bimota here at RSBFS these days!  This particular bike has some history here.  It was posted about in 202 and as far back as 2014.  It is no secret that we, as well as many in the exotic motorcycle community are huge fans of all things Bimota.  Some regular readers and a couple of posters are fortunate enough to even own some.  Much as been written about how wonderful the mix of light weight components, top tier suspension is in a street bike so no need to repeat any of that.

The DB6 is unique even in the world of Bimota.  While there is no way overlook the beautiful fit and finish and epic use of materials.  What really stands out is how useable a package this represents.  Some claim that if a person was to only have one motorcycle, it should be a Ducati Monster due to the relaxed ergonomics, great sound and solid performance.  It is an entirely reasonable choice.  But if someone was really looking to kick things up a notch, the answer would be a Bimota DB6.  To think of it as a Ducati Monster on steroids would be slightly missing the point.  Better to think of it as taking the best of the Ducati, and making every other detail just a little bit better.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

2007 Bimota DB6 Delirio Azzurro….#4 of 23 in the world. Very Limited edition with awesome torquey 1000DS engine.



Zard slip-on carbon fiber mufflers

Rizoma mirrors

Rizoma brake and clutch reservoir mounts

Brembo RCS radial brake & clutch cylinders

New battery and trickle charger

Excellent condition. It has 13,371 km, equal to 8,222 miles.  LOCAL PICKUP AND CASH in person Preferred- DO NOT use ebay checkout for this item. . The DB is located in the SF Bay area….I can transport it to Los Angeles inexpensively. 

The example today has a Buy It Now price of $13,999.  Sure there are some used 1000/1100cc air cooled Monsters on the market for about half that sum, but the premium is well worth it if you value the rarity, materials and amazing history of Bimota.   If you were to only have one motorcycle, what else would you spend $14k on that offered this level of exotic in an easy to live with and service package?

World Cup Keepsake:  2006 Bimota DB6
Bimota December 14, 2022 posted by

For Someone That Has Everything: 2008 Bimota DB7S Moto Corse

When Ducati launched the 1098 it took what a V-Twin superbike could be to a new level.  Much more powerful than the 999 that came before.  Faster and lighter pushed the performance dial beyond what many thought was possible.  The Bimota DB7 takes a money no object approach to further increase the performance envelope.  Powered by a slightly tuned Ducati 1098 engine the $40,000+ Bimota used the best of the best of suspension and materials.  When looking at the spec sheets the Bimota is 6 pounds less than the Ducati, but most publications shows that Ducati was rather optimistic on their curb weights at the time.

This bike appears to have some rather interesting Moto Corse additions that are not fully described in the listing.  More billet than even the OEM Bimota would have had, upgraded exhaust, race spec masters and a slipper clutch poking out from behind the OEM vented cover.  Hard to tell in the pictures provided, but there is a chance those front calipers are upgraded performance units as well.  Moto Corse has a long tradition of tuning and and enhancing Ducati and even Bimota.  These parts are not for the faint of wallet when new.

From The Seller’s Listing:

Vehicle information
[Manufacturer] BIMOTA
[Car name] DB7S
[First year] 2008
[Vehicle inspection]
Expired [Vehicle number] ZESDB07
[Mileage] 25,060km
[Custom] Refer to image
・Moto Corse intermediate pipe
・Back torque limiter
・Moto Corse fluid Reservoir, Brembo master
many dry carbons
cylinder head O/H at 21000km
suspension FR both O/H
normal muffler

The example today is located in Japan, and while that might be an issue for some buyers it is worth exploring.  These bikes do not come to market very often, even less so with all those amazing Moto Corse parts.  Listing states that 346 were built, and that number sounds reasonable.  Book keeping was never a priority for Bimota, so real production data is often hard to come by.  One of the most strikingly rare things about this bike is the mileage.  It is not super low.  All too often these bikes were put on display or made part of a large collection and not given the chance to be used.  25,000KM is something to be proud of.  If all of those miles were done in Japan this bike must have some epic stories to tell.  If the location is a deal breaker because of your market, but you still want want to lust after a DB7 there is a way to indulge.  Hang a used fairing on your garage wall as an asperation.


