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Typically Radical – 2013 MV Agusta F3 675

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Even a “base model” F3 brings 126 hp to the party and is something to behold when the lift brings it up to eyeball height.  Today’s example has a cred-worthy 16K miles and presents its interesting AMG livery beautifully.

2013 MV Agusta F3 675 for sale on eBay

Styled by Tamburrini disciple Adrian Morton, the F3’s truncated trellis and three muffler harmony echo the F4.  Very oversquare cylinders and titanium valves help rev the ride-by-wire engine controls to 15,000 rpm.  Marzocchi forks and Sachs are toward the top of their range, as are the 320mm radial mount brakes.  Wheelbase and wet weight are rather below average, with the electronic suite tailoring the power with selectable throttle and traction control maps, along with a quick shifter and pit lane speed limiter that might just keep one off the police blotter.

Landers Seviers is an experienced racer who thought it best to diversify, and presents this F3 through his shop – Tech46 -.  The red, white and green looks quite fresh despite the miles, and accentuates the Corse seat console – seeming to be without signals or padding.  Part of the notes from the eBay auction –

Chain and sprockets are properly adjusted, immaculately clean and like new. All painted and powder coated surfaces of this middleweight superbike are flawless thanks to proper indoor climate controlled storage its entire life. Only full synthetic oil has been used in this bike since new. Front and rear brake fluid, and the clutch fluid, was bled and flushed last spring. Coolant was also flushed and changed. Please note, that only non-ethanol fuel has been used in this bike during the last 11K miles in order to prevent any premature fuel tank or fuel component (pump, hose, injector, regulator) problems.
Charging system puts out 14.5 VDC as spec’d by MV. A new Yuasa gel battery was installed last month and has a battery tender charging port attached. Self closing, throttle response is instantaneous and responsive. This in-line 3 cylinder beast makes whopping torque and sounds wicked as it builds RPM throughout the rev range. Gauge indicators and all lighting work as delivered from factory. This bike has a racing inspired factory plug-n-play right side mounted on/off kill switch combination. A slick option that was added soon after buying new from dealer. 

This is a two owner bike with clean and clear Alabama title in hand. Never ridden in rain. Never seen foul weather or prolonged sun exposure. I do not have the OEM mirrors.

Shop MV Agusta F3 parts and accessories on eBay !

MV Agusta seem to have used computer-aided design and manufacturing to their advantage, turning out special designs in small numbers but super high quality.  Designer Morton has moved on after 18 years in Varese, but the F3 continues to catch the eye like a new bike.  This MV has some history but looks ready to provide some new experiences to the next owner.


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Glitterati – 2012 MV Agusta F3 675 Serie Oro

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MV Agusta often introduces a new model with a limited gold edition, and the 2012 675 F3 received all the exotic details with numbered plaques running to just 200.  Today’s hails from Malibu and looks every bit the collectible that it is.

2012 MV Agusta 675 F3 Serie Oro for sale on eBay

The 675 F3 made long reaches into the past and future, with engine architecture inspired by Agusta’s long history with 3-cylinder racing machines.  Considered by Agusta executives to be the best balance of high revs and mid-range torque, the very over-square triple cranks out 126 hp at 14,400 rpm.  Advanced digital controls keep that superbike power usable, with ride-by-wire throttle and selectable throttle, torque, and traction control maps.  Exhausts exit the side to centralize mass, and components from Brembo, Öhlins, and Marchesini are at a level usually reserved for a flagship superbike.

This F3 shows a hair under 4K miles, and doesn’t even seem to have acquired any dust on the way.  Evidently a single owner has taken excellent care.  A speed shifter was optional but not sure it’s on this example.  Notes from the eBay auction –

The seller purchased  #185 of 200 Serie Oro new and, and it was subsequently fitted with a Brembo 19RCS brake master cylinder. Work in February 2022 included replacing the battery and refreshing the fluids. This F3 Serie Oro has 4k miles and is offered with manufacturer’s literature, commemorative accessories, service receipts, two keys, a battery charger, a rear axle stand, a motorcycle cover, and a clean California title in the seller’s name. 

Agusta pursued the world supersport championship right away and has had a few wins, many podiums, and has been a presence in the constructors’ championship since 2013.  The engine design has been a success in the F3 and Brutale, and was stretched a bit to 800cc, with a number of exciting editions as well.  As much as every Serie Oro is a piece of work, the gorgeous presentation and quite special edition make this example a standout.

