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Kawasaki September 13, 2022 posted by

40 Years Later…Kawasaki GPZ900R

1984 Kawasaki GPZ900R/ZX900 A1

Today’s find is almost legendary. Just one year later, the GPZ900R was rocketed to a superstar status as it was blessed to be straddled by the infamous Scientologist extraordinaire, TC. While TC has ebbed and flowed throughout the years, the GPZ has remained one of the more significant bikes and marks an important time in sport bike history. While this example is just 1 year shy of being one of the most recognizable bikes of the 80s, it still has the same mechanicals that brought folks directly from movie theaters to showroom floors.

Of course, the raw speed of the GPZ900 is the highlight of the bike. In 1984, this motorcycle was pumping out 115hp which could take you up to 151 mph. 40 years later, the current gen Z900 makes 111hp. It’s not that Kawasaki can’t make a more powerful 900cc bike as there really is a limit to what makes a bike usable on the street while also making the entire package make sense. Big power means more cost in the chassis to make a bike really work and feel right. The funny thing is that in 1984 Kawasaki decided to say screw it and tried it anyway by bringing a GPZ900 while their unsuspecting 750 sat quietly on showroom floors.

Making the 900 work was not as simple as just taking a cylinder hone to the bore of the 750 for a few hours. The 900 brought liquid cooling and 4 valves per cylinder with a higher compression ratio as well. Furthermore, the engine became a stressed member of the chassis which allowed Kawasaki to axe the downtubes on the steel frame. While the GPZ used a simple steel frame, it did come with triple drilled disc brakes and an anti dive suspension. Check out how their system works here.

 “…I have tried to detail in the pictures the worst places on the bike. It is actually beautiful original paint bike that could be wet sanded and be awesome. Fun to ride. I have ridden the bike three or four times and it runs wonderfully. Thanks to Kaplan. The bike is now 38 years old and there are some scratches and chips through life. I would expect that. Please let the pictures tell you what you need to know. I feel I’m a little too old to ride the bike now. I live on a dirt road. I would guess the bike has been dropped but not significantly just a few little scratches here and there which I have tried to point out in the pictures to the best of my ability. You could just about take it anywhere and it stops the show. You can read about top gun. I have a cold start video that I can send upon request. I have and can take additional pictures upon request.”

The owner seems to have got this one from Captain America, Ken Kaplan, which means it should be in pretty good working condition. Kaplan Cycles has an in house mechanic who tidies up everything that comes through the door before it hits the floor. I definitely appreciate the seller’s honesty towards the cosmetic condition and willingness to detail that out in photos. Not a show piece but an opportunity to get a deal for sure.

There seems to some action with 13 bids up to $3,750 and the reserve has not yet been met. Good luck!



40 Years Later…Kawasaki GPZ900R
Kawasaki August 18, 2022 posted by

Backdated – 2007 Kawasaki ZX-10R

About halfway between Doug Chandler’s team Muzzy AMA championships and Jonathan Rea’s string of WSBK titles, Kawasaki was making their way back to superbike fame in the mid oughties.  Here’s a 175 hp ZX-10R with a slick 90’s livery and lightweight side exhaust.

2007 Kawasaki ZX-10R for sale on eBay

Kawasaki had developed the ZX-10R from the 9oo a few years before, but the 2006 update focused on racing success, with a smoother transmission, slipper clutch, and better brakes thanks to individual brake pads for each caliper piston.  The dual mufflers needed extra volume and hung outboard of the pillion.  Twin alloy spars hold the engine from above and behind, keeping the package as slim as possible.  43mm is the dimension of the four throttle bodies as well as the inverted cartridge forks.  Super-clean conformal turn signals might have been a designer’s thesis project.

Most often seen in your choice of primary colors with black trim, this ZX-10R has sharp retro paint that riders of a certain vintage will appreciate.  Often a custom begins with some damage history and a close look at the throttle side shows some support for that possibility.  Not seeing any other particular marks, and the tail is lightened considerably by the single Mass Moto exhaust.  Normal for EuroCycle in Vegas, comments or history will have to be had over the phone.