For Someone That Has Everything:  2008 Bimota DB7S Moto Corse
Bimota November 15, 2022 posted by

The Main Course: 2000 Bimota V-Due Trofeo Corsa

With deference to a certain US holiday fast approaching, the Bimota V-Due was deemed by many as a major turkey. The only Bimota to feature in-house design, frame AND engine, the V-Due was plagued by fueling, sealing, oiling and other terminal issues. While a failure in the commercial marketplace, the 500cc v-twin two stroke was a brilliant attempt and the company went through some efforts to make it right. Touted as a race bike from the start, Bimota (under revised management) set forth to correct the shortcoming and create a V-Due one-make race series. It was here that the Racing Trophy models – Trofeo Corsa – were created. With carbs instead of the troublesome fuel injection, new engine management mappings, revised crankshafts with different bearings, new seals and more, the Trophy bikes are very rare versions of what is already considered a unicorn bike.

2000 Bimota 500 V-Due Trofeo Corsa for sale on eBay

From the seller:
1 of 25 worldwide !
Bimota 500cc V-Due Trofeo Corsa 🏁
Brand new
with 0 mile, 0 km,
never runs from a collection
in original perfect condition.

More from the seller:
Here you have a unique opportunity to get a very, very rare
1 of 25 builds Bimota 500cc V-Due Trofeo Corsa Race bike.
With Original Bimota factory frame number!
Here with the race number.

More from the seller:
Built for the Bimota Trofeo Cup but never used.
Maybe worldwide the only one in brand new condition with 0 kilometers/ 0 miles.
The bike has been perfectly preserved in the past and for the future.
Perfect for every collector who owns already the normal Bimota V-Due version.

While most avid RSBFS readers will know about the V-Due and even the “corrected” models known as Evoluzion bikes, the Trophy / Trofeo Corsa might be a new one. And that is understandable given the very low numbers produced of this race track-only bike. That makes today’s find a perfect inclusion for the RSBFS Track Day Tuesday run, celebrating not only an amazing offshoot of an amazing motorcycle, but one in zero miles new condition as well!! Offered out of Germany as part of a collection, you can check out all of the details here (and there are a LOT of details from the seller that we could not include). Could you imagine hearing this one run in anger? Drool over the beautiful photography but start counting those pennies – this one will set you back just shy of $70k USD. Good Luck!!


The Main Course: 2000 Bimota V-Due Trofeo Corsa
Bimota October 20, 2022 posted by

Oktoberfest! NEW 2003 Bimota 500 V-Due

What a week it has been on RSBFS! It’s hard to say what could top Monday’s Honda CB1100R, Tuesday’s Suzuki RGB500 or Wednesday’s Yoshimura Tornado S-1, but I think a BRAND NEW Bimota v-Due with ZERO MILES qualifies as a contender. Interested? Read On!

2003 Bimota 500 V-Due with Zero miles for sale on eBay!

For those unfamiliar with the v-Due, you are looking at the only Bimota motorcycle ever to be powered by an engine of their own make. While every other Bimota utilized donor engines and transmissions housed in one of their frames, the v-Due was 100% Bimota born. And not content to be a me too company, Bimota shot for the stars with an ambitious and never been done before 500cc vee twin two stroke with direct fuel injection. The goal was to clean up the two stroke’s thirsty and polluting nature, while benefiting from the power of the smaller package. The reality is that this was an early attempt at success, as fueling issues, reliability and seizing were common. Sadly Bimota never had the opportunity for a second chance at that glory; fortunes quickly waned, operating capital vanished, and the company went under.

From the seller:
Brand new Bimota 500 V-Due with 0 km/ 0 miles from a collection in Original condition.

500 cc, 105 hp, two-stroke street legal racing machine!
Stunning design paired with breathtaking technology with attention to detail manufactory built.
Endless carbon parts, such as the self-supporting one!! Carbon rear monocoque that is second to none.

