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New in the crate: 2001 Honda RC51 SP1

Dan 7

Located outside Montreal, reader Rod sent in this brand new RC51. Pictures seem legit though listing on Kijiji is slightly suspect for something of this caliber. Listing states make offer but the price listed is $38,990 CAD, which is $28,770 USD as of today. This bike falls a couple years short of the 25 year import rule but this was a bike offered here in the U.S. the same year. Not sure if that helps but on the other hand, it destined to remain a display model the rest of it’s life so maybe it doesn’t matter.

2001 Honda RC51 on Kijiji in Canada

From the seller’s listing:

Only one ,brand new Honda RVT, 0km one owner. Just one in the world. Time capsule. Make an offer.
Unique au monde, Honda RVT SP1 complètement neuve, un seule propriétaire . Dans crate origine. 0km
Faire offre sérieuse svp.

If you’re looking for an RC51 you can actually ride, Black Market Motorsports has this 2002 SP2 model with just 6,500 miles available:


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Featured Listing – 1982 Eddie Lawson Replica KZ1000R & 1982 GS1000SZ Katana!

Norman 0

Update 5.10.2023: Sold in just two days, exclusively on RSBFS! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Packaged Deal Featured Listing – 1982 Eddie Lawson Replica KZ1000R & 1982 GS1000SZ Katana

4 decades separate 2023 and 1982. Despite the passage of time, in the world of American superbike racing, the one thing these two years have in common is fierce rivalries amongst some of the most talented riders on the most capable machines. Today it’s Beaubier, Gagne, and Herrin. Yesterday it was Cooley, Lawson, and Baldwin. The culmination of all the development in motorcycling is what gives us our modern nail biters where riders are doing 190 mph down the back straight of Road Atlanta and rubbing carbon wings. If you are wondering what today’s rivalries looked like 40 years ago, you are in the right spot. The 1982 championship had its fair share of back and forth and Eddie Lawson entered the final race 19 points ahead of Honda’s Mike Baldwin. He only needed 14th place to win the title. Honda had opted to enter 6 factory bikes with the goal of harassing Lawson and ideally running him off but in the end a late brake dive and miss by a Honda rider gave Eddie the breathing room to finish the race and take the championship. Wes Cooley, a Hall of Famer in his own right, finished the championship in 4th but damn did he have the best looking bike.

We can’t sell you the badass personas of old school racers smoking Marlboros in the paddock but we can sell you the next best thing, their machines.

Our listing today is a bit unique in the sense that our seller has two bikes but they are two bikes that share something quite unique. Both bikes are the homologated street versions that belonged to two of America’s most famous riders from that 1982 championship: Eddie Lawson and Wes Cooley. The KZ1000 is #560/750 and the GS1000SZ is #1,547/2,500 for the USA. Clearly, both these bikes are rare and the fact they have made it 40 years with minimal mileage is quite impressive. Neither of these bikes are concours ready but the seller wants to note these are both great runners and are more so riders than museum pieces. Both were also repainted but clearly in the factory colors. I trust there is an interesting story as two how these bikes found each other but I suspect the catalyst was a fan of the championship who has lost their marbles at some point along the way.

The idea for the KZ1000 started when Kawasaki was looking bring more excitement about the KZ1000 platform as a whole. Remember, in the 80s and 90s, the development was so rapid that a bike would be leapfrogged by the competition every two or three years. The KZ had fallen victim to Honda’s and Yamaha’s progress so they decided to spark some interest by building a replica of their Superbike Champ’s machine based off of the KZ1000J. Aside from some ergonomic tweaks, the most notable changes were the Kerker exhaust, adjustable rear shocks, and of course, the green paint. For the most part, the replica would still struggle to escape the limitations put upon it by its streetbike roots but the paint scheme is really what caused the stir. Kawasaki’s iconic green bike winning in 81 and 82 was more than enough to make sure this bike was put on a path to the promise land.

From the seller:

1982 KZ1000R Eddie Lawson Replica #560 of 750 built for US. All original. Rider quality. Runs perfectly. Currently registered and insured in Massachusetts. only 3,896 miles. I am the second owner. Comes with all manuals and original paperwork.

