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Ducati February 7, 2022 posted by

Habit Forming – 2013 Ducati Panigale 1199S with Zero Miles !

Hard to call a plain white Panigale an eye-catcher, but in this case it’s an S that’s never been on the road, apparently on display at a dealer.   A revolutionary clean sheet design at the time, this “new” Panigale would be a great performer even after almost 10 years on the carpet.

2013 Ducati Panigale 1199S for sale on eBay

With a cast magnesium bridging the headstock and engine mounts, the L-twin is an integral part of the Panigale’s chassis.  The superquadro engine’s bore is almost double the stroke, allowing 195 hp at 10,750 rpms.  Elliptical throttle bodies respond electronically to the twist of the proverbial wrist, and ride-by-wire describes what happens next, with computer controlled throttle response, suspension, traction control, and of course braking.  If track time beckons, the quick shifter and engine brake “slipper” will make your acquaintance, and the 2-into-1-into-2 exhaust provide audible feedback.

Often puzzling to figure what could bring a fan to chain up a beast like this, but even a dealer who knows that Ducati must keep innovating can succumb to the idea that this is the bike that will stop time.  Looks great though there certainly aren’t enough pictures here to verify.  Perfect as this unused example might be, the next owner will still have to request new Pirelli’s, though at least the cams are chain driven.

Beside the front tire size there’s very little in common with the previous 1198, but the 1199S has unmistakable Ducati looks, even in white semi-gloss.  No make offer button for this gem, and even though the eBayer has some 56,000 listings going, not too much detective work could open a dialogue with the owner.  Looks like this – dealer – has been repeatedly afflicted since a few other creampuffs are available, but this is the sportiest.


Habit Forming – 2013 Ducati Panigale 1199S with Zero Miles !
Ducati February 6, 2022 posted by

Happy Anniversary – 2013 Ducati Monster 1100 Evo 20th Anniv. Edition

Ducati celebrated 20 years of Monstrous success with a classic combination of air cooling, 100 hp EVO engine design, 21st century electronics, and of all things a wet clutch.  This one is number 8 of 200 built, and looks appropriately excellent for its 2,000-and-change miles.

2013 Ducati Monster 1100 Evo 20th Anniv. Edition for sale on eBay

A sea change from the middle displacement jack-of-all-trades 1993 model, the M1100 Evo had some of the best stuff the air-cooled generation could offer.  A lighter crankcase and crankshaft, revised valve timing, and 11.3-to-1 compression added up to beaucoup power but torque that every reviewer noticed.  The classy gold trellis looks beefier than in years past, as do the Marzocchi forks and cast single-sided swingarm.  With what had been superbike power, safety got electronic enhancement with Bosch ABS for the Brembo brakes, and 4-level traction control.  Slipper functionality was built into the wet clutch, and made for a lighter lever.  Air intakes are incorporated into the tank cover, leaving room for only 3.4 gallons of distilled dinosaurs.

Presented by a Tempe specialty ( mostly car ) dealer, number 8 of 200 almost answers to magnificent, hardly used and carefully stored.  Just a couple of mods, with the binnacle fairing and rear fender removed, plus round aftermarket mirrors and seat cover.  As with so many Ducati museum pieces, the tires and cam belts aren’t mentioned but likely will be ready for retirement.   Notes from the eBay auction are mostly a borrowed ad:

Monster M1100 EVO 20th Anniversary #08 of 200. The Monster 1100EVO underlines the Monster family’s defining concepts of functionality, style and sport with an evolution of the flagship model. Taking its name from the Desmodue Evoluzione engine, which delivers a Monster milestone 100hp, the 1100EVO sports the latest generation exhaust system, Marzocchi front suspension, refined tail-end, bold sport-style graphics and the Ducati Safety Pack (DSP) consisting of ABS and 4-level Ducati Traction Control (DTC). The 20th Anniversary editions of the Monster 1100 EVO are dressed in special celebratory colour schemes and revised colour finishes for frames, brake calipers, master-cylinders and key chassis components in addition to a many other details including design refinements applied to rearview mirrors and seat covering. Only 2,000 miles. Super clean bike. Must see in person.

Though we’re just a lap or so away from the 30th anniversary Monster, some fans might rather a trellis frame and desmodue than the current monocoque chassis and Euro-5 compliant testastretta.  Or at least have a more classic period item in the stable.  With special dealer pricing, the ask for this special edition is right up there with a brand new one – but the make offer button is available.