Rather more modern than an actual 1990’s Kawi, the ZX-10R still pre-dates any electronic conscience, so with 175 hp the rider should know their stuff.  Even more so when concave tank almost invites the rider to tuck in behind the windscreen and push it a little.


Backdated – 2007 Kawasaki ZX-10R
Kawasaki July 9, 2022 posted by

Orange Crush – One Owner 2003 Kawasaki Z1000

Thought this might be a re-paint when the eBay listing popped up, but one was on the street a couple of days later in living color.  Parked in the overlap between the UJM and hooligan universes, this Z1000 has high miles, great cosmetics, and a rather low hurdle to ownership.

2003 Kawasaki Z1000 for sale on eBay

On the leading edge of the super-naked segment, Kawasaki re-hosted the ZX9R engine, with a 2.2 mm overbore and 11.2-to-1 compression.  127 hp was the result, with two-stage 38mm throttle bodies making throttle response extra snappy.  Handling was sharp for a liter as well, thanks to the snug 1420 mm wheelbase and 24-degree rake of the steering head.  Stylists grafted the seat fairing from ZX6R, giving the Z1000 a riding position in line with its intent and making an angular call for the rest of the fairings and exhaust to answer.

A motorbike mechanic won the grand prize of a 2003 AMA membership drive, and has garaged, cared for, ridden and polished the exhausts on this Z1000 extensively.  Condition looks excellent overall, with just an isolated imperfection.  A small plaque commemorates the AMA origins, and the owner has these notes in the eBay auction:

  • I have been the only owner of this bike. It starts right up and runs great. The wheels are straight and tires good. I am a professional motorcycle mechanic, the bike has been garage kept and well maintained it’s whole life. It is a little more orange than the photos show. Has a new battery. The fuel tank is not rusty. The exhaust has no scrapes or dents.
  • There is a scratch on the right top muffler. There is the slightest ding on the top left on the tank, very light. There is a very small round chip on the same side of the tank.
  • Comes with the owners manual, with a maintenance log, and a Kawasaki factory manual. There is a K&N in the air box. The original rear seat comes with the bike. 
  • This bike was the Grand Prize for the 2003 American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) membership drive.

All those miles account for the low buy-it-now, but a newer rider will have to try and not make the wrong mistake with the performance that engine and chassis offer.  At the end of the season some fresh tires will give the Z1000 a new-bike feeling for next year.


Orange Crush – One Owner 2003 Kawasaki Z1000
Kawasaki June 29, 2022 posted by

I Want a Divorce – 1991 Kawasaki ZX-7J

1991 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7

1991 Kawasaki ZX-7 J For Sale on Bring A Trailer

Here at RSBFS, you know we love everything twin. Twin headlights, twin discs, twin exhausts, twin sist… You get the point. This ZX-7J today features a couple of those things but the timeless twin headlight design is certainly a huge selling point for many 90s sport bikes. Just screams classic. Kawasaki iterated on their 750 a couple of times over the years but the sweet spot for many collectors and riders of the generation is the 1991-92 ZX-7J. The 1989-1990 models had many criticism mainly regarding their weight, suspension, and looks which were all somewhat addressed for the 1991 ZX-7J. Most of the criticisms only became an issue when you put the Zx-7 next to some of its more costly competitors. If you isolate it and hop in the seat… an absolute peach of thing.

1991 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7

If you’ve ever seen any 1989-2003 ZX-7 in person, you know how much visual weight these bikes have. That combined with the excess of green can be too much for some but at this point the more green on your classic Kawi the better. 90s 90s 90s. The physical weight was also a common complaint and while the 1991 model lost 2o lbs over the 1989 model, the 1991 K1 model (homologation special) dropped another 10 lbs. With a full 4.8 gallon tank and a wide ergonomics, you’ll feel the weight but you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone complaining.