The Katana entered the market with a slightly different story. Its inspiration was driven by a 3rd Party design team who had convinced Suzuki that there was opportunity to improve the aesthetic of the bike. Initially, the radical design made the US importers skittish and they ultimately only imported 2,500. The enthusiast community clearly feels that the forward design has aged well and values support that notion. I think Wes Cooley’s 1982 race bike is one of the more genuinely cool looking bikes because of how they carried the aggressive street looks over to the race version.

Similar to the KZ, the Katana was a tuned up streetbike. It was naturally lacking some torque over the GS1100 but the GS1000 was tuned for higher revs which essentially shifted the power band. Furthermore, the suspension was stiffened up and anti-dive technology was employed in the front forks. However, the main draw was really the design. Naturally, some were not fans due to how unfamiliar it looked but many were drawn to the futuristic lines and angles.

When it comes to these bikes, the most valuable parts one could source were the Yoshimura cams, 1,140cc big bore kit, and exhaust. If you were to kit this out you would have a pretty capable machine on the track as the aero and suspension made it comfortable at speed. Those pieces were worth nearly the price of the bike itself but would do wonders for collectability.

From the seller:

#1547 of 2500 built for US. All original. Rider quality. Excellent runner. Currently registered and insured in Massachusetts. 7K miles, I am the forth owner. Comes with all manuals and paperwork.

As demonstrated by our featured listings, many old school race bikes weren’t engineered as race bikes first. They were highly modified street bikes that were adapted to track use but they could never escape their street roots. The history of the rivalry and rawness of these bikes is what makes them so special. I think racing pedigree is one of the key indicators of value and there’s no shortage of that here as well. With low production and many bygone years rarity is no question. These bikes already proved their relevance in the motorcycling community many years ago. If you want a double serving of American Superbike history here’s your shot.

From the seller:

Both bikes have been repainted. The ELR last year, the Katana years ago.
Other than that, lots of patina on both. Ridable classics not museum pieces. Tires, brakes, tunes, fluid changes, etc all very recent on both. Each one titled in my name. Price is $25,000

The seller is only selling these as  package. Thanks for reading!

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Featured Listing – 1989 Honda CB-1 / CBR-400RR Tribute

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Update 5.6.2023: This bike has SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Update 4.7.2023: Relisted on eBay with price reduced to $7,800. Good luck to buyers and seller! -dc

Starting with an interesting bike that has been subject of quite a few RSFBS posts, reader Rassie has combined expert fabrication with surprising ingenuity.  Prepare to be amazed by the vision and build quality !

1989 Honda CB-1 / CBR400RR Tribute for sale asking $7,800

Even for its all-around segment, the CB-1 was a bit of a sleeper – better at everything than it appeared at first glance.  Weight was under control without fairings, power was on spec at 55 hp, and the gear-driven cams played well to the rider, right up to the 13,500 rpm redline.  A relatively modern package, with heads tuned down a notch from the race replica, and Honda quality – all in all a winning choice for a tribute build.

Rassie provided a detailed discussion of the 2020 build in the eBay auction, so we’ll let him tell it –

I purchased this particular bike with 2,750 miles on the clock. The replacement odometer was at 12,250 kilometers at the time of fitment and continues to show in kilometers. With 1,347 km (approximately 808 miles) added after restoration was completed it currently shows 13,597 km. Actual miles are 3,558.

The bike was taken apart down to the frame, cleaned and individual parts inspected. Parts that required replacement were replaced, restored or modernized. Modernization included the addition of 2001 Yamaha R1 forks, triple clamps and fender that were mated to the stock front wheel and brake caliper. Wheel spacers and adapters were machined from billet or round stock aluminum. The caliper is mounted via a custom machined adapter and retains the stock rotor. The brake lines are aftermarket stainless steel items. The front brake master cylinder is from a 2018 Honda CBR500. Steering controls are by way of a set of 50mm Renthal Clip-ons.

The front fairing stay mimics the OEM stay from a CBR400RR and was outfitted with OEM European spec CBR400RR odometer, instruments and dashboard. A lower tray was custom fabricated to house the wiring behind the headlights. The speedometer was fitted with a miles per hour overlay to indicate actual speed in mph while driving. The headlights are original OEM Japanese spec CBR400RR headlights that feature a blueish tint. The front fairing is a modified version of the VFR400RR unit that features a longer top fairing and a removed belly pan, in order to highlight the engine and exhaust. The front fairing is additionally aesthetically modified with two intake ducts under the headlights. The fairings were finished in candy apple red (called Randy Apple Red), candy apple blue and pearl white. The paint design is aimed at mimicking the paint scheme favored by earlier RC Hondas like the CB1100RC but still reflecting the 80’s style Honda CBR paintwork design.