Happy Anniversary – 2013 Ducati Monster 1100 Evo 20th Anniv. Edition
Ducati February 4, 2022 posted by

Wings Are The New Cool Speed Part: 2019 Ducati Panigale V4R

Every couple of years there are advancements in technologies that trickle down from the race track to the street.  These new technologies become the newest hot part to have on your street bike.  In the late 80s and early 90s Fuel Injection was the must have feature, after that Upside Down Forks was the hot ticket.  There was a transition from axial mounted calipers to radial as the standard high performance option.  Over the last few generations all of the focus has been on the electronics packages.  “Control” is a repeated work on most brochures.   Traction control, wheelie control, slide control, ect.  The most recent component migration from the race track to the street is wings and other aero appendages.

With the Ducati V4R the focus has been the prominent carbon front wings.  A few years ago the main talking point would be fact that the V4R has less then 380 pounds being thrust down the road by over 220 horsepower.  In true homologation form, the R Ducati is ultra special.  The 998cc four cylinder is unique to this model to conform to race regulations.  Featuring a dry clutch and an eyewatering 16,500 RPM redline there is nothing subtle about this package.

This example has a host of tasty upgrades that take an already extreme motorcycle up a couple of notches.  BST carbon wheels reduce unsprung weight and generally look amazing.  Open clutch cover to enhance the distinct Ducati sound.  A full titanium exhaust accomplishes all three in one part!  Adjustable rearsets and a few other add ones round out what was clearly a well thought out and expensive collection of parts.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

Extended warranty for 12, 24 or 36 months available at a discounted rate.

– Full Spark Titanium Exhaust System
– Rizoma Stealth Mirrors

The Panigale V4 R is a real piece of supreme engineering, a 998cc version of the 90 degree V-4 that last year claimed the title of most powerful street-legal, naturally aspirated bike, extracting 214 hp from its 1,103cc unit. We all knew that the final target of the Panigale V4 project was to create the ultimate Superbike series contender – the bike that would bring the World SBK championship back to Borgo Panigale. Indeed, the just unveiled Panigale V4 R seems to be ready to stand up to those expectations.

The engine is a derivative of the unit that propels the Ducati Desmosedici GP racer, starting from the identical bore and stroke measurements: 81mm by 48.4mm. In simple terms, the original Panigale V4 unit was destroked, while keeping bore unaltered. Lightweight titanium connecting rods are 104.3mm center to center, for a rather healthy 2.15:1 rod length to stroke ratio that is very important for the health of an engine that is expected to rev to 16,000 rpm.

– Stock #: R2100


The seller’s listing contains is slightly confusing set of information because it mentions both 998cc and 1103cc engine sizes.  Perhaps they have someone new at the dealership wiring copy for the adds and they got a little overzealous with the copy and paste.  The $36,880.00 asking price might seems steep when you think that 7500 miles and three years ago this bike carried a $39,995 MSRP, but when you look deeper at the context there is a relative bargain here.  First the MSRP for the 2022 bikes is $47,995.  Second that price is before dealer fees, taxes, shipping and any additional performance parts out of the catalog this bike has had installed.  An interested buyer would be wise to ask if the original equipment is included with the sale.  These parts are valuable in their own right, and the option to return to 100% stock may be appealing down the line.

Wings Are The New Cool Speed Part:  2019 Ducati Panigale V4R
Ducati February 3, 2022 posted by

Something Special: 1995 Ducati 900SS SP

If you are into your air-cooled, two-valve, Pantah-based Ducatis, what we have here must certainly be considered as a high water mark. Possibly slightly less collectable than a Superlight, the 900 SS/SP line continues to be sought at for what it is: a fantastic riding platform that will continue to turn heads and age well. The unique numbered badge on the headstock helps drive the rarity factor, and other than the dual seat and less cantankerous single-piece wheels, you are really looking at a bronze framed, red Superlight.

From the seller:
95 Ducati 900ss sp excellent condition. New Tires, timing belts, valves adjusted, new fuel pump, fuel lines all work performed by a professional technician. More pics available. staintune stainless mufflers. I will help shippers.

Not much by way of pictures, but the seller indicates a willingness to send more upon request. For a 900SS SP, this looks to be in great shape. The Staintune pipes are aftermarket, but likely far better sounding than the restrictive stockers. The seller indicates maintenance has been done on the machine, which is always a good sign for a Ducati. The condition of the front and rear carbon mudguards tells me that they are likely original, as this era of factory carbon utilized an epoxy-based resin that shows discoloration over time when exposed to moderate sunlight. This is not uncommon, and should not be a deal breaker. The rest looks to be an honest bike, with an ask of only $7k Buy It Now. In 10 years time that will seem like a bargain, as these bikes are keepers. Check out all of the details here. Good Luck!!