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There Are No Words: 2008 MV Agusta F4R 312

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Three One Two – simple little words in a strange order. Or you can read it as Three Twelve, Twelve minutes past Three PM, or something just slightly short of Pi. But for our RSBFS faithful, the 312 is meant to be KPH, or the American equivalent of 194 MPH. This was the highest spec, fastest MV Agusta available at the time, built as a limited edition model on the F41000R spec. The 312 offered nearly 10 HP more than the standard F4R, and the top speed was supposedly proven at the Nardo test track in Italy by a 3rd party publication.

2008 MV Agusta F4R 312 for sale on eBay

The 312 was officially labeled as a 2008 model. It took the F4R basics – including the new stiffer frame, monobloc radial brake calipers and Marzocchi forks – but utilized enhanced breathing through hotter cams and bigger valves to bump up the HP. Interestingly, the updated version of the F4 discarded the fabled Torque Shift System (TSS) that was much hyped on earlier models. As to where the concept of the 312 originated, it is likely that the world record attempt of a F41000R in 2006 spurred the factory effort, the former eking out a 299 KPH top speed at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats.

From the seller:
Tach doesn’t work

Speed, like time, is fleeting. By 2009 there was a new 312, this time in “RR” specification that was even more powerful. That, too, was replaced by the F4 1078 RR 312 Edizione Finale in 2010, all 30 units sold exclusively in Japan. There were also lots of new Limited Edition models added to the MV Agusta library of steeds. The 312 seemingly fell by the wayside, overshadowed by bikes named after people (Ago, Tamburini, CC, Senna, LH44, Claudio), colors (Oro, Nero), or other random nomenclature (Mamba, RR, Corse, Veltro, Frecce).

Today’s 312 is a bit of a mystery. Located in Texas with very limited information, what appears to be a dent on the left side top of the tank, some potential fairing mishap, lots of dust (nothing a squirt of the hose and 312 KPH couldn’t fix) and some 17,000 miles, this F4R derivation is being offered in the Buy It Now format. The price is set at $8k which seems fair money for a neo classic such as this model, although the seller does note that the tachometer is inoperable. You can check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


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Good As Gold – 1999 MV Agusta F4 Serie Oro

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MV Augusta seems to be everywhere today, with the silver and red bullets seemingly at every bike meet, on the streets, and even back in top-level racing (where, frankly, they belong). And while the history of The Count and the exploits of Agostini are deeply satisfying to study, there is a new history concerning the rebirth of MV Agusta after the original family lost control of the brand in the 1980s. By the 1990s MV Agusta was under the control of Cagiva, and some well known players molded a new form and vision for the brand. Claudio Castiglioni was at the helm of the Cagiva Research Center, Massimo Tamburini was head of design, and Massimo Bordi and Fabio Taglioni were pulled in as the engineers to drive forward the development. What transpired is one of the great comeback stories in the long story of motorcycling, and a new legend was born: the MV Agusta F4.

1999 MV Agusta F4 Serie Oro for sale on eBay

The original F4 was launched as a 300 unit, limited edition 750cc model. This was known as the Serie Oro, due to the gold colored bits highlighting the bike. But this was no simply livery; the gold looking bits were actually magnesium, designed for light weight and strength (including wheels, side plates, and the massive swing arm). The tooling for this material is vastly more expensive than steel or aluminum, but the outcome made a serious statement. If that were not enough, everything else that was painted was actually carbon fiber underneath – another vastly more expensive material than fiberglass or ABS plastic. This was an exotic, iconic brand name that simply exuded quality throughout – from design, to materials, to mechanicals. All 300 units were sold before the first example shipped in 1999.

From the seller:
The first F4 model released was the F4 750 Serie Oro in may 1999 with only 300 models being produced. Many of the parts (swing arm, frame sideplates & wheels) were made from magnesium. These parts were anodized gold for consistency with the name ‘Oro (Italian for gold) All painted parts, such as fairings, seat unit, front mudguard, airbox and even the fuel tank were manufactured in CARBON. This produces a bike at under 400lbs in weight, giving exceptional power to weight ratio. Only 500 dry miles from new. Stored in an air conditioned office with genuine MV Agusta cover and rear paddock stand. Currently SORN.

