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Somebody’s Baby – 2009 Ducati SportClassic Sport 1000S

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Today’s SportClassic was originally presented as a Paul Smart, but the owner withdrew the listing for a few edits.  As such, it’s a few years newer than a 2006 Limited Edition, with the dual spark engine and factory fairing but in a classy all black livery.

2009 Ducati SportClassic Sport 1000S for sale on eBay

The Sport 1000S oozes retro coolness, but from a thoroughly modern set of mechanicals.  The 992cc air cooled engine is dual-plugged and boasts a torquey 91 hp.  With no lowers, the engine bay is open for inspection and designers fit it all in with style.  Forks and brakes are beefy and capable, and dual rear suspension and exhausts are a change from the original SC1000, but look vintage except for the remote reservoirs.  Spoked alloy rims carry the retro theme, and the hideaway pillion is at least a contingency plan.

Closing in on a couple of years worth of miles, this Sport 1000S has had a some short rides and avoided all hazards but a zipper pull scratch or two.  Color matched Termi’s and rims look great and a black bike looks good a little longer than a black car.  Not much else in the mod department.  Comments from the eBay auction –

Very rare black and white model. Low mileage at 4,832. New tires. New Battery. Shaded wind visor. Aftermarket Termignoni pipes. Sound is of course… glorious. Engine itself has not been molested and is in original condition. Same with electronics, taillights. This bike is basically a time capsule. I’ve had the honor of owning this machine for about 7 years now. I put a couple of hundred miles on it and kept it on display in workshop. Small scratch in the paint on the tank and mirrors from leathers. See pictures. Great canyon bike. I’ve enjoyed it very much but must make room in the workshop. Babied it too much anyway.

SportClassics preach a back-to-basics motorbike gospel, and there’s really not much room for extra stuff, might require a backpack for a longer day trip.  The starting bid is toward the top of the range but downright reasonable compared to a PS1000LE.  This example looks ready for some more miles and maybe a well chosen farkle or two.


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Full Circle – 2002 Ducati MH900e with 156 Miles

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Ducati’s most radical tribute dates from 2001, and many of the 2,000 examples have traded hands with more dollars spent on mods than miles ridden.  Even among those, today’s MH900e is especially well appointed and surgically clean.

2002 Ducati MH900e for sale on Cycle Trader

Like the Sport Classics that followed, Pierre Terblanche penned the long tank and low bars surrounding the 904cc engine.  The bracing on the single sided swingarm is easier to see than the rest of the chassis, and echos the fairing’s flowing lines.  Paoli made a short run of USD forks and remote reservoir monoshock, and Brembo supplied their dual puck brakes in black.  The fairing and monoposto console have a show bike’s chops, with the nifty engine cover that looks like a new old crankcase design.

Twenty-plus years on, most MH900e’s have graduated from one collector to the next, and though no mention is made, this one might be a gray market import, with its km/h dash.  Even though the number plaque isn’t pictured, what’s here is excellent, with the titanium exhaust, open timing belt and clutch covers, and retro mirrors.  Maintenance has been brought up to date in the unlikely event of a ride.  Comments from the Cycle Trader listing –

156-mile Ducati MH900E. Perfect condition. Ducati Performance upgrades include: full titanium Termignoni exhaust, DP ECU, belt cover, retro mirrors, polished valve covers (not installed, still in original DP box), vented clutch cover. Includes all original parts. Maintenance in preparation for sale includes: new batteries, oil/filer change, front and rear brake oil change, new belts, new tires. Also includes a new (not installed) set of injectors from California Cycleworks. I do not have the commemorative plaque from Ducati that came with these bikes.

The MH900e was a novel concept, offering more of a handcrafted show bike than a mass-produced road machine, and tried a couple of other then-new ideas – selling the entire run online in advance, and pricing it at €15K of the rather fresh European cooperative currency.  Fashions change and collectors refresh their collections, but the MH900e remains a standout event for Ducatisti.


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Along Those Lines – 2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 Edition with 730 Miles !

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After a 1-2 team victory for the new Ducati 750 racer at Imola in 1972, designers hatched the idea of a replica super sport which arrived in 1974.  For a new generation of fans, Ducati provided a 2006 commemorative with an equally long silver tank and blue-green chassis.