The bodywork modifications feature an OEM European spec VFR400R rear subframe and seat unit. The seat is covered in leather/suede with red stitching that has been waterproofed. A race style seat pad was added against the inside of the rear fiberglass fairing hump. The rear fiberglass replica VFR400R fairing was modified by making it shorter and narrower in the rear and lengthening in front to mate seamlessly with the stock CB1 gas tank and frame. A lip was added above the taillight to the rear of the fairing to mimic CBR400RR styling and is fitted with an aftermarket integrated tail light with built in turn signals. It is outfitted with a custom made 80’s period high rise Yoshimura style slip on muffler and foot guard, mated to the original header pipes.

Beside the smashing design and execution, Rassie did a lot of mechanical refurbishment which will pay the next owner back over time.  Here’s his list of a work done and notes –

  • The engine was inspected and found to be in excellent condition assumed due to the low miles and proper maintenance. The valve clearances were checked and the factory finished paint was touched up in a few spots. The water pump was replaced in 2023 with an aftermarket item.
  • The carburetors were stripped, cleaned and inspected. They were then rebuilt with new seals, jets and O-rings. The current jetting has been adjusted to suit the exhaust style and the bike revs freely through to the redline with no observable dips in power curve.
  • The frame, brackets, stays and swingarm were powder coated in dark gray metallic or black. All bearings, bushings and seals were replaced. The wheels were powder coated in pearl white and all the bearings and seals replaced. The exhaust was ceramic coated in black. The steering head bearings were replaced with new tapered bearings and seals from AllBalls-Racing.
  • The ignition switch was deleted, replaced with a Motogadget M-Lock RFID ignition switch with sensor located under the rear tail section underneath the pearl white strip going over the top of the fairing.
  • It features a right-side engine cover machined from billet aluminum block.
  • Oil was last changed in August of 2022.
  • The water pump was replaced with an aftermarket unit in February 2023. Radiator fluid was replaced with OEM Honda H2 fluid. The OEM rebuildable water pump will convey with the sale.
  • New high friction brake pads were installed in October 2022.
  • The far-right carburetor was found to have a crack in it due to some sort of visible impact about ½ inch in diameter. This was repaired using epoxy and has been operating perfectly since. The bike is offered with a spare set of carburetors that have been cleaned but not rebuilt.
  • Tires are Bridgestone Battlax S22’s (Front: 110/70-17 Rear: 140/70-17) showing very little wear.
  • Chain and sprockets show minimal wear.
  • Paintwork defects are noted on some edges of the fairing as overspray and one touched up chip on the far-left rear lower corner of the tail fairing under the headlight.
  • Discoloration of the clearcoat is visible on the left of the lower frame due to a prior gas leak. An aftermarket replacement petcock was installed in 2020 after the gasoline leak.

Rassie asks $8,600 $7,800 for his CB-1 and can be reached via the Contact Seller button

The CB-1 harkened back to the CB400F, and even used that model name in some markets.  Rassie has brought a whole other animal though, with a supersport half fairing, up-to-date front suspension, and metallic HRC livery.  If a low-mile, comprehensively rebuilt tribute sounds as good to you as it did to RSBFS, check out the eBay auction, or contact Rassie directly by email ( or phone: (717)315-8754.


Track Day Tuesday – TWO 1977 Honda MT125R racers!

Mike 2

For this morning’s Track Day Tuesday segment – rapidly becoming my favorite on RSBFS – we have a real life The Matrix moment. Will you take the red pill or the blue one? Because this morning we have two ultra-rare factory Honda customer race bikes from two different sellers. Sure, some of you were just getting around to being born when these rolled out of the Honda Racing Service Center assembly area of the fabled Honda factory, but they are certainly worth the look. Powered by 125cc two stroke engines, the MT125R was meant to be a rung on the ladder for racers looking to turn pro in the bigger classes. Offered for only a couple of years (1977-1978) but officially imported into North America as a off-road only motorcycle, finding one MT125R is a rarity in itself. Finding two in this type of condition is, well, exactly what we strive to do on RSBFS.