1991 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7

The cockpit POV reveals one of the ZX-7s biggest quirks which are the air hoses that are reminiscent of the air hoses that fighter pilots use. While these can be easily be mistaken for intake tubes, they just provide cool air to the cylinder head.

1991 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7

While the 1991 ZX-7J made improvements over the 1990 model, one of the backwards steps Kawasaki had to take had to do with the motor. Euro regulations that limited bikes to 100hp were looming and that forced Kawi’s hand to drop 5-7 hp off the top end. The unrestricted K model engines of the same year pumped out 121 hp. While the restrictions never came to fruition, 100 hp was and still is more than enough power to hustle the ZX-7 around.

Not much you can do in the aftermarket due to the relatively short production runs and limited part crossover between models. However, an aftermarket slip-on from Viper is out there if you wish to hear a better soundtrack.

From the seller:

“…The bike was acquired by the selling dealer in November 2020, reportedly from its original owner, and subsequent service is said to have included cleaning the carburetors and fuel tank, changing the fluids, and replacing the battery and tires. This ZX750J is now offered with an owner’s manual, original warranty documents, a sales brochure, a period publication, a spare license plate bracket, and a clean California title.”

For collectors and enthusiasts, one of the biggest problems with 90s sportbikes is that they were really cheap at one point. If you search for Zx-7s on Facebook Marketplace, you’ll be met with examples that have been stretched, neglected, or dressed in Ebay fairings so any ZX-7 is not that easy to find anymore. While you shouldn’t expect these to command the premiums that a showroom Honda or Suzuki would bring, you should expect to have a conversation (maybe not a great one) with your wife if you choose to enter the bidding. One of the biggest downfalls of the ZX-7J is parts availability. The short production runs and age leave a lot to be desired in terms of aftermarket support so if you want to leave some rubber on the road, this may not be for you.

Best comp is the 1991 ZX-7J that sold on BAT in March 2022 for $16K. Might have to bump the budget past $16K to include something for the lady though.


I Want a Divorce – 1991 Kawasaki ZX-7J
Kawasaki June 15, 2022 posted by

Master of None – 2000 Kawasaki Ninja ZX600E

Image 4 - 2000 Kawasaki Ninja

2000 Kawasaki Ninja ZX600E

If you’re a regular RSBFS reader, you know we love to find 90s sport bikes. It was a decade of innovation and constant fill-in-the-blank measuring contests by the manufacturers. If you weren’t skinny, good-looking, or fast you were shit outta luck and the only reason people occasionally remember you is when they randomly see you pop up on Facebook. Weirdly, that sounds a lot like elementary and middle school for me. Anyways, while only the sportiest of offerings from that era are held in high regard today there are still many remnants of the decade that deserve attention.

**lights dim, enter ZX600E**

Image 01 - 2000 Kawasaki Ninja

With the only 9.1K miles on the clock, this bike is in very good shape. Paint and plastics look great and there is no visible corrosion on any of the metal surfaces.

Image 21 - 2000 Kawasaki Ninja

The side-profile of the ZX6 shows one of it’s best attributes. With higher bars and plenty of legroom the ZX6 could be used by all body types in commuter or canyon settings. Not really something that the collectors value but a desirable trait for those who ride their motorcycles. If the riding position doesn’t make you feel sporty enough, the aftermarket V&H exhaust should do the trick. Seller does not mention if it’s a slip-on or full system.

Image 11 - 2000 Kawasaki Ninja

When the ZX6 debuted in 1990, it had a crazy redline for the middleweight class. It also built power until the end and had plenty of torque to keep you busy throughout the rev range. Different sources list different power specs but you can expect ~100hp and ~45 lb/ft of torque. Not the fastest by any means but most of us still won’t be able to outride this bike on a twisty road.