2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 Limited Edition for sale on eBay

For all their museum appeal and collectibility, the 2006 Paul Smart was built using one of Ducati’s best air-cooled engines, the fuel injected 992cc dual spark.  Running gear was also modern, Öhlins all around and big Brembo brakes, though the spoked alloy wheels bow to a vintage vibe.  The green trellis frame picks up the crankcase similar to the ’74, and the half-fairing also has more in common with the original commemorative than the actual race bike.

Presented by an Orlando collector, there’s very little history to an instant classic with so few miles.  Not sure which exhaust is now installed, but it’s certainly an improvement on the gigantic Euro 3 mufflers.  Some care will be required to preserve the collectible signatures, but otherwise it’s as new.  Notes from the eBay auction –

Retro styled motorcycle built by Ducati in 2006 to commemorate Paul Smart’s win at the Imola 200 race in 1972, a win that helped define Ducati’s future approach to racing. The bike is styled in the fashion of the Ducati 750 Imola Desmo race bike that Paul Smart rode to victory, and the 1974 750 SuperSport it originally inspired. It is one of the SportClassic series designed by Pierre Terblanche. This bike is in original condition except for the exhaust system. The miles are original. The bike will not disappoint. The bike is currently registered and titled in Florida.

Most Paul Smart LE’s have stayed close to home, and like this one, many spend their lives indoors.  Parking such a beauty long term is debatable, but most of those collectors have other rides, probably other desmos.  This owner has developed a nice round ask, but if it doesn’t get snapped right up, pretty sure they’ll be interested in starting a conversation.


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Mailbag: 1998 Ducati 900SS/FE #208 Custom

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Mailbag is a new idea I’m piloting for bikes submitted via email. It’s a no brainer that bikes like the RC45, 916SPS, ZX7RR, and the like are natural fits for the site, but there are so many bikes just outside the uber-collectible that many RSBFS readers will appreciate. This is especially true for modified bikes that haven’t traditionally been well received at RSBFS. For commentors that claim museum pieces are a waste and bikes are meant to be ridden, here’s your ride!

We’re looking for your feedback and expertise on the submitted mailbag bike in the comments: What to look for, what’s a good price in 2023 (with citations), and your experience and stories with a similar bike. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but disrespectful comments that add no value will be deleted. -dc

Bruno emails us this week with this loaded 900SS/FE. As a prior SuperSport owner from this era, I can tell you his bike has all the desirable upgrades and then some. He’s painted the bike to resemble a Paul Smart as well. He’s asking $14,500 and can be contacted by email.

Listing up for sale the my beautiful Ducati 900ss Final Edition #208 of the 300 imported.
This bike was built to cure the few flaws that the 900ss had, as well as improve it in all departments.
It has been painted to be a Paul Smart replica, something that I’m sure some will love, some will hate. I personally love it.
This bike is obviously extensively modified, I’ll give the cliff notes. This bike could not be built today as it has many very rare parts on it.
> 944 big bore
> Keihin FCR41 Carburetors
> Termignoni high mount carbon slip ons
> OZ lightweight wheels
> Ohlins rear shock
> OEM Ducati Performance carbon gas tank
> OEM Ducati Performance carbon solo seat, side fairings, front fairing, and front fender.
> Shorai lithium battery
> And much more…

Recent Maintenance:
> Fresh oil and filter
> Spark plugs
> Cam Belts
> Fresh brake/ clutch fluid
> Gas tank resealed

Runs and rides like a dream. This bike is deserving of being in a collection for a long time.

$14,500 OBO

Located in Sacramento, California.

Contact Bruno by email.
{additional comments from our email}

I do want to say that I was not the builder of this motorcycle, Martin Wong, the owner of Moto wheels was. It was built a long time ago in the early 2000s, that’s how it has such rare parts like the DP carbon tank and bodywork. I also forgot to mention that it has a carbon air box cover and dual plug heads.

Also when the frame was painted, it was reinforced where these tend to crack.

But to answer your main question, I have zero clue if the bike was ever down because nothing is original, and while to most that would obviously point out the bike has been down, this bike was Martins personal bike, and I saw pictures on the forums from the early 2000s and the bike has remained the same since then apart from BST carbon wheels. I know that Martin had a knack for modifying(obviously) especially since he would get all the parts wholesale since he owned a Ducati parts store. I personally feel like this bike was never downed, just customized from the start to make a special bike even more special. And it rides amazing!! I ride it almost everyday.


Aftermarket Parts for your Ducati 900SS on eBay!

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Featured Listing – 2005 Ducati 999R with 5,070 Miles !