The beating buzzing heart of the MT125R is a single 123cc cylinder featuring air cooling and a single carb. You’d be forgiven if you thought this looks like most of Honda’s single cylinder, small-bore engines – and you’d also be correct. The MT125R is essentially a CR125 Elsinore motor, although in the earliest builds the MT had specific engine part numbers that were unique to the model; in the later incarnations, they utilized common CR parts in a shared arrangement. The only real difference between the CR and the MT was the shift pattern: The MT125R utilizes a road racing “reverse” shift pattern while the CR adopted the conventional one down, 5 up pattern in the common 6-speed box.

The RED Pill – 1977 Honda MT125R

From the seller:

Click here for details on this RED 1977 Honda MT125!

The BLUE pill – 1977 Honda MT125R

Honda 1977 MT125RR ROAD RACER.
Extremely rare original production model.
Bike is in prestine condition and ready to race or add to your collection
6 speed 25hp 2t capable of going 120+ mph. Every component of this Bike is engineered to dominate the track
Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of honda racing history.

Click here for details on this BLUE 1977 Honda MT125!

This is a choose your own adventure Track Day Tuesday. Do you choose the red pill (bike) or the blue one? Both look awesome, and both could spin up those 25-or-6 mighty horses to wipe those baby Ninjas, R3s and KTMs right into the marbles. If you can fit on one of these – and if you can keep the tach above 9k or so – speedy forward progress is yours for the taking. Check out both bikes via the links above, and get out there and strafe an apex. Good Luck!!

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A Bucket List Ride – BaT 1994 Honda VFR750

Norman 5

1994 Honda VFR750F

These VFRs just look better and better every time I look at them. Age is making these finer and finer and I always say Honda has left some of the most remarkable bikes and engines in its wake through time. There’s just something so romantic about winding out a gear-driven V4 and feeling the power come through at 10k RPMs through a windy, empty road. 10-20 years from now when rocketpods are the new school buses and time travel capsules are the new rocketpods, bikes like the VFR are going to be the artifacts that best recall what exceptional and classic mechanical engineering looked like.

From an engineering standpoint, the VFR had been considered a success ever since it came out. Executing a single-sided swingarm and V4 in a streetable platform is no joke but Honda got it pretty right when the VFR first came out in 1990. In 1994, they came with some upgrades to further fine tune the VFR as an excellent multi-purpose street machine. In regards to the powerplant, Honda had tinkered with the cam timing, reshaped ports, and switched to a 34mm carb setup. They also opted to go with a 4-1 exhaust system that shed 5 pounds. Shedding weight was really the name of the game with the 1994 VFR as the exhaust combined with other various improvements resulted in a 20 lb weight loss. Weight is a sport bike’s worst enemy so the leaner profile certainly earned the VFR more credibility on the road and as a true swiss-army knife.

From the listing:

“Features include fully-faired bodywork, a cartridge-type Showa fork, a Pro-Arm rear suspension system, 17″ alloy wheels, quadruple Keihin carburetors, and a Two Brothers Racing four-into-one exhaust system in addition to clip-on handlebars, rear-set foot controls, a side stand, and a stepped two-up seat with a removable cowl. The bike was acquired by the seller in December 2022, and service in preparation for the sale included changing the oil and replacing the tires. This VFR750F is now offered at no reserve with front and rear Pit Bull paddock stands, a Chase Harper tank bag, an Eclipse drypack/saddlebag, a Bilt motorcycle cover, spare and removed parts, and a clean Oregon title in the seller’s name….

…The bike will be accompanied by front and rear Pit Bull paddock stands, a Bilt motorcycle cover, an Eclipse drypack/saddlebag, and a Chase Harper tank bag as well as spare and removed parts including an exhaust system, turn-signal lenses, and passenger foot pegs.”

One of the components than can get worn out on bikes this old is the suspension. They are often soft and weak and can make a good bike squirmy. One of the common upgrades is a Honda Superhawk fork upgrade which also allows for a 4 piston disc setup if your heart desires. Click here to check it out. Super cheap and could be worth a refresh as the seller has not mentioned that he went through the forks. 

I haven’t followed VFR values outside of making the rounds on Facebook Marketplace so I am curious to see how this auction performs. This example is very low mileage and seems to be in perfect condition with the original parts included. This should be a great opportunity to cement a benchmark value for a VFR in today’s market. Check out the listing on Bring a Trailer here.

Let me know of your thoughts on these VFRs and Honda V4s in general!

Thanks for reading!