Something Special: 1995 Ducati 900SS SP
Ducati January 29, 2022 posted by

Unbridled Engineering: 2017 Ducati 1299 SuperLeggera

There has never been a shortage of special Ducati to lust after.  For many years the top tier was the R models.  They represented the closest thing to a factory race bike that mere mortals could own.  These R models were limited in a way to what the racing regulations allowed, so Ducati decided to throw out the rule book and design the best bike they could with the SuperLeggera.  First introduced with the 1199 series, that bike used an extreme amount of magnesium to keep weight down.  For the 1299 Ducati went even further, everything is carbon fiber.  The wheels, the frame sections, the swing arm and of course the body work.  The result was a 215hp bike that weighed 368 pounds wet.

It goes without saying that the suspension, electronics package, brakes and general technology was the best of what Ducati had to offer at the time.  This was a technical tour de force and really unparalleled on the marked.  Ducati wanted to assert their dominance as the most exotic and desirable manufacture.

Just 500 of these machines were made for the world.  Unclear what percentage of those came to the USA.  Originally shipped with a few notable extras that included stands, a second exhaust and a few other nice treats.  None of those are pictured or mentioned in the add, an interested buyer should inquire about them with the seller.  While none would take away from the epic riding experience, they are things that are nice to have and will enhance the appeal of the package over time.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

Well this bike does not need any introduction as this is the Dream bike of them all. Everything is carbon fiber including the frame and swing arm.

Only 1780 miles and all service to date.

Bike is located in Arizona payment can be made through bank wire and we can help with transport or pick up are available as well.

Any questions please ask.

Firm on the price

The listing has a Buy It Now price of $55,000 and a comment that this is a firm number for the seller.  While this is not an insignificant amount of money, it does signal a price shift for the 1299 SuperLeggera market.  When new these bikes were in high demand and the $80,000 MSRP did not hamper sales.  This bike was also seen as the high water mark for the V Twin Ducati Superbike.  The V4 bikes are starting to become adopted by racers, and fast road riders, and as more and more of the V4 are produced, prices of even the most sought after V Twins will be pushed down slightly.  That bike that has been out of reach for a few years might just dip enough to snap up.  Would be wise to keep an eye on these, as at some point they will cross over from being a used motorcycle, and transition into a must have edition to any collections.

Unbridled Engineering:  2017 Ducati 1299 SuperLeggera
Ducati January 27, 2022 posted by

1995 Ducati 916 with only 18 miles for sale!

Well H E L L! Take 2! It’s back for more, screaming with a vengeance and with a $60,000.00 B.I.N. price tag this time around.

1995 Ducati 916 with only 18 miles for sale!

It appears to be in the same 27 year old and untouched condition just as it was back in December. The December auction ended early and the last bid recorded was $14,000. I doubt that’s what it originally sold for, but you’re free to let the imagination run on this one.



Well, H E L L! I had this one almost ready to go, then our server decided it was time for an update. That little delay caused me to delay posting it this morning only to return to finish the post and find out the auction was pulled. I think it’s still worth a post so, here it is-

18 mile 1995 Ducati 916 For Sale on eBay

Well, well- what do we have here? Do you think Massimo would be proud to see this or shake his head in disgust? I’m going with the later because I know he painstakingly engineered the 916 to Carl Fogarty’s standards and he rode and beat on his 916 like it owed him money. Okay, cool your batteries, we all know that Massimo didn’t design it for Foggy- that was just some dumb stuff I made up. But, I know we all have some fond memories of Foggy on a 95′ 916. Right?

From the seller
Ducati 916 with 18 original miles, The exterior paint, plastics, seat, exhaust, plastics are perfect (headlights are foggy but clean up). This bike needs a few hours of detailing and possibly replacement of a few small parts to be museum quality. This bike was placed into storage in a barn that was not properly conditioned and humidity affected some of the metal parts. 4 of the dzuz fasteners towards the bottom of the fairings have oxidation, Some of the bolts on the front rotor and the rotor itself have oxidation. The metal fittings on the front brake line also display oxidation. There is a small bubble on the clutch cover where the paint is peeling and another bubble hidden behind the back shock area that is difficult to photo. There was a very, very small spot on one of the wheels that I cannot find again but I know it’s there somewhere because I noticed when I bought the bike. All of the electronics, engine, transmission work properly and I have video of the bike running. This bike is part of my collection which I am starting to sell.

I think this image tells the story of this low mileage 918 916- It shows how it was improperly stored and it shows that it is a real deal 18 mile machine.
Like some, but not all readers, I find low mileage machines, of any age, very intriguing. I think I find them intriguing because they make me wonder “why?”. In this case, I ask “Why did someone mothball a second year base model 916?”. The naysayers will scream “It’s a base model and doesn’t belong on your site!”. My threshold is simple- Can I find another one? Therefore, I clap back with a resounding “NO!”.