Image 2 - 2000 Kawasaki Ninja

From the seller:

“Beautiful Candy Persimmon Red 2000 Kawasaki Ninja 600E. Originally purchased in New Jersey when new. Female owned until 2016 when my friend purchased it to learn to ride on. After only riding it twice around my neighborhood he decided he wasn’t really ready so the bike sat until this past year when I brought it back to my house to get it rideable again. Tank was rusted inside so it has been reconditioned and sealed with a clear epoxy liner. New Core Moto brake lines. New tires front and rear. Carburetors have been rebuilt. New battery. New chain. 

Clean Florida title in my name. Mileage will go up as I want to ride it to work a couple days to make sure everything is safe and working properly. But will not go over 10K miles any time soon. Buyer responsible for shipping if desired…”

The ZX6 was a fast bike that stirred the pot when it came out. However, it was quickly surpassed by many of it’s competitors and Kawasaki let it ride out next to the ZX6R until they cut it in 2004. A little heavy, a little slow (by modern standards), and a look that blended in with the rest but that doesn’t tell the whole story. All the specs actually point to this being an excellent street bike that doesn’t excel in any one category but is decent in all of them. While the ZX6 will likely never be a high-value classic, it can still offer a very similar and analog experience to the 90s classics at a fraction of the price.

Auction has 6 bids and is currently at $3,550.


Master of None – 2000 Kawasaki Ninja ZX600E
Kawasaki June 1, 2022 posted by

Horse of a different color: 1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R

If a clean Eddie Lawson Replica is not rare enough for you, how about the albino, European cousin? Yes, the KZ1000R did indeed come in white, but only in limited countries and NOT in the US. So if a ELR is on your bucket list but green is not the color of your soul, you now know you have options! And if you are a stickler for nomenclature, only the earliest green models were ELRs – or true Eddie Lawson Replicas. Following years the green machines were known as Superbike replicas, although the non-greenies had no outward graphical indication of the AMA Superbike racing heritage.

1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R for sale on eBay

Starting life out as a regular KZ, the ELR model highlighted the Superbike exploits of Steady Eddie Lawson (who later went on to 500cc GP fame). Known originally as ELRs, then Superbike replicas, the non-US markets received largely the same spec of bike but non green examples were devoid of the Superbike graphics on the tank. Euro requirements resulted in slight changes to the lights and exhaust (no factory Kerker), but otherwise the KZ1000R remained true to form and intent, regardless of color.

From the seller:
Extremely RARE WHITE 1983 KZ1000R, Eddie lawson, original condition. just serviced runs great, only 26K miles. Excellent condition for year. Original german import to Florida USA. Serious collectors & bidders please good luck.

It is possible that we have seen this bike before – check out this RSBFS post last year on a white example with the same mileage. That bike had a 1100cc mill retrofitted due to a problem with the original 1 liter unit. No such indicators from the seller on this particular bike, so it could be the same with the original engine, or it could be a completely different bike (the pictures are different than the previous auction). These are certainly rare enough that we take note when they come along!

Bidding has been non existent on this particular bike at time of writing. The opening ask is $12,500 on this Florida-based machine, which is $2k higher than the pricing on the last one we have seen. No takers yet, and there is a reserve in place – so the seller is obviously expecting more from this one. Do your homework, raid the kids’ college fund, then check out all of the details here. Good Luck!!


Horse of a different color: 1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R
Honda May 12, 2022 posted by

Instant Collection: Five 400cc sport bikes from the 1990s

The 400cc sport bike set has been a hot topic on the pages of RSBFS, and were in fact part of the early focus of the site when it was entirely dedicated to finding grey market listings for sport bikes not originally imported into the United States. From those humble beginnings RSBFS grew to encompass the best of the rare and exotic, while continuing to harbor a soft spot for imports. Today’s collection of five members the 400cc club – one from each of the Big Four (plus a bonus Honda)- is definitely worth a look, even if some of the details are sparse and the bikes are located far, far away from US shores. The lineup:

Five 400cc sport bikes from the 1990s for sale on eBay

Honda VFR400R

Honda CBR400RR

Kawasaki ZXR400

Yamaha FZR 400SP

Suzuki GSX-R400SP

From the seller:
Collection of all the 90s 400cc sportbikes. All bikes are registered Hungarian bikes, with clean history. Will be sold with all necessary papers to register elswhere!

