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Honda October 13, 2022 posted by

Containerized – 1986 Honda VF1000R

After more than a full day on eBay it’s a bit surprising no one has snapped it up.  Surely a significant chunk of change, but a veritable mountain of Honda goodness for the money.  The condition seems to say one-tenth of the indicated 29K miles.

1986 Honda VF1000F for sale on eBay

Honda shoehorned as much FWS1000 tech as possible into the VF1000R, with a re-designed square tube steel chassis, increased compression and re-designed heads using gear driven cams.  An interesting spring-loaded intermediate gear was employed to reduce noise from the gear train.  TRAC anti-dive was added to the forks, and a Pro-Link monoshock was used.  Brake and wheel sizes are compromises, but the fuel tank held 5.8 gallons and across the pond a 6.2 gallon tank was stock.  Thinking endurance racing, a sleek full fairing was designed, and though other markets got a tough-looking dual headlight, the stateside model had the XL single unit.

No word from the seller on how this VF1000R with all those miles came to be in such shape, but it does look as claimed – beyond exceptional.  Seeming to be a new presence on eBay, this shop also shows up as “permanently closed” on Google maps.  Either way more information is needed for a sale at this level.  The eBay auction has just one comment –

 Bike is beyond exceptional for year and mileage, needs nothing.

Adding all those capabilities without a comprehensive plan to control weight led to a mid-500’s ready to ride weight, and except for an AMA-winning 1982 season the competition potential never panned out.  Camshaft wear issues with the early V-4’s are still being debated, but likely a 35-year runner has dodged that bullet.  Still in just a few years of production, the sound, rarity and effortless torque made plenty of fans.


Containerized – 1986 Honda VF1000R
Honda October 11, 2022 posted by

Track Day Tuesday – 1982 Honda FT500 Ascot Racer!

Break out those leathers. Dust off your knee sliders. It’s time for another Track Day Tuesday on RSBFS! And today’s find looks like a whole lot of fun. No longer the weak and basic entry-level commuter as Honda intended back in the early 1980s, this FT500 Ascot has been transformed into what looks like a track day beast. There is much to love about embracing simplicity with a bunch of cool upgrades, and the overall effect is, well, check it out for yourself.

1982 Honda FT500 Ascot Racer for sale on eBay

From the seller:
1982 Honda FT500 Ascot Frame XR500 Engine Vintage Road Racing Bike (AHMRA, CMRA, WERA)

This bike is unlike anything you have ever ridden. The ’82 Ascot is renowned for being a balanced good handling bike. Great sound from the big single “thumper” with it’s dual exhaust ports. Light, quick, precise steering and surprising power. Nothing is stock on this bike. Most everything was re-engineered. Lots of love and development went into its building and racing.

Frame: 1982 FT500 Ascot frame. All excess metal cut off. The “back bone” boxed & reinforced.

Rear Suspension: 1992 Honda CBR600F2 custom modified swingarm with Penske triple adjust rear mono shock, 4.5 inch width F3 wheel and Nissin performance rear disc brake, new master cylinder.

Front Suspension: 1998 CBR600F3 (ex HRC Ben Bostrom factory bike) front end and Showa forks, F3 front wheel, dual Nissin performance front disc brakes, new Nissin radial master cylinder, stainless braided lines, Renthal grips, external racing steering dampener, clip-on bars, ‘glass lightweight F3 fender.

More from the seller:
Engine: 1980 XR500 single, bored and sleeved to 568cc, Wiseco 12.5 to 1 comp piston, valve to piston clearance and decked for maximum performance. Cylinder head fitted with Kibblewhite Black Diamond 1mm over intake and exhaust valves with seats, ported and polished chamber & runners for max flow, Mega Cycle roller cam, Mega Cycle race springs and keepers, titanium valve spring caps. Eral’s remote oil cooler with steel braided lines and aluminum compression fittings. Nology high performance coil, magneto driven (no battery). Kill switch (required). Fresh Motul 300V 15W50 (only the best!).