Today’s ultra-rare Oro is located in jolly olde England. For those that speak English in a colonial fashion, “SORN” is the Queen’s English manner of indicating the bike is currently on non-op (SORN = Statutory Off Road Notification). That means it is unlikely to incur additional mileage beyond the meager 500 miles stated, and it also (likely) means there should be no concerns or additional fees when it comes to registration in that country. Plus this thing is housebroken – always a plus!

Pricing on these models can be difficult given the scarcity of recent sales, however fear not that an original Oro is worth mucho dinero regardless of the language you speak. Bidding on this one is over $20k GBP, which is nearing $25k USD at time of writing – and there is still much to happen on the auction. Pictures show a clean and beautiful Serie Oro that is just begging to sparkle in the sunshine. Interested in giving this one a home? Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


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Bangers and Mash: 1977 MV Agusta 861 Magni

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The MV Agusta Sport 750 America is a special bike. Developed by the company of the Count as a road-going testbed to celebrate and enhance racing exploits, MV Agustas were well known as capable race bikes in the hands of such legends as Giacomo Agostini. And while the 750 America was developed to conquer that emerging market that was the United States, not all examples actually shipped stateside. Incredibly rare, the 750S America is a beautiful example of the quirky mix of performance, engineering and artwork that defines Italian motorcycle design. However this particular bike was ever more special than that, as it was delivered into the hands of Arturo Magni who worked his magic. That magic included a new frame, new suspension, a new driveline (exchanging the shaft drive for a lightweight chain setup) and a complete tear down and rebuild of the engine. While they were in there, they punched out the 750cc bores to 861, while massaging and breathing on everything else. The full Magni catalog applied to the MV Agusta Sport America 750 was one of the most exclusive, expensive and performance oriented bikes you could buy.

1977 MV Agusta Sport America 861 Magni for sale on eBay

From the seller:
1977 Used MV Agusta 750 861CC AMERICA, 861 MAGNI BUILD is offered to you for sale in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, finished in red & silver, this used 1977 Used MV Agusta 750 861CC AMERICA, 861 MAGNI BUILD is one of the many rare and coveted used bikes that used motorbike dealer The Bike Specialists, Sheffield, South Yorkshire have available for sale.

More from the seller:
Here we have for sale a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Italian engineering history. Built by the legendary Arturo Magni, a household name in motorcycle race engineers, we’re extremely proud to present the MV Agusta 861 Magni. Born in Milan in 1925 Magni’s career began at Gileras racing department in 1947, he was employed to assemble the Piero Remor deigned four-cylinder engine which went on to win the team six world championships. He first began work for MV in 1950 and later managed their racing department during MV Augstas ‘Golden Age’ who won no fewer than 75 world championships under Magni’s direction with riders including Hailwood and Agostini!

After retiring from Grand Prix in 1976 Magni and his sons set up a company producing performance parts for MV 750 Street bikes and began redesigning the 750 Sport and America range. Their bespoke kits enabled customers to be able to transform their road bikes into light weight sportier machines which increased capacity and performance. The most famous by far amongst aficionados was the 861 Magni.

More from the seller:
Our motorcycle is the ultimate example, it began life as a 750 America and was purchased in 2012 with the intent to recreate the original 861 Magni. With the expertise of Giovanni Magni and the original specifications set by Artuto work began to create this wonderful machine. The 750 America was disassembled before being re-built with a new frame designed by Magni himself, the inline-four-cylinder engine was rebuilt with new high-compression pistons, capacity was increased from 750cc to 861cc and new rear forks were fitted to support the Magni frame. Aesthetically the side panels, wheels, aluminium fuel tank and seat unit we’re all painted to exact original specification. The seat rubber and leather was replaced, Conti exhaust pipes fitted and the full fairing was added to create this stunning masterpiece.

Our 861 comes road registered and complete with the original 750 America parts including the frame and exhaust system as well as the owner’s manual, workshop manual and brochure. This machine features exemplary craftsmanship and would be the true jewel in the crown of any collection, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, we can offer UK and worldwide delivery services.

