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Honda August 2, 2021 posted by William

Hidden Honda Homologation: The 2017 CBR1000RR SP2

For years motorcycle manufactures that have wanted to go racing have been forced to produce homologation specials.  Most of the time these tweaked versions are announced with much fan fair.  They have massive appeal, and often massive MSRPs.  For some reason beyond comprehension Honda just has not bothered to advertise that these editions are available.  Recently there was the 2014 CBR1000RR SP that few knew about.  It featured a laundry list of upgrades over the already excellent standard CBR.  But then in 2017 Honda doubled down.  Not only offering an SP spec, but also and SP2 spec.  This SP2 is really something special.

2017 CBR1000RR SP2

Claims of over 35 pounds of weight savings, increase of over 10 horse power, top tier suspension, light weight wheel, some of the best brakes money can buy and the use of some exotic materials and manufacturing processes.  This bike was in it to win it.  The press documentation made it clean that thought was put into what race teams would do to prepare the bike for the track.  The cylinder heads featured larger valves with the knowledge that race teams would be porting and polishing to suit their needs.  Best guess is less then 500 where made over a two year span.

From the seller’s eBay listing:

2017 CBR1000rr SP2. Around 1200 miles. Full Spark Ti exhaust. Woolich tuning, de restricted. Yosh tidy tail, seat cover. Small scratch by seat cowl from resting tank during de restrict. Rare bike.

This example shows very few miles, and a few choice modifications.  Would be nice to know if the original parts are included.  With an asking price roughly $10,000 less then MSRP this could be an opportunity for someone to jump onto a super rare and interesting modern sport bike without rising massive depreciation.

Hidden Honda Homologation: The 2017 CBR1000RR SP2
Bimota July 28, 2021 posted by William

A Ten on the RAD Scale: Bimota YB10 Dieci

With the recent rise in popularity of all things late 80s and early 90s, there has been a push to find the most RAD vehicle for your local Cars and Coffee.  This Bimota YB will surely turn some heads.

Bimota YB10 Deici on Craigslist Los Angeles

Only 224 of these machines were built, and substantially fewer delivered to the USA.  These were very expensive and exotic bikes when new.  With over 145hp and top tier suspension components this bike will undoubtedly put a smile on the rider’s face.  While some may shy away from an Italian exotic, Bimota deserves a closer look.  Yamaha supplied FZR1000 engine means reasonable and easy service costs as well as a solid parts network to keep the bike going.  Bimota themselves still offer support via their classics department.

This example appears to be well loved by a knowledgeable owner.  In the USA Bimota world, some of the best examples are known to have traded hands through Bimota Spirt in NC.  With fresh suspension and carburetor services, couple with a tank liner and overall clean presentation this bike will offer something that can be used and enjoyed day one.  Many Bimota live a static display life and take a fair bit of work to be returned to the road where they belong.

The $11,000 asking price is in line with other past data.  With the world of ultra rare bikes it is hard to know how wide the delta is between asking and selling prices are.  Either way with what some of the run of the mill superbikes from the Japanese big four have been selling for recently, this could be a chance to have something very unique with amazing styling for similar money.  A bike like this can be so much more then just a riding experience.  It can be a ticket to exclusive events.  This bike was on the lawn at Quail in 2018.

From the seller’s CraigsList add:

A quintessential 90’s Superbike with Italian styling & handling along with Japanese reliability. A rare hand built motorcycle with a total production of 224 units. 1991 was the first year for the Dieci. It’s an Italian market bike that I purchased from Bimota Spirit over 6 years ago with 8100 km (5000 miles) on the clock. Currently odometer shows 12500 km (7767 miles). Professionally maintained by Jett Tuning in Camarillo, comes with service records. Jett Tuning replaced fork seals and performed front fork service, Mikuni carburettors refurbished, clutch, did tune up, cooling system flush, oil and filter change, etc.

Fuel tank was lined at GTL in North Hollywood, upgraded tank coupling and fuel lines, fresh fuel filter and Acerbis pet cocks. There is no leaks or smoking of any sort, bike runs super strong. All lights and turn signals work great. Tach, speedometer and temp gauge all function. New Yuasa battery with batter tender connectors.