Carb: 39mm Keihin flat slide with hand-made aluminum velocity stack for smooth acceleration. Jetted to run strong on 110 Octane leaded race fuel.

Exhaust: Custom built Stainless steel 2 into 1 header with a Termignoni carbon fiber can off a 1099 Ducati cut down for sound and performance. Custom aluminum bracket.

Driveline: Stock transmission, chain gearing uses oversize front / undersize new rear custom sprockets (Sprocket Specialists), new CCI 520 XRing racing chain. Custom rear-sets.

Tires: Fresh Shinko 008 Race slicks (tire warmers recommended) 120/60R17 & 150/60R17 sizes

Fresh tank and side cover paint to match original (Ferrari red), race decals, lots of attitude. Aircraft style quick release fasteners. Hand formed aluminum catch pan.

More from the seller:
Bike comes with a custom built “Flat Track” style electric starter with battery (see pic). Way better than even more expensive electric roller starters.

Lots of spares: 1- XR500 and 1- FT500 engine (both disassembled), 2 CBR600F2 swingarms, engine and transmission internals,, drive sprockets, & misc. hardware in large plastic totes with lids. Race stand included.

It’s a blast to ride and will make more modern 600cc bikes look bad on the track. This is a great vintage “track tool” that is ready to go…. Or just put it into your collection.

Own a unique, “one of a kind” historic racing motorcycle.

Track day bikes can be as basic and stock as taping up the headlight(s), taillight and turn signals. Some folks take that a step further and remove some of the street pieces entirely. But to create a race bike is one step further committed, from safety wiring brakes and drainplugs to engine and chassis upgrades specifically for competition. This FT500 Ascot can trace its roots back to the lowly commuter bike of yore, but looks stunning and menacing it its present form. The best part? You could not build this for what is on offer. Opening bid starts at a lowly $4k, and the Buy It Now is $6k. This has already gone a round or so on eBay without selling, but interest will surely come. Fancy a little circuit training the RSBFS way? Check out all the details on this sweet build of a racer, and Good Luck!!


Track Day Tuesday – 1982 Honda FT500 Ascot Racer!
Honda October 6, 2022 posted by

Seeing Things – 1995 Honda CBR900RR with 5,587 Miles !

Thought I might’ve covered this 90’s gem back in 2020 – here – but beside the requisite purple and the same garage background, this Fireblade is quite a bit nicer, and pretty spendy to boot.

1995 Honda CBR900RR for sale on eBay

Just the RSBFS contributors have written so much about the CBR900RR over the years that new observations are hard to come by.  The model has entered legend territory, helped by supersport weight which made its almost open class power more usable.  1995 was a second generation Fireblade, with the 893cc engine but improved shift mechanism, some new alloy parts to save weight, and added suspension adjustments.  Speed holes in the fairings remained, but the dual sealed beams gave way to fox-eye reflector headlights.

Clearly from a careful collector, this Fireblade is almost more notable for what it still has, like factory signals and rear fender, though its lack of the usual faux pas is surprising.  Not sure how the clutch and alternator covers could get abraded with no other evident damage, but they are the widest part of this compact package.  Notes from the eBay auction –

This is a rare bike regarding mileage and condition. It’s not perfect, but it’s one of the nicest I’ve ever had in my collection and fires right up. 

Picking this bike apart, here’s what I see. A scuff on the crankcase and stator cover (replaceable / still in stock), a scratch on the right side of the tank under the clearcoat on the decal, you can’t feel it. Overall, she’s in amazing condition and in one of the most beautiful color schemes ever put on these bikes.
The only non-original part that I’m aware of is the 2 Brothers full exhaust, which sounds awesome and everyone has tried getting from me. It sounds amazing. Other than the exhaust, it checks all the boxes for collectors and most are going to want the 2 Brothers. I do have the original pipe (great shape) without the headers that I will send with the bike.

And hardly off idle, the Two Brothers muffler does have a nice sound in the cold start – video -.

Those more modern headlights won’t attract the attention or cubic bucks of a first year Fireblade, but this is a great year and almost perfect example in period technicolor.  The ask wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow last year and still looks worth it.