Furthermore, many milled aluminum parts
46mm Paioli chassis with adjustable rebound and compression damping at the front
Öhlins dampers at the rear designed in the sensational push-rod spring system.
Frame made of aluminum oval profiles for the highest torsional rigidity
Aluminum swing arm with a passage for the rear silencer and an integrated Bimota badge
Aluminum alloy Antera wheels
Complete braking system from Brembo and much more… await you here with the exclusive Bimota 500 V-Due.

Dry weight only approx 145 kilograms.
World’s first 2-stroke engine with electronic direct injection.
Engine: Water-cooled, two-cylinder, two-stroke, 90-degree V engine.
No scratches, no damage!

More from the seller:
– 1 of 300 builds worldwide
– 1 owner
– German papers (vehicle registration and vehicle registration possible)
– 2x Bimota keys
– Original operating instructions
– Original sales brochure

Bimota actually attempted to buy back all of the delivered v-Due models in order to rectify the problems, but as stated above, the company did not survive the debacle. Post receivership, some bikes were re-worked with conventional carbs and sold as Evoluzion models. These are usually the ones you see with more significant mileage on them. But today’s ONE OWNER machine has a claimed ZERO miles, and as such represents a perfect time capsule of this stunning model that (briefly) shook the world.

Located in Germany, pictures show an unbelievable example of one of the rarest, and most mysterious of the bikes from the legendary firm from Rimini, Italy. This bike looks to be absolutely sano – so much that I can practically smell the Cosmoline protectant through the pictures. Everything appears to be what it should – brand new, with no visible damage. Nothing but acres and acres of carbon fiber. Am I the only one that can stare at pictures of this fascinating machine all day? From the beautifully machined aluminum to the precision welding, from the triangulated and asymmetrical swingarm with embossed logo to the offset rear shock, this bike exudes trick details like few others.

Financially, the v-Due sunk the company known as Bimota. And while they were able to rise again, they never again attempted so ambitious a project as the v-Due. That makes the v-Due a true unicorn model, and a one owner, zero mileage example is an otherworldly find. Pricing, as could be expected, is worthy of the example: a Buy It Now format for $49,900 USD. We don’t see these bikes often, but somehow that price does not feel out of place or wildly high for what is on offer. You can drool over all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Oktoberfest!  NEW 2003 Bimota 500 V-Due
Bimota August 26, 2022 posted by

She Got Legs: 1997 Bimota YB11 Superleggera

All Bimotas are rare. It doesn’t matter the model, the year, the capacity. Sure, some models are much more rare and drool worthy than others (here’s looking at you, Mantra), but all are built in small-batch goodness. So what happens when you take a really, really cool model such as a YB11 Superleggera (Italian for Super Light) and go a bit bonkers on upgrades? You end up with today’s glorious hot rodded and sublimely modded 1997 model YB11. Powered by Yamaha’s ubiquitous FZR1000 Genesis motor, this California-based bike has left no dollar unturned in the quest for horsepower updates. To tell the story, I’ll hand it over to the seller:

1997 Bimota YB11 Superleggera for sale on eBay

From the seller:
Bimota YB11 Superleggera 97-99 5500miles one owner 148bhp Rocket ship for a Fzr (For Sale)
I don’t think there is a better sorted YB11 worldwide .
1997 model ,1999 brought new for $28,000 from Rocket Motorcycles in San Diego (Bimota Importer )
Built engine by U.S.A No.1 FZ/FZR builder Curt Jordan, Jordan Engineering.
-6 Speed custom transmission (5 speed oem) ($2200)
-Performance cams ,degreed
-Stainless valves
-Race valve springs
-12.5:1 Ratio
-Port matched
-Pro shift Kit
-Yamaha kit race clutch
-Modified race airbox
-All internals were Cryo-ed frozen
So much more ,just a sample and is all documented in Curt’s hand writing (invoice) .