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If a rider you know is ready to reach right for the top shelf, RSBFS reader Mike has been taking special care of his 999R.  With some nicer updates and fresh expendables, this 999R looks ready to take on all comers.

2005 Ducati 999R for sale asking $21,000

Designer Pierre Terblanche didn’t look back at the previous model as much as the imperturbable face of the stopwatch, and provided 2003 riders a more aerodynamic package, with a taller cockpit to work in.  The testastretta EVO engine provided the means to achieve ton-plus speeds, with larger, lighter titanium valves and knife-edge crank contributing to the 150 hp on tap.  The classic trellis chassis is appointed with Öhlins, Brembo and Marchesini’s best components, and a revised swingarm for 2005. Multiple handling and riding position adjustments make the 999R as accessible as any superbike.

Mike’s 999R looks pampered, with striking cleanliness, flawless finishes and carbon bits that still have their glossy new look.  Update-wise, the reach to the Brembo radial levers has gotten a bit more comfortable, and a slipper clutch will keep the rear tire happy.  Termignoni supplied a pound or so of titanium in the exhaust and maintenance is more than current, as Mike explains in his – facebook marketplace –

Very clean, low mile 2005 999R with some nice updates. 5,070 miles. The updates include:

  • Fresh belts, oil, brake and clutch fluid
  • Fresh Dunlop Q3+ tires
  • Termi 57mm round tube exhaust with Ti silencer (ceramic coated)
  • Brembo RCS radial pumps and Brembo M4 front calipers
  • Underslung rear brake mount and Galfer brake lines
  • Billet triple clamps with LKL 1″ riser clip-ons
  • STM slipper clutch and ventilated right side (clutch) engine cover
  • Samco hoses
  • New lithium battery
  • Carbon fenders, clutch cover, tank key protector

Mike asks $21,000 for his 999R, located near Denver and can be reach by email – here -.

The 999 exceeded expectations on the world superbike stage, winning three titles in its four year run.  And the Terblanche design has come to be appreciated for its complexity but was always a joy to ride.  Mike looks to have been an excellent caretaker of his 999R, keeping it ready to display or spend a great afternoon.

Contact Mike with questions via email – here -.




Eight to the Bar – 2012 Ducati 848 EVO Corse SE

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Ducati’s 848 joined the 1098 and 1198 in the showroom, and was often a better choice for real-life riders and roads.  This Corse Special Edition has low miles, exciting factory colors, and many nicer upgrades.

2012 Ducati 848 EVO Corse SE for sale on eBay

The Corse used the EVO-lved testastretta L-twin, with 140 hp that would’ve been a superbike number a few years back.  Eliptical throttle bodies, 13.2-to-1 compression, and magnesium valve covers made ready for supersport competition.  Electronic aids include the Data Analyser dash, 8-level traction control and speed shifter.  The wet clutch was reportedly lighter with better feel and durability than the racier dry variety.  Appointments are some of the best with Showa front and Öhlins rear, plus steering damper, monobloc Brembo brakes, and Enkei five spoke wheels. 

This Corse presents beautifully on the Costa Mesa collectible dealer’s turntable.  Like so many special editions, this one has been ridden a few short season’s worth of miles, is nicely updated with Rizoma controls, and seems to want only for a new owner.  A couple of notes from the eBay auction –

The red/white/black Ducati Corse livery growls in all directions, accenting the already sleek bodylines of the 848 EVO.

But the iconoclastic Italian manufacturer didn’t stop at aesthetics with this 848 EVO Special Edition; added to their flagship middleweight sportbike are other qualities that will further enhance performance over the base model – Traction Control (DTC), a Quick Shifter (DQS), Ohlins rear shock absorbers and huge 330mm front-brake discs (up 10mm from the stock 848 EVO).

The 848 was right in the heart of the supersport displacement band, and the Corse had extra big brakes, and an aluminum fuel tank that made room for an extra half gallon.  Some reviewers said it had a heavy, hard to turn feel so maybe some chassis set-up could help.  Almost the end of the model run, the 848 seemed dated to some, but looks classic now, especially in the Corse colors.


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Rules Do Not Apply: 2023 Ducati V4 SP2

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One could be forgiven for rolling their eyes at another ultra desirable, rare, and insanely fast motorcycle coming from Ducati.  Those that are close to the motorcycle industry know there is no shortage of dream worthy machines coming out of Italy.  But that should not diminish the raw performance, engineering excellence and marketing genius that goes into each and every one of these offerings.