Seeing Things – 1995 Honda CBR900RR with 5,587 Miles !
Honda October 3, 2022 posted by

Prequel – 1991 Honda CBR400RR / NC29

Today’s Repsol replica is a CBR400RR underneath and more appropriately sized for Dr. House than the often seen 1000cc superbike.  Starting with a clean example makes this re-body a very worthwhile endeavor.

1991 Honda CBR400RR / NC29 for sale on eBay

With some major revisions from the NC17 and NC23 specs, the NC29 echoes the CBR900’s styling.  An alloy box-section frame has a welded support to start the seat console, and an asymmetrical swingarm allows the four-into-one exhaust to start upward.  59 hp are pretty good out of 400cc’s with four thumb-sized flat slide carburetors metering the fuel.  Components nod to budgetary realities, with single-adjustable Showa forks and monoshock, though the dual 275mm brakes use four-piston calipers.

Must’ve been a labor of love fitting all new fairings and having the tank painted, and comes off as extra sharp if not original.  The unusual factory blinkers accompany just a few updates, as detailed in the eBay auction –

The bike only has 8,843 miles on the odometer (14,231 kilometers) and is in absolutely fantastic shape for its 31 year age. The bike runs great and needs nothing. I changed all the fluids and cleaned and lubed the chain in May of 2022 and I had the carbs cleaned and adjusted by TFOG (Denver CO) in 2021. Below are some additional details regarding the bike:

  • I have a clear Colorado title in my name and the bike is currently registered in Denver, CO
  • I have all the original U.S. import documentation, the original owners manuals (in Japanese), the original sales brochure and a Haynes Repair and Service Manual for the NC29 (Please see the pictures of these items) that will come with the bike
  • Since I have owned the bike it has been stored in a climate controlled garage and the bike has never been ridden in the rain
  • I have only used non-ethanol gas and I always used gas stabilizer
  • Please note that the bike came originally in a silver, teal and black color scheme (please see the picture) and it has been converted to the orange, black and red Repsol livery with the gas tank painted to match. I do have all the original body panels safely stored in boxes, but please note that there is a small crack in the nose cone
  • I have put a 3M Clear Bra on all forward facing body panels and on the sides of the gas tank
  • The stock clutch and brake levers have been replaced with CRG Roll-a-Click levers along with after market foot pegs to match
  • I have installed a carbon fiber wrapped SP Engineering exhaust unit as well as a carbon fiber rear fender
  • There are some minor blemishes on the forks and some paint is starting to peel on the right side engine cover along its leading edge. I am hopeful that with the high resolution pictures I uploaded people can zoom in and see the blemishes. Other than those minor blemishes, the bike is cosmetically in fantastic shape

Hard to pick which Honda you would’ve brought home from Japan at that time, with the CBR and VFR both available in medium and large sizes.  Largely a budget question these days, with early Fireblades and of course RC30’s requiring a serious commitment.  CBR400RR’s are perhaps more rare, and we’ll get a data point on the market in a couple of days.


Prequel – 1991 Honda CBR400RR / NC29
Honda October 2, 2022 posted by

Blades of Glory – 1994 Honda CBR900RR Fireblade

Picture 1 of 14

1994 Honda CBR900RR Fireblade

A purveyor in the classic motorcycle scene, Ken Kaplan is back again with a bike that has surged in popularity amongst collectors. When the Blade burst on the scene in 1992 it stunned the market as it had similar power to the higher displacement offerings but weighed much less. Coming in roughly 30-35 lbs below the competition, the Blade redefined how a sportbike should handle and people took note. Honda had put all the right ingredients together for this platform and they continued to refine it over the years to make the Fireblade what it is today. While the field is much more even now Honda and the 900RR absolutely dominated the scene throughout the 1990s.

As mentioned in the listing, this Blade isn’t perfect. It seems to have sat for a number of years and needs some work to bring it back to it’s former glory. It does run and seems cosmetically sound so there’s certainly a path to finish line on this one.

