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Rare Zoot -1985 Yamaha RZ500

Mike 3

Originally available in Canada as one of those morsels of forbidden sport fruit taunting US riders from just over the border, this 1985 Yamaha RZ500 now resides in the US of A down Florida way and is looking for a new home. Sporting updated expansion chamber pipes, a steering damper and a few more stickers than your average display queen, this RZ looks to be largely uncut and in good shape for the approximately 18,600 miles shown on the all KM clocks. The big V4 RZ two-stroke is getting more and more rare as the years go by, so finding one to love and to hold can be a daunting task.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay

From the seller:
Rare Canada model rz500 ,not rz350 rzv500 rd500 , clear title in my name ready for transfer , runs rides shift as it should has performance pipes and air filters , see stock components in pictures , comes with support products see pictures also a new body in box that i got out of florida / not china . it does have new tires ,brakes and fully serviced ready to ride . I did not think i would ever sell this bike as it always was a dream bike but ordered a new dodge demon 170

The seller has posted a video of the bike showing its condition in a walkaround format. You can watch the video on YouTube HERE

From a pricing perspective the big RZ is an ever-appreciating asset. The market has yet to top out on these, and we have seen them hovering just under – as well as over – the $20k mark for some time. This particular example is being offered in a Buy It Now only format, with the price set at $25,150. The seller is open to offers, however, so there may be room to move if you are looking to move one of these smokers into your stable. You can check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!

Find cool RZ500 parts and spares on eBay!

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Short fuse: 1997 Yamaha YZF1000 Thunderace

Dan 4

Here’s a rare bike in the U.S., the YZF1000 Thunderace! Imported for only one year here, these are so rare now that this one was actually imported from Europe. Bodywork looks clean and all the bits are there, but the rest appears a bit weather worn. On the other hand, the seller states everything works as it should, and for just $6,500 you could have this 145hp in your garage ready to return to it’s former glory. Act quickly, this one is set to end Wednesday afternoon!


1997 Yamaha Thunderace for sale on eBay

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Blue World – 2000 Yamaha R1 with 85 Miles !

Donn 3

Almost hiding in Yamaha’s corporate blue, this R1 was parked shortly after its first ride or two and is now ready for a second life after a career on display. 

2000 Yamaha YZF-R1 for sale on eBay

Introduced just a couple of years before as a much more sporting liter, the R1 used a vertical arrangement of transmission shafts to reduce the gearbox length and allow a shorter wheelbase.  For 2000 the R1 got a much smoother shift mechanism and refined aerodynamics for the main fairing.  The big Genesis engine still had its five valves, and carburetion by 40mm Mikuni was adjusted to smooth low-end response.  149 hp hid behind a turbine-smooth sound and the fairly lightweight package transitioned from around town to arrest-me speeds almost without the rider knowing it.

Though some might wonder what mistaken priorities could cause a rider to just park one of the best bikes of the year, this R1 was displayed in “the mansion” since import and is pictured in front of a personal helicopter.  Beside new tires and fluids, and an unlocked fuel cap, it’s just how Yamaha delivered it.  A few notes from the eBay auction –

This bike was purchased in Canada and brought to California for private collection back in 2000.
99% stock bike except the tires have been changed recently for safety reasons, because of age, and the gas cap has been replaced with an aftermarket one – that’s about it, all the nuts and bolts are stock.
– This bike has clean Oregon title
– Kept inside the Mansion for 23 Years 
– Has only 85 miles which is 136 kilometers – you will see on video
– On instrument cluster water temperature is shown in Celsius as it is a Canadian model
Maintenance done recently –
New battery, new tires, oil & filter, brake fluid replaced, ready to enjoy riding it !

Check out more R1 parts and accessories on eBay !

Introduced in 1998 and still in the line-up ( in three levels of trim ) – not to mention trading MotoGP titles every few years – the R1 has reached hall of fame status.  A real fan of the model would have to say whether the 2000 year would be the one to park forever, but since there are a few miles on this one, a few more won’t change the long term value much.  Just don’t let the garage elves drop anything on it.


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Parallel Universe – 1982 Yamaha RD350LC

Mike 3

For a significant number of riders across a wide swath of age ranges, the Yamaha RD series represents the pinnacle of the adolescent hoonabike. Sporting a minimalist profile with sporting intent, the lightweight two stroke twin has been a longstanding favorite – be it the classic air cooled RD, the not-imported-into-the-US liquid cooled RD-LC, or the scant few years of the RZ. Today’s example is a beautiful Canadian RD350LC, imported, titled and ready to rip.

1982 Yamaha RD350LC for sale on eBay

Much of what makes the RD series so much fun is what isn’t there; namely weight. Just 315 pounds dry, the RD gains only a few pounds fully burdened for battle with a little bit of water and a tank of fuel on board. Those sub 330 pounds are pushed along by nearly 50 angry bees worth of ponies, all bolted to a decently stiff mild-steel frame with a single shock rear suspension adjustable for preload. From those basic bits comes a whole lot of fun. This is riding at its most basic; just you keeping the tach above 6k or so, and the RD gobbling up the corners.