It is a one time opportunity to buy a collection like this!

These bikes are listed in a package deal on eBay in a Buy It Now (or best offer) format for $19,500 USD. Details are sparse, but as RSBFS writer and collector William notes: “The bikes are appealing, the package is interesting at that price point and the pictures are solid…a deal is always worth exploring.” You must admit that this flock looks great together. And given that the US shores has seen scant appearances of 400cc serious bikes between the 1980s Fizzer 400 and the more recent Ninja/CBR/R3/KTM offerings in 300-400cc sizes, these are undeniably rare in the US of A. You can check out all of the details here. Good Luck!!


Instant Collection: Five 400cc sport bikes from the 1990s
Kawasaki May 9, 2022 posted by

Fastest Production Motorcycle in the World: 1985 Kawasaki 750 Turbo

With the introduction of the Kawasaki 750 Turbo (also known as the ZX750E, and branded as GPz), hired gun Jay Gleason ripped off a 10.7 second quarter mile that proclaimed the Turbo not only the fastest production motorcycle in Kawasaki’s arsenal, but the fastest production motorcycle in the world, by any manufacturer, full stop. Puns intended, this boosted Kawasaki’s performance credibility immeasurably, and forced turbocharging onto the center stage of “next gen” motorcycle technologies.

1985 Kawasaki 750 Turbo for sale on eBay

While Honda started with a 500cc platform and Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki eventually settling in on 650cc designs, Kawasaki went for the jugular with a 750cc inline four configuration. The displacement alone was a significant factor in off-boost rideability, and on-boost the extra capacity provided for a 112 HP push out of the air-cooled, 2-valve mill with EFI fuel injection. This was old school meets high tech, and the confluence was as awesome as could be expected. Often considered “the best” of the factory turbocharged bikes – fastest in the quarter mile, highest top speed, most sporting, best real world power – the Kawasaki 750 Turbo was as rare as the rest of the puffers. Heavy at 500 lbs dry, expensive at nearly $5k in the showroom, and beyond the reach of most Kawasaki buyers in terms of price and performance, the blown GPz languished through a couple of years of mediocre sales. By 1985 all the partying had departed the turbo set, not to reappear for another 30+ years.

From the seller:
Very Rare 1985 Kawasaki 750 fuel injected turbocharged E2 model – Garage kept under cover for 30 years. Runs Excellent!!! 18,697 miles. Looks and Runs Excellent!! Collectors Bike! Serious Buyers Only!!

I’m the second owner of this beauty. No accidents. Title in hand.

It’s been driven every year and runs as it did in 1985.

I have the original exhaust and center stand too. 530 Chain Conversion, Front Fork Brace, Steering Damper.

Also, will include racing center stand, fitted flannel motorcycle cover and an assortment of OEM parts that I purchased as spares.

Today’s Kawasaki Turbo looks to be in fantastic condition with bright paintwork and nice black engine chrome. The condition belies the fact that this boosted beast has over 18,000 miles on the odometer. The factory 4:2 exhaust has been replaced by a 4:1 D&D unit, but the seller notes that the stock exhaust is included in the sale. That is a WIN for anyone looking at this as a collector. There is a 530 chain conversion, which is never a bad thing on something with explosive power. The rear sprocket appears slightly larger than stock as well, which should really wake up low speed launches.

The Turbo era bikes are slowly becoming recognized for the rare technology missiles they are. Since all Turbos were all born inside of a span of 2-3 years, there are not a lot of examples and they have definitely suffered in the “niche” category. But bright lights are starting to shine into this interesting corner of motorcycling history, and we are seeing rising prices as the result. This beauty is being listed in a Buy It Now format for $17,500. That is far more steep than we would have seen a decade ago, but also not too far out of line for where things are going. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Fastest Production Motorcycle in the World: 1985 Kawasaki 750 Turbo