More from the seller:
30% Bhp increase (147 at the wheel) ,for a total $9175,$3575 being labor (That’s 20 years ago! ,600miles since that performance rebuild).
I just brought it out off storage and spent a easy $3000 this week ,battery ,tires ,all fluids ,forks ($1000) ,New brake pads ,RK Chain ,carburetor rebuild ,fuel pump and pet-cock and so on.

If you ever wanted to own a Bimota , Yb11 are the nicest to work on by far and parts are easy to obtain and are so much fun to ride them.
I have had this one sitting for 15years and I only rode it once unfortunately. Clean title ,all the Oem paper work truck load off receipts ,factory race stand ,Oem muffler etc … There are Chips in the solo seat (as per photo ) and a small rub mark on the mirror which you really need to look for, It is a 25year on Italian bike so its not a new bike there are marks.

So, mechanically, this 25 year old is really quite a bit newer – and buffer – than a cursory glance would show. And sure, it does have a few minor, uh, um, character lines that show a past history that wasn’t all indoor carnauba wax spa days draped in 100% terry cloth towels. But for a bike that is mean to be ridden, for a bike that seeks to outperform the stocker OEM that donated its guts to power this beauty, usage should be mandatory. Think of it as an experienced partner. And the best part about this one is the cost of the bike is NOT the going rate for a clean YB11 PLUS all the mods and upgrades PLUS all the labor PLUS additional fees. Given what has been done, the Buy It Now of $12,995 seems almost reasonable. Except your leggy Italian supermodel now breathes fire on the way to “you are going to jail” velocities. Check out all the details here, and Good Luck!!


She Got Legs: 1997 Bimota YB11 Superleggera
Bimota June 1, 2022 posted by

Long Way To Go: Bimota HB3 in Japan

The 1980s were a last hurrah for the mighty air cooled four cylinder superbikes.  Soon water cooled engines would produce more power and start to dominate the performance charts.  One of the high water marks of that era was the Honda CB1100R.  Those bikes were desirable in period and remain sought after additions to many collections.  For many the closest one will ever get to these rare motorcycles is to build a plastic kit of one.  Bimota saw what Honda had achieved with the engine and thought that they could turn the wick up a bit.

Reducing the weight, adding better suspension and improving the frame design created an even more lust worthy machine.  The Bimota HB3 was the third iteration of a Bimota with a Honda engine.  Just 101 of these motorcycles were built.  As with anything this rear it is far fetched to find one local, let alone at all.  This example is located in Japan, but due to the age there should be little problem importing it to anyplace else in the world.

From The Seller’s Listing:

It was stored for a long time in the warehouse.
The inside of the tank is clean. (Because it is made of plastic, there is no rust.)
Since the front and rear brakes have been disassembled and cleaned, there is no sticking.
The rear brake master cylinder is not working.
(Repairable with general-purpose products)
I cleaned the inside of the carburetor.
Oil was sprayed and cranked in the cylinder.
Battery needs to be replaced.
I have lost my key.
(Since the handle, electrical system, and key are made by Honda, you can create a key from the key cylinder.)
There is no exterior or other rust.

There are 101 cars in the world, and the number of existing cars in Japan is probably one hand.
It is a very rare individual.
We strongly recommend checking the current car.
We have all pointed out the engine, so we will correct it.
I recognized that the engines of CB1100R and CB1100F are the same, but since the point cover and crankcase of CB1100R are gold, my vehicle is the engine of CB1100F.
will add the progress on the engine key and tank key.
Keys can be created from the cylinder. Since you can construct it on a business trip,
we will arrange it immediately if you make a successful bid.

A Buy It Now price is listed of about $20,000 USD and as of writing has not been sold.  The price might be slightly optimistic after digging into the listing.  It appears that the bike has been in long term storage and will need a decent service before being put back on the road.  If static display is more you thing, a basic detail should be all that is needed to end up with a rare sport bike that anyone would be proud to stare at for hours.   The billet work is wonderful on these bikes and the engineering is rather interesting as well.

Long Way To Go:  Bimota HB3 in Japan