In today’s market any vintage MV Agusta is in prime territory. These bikes are so visceral, the brand so storied and legendary that open spots in collections have a vacuum for one of the red & silver machines. And while this is likely true of most clean examples, a Magni build such as this goes over the top in terms of rarity. While the truism of collecting is to pick a stock example over a modified one, that rule changes when the modifications are so completely integrated into the bike and made by a handful of recognized icons; Magni certainly qualifies in the that category. Offered on eBay UK, this stunning example of twice-engineered Italian goodness is listed for £99,980. For US-based investors paying in greenbacks, that equates to approximately $121k at the current exchange rate. At that price not only do you get the bike as pictured, you also will receive many of the original, OEM parts such as the original frame (!). There are more pictures online that could not be shown in this post. You can check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


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Quick-Change Artist – 2000 MV Agusta F4 750S

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Even as their “base model” F4, MV Agusta’s 750S ran interference for their many limited editions and total production could have been accomplished in an afternoon in Japan.  Today’s MV looks to have great potential, with a few notable upgrades.

2000 MV Agusta F4 750S for sale on eBay

Engineers at the Cagiva Research Center placed a call to their buds in Maranello for a little assistance with the hemi-head design on the F4, and its radial array of valves.  It’s been a great engine for MV Agusta, with the original 749cc mill clocking 126 hp.  Though initially built with a magnesium swingarm and sideplates, for the not-so-limited edition they were aluminum.  Designer Massimo Tamburini’s latent thoughts on the Ducati 916 are evident when looking at the F4 unfaired, with the compact trellis frame and speed-oriented riding position.  The hinted velocity was delivered with the 750S, able to run an 11-second 1/4-mile and a top speed of 160 mph.

With 8K and change miles, this F4 has been enjoyed, but looks excellent with the second owner’s attention.  Along with the carbon Silmotor mufflers, the exhausts have been ceramic coated, elevated by the included designer rear stand.  Some better pictures could be requested, but fairing tip-overs seem to be in the past, and some nicer spare lowers are included in the sale.  Comments from the eBay auction –

Many spare fairings, Rizoma rear brake fluid reservoir (red), three stands (2x rear 1x front), much carbon fiber, new tires, new tune up, fresh oil change, coolant flush, new plugs, new neutral switch, Moto Corse billet aluminum side stand (and original side stand), new fuel filter, new rear hub. Two owners (including myself), clean Carfax (included).
Also Factory magnesium wheels, ceramic coated pipes, Fast by Ferracci carbon fiber silencers (Italian Silmotor slip-ons), FbF bar risers, and two bike covers. One rear stand is Pitbull, one rear stand is the now unobtanium original Tamburini rear stand.
Note 1 – Ferrari badge from previous owner removed from fairing. Pix with fairing off are so potential buyer can see the frame and engine. Can send video of running bike. One LH fairing damaged in garage when I dropped the bike on my leg (see fairing pix) because of auto-retract side stand “feature”. No other damage. Fairings currently on bike are “daily driver” bought used to save new or nearly-new fairings. Two keys. “Suicide stand” auto-retract side stand “feature” now disabled with Ducati 748 side stand spring. Typical crack in RH side belly pan fairing – epoxied and this is shown in the pix. Magnesium wheels in great shape. Front and rear fenders are carbon fiber (see pix).
Note 2 – The stock rear hub has been replaced with a new “Mitch” rear hub. Bike will also come with the original used rear hub in a box.

There isn’t an MV Agusta dealer in every town, but fans of the brand will have a couple of websites and an “indy” service shop handy.  This seller doesn’t hide the bike’s history and seems to have made every effort to make things easy for the next owner.  At this point the F4 is an acknowledged classic and is as solid an investment as any motorcycle, with an occasional spirited ride as a benefit.


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Featured Listing – 2005 MV Agusta F4 1000 Ago #170 of 300 !

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Thirty years after Giacomo Agostini won his last championship, MV Agusta paid tribute with their introductory F4 1000 Ago.  RSBFS reader Danny presents his barely broken-in Ago on its original tires.

2005 MV Agusta F4 1000 Ago asking $28,000

As an update to the 1999 F4 750 design by Massimo Tamburini, the F4 1000 picked excellent parentage.  The engine shares the F4 radial valve architecture, and though it comes at nearly 12,000 rpm, a full 166 hp await.  The 310mm six-piston Nissin brakes are simply the most capable, and the forged ten-spoke wheels Marchesini’s lightest.  Gold-finished forks and shocks are from Marzocchi and Sachs, and Arrow made the underseat exhaust.  Outwardly, the F4 1000 is another Tamburini masterwork, sleek and shapely, the sharp nose making room for a big radiator inlet, with the sidestand faired into the full lowers.