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Color Matched – 1984 Honda VF750F Interceptor

Donn 1

Honda’s line of V4 Interceptors was truly all new in 1982, and the AMA Superbike-oriented 750F arrived in 1983.  Today’s offering has been restored to a fare-thee-well and treated to colors too subtle for any 80’s motorbike showroom.

1984 Honda VF750F for sale on eBay

Honda surrounded their V45 ( cubic inch ) engine with a robust crankcase and 4-valve heads, making the lump compact if not lightweight.  The generous powerband allowed use of a stronger five-speed gearbox.  A small-pattern steel chassis and air-adjustable dampers seem quaint these days, but at the time, Cycle Magazine said it handled as well as any bike they’d ever tested.  Three similar-sized disk brakes and 16-inch front wheel are common for the era, but the factory slipper clutch was a nod to the AMA rulebook.  The upper-only fairing and flowing side panels were seen on many manufacturers’ bikes, though most were wider and taller, built around the ubiquitous inline four.

Newly restored by a fan of the model, this example looks fresh from every angle, with brightening of some normally black painted components.  The dreaded cam-train malady isn’t mentioned, but it doesn’t affect all V4’s and many got updates under warranty.  Originally finished in red and black, the nifty orange and gray are also the colors of the seller’s garage – even the floor !  Comments from the eBay auction –

This VF750F only has 8k miles on it or I wouldn’t have considered the restoration. Most notable issue was the carbs which are near impossible to remove and beyond impossible to get back in. I did a thorough cleaning with and ultrasonic cleaner and set float height. I rejetted up a couple sizes to compensate for the freer flowing exhaust, and then synched them. If you are looking for one of these bikes you’ll find that most of them are 700s there aren’t as many 750s out there.
Bike has brand new paint…top notch and done by one of the best painters in Dallas! Cost $3k! I wanted the paint work to resemble the factory design but with fresher colors. Those are two Chevrolet colors on there, Corvette Cyber Gray, and Hugger Orange. It’s 2 stage clear.
What I’m most proud of is that I was able to save the long extinct Yoshimura exhaust on it. I basically had to completely disassemble and repair the loose mounting between the can and the pipe, then redrill, re tap and rotate them, and then careful grinding and polishing. Ordered OEM Yosh badges that came from the UK. Now it’s looks brand new and sounds great.
All other surfaces have been reconditioned or refinished. Brakes and clutch fully serviced and all fluids changed as well as new chain and sprockets. Valves have been adjusted which is a tough job on this bike. I also found some trick aluminum upper and lower radiators which will keep things cool. New clutch and brake master cylinders, new brake pads. New rear tire, front in good condition 70% tread.
I’ve always said the interceptors ride unlike anything else out there and this bike’s no exception. I’ve had later model VFRs and this bike just has that same feel.

Fans of the VF’s are still debating the cause of the early cam / rocker arm failures, but the line took a break in 1986 and came back as a VFR with gear driven cams ( you might have heard of the RC30 ).  Rarity assured by the short run, and quite notable since Fred Merkel took his VF750F to a three-peat AMA Superbike championship.  This may be the next best thing to a NLA new one.

– donn

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Featured Listing – 1993 Honda CBR900RR!

Mike 0

Update 4.23.2023: Sold on Iconic for $10,700. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Ducati faithful hang on the works of designer Massimo Tamburini and the engineering of Fabio Taglioni and his protege Massimo Bordi. But fans of Honda have another hero from another continent – but with the same ideology. That legend is Tadao Baba, and his story is forever etched into the fascinating history that is the Honda CBR900RR. Single-handedly creating a new class of sport bike, the Honda CBR900RR is revered because it merged near liter bike power into a 600cc sized package and profile. Like the original Suzuki GSX-R750 or even the original Kawasaki 900cc Ninja, the Honda CBR900RR raised the bar and reset expectations about how good a sport bike could be. Today the first generation models are coveted, and today’s example available on the Iconic Motorbike Auction site is definitely worth a look.

1993 Honda CBR900RR for sale at Iconic!

The design language behind the RR model was “total control.” Designer and project lead Tadao Baba developed the direction after riding 1000cc models from the competition, wondering why they even called them sport bikes; they were too heavy! Starting with a 750cc concept initially, but then lengthening the stroke to arrive at 893cc, the first gen RR models were only a few pounds heavier than the existing CBR600, but a whopping 75-100+ pounds lighter than any of the competitors in the models above 750cc. To say Honda approached this with a maniacal focus on weight loss was an understatement. The frame is all aluminum, as is the heavily braced swingarm. The liquid cooled, carbureted inline four developed a stout 122 HP, and with the release Honda achieved their “total control” aim and instantly redefined the large sport bike class. The bike carried an internal model code SC28, and was know both by nomenclature (CBR900RR) as well as The Fireblade.