From the seller:
1982 Yamaha RD350Lc numbers matching Import from Canada. Clean Florida Title.
29k speedometer is in kilometers
Runs perfect fully dialed in
Repainted tank (BD cycles)
New brakes front and rear
New brake lines
New rear bushes
New tires front and rear Avon / Bridgestone
carbs refurbished with all new jets
New intake mounts
New Dynatek Coil and leads
New seat cover
New clutch springs and bolts
New neutral switch plate
New radiator (additional capacity)
New battery
New fuse box
Powderedcoated side covers exhaust in high heat
calipers fresh rebuild new master cylinder
Complete tune up runs perfect must see very rare
clean florida title in my name

These LC models of the RD series pre-dated the RZ, and 1982 predated the use of the Yamaha Power Valve System (YPVS) which was to come one year later. This bike looks quite nice, although we would love to see more pictures of it. The seller clearly has some two-wheeled taste by the looks of some of the other iron in that garage. This bike has a starting bid of $9500. Given the prices of RZs these days, that might not be too far off the mark for a clean import. Zero bids as of yet, but you can check out all of the details here – including a walk around video. Good Luck!!


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All The Carbon: 2016 Yamaha R1M

William 3

One could be mistaken to think that RSBFS has some kind of bias towards Italian motorcycles.  Well maybe not completely wrong, but exotic bikes come from other places too.  Case and point is the Yamaha R1M.  Not just the basic, but also well respected R1, the M adds carbon, Ohlins and more.  Think of it in terms of the Honda SP, Ducati S/R or other special editions offerings.

This example is not your factory original as it left the factory bike.  It has a laundry list of expensive upgrades that really should sharpen an already sharp riding experience.  No word on if the OEM parts are included in the sale, but it is a safe bet that most that would be interested in such a bike would want to ride it as intended.  This bike has over 35k miles and should be viewed as a badge of honor.  One can only hope that the next owner continues the trend of use and enjoyment.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

1. Full Carbon Fiber Fairing Body Kit ($3000)
2. BST Carbon Fiber Wheels ($3500)
3. Austin Racing Titanium Exhaust ($1200)
4. ECU Flash-Tune Performance ($800)
5. Brembo Master Cylinder / Lever ($500)
6. TransLogic Performance Shift Kit {up & down} [GP Setup] ($400)
7. Motion Pro Short Throttle ($200)
8. Attack Performance Rear Sets ($600)
9. LighTech Chain Adjuster ($300)
10. LighTeach Bar Ends ($100)
11. Stealth Mirrors / Block Off Plates ($150)
12. Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring ($60)
13. ThreeD Chain 525 Z Series X, Ring ($300)
14. Superlite RSX Rear Sprocket (43) ($200)
15. Saddlemen Smart Comfort Foam Seat ($300)
16. Rear Eliminator Kit ($100)
17. CustomLED Rear Integrated Tail LIght ($150)
18. CustomLED Front Integrated Turn Signals ($60)
19. LED Volts Battery Meter ($25)
20. Cox Racing Radiator and Oil Cooler Guard ($100)
21. Helmet Lock ($70)
22. Pazzo Clutch Lever ($100)
23. Hotbodies GP Dark Tent Wndscreen ($100)
24. BMC High Performance Air Filter ($80)
25. Graves Block Off Plates ($60)
26. New Dunlop RoadSport II Tires ($250)
27. New Coolant Change ($60)
28. New Brake Pads ($60)
29. New Oil Change ($100)
30. New Battery ($100)

INVESTED: $10,000+

Very well maintained motorcycle.
Oil change every 3000 miles
Stock clutch
Stock motor

I am the second owner of my R1M, bought in 5/18.

My R1M has been an excellent, most exciting and powerful motorcycle to me.

I have had lots of enjoyments traveling the country on my R1M:
California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Oregon, Florida, and Arkansas.
With No issues whatsoever!!!
Hints: The mileage

I really like my R1M, but I’m planning on relocating outside the USA, so I have to let my R1M go.

The listing is devoid of a Buy It Now price, so we will have to wait a couple of days before knowing if the market and the sellers expectations can be combined.  Mileage will surely scare many buyers away, but shouldn’t.  These are balanced and beautiful machines that were built to be out on the road.  Obviously it will be hard to value.  Modifications normally do not add any value, and often from a collectable point of view reduce value, but in this case the changes feel “right”.  Seller will only get pennies on the dollar spent, but the next owner will end up with an amazing and unique motorcycle.

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Crazy Cat Lady – 1985 Yamaha RZ350

Mike 3

Keeping the pre-mix party going is today’s very rare, totally stock (right down to the factory catalytic converters) 1985 Yamaha RZ350 in red/white colors. Much has been said regarding these little RZs, and they are generally a much-lusted after bike despite the smaller capacity. This bike has low miles, and looks to be pretty authentic.