More from the seller
I hate buying and selling because the internet is full of idiots. I have tried to give the best possible description of the bike. Again, it is not perfect but with very minimal effort it will be.

Preach it Brother!

I intentionally sat on this one for a few days because I wanted to see how much action and price it would command. It currently sits at $14,000 with 8 bids placed and the reserve firmly in place.
What’s it going to take?

I know it’s a dead horse and I’m sure you folks are tired of reading it, but PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES! If the paint is perfect- show it! If the wheels are perfect- SHOW IT! I suspect this machine would attract a few more dollars with a proper detail and photos.

What do you all think? Let’s discuss it.



Check it out on the auction site here!

1995 Ducati 916 with only 18 miles for sale!
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Retro Rocket: Ducati SportClassic

The Paul Smart get all of the attention when talking about mid 2000s retro Ducati, but the often overlooked standard model offers most of the riding and ownership experience for a much lower buy in.  The main mechanical difference is the omission of the Ohlins suspension.  The motorcycle is powered by the same air cooled dual spark engine and shares a common frame that features a unique asymmetrical single shock.  Being a non limited edition more freedom is offered to owners for modifications and upgrades.  The aftermarket has never failed to support Ducati products.

This example has a few items that appear to be meant to show off the Ducati engineering.  Open belt drives, vented clutch cover and upgraded exhaust are sure to enhance the feeling of the engine while riding.  The OEM parts are said to be included if 100% factory original is my your style.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

Motorcycle is in excellent condition
Complete of original factory parts and aftermarket parts: Termignoni Exhaust – Clutch Plate and Clutch cover – Rear light and plate holder to eliminate the fender – Speedy Moto belt covers – Ducati motorcycle cover

This yellow example is being offered by the same seller offering up a track used Paul Smart.  Interested parties would likely do well to contact the seller as there is a chance they have some amazing stories to tell, and a passion to share for these retro air cooled motorcycles.  Current bid of $9,000 is unlikely to remain for the duration of the auction as these bikes garner a lot of attention.  There are few alternatives that offer a simple retro riding experience combined with the Italian flair and amazing sound.  With under 2000 miles it will be up to the next owner to decide if they will keep riding it in the current form, or revert everything back to 100% original and place in a collection.

Retro Rocket: Ducati SportClassic
Ducati January 24, 2022 posted by

Used As Intended: 2007 Ducati Paul Smart

There is no denying the appeal of the Paul Smart edition of the SportClassic.  The colors hark back to a golden era of motorcycle racing and pay homage to a larger then life figure.  The connection to history combined with a wonderful air cooled dual spark twin creates a bike that collectors lust after.  Very often when these bikes come to market they have double digit mileage, and in some cases single digit.  They were purchased as a collectable, and will remain such.  While that has a place in the hobby, it is a shame to think of such a wonderful machine not being used to excite a rider with beautiful handling and a glorious noise.

2000 were built and all featured Ohlins front and rear as well as a striking blue frame.

If you share a similar sentiment, you are in luck with this example.  Indicating just under 1700 miles, one could be mistaken to think this is another bike that has spent more time in a living room then out on the road.  When digging deeper you find out that most of these miles have been thoroughly enjoyed on track.  Adorned with some choice and period correct upgrades this would be the perfect bike for someone that truly wanted to experience everything it has to offer in a guilt free manor.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

Motorcycle is in excellent condition.
Prepared for Track days:
Marchesini Wheels – slipper clutch – Frame sliders – Termignoni Exhaust – Clutch Plate and Clutch cover – Rear light and plate holder to eliminate the fender – track fairings and pan
Ducati motorcycle cover
Original spoke wheels

Within the first couple of hours of listing the bike has already gotten a couple of bids.  The current $11,000 bid shows no further reserve, but it is likely there will be more bids and attention on this listing.  Selling with the street and OEM components this bike could easily be put back on the street for some back road enjoyment.  Track bikes tend to scare some buyers.  They worry about the hard use, but in reality there are normally not many things to worry about.  A potential buyer would be wise to try and inspect the bike before committing, but there seems to be no signs of crash damage.  There is also no mention of most resent belt service.  Another sticking point with used Ducati sales.  This again is something buyers should not make a huge deal out of.  OEM parts are less then $200 and it is a pleasant afternoon job.  All said and done this could be a great opportunity for a savvy buyer to score a deal on a bike they have always wanted.  Prices have been on the rise for a while and a “high mileage” example just sold for over $30k.

Used As Intended:  2007 Ducati Paul Smart