Bike is extremely fast and will hold its own against much newer bikes. FZR1000 motor and Yamaha electronics are very reliable. Engine puts out 145 hp and top speed is 278 km/hr. Carbon fiber 4 into 1 exhaust sounds amazing. Brembo brakes, Marzocchi upside-down forks, brand new Ohlins rear shock custom made for the YB10 and imported from Europe.

Any Bimota is a rolling sculpture of hand machined aluminium billet parts including frame, triple clamp, pull rods, pegs, etc. This YB10 has been maintained and ridden by mature rider. Never been down or dropped, raced or tracked. It’s not a museum example, has wear in line with a 30 year old motorcycle. Was a participant at 2018 Quail Moto Gathering.

California title and current registration good until 10/21. Rare owner’s manual and Bimota garage mat included in the sale. I have a lot invested in this bike, it’s been serviced and ready to ride for many more miles, the only reason this bike is on the market is due to relocation. Price is in line with a market on rarer Italian super bikes, it is firm.

A Ten on the RAD Scale: Bimota YB10 Dieci
Bimota July 27, 2021 posted by William

Track Tuesday: Bimota DB5 Lapping Weapon

Longtime RSBFS readers have always indicated they prefer streetable sportbikes on these pages. We’re tipping our toe in the water on Tuesday’s with dedicated track bikes that aren’t streetable but of similar quality to our usual selections. Leave a comment and let us know what you think. -dc

Bimota have always been focused performance machines.  Not for the faint of heart, or wallet.  Many commanded eye watering MSRPs and few had the stomach to track such a rare and finely crafted machine.  Luckily not all heros wear capes, and some Bimota did find their way to the track.  One such example is this 2007 DB5.  It is powered by an air cooled Ducati twin that is said to have the capacity slightly enlarged to 1123cc  and on race fuel produces 116 hp.  Just enough power to provide thrilling performance in a light  package.  Quality Ohlins suspension, forged wheels and Brembo calipers round out the top tier specs.

Bimota DB5 Race Bike

Read the rest of this post.

Track Tuesday:  Bimota DB5 Lapping Weapon
Buell July 25, 2021 posted by William

The American Superbike: EBR 1190RX

So you are shopping for a 180 horsepower V Twin superbike, but you find the offerings from Ducati a little too……what is the word?….Italian.  You want something different, not a bike that you will see very often.  You love a good story and racing history.  Enter the EBR 1190RX.  Mr Buell has one of the most amazing stories in modern motorcycling.  No doubt will end up in the history books.

2014 EBR 1190RXfor sale on eBay

These bikes are dripping with interesting engineering.  Almost every review raves about how well they handle and how nice they are to live with.  Rotax supplied engines ensure power and reliability.  The styling can be mistaken for a brand new model.  Production data is limited, but it is safe to say EBR did not make thousands of these.  The owners groups are very loyal and provide a robust network of knowledgeable people to keep these on the road should an issue ever arise.

Listing is lacking some details, but appears to honestly list an faults.  The new owner should budget for a new set of tires and a basic service as with anything with low miles, tires age out.

From the seller’s eBay listing:

2014 Ebr 1190 Rx , origonal owner bought new in april 2014. Near perfect condition, small tear in rear seat and hairline crack in side fairing about an inch long. Completely stock other than super bright led tailights and rear turn signals. Come with original tailight bracket and turn signal and rear stand. Well maintained and hardly ridden.

The current Buy It Now price of $9,000 is roughly half what this bike would have sold for new.  With just 2353 miles on the clock this could appeal to either a collector or a rider.  A rider will be treated to amazing performance for the entry price.

The American Superbike: EBR 1190RX
Ducati July 21, 2021 posted by William

End of an era: Ducati 1098R

“What do we want?…..SPORT BIKES….When do we want them?  NOW”-Angry mob outside RSBFS Headquarters.