Danny isn’t the original owner, but has exercised considerable restraint, obviously providing excellent care and improving his F4.  Gilles rearsets offer more adjustments, and the Arrow exhaust is musical in Danny’s walkaround video –

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Danny’s comments show his appreciation for the Ago –

MV Agusta F4 1000 Ago is one of the most desirable machines that money can buy, only 300 Ago models have been assembled for the 2005 model year honoring the legendary Italian racer Giacomo Agostini.
Agostini was one of the greatest motorcycle racer of all times.
He holds the world record for the most Grand Prix victories ever with over 120 wins.
This bike is in pristine condition with just over 2,800 miles in like new old stock condition, and still carries the factory original tires.
I have owned this bike for over 10 years in my personal collection with over other 20 unique Italian bikes.
Bike starts and runs perfect.
Few upgrades are the factory Arrow RG3 racing exhaust that sounds amazing 
and Gilles Tooling rear sets (extremely hard to find).
Bike includes rear factory stand, 2 keys,framed certificate of authenticity numbered and signed, an original MV Agusta Ago leather suit and gloves (extremely hard to find).
Manual book and tools.
Asking price $28,000

Contact Danny via email with questions – here -.

Agostini’s winning streak certainly deserves the big number 1, with 13 MV Agusta championships over an eight-year stretch, in the 500cc and 350cc classes ( and then a couple with Yamaha ! ).  MV Agusta’s own competition record is just as remarkable, with a championship in at least one class from 1952-1974 except 1957, and winning every class ( except the sidecar ) in the 1958-1960 seasons.  Danny’s Ago is eminently collectible, and with some new rubber could be ridden a bit since it’s not a zero-mile bike.


The Tamburini Tango – 2005 MV Agusta F 4 1000 Tamburini

Mike 5

When you are the designer of arguably the most iconic and beautiful motorcycle every made – the Ducati 916 – and after multiple iterations you decide to move on, what do you do next? Well, if you are Massimo Tamburini, you do it all again. This time celebrating the re-launch of the famed MV Agusta brand with a new take on the old icon, merging familiar and unique, to create the MV Agusta F4. And if you are fortunate enough to do it again – and do it right – you might just get a special edition of the bike named after you. Which is what the 2005 MV Agusta F4 1000 Tamburini is all about. Contrived by Claudio Castiglioni – the genius behind reviving the Ducati and MV Agusta businesses and founder of the Cagiva Research Center – the Tamburini was to be a limited edition (300 units) rolling artwork to honor his friend.

2005 MV Agusta F 4 1000 Tamburini for sale on eBay

The overall shape of the F4 was unchanged for the Tamburini, but the clothes were all made from carbon fiber cloth, left largely visible. This is another example of artwork and performance that show throughout the bike. The fuel-injection and DOHC radial valve heads help the F4 1000 churn out approximately 173 HP. This was aided by the Torque Shift System (first introduced on the Tamburini), which varied the intake trumpet length in order to maximize power across the rev range. This was Formula 1 level stuff, which along with the slippery shape of the F4 allowed the Tamburini to achieve a 190+ MPH top speed. Not that many of the only 300 were ridden in this fashion.

From the seller:
2005 MV Agusta F4 1000 Tamburini . If you are familiar with this model and Massimo Tamburini then you know how special this bike is.
300 units were produced and only 59 of them were imported to the U.S. With only around 170 miles this bike is one of the lowest mileage examples left.
21 pieces of carbon fiber on this bike including the fairings, front clip, rear tail section etc. Anodized aluminum wheels are super light. Super Cora tires for ultimate performance.
Freshly serviced and running great.

There are a few small blemishes that I noted in the photos.
Message or call for more info, pics, videos etc . 808-783-3221
I can assist with shipping.
Don’t be afraid to make offers.

The seller has included some videos of the bike in question, the first showing a cold start situation, and the second highlighting some of the referenced blemishes:

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Today’s bike, while not cosmetically perfect, IS one of the few Tamburini models in existence. It is made slightly more rare as it is in the United States, meaning importation should not be an issue. Miles are super low – only 170 claimed. And as a bonus, this bike is located in beautiful Hawaii, which means checking it out in person is all the more pleasant. Pricing is set at $46,999, which is not much beyond what these went for new; if you could find one. The seller is open to questions and offers, so check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


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