Picture 10 of 14

Using a stroked out 750cc, Honda was able to extract 124 hp and 65 lb/ft of torque which really seemed to strike a chord with both track and street riders. For track riders the lack of power compared to the liter + bikes was masked by the faster corner speeds. Street riders seemed to love the broad power band that allowed for stoplight antics. One of the least desirable (but no less fun) handling characteristics of the Blade was the twitchy front end but that trait likely was amplified since the riders were coming off 500 lbs bikes that had no problem holding a line.

Picture 8 of 14

Black and silver is certainly not the most desirable colors as clearly proven by auction results but the fairings seem to be original and in good shape. There were far too many 900RRs that got dressed in Chinese plastic and paraded through the highways late at night so we should be grateful we have an original here.

Picture 11 of 14

From the seller:

-1994 Honda CBR900RR Fireblade

-First year of an Iconic Superbike that set a New Standard

-A Rare Classic

-Mostly Complete and Runs But Needs Work

-Has Exhaust Leak and Needs Carbs Cleaned

-Highly Desireable & Collectible Model

-160MPH Top Speed!

-Sold As-Is

The selling dealer does a walkthrough of the bike where they discuss all the issues and overall condition. One of the good things about buying from these guys is you’ll have a decent idea of what you are getting and more importantly some sort of recourse shall you need it.

Considering the miles, color, and condition this certainly won’t bring the values we generally associate with Fireblades today. This could be a good opportunity for the mechanics to have a collectible on the “cheap”. There have been 6 bids up to $630 at the time of writing. Good luck!

Thanks for reading!
Blades of Glory – 1994 Honda CBR900RR Fireblade
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Goshawk – 2003 Honda VTR-1000F Super Hawk

Maybe the nearest Ducati emporium is a bit of a hike but you’d still like to partake of some V-twin liter supersport goodness ?  Honda kept their answer on budget and this example looks to have carefully ridden little more than 1,000 miles per year.

2003 Honda VTR-1000F for sale on eBay

First offered in 1997, the Super Hawk was known as the Firestorm abroad, and used an alloy chassis which primarily secured the engine from above, with the swingarm bolted directly to the gearbox case.  A pair of 48mm Keihin carbs fed four-valve heads and percolated 110 hp plus a healthy 71.5 ft.-lbs. torque.  Forks are of the right side up cartridge variety, and the Pro-Link monoshock is also multi-adjustable.  Brakes are supersport-sized at 296mm, with four-piston calipers.  Side-mounted radiators vent from the upper-only fairing.

This Hawk is a bit unusual in blue, and looks very good for a little over 24K miles.  Recent baloney skins and coolant hoses are noted, and looks very original save the blinkers and tail tidy.  Not many pictures but no doubt more are available.  Comments from the eBay auction –

Known as the poor man’s Ducati, Honda developed the VTR as an answer to the 996 and produced a fabulous bike in the process. This bike may be 20 years old but is just as nimble and powerful as today’s sport bikes. If you have ever ridden one, you know. These are getting really hard to find and this one is in really good condition. Always garage kept and never down. This is not a show bike as it is a daily rider, but is above average for its age. New tires this summer, all new coolant hoses, all new fluids. No cracks anywhere in the fairings and the original paint is still shiny with no signs of fading.

Reviewers gigged the Super Hawk on its range and sometimes weight, but otherwise it was above average in every way.  Not sure about the Super Hawk / RC51 relationship, unless the VTR was a proof-of-concept exercise before HRC was brought in to design the RC51.  Ever just a street machine, the Super Hawk delivered grounds for acquittal at a popular price.  Still a few days to go on this auction and hope the seller hasn’t set to optimistic a reserve.


Goshawk – 2003 Honda VTR-1000F Super Hawk
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Erion Nation – 2001 Honda CBR929RR Erion Edition

As lucky as Erion Racing was to have been Honda’s partner in AMA Formula Xtreme, Honda recognized their good fortune in the four-peat 1997-2000 championships conducted by Kevin Erion’s team.  The factory produced a not-often-seen tribute CBR929RR and today’s has some serious miles but hardly shows it.