Hunting rare and exciting motorcycles is hard work.  We are a slave to what is currently on the market.  Pickings have been slim.  But today we are in luck.  Out in Denver a very interesting Ducat is listed on Craigslist.  Featuring Craigslist adds is challenging as you never know when they will be pulled down, and generally sellers are looking for a local transaction and specifically trying to avoid the wide net cast by eBay.  While this may limit the pool of buyers for the seller, it can sometimes give an advantage to someone local.

From the seller’s post:

2008 Ducati 1098R
7800 miles (looks like it has 1000)
221/450 produced; 300 are US models
The first production motorcycle with traction control and the last Ducati to win the World Superbike title in 2011 although it was labeled as a 1198R at that time. It is a true homologation special- a street legal race bike.
There’s plenty of information on these bikes out there so I won’t do any technical writing.
Excellent condition although the tire production date of 2012 would mean they will need replaced if it is to be ridden in a spirited manner.
All original parts included: titanium exhaust & ecu, license plate assy, clutch cover, data downloader.
I bought this bike about three years ago locally from a dealer after seeing it on an internet site. Didn’t really plan on buying it but the condition was so fine I couldn’t pass it up. It has obviously been loved from new. It is a very historic motorcycle, mechanical artwork with frightening performance.
Serious inquires only.

The 1098R is in many ways the end of an era for Ducati homologation bikes.  The next series, the Panigale used an completely new frame design and construction.  Top tier Ducati sport bikes would no long use the unique trellis frame.  There was an 1198R, but literally only a handful were produced and sold, and at this point post of them are sitting in large and static collections.

An 1198cc 180+ horsepower engine was used, despite the 1098 badging.  All bikes were delivered with some choice race parts to bump the power to almost 190hp.  Carbon lower body panels and high spec suspension ensure these are no slouch on the race track or open road.

With only 450 built world wide this surely qualifies as rare. Many heaped praise on Ducati for the styling of the 1098/1198 generations.  It was seen as a return to Ducati producing beautiful sports bikes and a return to form of the 916/996/998.

The current asking price of $15,500 is on the low end for bikes being actively listed.  Sales data is all over the map and a sure sign that people are starting to take note of these bikes.  It offers a tremendous amount of performance per dollar.  Any buyer should take a close look at the tank for swelling issues as this was a notorious issue for all Ducati in this time period.  The owners groups have developed a few solutions, so it is nothing that should stop someone from enjoying this epic machine.

There are just under 8k miles on the bike.  This will keep the static collectors away, but should be near perfect for someone that wants to experience the feel of the bike in the wild.

– William

End of an era: Ducati 1098R
Bimota July 19, 2021 posted by William

The Budget Supermono: Bimota BB1

Anyone that is a true fan of lightweight exotic sport bikes has surly heard of the Ducati Supermono.  Those bikes were purpose built for a racing class and only 65 examples were made.  If you wanted the riding experience of a quality single cylinder sports bike from that era your options are severely limited.  It is a rare opportunity to be able to suggest any Bimota as the less expensive and more common option to any bike, but when talking about Supermono the BB1 is just such an example.

Decoding a Bimota model name can be slightly confusing.  Since Bimota does not traditionally use an inhouse engine, they are always a combination of Bimota frame and another manufacture’s engine.  The first B stands for Bimota, the second B is for Bimota and the number 1 simply meets this is the first time this combination has been offered.

The BB1 is powered by a Rotax built, BMW branded 650cc single producing about 50 horsepower.  Just 524 BB1 were made across all of the production years, and only 148 were the more practical 2 seat versions.  With all the recent press around the Aprilia RS660 line up being a “return to basics” one might be tempted to ask if this BB1, at half the price of the Aprilia, is a better option.

The seller lists that this recent import from Japan has about 800km on it, or about 500 miles from new.  The pictures show that the motorcycle could benefit from a good detail, but no signs of any damage or misuse can be seen.  In the listing there is some talk about the bike waiting for a new fuel pump.  Presumably this is related to the overall lack of use.  Bimota are often thought of as being hard to source parts for, but there is a Bimota Classic parts department that is staffed by some extremely helpful and knowledgeable people.  It really makes the ownership experience much better then other orphan brands.