For decades the cream of the crop from Ducati wore the R badge.  The “racing” logo was meant to signify that this bike was to homologate the race versions.  Not to be only confined to selling machines to people that wanted as close to a world superbike experience as possible, Ducati started the SP line of Panigale V4.  It was a no holds bar performance machine.  Lighter, more powerful and a larger displacement than what would be allowed to race.  The better part of 230hp, carbon wheels, dry clutch and the best braking parts available mean this is sure to excite.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

The Panigale V4 SP2 is the top-of-the-range model for Ducati super sports bikes: a special, exciting version for track riding, even more intuitive and less strenuous for riders of all levels.The Panigale V4 SP2 is characterized by the special “Winter Test” livery, in which the matt black of the fairings is combined with the matt carbon finish of the rims and wings, contrasting with the bright red accents and the brilliance of the exposed brushed aluminum tank. 1,103 cc Desmosedici Stradale of MotoGP origin, carbon fibre rims, Brembo Stylema R® brake calipers, MCS radial master cylinder, dry clutch, 520 chain, billet footpegs and a specific kit for track use: the “SP” technical specifications push to the maximum the racing characteristics of the Panigale V4 and accompany all the improvements made on the latest version.

Listing is devoid of any details and leave buyers to wonder a lot of things.  Odd that they make no mention of the massively expensive exhaust that has been added.  Pricing will be interesting to follow.  These come to dealers with an MSRP of $37,000.  There were some that were trying charge “market adjustments”, but the market has moved on from that.   These have a numbered triple clamp, but it is unclear if these were actually a limited production for Ducati.

On one hand the idea of $40,000 for a motorcycle will knock some people’s socks off.  But that is only the price of the average new car in the USA, and this is anything but average in the motorcycle world.

Good, Better, BST – 2001 Ducati 996

Mike 1

Continuing Ducati’s impressive form in WSBK racing, the 996 model picked up where the 851 and 916 dropped off. Largely marketed as a bigger bore evolution of the revolutionary 916, the 996 was actually a pretty comprehensive update to the overall package. Now 20+ years on, the 996 is well into collector status and continues to present well in company of bikes many years newer. Today’s find is a 2001 model in fantastic shape. It also sports numerous component upgrades that really make this example stand out.

2001 Ducati 996 for sale on eBay

The 996 is a much bigger story than simply a bigger bore – yet that is where it starts. Ducati maintained the same 66mm stroke as the 916, bumping the piston size from 94mm to 98mm. To accomplish better power and better power delivery, Ducati engineers touched nearly everything else – from heads, valve size and angles, camshaft, cases and crankshaft, and the entire upper end air flow (air box & updated Weber fuel injection with dual injectors per cylinder). The updates continued to the revised chassis, updated suspension, wheels, exhaust and brakes. The 996 launched as a success – both in the showroom as well as on the racetrack. But today’s seller took things a bit further yet.

From the seller:
2001 Ducati 996 with only 8500 miles. The bike was just dyno tested and it puts out 117HP to the wheel.

It is a very well kept Monoposto with lots of upgrades throughout. Fast By Ferracci parts: clip ons, aluminum mirrors, performance chip and exhaust . It has a Ducati performance carbon airbox and inlet tubes, carbon undertail with breather box incorporated, Corbin seat, BST carbon wheels with brand new Michelin tires. Maintenance was just completed less than 100 miles ago, including new timing belts and valve adjustment, oil change, front and rear brake flush, new performance clutch assembly with both inner and outer seals replaced and new tires at a cost of over $2000.

I have the oem rear sets, clipons, seat, and black oem wheels with rotors and a set of tires.

This particular bike appears to be an extremely clean and loved version of the 996 generation. Maintenance has been called out, including the critical belt change and valve adjustment. But the parts list is what really draws the eye – starting with those stunning BST carbon wheels. The carbon continues in the form of a Ducati Performance carbon airbox, fairing intake runners and under tail assembly. Fast By Ferracci parts start with the carbon cans at the bike of the bike, and are sprinkled up through the front. All in all, this is an impressive build.

Not only is this bike exceptionally clean, it comes with many of the OEM pieces – which is a huge benefit for those that want to bring this closer to stock. It has only 8,500 miles – which is undeniably low for a 22 year old motorcycle. The starting bid is a very reasonable $9,500 with an unbelievable zero bids with a few days left to go. There is a BIN as well, set at $14k (also well within reason). Ducati fans are well advised to check this one out here – it is definitely worth a look. Good Luck!!


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