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Lean And Mean 50cc Fighting Machine: 1981 Factory Van Veen Kreidler

Ian 7

Lean And Mean 50cc Fighting Machine:   1981 Factory  Van Veen Kreidler


These dastardly little creations are fast becoming my favorite GP relics.  Bikes nowadays are very sanitized and there is nothing sanitized about this little thing.  We have had a couple of Kreidlers here on RSBFS and it looks like this bike has been for sale since 2009.  The listing of the bike since 09 is probably the sign of overpricing but why deprive ourselves of some 50cc eye candy?



Oh my, is that tiny bolt the swing arm pivot?   I’ll let you visit the auction for the history on the bike but here are some interesting technical tidbits:

The bike shares very few parts with the production racer.  The frame was made by Nico Bakker, as was the alloy swingarm.  The short stroke engine holds many secrets as to how Herbert Rittberger managed to obtain almost 22bhp from such a small engine.



It would be fun to pop the engine open with a knowledgeable two stroke tuner and see what surprises, if any, are in there.  22 ponies from that that little sucker is mighty impressive.


It has an interesting radiator set up.  Seems like a lot of radiator for 50cc’s.  The head even has cooling fins.


The asking price?  18,000 GBP,   approximately $29,000.  I understand it is a factory bike and quite rare but I would imagine the buyers willing to lay down close to $30,000 for 50cc’s are few and far between.


 Click for the listing.



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DIY Kreidler Replica: The Ultimate Chicken Chaser?

Ian 6

DIY Kreidler Replica:  The Ultimate Chicken Chaser?


I consider Kreidler’s possibly the most devious devices ever to be assembled.  I have absolutely no first hand knowledge, only the butterflies in my stomach when  I see pictures of them.  What other motorcycle can you literally lay on and have a 5occ piston revolving at metal shattering speeds and it all be supported by glorified bicycle tires?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here for a picture of the real thing.



Looks comfy huh?  What we have up for auction is apparently someone’s unfinished Kreidler replica project.  I know project bikes are hit and miss but if the pictures are any indication, some serious effort has been put into this one.  The seller did not go into too much detail and left me wondering how close a replica it is.  How close a copy in the frame?  What components in the engine are Kreidler; if any?

On to what the seller did have say:

Race bike , not for street use. Here is a chance to own a Kreidler 5 gang race preped gp replica bike (this is a total loss system)

5 speed , custom made crank, custom made cylinder and head , dry clutch conversion , rotary inlet , Electronic rev counter , CDI ignition , Custom made 30mm Lectron carb , custom made frame , custom made tank/seat/and fairing , custom made exhaust , 30mm ceriani front fork with a custom made Harley steering dampener , 4 LS magnesium 180mm front brake/hub . Engine has been on the dyno 20.49 HP @14500 RPM , bike should easily get to 90 + MPH .

this a project to be finished over $7000 invested already , maybe only 20 hours of work left on mounting the fairing / radiator /foot controlers/ wiring and tuning

everything on this bike is new except for the original cases and original rear Kreidler hub and even those have been modified



Can even the big bike lovers appreciate this 50cc’s of two stroke fury?  You guys said you were sick of Bimota’s.



Lard asses need not apply.


More of this ultimate chicken chasers’ heart.


My amateur eye is impressed.  What do you guys, that know a whole lot more than I do about builds, think?



Not your average dyno run.  I’d guessing you have a very small margin of error on the fuel/oil/air mixture or she goes, boom!



Click to buy and insert your butt here.  The seller has a BIN of $5,000 and an auction starting at $4,000.  If a RSBFS reader buys this thing I want pictures when it is complete.


Absolutely pure magic.  50cc’s of angry bee’s.


Some pictures of the real thing.





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A Very Rare Opportunity: 1981 Kreidler Factory Short Stroke Race Bike For Sale

Dan 2

Chris emailed to alert me that his very rare Kreidler race bike was for sale. You can see the listing on for 60,000 GBP (about $96000 as of 9/30/09):

1981 Kreidler Factory Short Stroke Race Bike For Sale

I asked Chris for some more detail and here is his reply:

Yes the old pic is from when the bike was raced as a Rudge in the 80s.

The bike was purchased from Herbert Rittberger (Kreidler team manager/tuner) in 1981. It has the factory short stroke engine which is 36mm. The frame was made by Bakker and the swing arm is alloy. It has a special Dellorto carb and this is angled back to improve the flow into the crank case. This means that the crank is blanked on the disc vale side and the ignition is now on the clutch side of the engine. It has two radiators, one in the nose-cone, and one in front of the engine. It has very few parts in common with the production bike.

After buying the bike in 81 the new owner decided to re paint and re badge the bike as a Rudge as he owned the rights to the name. This was raced with some success in and around Europe, and i have a few magazines and race reports to back this up. The bike is now back in its correct colours and is truly stunning with 22bhp on tap — it goes like a missile!

A very cool looking bike and a nice bit of history. Good luck with the sale Chris,


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