1985 Yamaha RZ350 for sale on eBay

From the seller:
Listed for sale is an all original 1985 Yamaha RZ350 with 5,739 miles. Other than a few cosmetic blemishes, it is an all original properly maintained vintage liquid cooled 2-stroke performance survivor. Unlike most RZ350 motorcycles, this has not had any modifications to engine, exhaust, or suspension. It also has the original tires with a new set included (see photos) with the sale. This motorcycle has catalytic converter exhaust and is California emissions compliant. The RZ350 starts on the first kick, idles, shifts, runs, and brakes properly for an original RZ350 with low miles.

Unique opportunity to buy an all original, collectible, high performance 2 stroke. Will make a nice addition to a collection or provide miles of enjoyment to the vintage motorcycle enthusiast.

Any RZ worth collecting as original needs to be original. That means the fun go-fast parts do not apply, such as replacing the factory airbox with pods, bumping compression by milling the head, porting, expansion chambers, etc. That makes this particular bike very rare, as it appears to be in factory, unmolested condition. Pretty crazy given how many modified RZs we find in these pages, although if I must pick at nits, the handgrips are clearly not OEM and there appears to be a bit of rub rash on the fairing. This is a Buy It Now format classified on eBay, with an ask of $16,500 OBO. That is not the most we have seen in terms of asking price for this model, but for sure it is a big number. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


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Double Header – 1992 Yamaha TZR250R 3XV

Mike 1

If yesterday’s ’91 model year TZR250 in the muted grey colors didn’t quite get your motor running, how about a fresh-from-Japan ’92 model year in the bright and cheery white/red livery? This is a bike that looks like it is going fast even when it isn’t, and as a 250cc v-twin two stroke pushing a lightweight, aluminum-framed sport bike, it could actually back up those looks.

1992 Yamaha TZR250R 3XV for sale on eBay

The 3XV variant of the TZR converted the little 250cc two stroke from a parallel twin to a 90 degree vee – as was done by Suzuki with the RGV series. This allowed for the bike to be a bit narrower, generally improved packaging and weight distribution, and achieved perfect primary balance. While the latter is less important at the track for comfort, it does lead to higher revs and engine longevity and avoids heavy balance shafts or counterweights.

From the seller:
Recent acquisition from the Japanese market. If interested message me .New Michelin Pilots, runs amazing ,is nimble ,and unbelievably fast for a smaller displacement motorcycle. Japanese title and all paperwork included for transfer of title. 17800 kilometers. Trades for Ducati or MV’s or rare motorcycles considered. Video available upon request.

As a recently imported motorcycle (and no notes from the seller to indicate otherwise), this is a restricted home market machine. That means 45 buzzing ponies are the limit. De-restriction is possible, which generally consists of opening up the exhaust and intake. However – and RSBFS faithful help me out here – I believe that the updated 3XV platform requires ignition box changes to get beyond the government-mandated 45 HP limit.

This example looks to be very clean and quite free of corrosion or damage. There appears to be some minor scratching on the left side of the tail section, but not much else. There are some extra stickers on the bodywork, so hard to tell if those are covering up anything – but it certainly does not appear that way due to the rest of the condition of the bike. The KM clocks show just over 11,000 miles, and the bike comes with a Japanese title. Since it is over the 25 year mark, re-titling in most states (here’s NOT looking at you, California) should be possible. This looks cleaner than yesterdays example, with an opening bid of just $5k and a Buy It Now set at $11,500. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!

Purchase Yamaha TZR250 Parts on eBay


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Grey Away – 1991 Yamaha TZR250 3XV

Donn 0

Most small smokers came in race lookalike themes, but today’s rare TZR-250 draws fans with its chic subdued livery.

1991 Yamaha TZR250 for sale at Iconic Motorbike Auctions

Though legislatively limited to 45 hp, the 90 degree V-twin aboard the later 3XV variants is the most naturally balanced and capable of several more ponies with the right mods.  The alloy twin spar chassis is also finished in grey, locating the 39mm USD forks and heavily buttressed Monocross swingarm.  Longer geometry makes it a more stable perch than most 250’s, soaking up a mid-corner grab of the twin front disks without complaint.  Popular updates include F3 kit for power, aftermarket pipes to increase ground clearance, and sticky 17-inch rubber.

On the buy-it-now page at Iconic, this TZR ships from Bayside NY and has a little bit of everything on display.  NY registration and a moderate 10,916 miles, apparently original fairings with some repairable patina, and a bit of surface corrosion plus hardly used – if not fresh – tires.  Caption from the Iconic classified –

During his ownership, the seller installed a new chain, new petcock, new battery, braided brake lines, and had an “overall service” performed.

On the concours ~ project continuum, this TZR might be toward the middle, but with enough originality to keep things interesting.  Meantime the new owner can study the de-restriction issue and tend to their track day skills.  Great way to start making bike and rider feel younger, without advertising !


Purchase Yamaha TZR250 Parts on eBay