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1990 Honda RC30 VFR750R

1990 Honda RC30 for sale

About $20,000

San Francisco, CA

The Honda RC30, sportbike royalty and this one appears to be in fine condition. Time seems to have treated this bike well as the high quality photos show. I wish the listing was as concise and pointed as the photos, the seller advises to “expect about $20K” for this bike with 8,500 miles. Jargon aside, this is one fine bike!

There is an issue with the fork surface, but even noting that fact, this ambiguous price is just about right. Check out the CL posting with contact details here. Enjoy.


  • This bike is a salvage title with an engine rebuilt by Kyle Racing.

    Might be a good buy as a rider, but for 20k?

  • Wow – that sure changes things! I cannot verify your claim, but also I have no reason to doubt you. A salvage title would certainly change my valuation of the bike and it would have been worth mentioning in the listing. Thanks for the info!


  • I’ve owned an RC30 for many years, though it is now gone. The fork legs are NOT a simple polish and the rotors are not stock. Dan Kyle does great work, but he must have done it a while ago. $20k seems crazy, especially if the title is salvage, but whatever the market bears.

  • I saw the RC first time at a dealership in early 90s…I must say a beautiful machine and the 45 that replaced the 30 did not retain the beauty. Being primarily a Ducati enthusiast, the 30 and the R7 are the two bikes that appeal to me..But the RC30 is very expensive. Other collectibles like the 998R feature special one off stuff like full CF bodywork, ohlins etc.. [in addition to being hand built] – even the R7 has trick stuff on it. Nevertheless a great bike..

  • just to add, he said the bike was totaled because the motor spun a bearing.

  • RC30s are well known for spinning bearings. You need to “overfill” them with oil to just above the full line. The thing is, I’ve never heard of a bike or car being totaled due to a spun bearing. That’s ridiculous!

  • I went to see this RC30 and looked this bike over carefully, with the fairing removed, and I could not see any evidence of crash damage. So the explanation of an insurance write off and buyback after engine damage seems plausible. Who knows what a previous owner pulled off to cover for their mistakes? From the invoices I saw I remember Kyle Racing Engines rebuilt the engine with all new parts, in 1998. A straightforward bike that started right up, looked very original, with all the original parts.

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