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Ducati November 6, 2009 posted by

Reader Submission Catch Up!

As usual the readers of RSBFS are always on the hunt as well, and we've got a nice mix to show off today thanks to your emails!

Up first is this 1990 NC30 VFR400 that Gavin sent me that's for sale in Calgary for $4500CAD (~$4200US as of this writing):

1990 Honda NC30 VFR400 For Sale1990 Honda NC30 VFR400 For Sale

I'm not crazy about the paintwork on this one, but maybe there is some room for negotiation.


Next up is this 1993 Ducati 888 SPO for sale on Craigslist in San Francisco for $9500 with 13.7k miles. You know I'm a sucker for these and I happily post them as often as possible. Thanks for the heads up Tim!

1993 Ducati 888 SPO for sale1993 Ducati 888 SPO for sale

To contrast, the , but now with a buy-it-now of $8600. I've been following the comments on the Yahoo 851/888 group, and everyone agrees that it's a steal at that price. Previous reference to this bike.


And now I need to rally our readers: Please save this bike from becoming a streetfighter! It looks far too nice to break up! Here's a 1990 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 For Sale in Ontario, Canada for only $2000CAD ($1865US):


Thanks for the email Shawn!


Another beautiful RZ500 has come up for sale, and this one is fully restored. Penny sent us this one and it's for sale in Texas Tennessee:

Yamaha RZ500 For SaleYamaha RZ500 For SaleYamaha RZ500 For SaleYamaha RZ500 For Sale


And finally, one our regulars sent this one to me last night. How about that, two Walter Wolf bikes in one month?! with 24k miles:

Suzuki Walter Wolf Gamma For SaleSuzuki Walter Wolf Gamma For SaleSuzuki Walter Wolf Gamma For SaleSuzuki Walter Wolf Gamma For Sale

Thanks for the email Gerry!

And thank you to our readers! Have a good weekend,


Honda October 31, 2009 posted by

1991 Honda NSR250R MC21

Located in San Diego, California is an untitled 1991 Honda NSR250.  This bike needs a battery and new rings for the rear cylinder (safe to say a whole new top end).  This bike needs work and isn't titled but it is priced fairly at $2,800.  If you have mechanical and great people skills, this could be the bike for you.  See the bike on Craigslist here.



Honda October 28, 2009 posted by

1989 VFR 400R NC30 for sale $4,000!


Update:  This bike is now on ebay  as of 10.30.09

This may very well be the shortest post I've ever had because I can't get any info on this bike.  I've tried contacting the seller, but didn't get a response.  It is still posted on the WERA BBS Bikes for Sale as of 10.24.09, so I assume it is still up for grabs. 




This was originally posted for sale at $6,000, but never sold.  From what I can tell it has been listed for about a year and the seller is now giving it away for $4,000, which I think is an absolute steal.  It is listed as a grey market import so it probably doesn't have a title.  The owner says it is flawless and is a living room Queen.  He goes on to state that it is against his will to have it for sale, but has no choice.  So take that for what's worth.  This bike looks to be in perfect condition.  I love the smaller bikes and this one has me smiling ear to ear.



Honda October 26, 2009 posted by

Interesting Honda NSR150RR For Sale in Los Angeles

Keeping with the recent small displacement series, here's an NSR150 for sale in L.A. for only $2700:

Quote from seller's Craigslist post:

Honda NSR150RR. Rare, exotic 2-stroke bike from Thailand. 149cc. Excellent running condition. Unmodified. Original factory stickers and paint.

Extra set of brand new Bridgestone race tires and extra new battery. Many new parts on the bike.

Bill of sale and importation papers. No title. No plate. Sold as collectible or track-only bike.

Yeah I know, no title. But can you think of a better beginner track bike for the money? The miles aren't stated, but it looks damn clean. I'd be tempted for sure!


Honda October 25, 2009 posted by

2004 Honda CBR150R

Located in Milpitas, California is a very nice 2004 Honda CBR150R. This is the four-stroke replacement for the NSR150. This bike is titled and registered in California! Additional items (with stock items included) are: "PE Keihin 28mm carb w/ K&N filter, Endurance full exhaust and CDI." This bike has 5,100km. The asking price is a reasonable $2,500. I may head down to have a look at this bike if it's still available in a few days! See the bike on Bay Area Riders Forum here.



Honda October 23, 2009 posted by

2001 Honda nsr 125

Found this neat little 2 stroke on the Philadelphia Craigslist

Honda NSR 125


Okay, I  know its a little rough looking, but these are basically non-existent in the states so it definitely falls into the RSBFS category.  I have no idea why anyone would forgo hundreds of dollars, on the re-sale side, and not put it back together.  The owner is asking $1,250 for it, but I can't help to imagine that it would bring $2,000+ if it was remotely put back together.  This would make a great winter project and I think the price is very, very fair.  

The owner says:

 2001 NSR125 Honda 2 stroke Imported from Italy.  Rare Bike not available in the USA. Runs great but needs plastics.

Maybe my co-author Phil has a hook up on a set of plastics for this.  Phil?

I searched youtube and found a video that represents how it might look.  Check it out.  I would love to have something like this to cruise around on.  Listen to it sing!