From the seller:
This 1993 CBR900RR started out as a very original 3 owner from new motorcycle, which then went through a full strip down, detail and rebuild using OE parts throughout. The work included removal and refinishing of the swingarm and suspension components, re-greasing of all bearings and bushes, brake system flush and replacement of all fluids, new chain and sprockets, engine service, oil change and new exhaust gaskets all-round.

More from the seller:
The bike was then treated to a full cosmetic restoration with the goal of retaining as much of the original paint and component finishes as possible. The result is a very original first year CBR900RR in showroom like condition, that rides as good as it looks. All of the work was fully documented in a series of YouTube video’s by Modern Classics Sportsbike Restorations (MCSR) in California. The is a beautiful example of one of Honda’s most iconic motorcycles, which would be equally at home in a collection or as weekend canyon carver.

So involved was Tadao Baba in the development of this bike, that stories circulate about his showing up on the factory floor during initial production – just to ensure the bikes were being assembled correctly. In some cases, he actually signed the inside of some fairing panels. He was consumed by the concept of the bike, and the focus and drive of his 30+ years in Honda R&D came through with stunning clarity. The Fireblade is a legend, and this very well presented example is now available.

The folks at MCSR (check out his YouTube channel!) have given this bike a mechanical run through and refresh in comprehensive detail. See seller’s notes above, and then peruse the dozens of high-res, high quality photographs provided. Decide for yourself if this isn’t the cleanest first gen in black/red livery that you have ever seen. And then jump over to the Iconic Auction Site to get in on the action. Given the market for these early Fireblade models, this one will be generating a lot of interest. If you want a motorcycle to show AND go, this is something that will keep company with pretty much anything out there, while appreciating in value the whole time. Check it out here, and Good Luck!!

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Prime Cuts – 2000 Honda CBR929RR

Norman 1

Picture 1 of 18

2000 Honda CBR929RR

Nothing to see here. Just another hit from the Honda Motor Company. There are so many at this point it’s making my job easier. It’s not just the 919 and 929, even the 954 has seemingly gotten its legs underneath as evident from recent BAT transactions. What makes all these bikes great is that they are simple, analog, and they really stood out from the crowd when they were released.

Picture 15 of 18

Honda was reengineering the Fireblade as often as I pour a myself a drink. Every iteration was a material improvement that seemed to resonate with riders across the globe. The 929 used its extra displacement to go more oversquare and higher compression. Add in fuel injection and 1,000 more revs and the output is 152hp. With more power and speed comes the need for more chassis composure. Along with making the frame stiffer, the 929 also got USD forks for the first time and 330mm binders up front. Weight reduction was also a focus in this era of superbikes. The 929 got a titanium exhaust and this example still wields the stock exhaust unlike many of the other 90s bikes that come on the market.

Picture 10 of 18

From the seller:

Selling my Extremely clean 2000 Honda CBR 929RR. Super rare color to come by in this condition. Bike has Only 10,138 Miles and runs and riders perfect and super smooth with 0 issues. Everything is original on this bike all factory from 2000. Only modifications are the turn signals, mirrors, and rear license plate holder. Everything else is bone stock. Come see it for your self bike is in brand new condition and rides like its brand new, always stored indoors in the A/C so bike has 0 rust on it. Bike have Fresh oil and fresh oil filter, air filter was recently changed, and brake fluid was flushed and changed, brand new set of Bridgestone hypersport tires bikes absolutely needs nothing everything is in amazing condition. Feel free to ask for more pics and videos of the bike i have plenty.Private owner Clean Florida title in my name. Located in Seffner, Florida.Asking $7,500

Picture 3 of 18

When it’s all said and done, the Fireblades have already cemented their legacy in the sport bike history. Over the past 3 years, it seemed that the sky was the limit for these bikes if they were in good condition. Our find today fits that bill. Low miles. Stored inside. Sign me up. For $7.5k you should really stop and think. There’s only direction these are going.

Thanks for reading!


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