2001 Honda CBR929RR Erion Edition for sale on eBay

Honda’s 2000 update to the CBR900RR included an all new engine with the titanium HTEV power valve and 152 hp.  The swingarm is located in bosses cast into the transmission case, cutting out the middleman and using the engine as a stressed chassis member.  Even though brake size was increased to 330mm and a 17-inch front wheel was fitted, other components like the titanium exhaust helped reduce weight to well below the 1999 model.  Bodywork was sleek and blended into the Honda line-up almost anonymously.

Offered without comment by an eBay dealer with hundreds of listings, this Erion has nearly 37K miles and certainly isn’t perfect.  But the personalizations look limited to trimming the rear fender, mirror extensions, shorty levers, conformal signals, rim reflectors and tank grips.  Minor wear and tear is sprinkled all over, except for the left mirror area which needs repair.  Even so this might be a nice deal for a limited edition seeming to be in its original wrapper.

Formula Xtreme was an inclusive concept, with a wide-ranging selection of models awarding less cylinders and valves more displacement.  They hosted the Daytona 200 for several years, but was eventually absorbed into other AMA classes.  The RSBFS archives have a few actual Erion race bikes, but very few of the commemoratives.  It might be largely a sticker edition, but still a great year for CBR fans.


Erion Nation – 2001 Honda CBR929RR Erion Edition
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Intercepted – 1984 Honda VF1000F

Since many if not most GP teams have embraced the V4’s intrinsic balance and mass centralization, Honda may have been ( way ) ahead of the power curve with their 1980’s VF collection.  Here’s a very sharp classic with original looks and single-year rarity.

1984 Honda VF1000F Interceptor for sale on eBay

The capstone on the 750 and 500cc Interceptors, the 1000 was the big wheel, with 122 hp and period 16-inch front / 17-inch rear rubber.  Reviews said the torque made downshifting optional, and the 550 lbs. half-full weight lent stability to unusual situations.  Brakes seem optimistic with triple 276mm disks, but TRAC anti-dive forks slide on 41mm tubes.  FJ and GPz models scored a little higher on the sportiness scale, but even then the Honda name counted for a lot.

Offered by a northeast PA dealer, this looks like a really nice survivor, with original black chrome pipes and the easier maintenance done.  Sure an effort to give the carburetors an ultrasonic bath could be mounted, but one could get started with a carb cleaning fuel additive and address a few rusty fasteners.  Honda fans of a certain age are waiting for the next owner to lean back on that blue seat and chat.  Part of the comments from the eBay auction –

13,000 original miles, 1000cc, V-4. As far as I can tell this machine is an Original, number’s matching, iconic survivor from the the golden era of sport bikes.  This rare bike looks, rides, and runs great. This was purchased along with another just like it at auction and was part of a 43 bike collection displayed in a climate controlled setting.  The stunning Shasta White, Candy Aleutian Blue and Candy Bourgogne Red paint is basically perfect, I see no scrapes, scratches, chips, fading, or dents, shines like new. Seat is perfect, no rips, tears, or discoloration. Aluminum is not corroded, plastics are smooth and glossy, gauges are clear, colors are bright, all rubber components are soft with no cracking, inside of tank is clean, exhaust has no scrapes, dents, etc, windshield is clear with no scratches. All lights, headlight, hi-lo, instrument lights, indicator lights, tail light, brake lights, horn and blinkers work. Inside of tank is rust free and this bike has not been modified in any way that I can see.

Slain by many darts rather than a single arrow, the VF1000F was pestered by association with an earlier model’s camshaft metallurgy, design quirks, a dearth of racing success, and new competitive bikes with aggressive pricing.  The updated VF1000F2 succeeded it, but only for a couple of years.  The -84’s classic Interceptor styling continues to look good, and the GT performance makes for a great street ride.  Bids are coming in on this auction, which shows a buy-it-now which isn’t that far away.


Intercepted – 1984 Honda VF1000F