What more could someone want?  Italian design, German engineering, low production number all wrapped up in a surprisingly affordable package that is actually usable?  The current asking price of $7500 is fair based on other data points.  This could be a great chance for someone to score a very rare and interesting motorcycle for their garage at an appealing price point.

From the Seller’s Listing:

Bimota BB1 Supermono Biposo. Nice condition w/ 800 original kilometers. Recent import. Clear WA title.

Pending new fuel pump – should be back in action soon.

The Budget Supermono: Bimota BB1
Ducati July 18, 2021 posted by William

Generational Shift Ducati Super Sport

As time marches on, everything changes.  People age, tastes change and new generations enter the motorcycle hobby.  Here at RSBFS there are always a plethora of clean first generation Ducati SS bikes.  Many have waxed poetic about the sound, simplicity and beautiful ownership experience.   It really is hard not to love them, and it is easy to see why finding a good example is hard at any price point.  As with most collectable motorcycles it seems that prices are on a constant trajectory up.

2000 Ducati Super Sport on eBay

But what drives that at the core?  Is it stories about what Hunter S Thompson thought about the bike or is it a long lasting personal connection to the vehicle?  Lets face it, the people that lusted after the first generation SuperSport are at an age where their bodies might not let them enjoy a sports bike any more.  We are seeing a new breed of people entering into the hobby and they have a stronger connection to the often overlooked second generation Ducati SS.

Seller’s Comments From eBay:

This is an Extremely Clean, Great Looking, and Running 900ss. Paint, Tires, Chain, Brakes, and everything on the bike is excellent ready to go with many extras. New timing belts 1 yr ago. Marelli Fuel injection trouble free. Bar ends have been flipped for more comfort. Can be easilly flipped back if preferred. This is one of the simple, easy to maintain Ducatis. No red key nonsense. Just push the button, and go.

The example here appears to be in above average shape.  It is a latter model with the fuel injection, but still retains that iconic dry clutch.  The pictures reveal an aftermarket exhaust that is sure to please the ears.  The listing talks about a questionable decision to flip the clip ons for a more comfortable riding position.   The new owner would be wise to either replace the bars with an aftermarket riser option, or revert back to stock.  It is nice that the bike has had a recent timing belt change

These bikes are a wonderful bargain in the current market.  Truly an upgrade over the first in terms of performance and usability.  In period many rejected the design aesthetics of Pierre Terblanche, but his bikes have aged very well.  Opening bid of $3500 has yet to be made.  Results are all over the map with some super low mileage examples pulling large numbers.  If you had ever thought about owning one of these bikes, it might be your best time as these are a shoe in for being a future classic.


Generational Shift Ducati Super Sport
Sport Bikes For Sale July 17, 2021 posted by William

Southern Street Fighter: 2011 Confederate Fighter P131

I am sure many can remember the times when a trusted adult told you not to judge a book by it’s cover.  Any motorcycle to come out of the Confederate design house embodies that phrase.  Many could be mistaken to pass it off as just another chopper.  Something that is all style and no substance.  It takes time to notice the details like carbon fiber wheels, Brembo brakes, adjustable suspension and a 131 cubic inch motor making over 160hp at the tire. The construction gives a sense of heft with all the billet work.  Once again the mistake could be made that all the solid chunks of metal mean this is a heavy bike.  At under 460 pounds it is not going to impress a new Ducati Superleggera for sure, but it is no heavy weight from Harley.   The P120 fighter is an extremely bold motorcycle, so it can be excused if it was hard to get down to the details.  Spending time pouring over the details is well rewarded though.  Sight glasses for the oil and gas tanks offer an interesting view.  The looks are as polarizing as the name, but these have a reputation for amazing quality and an unmatched experience on the road.

2011 Confederate Fighter P131 for sale on eBay

Never an inexpensive prepossession, new models routinely cross the six figure mark and it appears that owners are very loyal as many do not end up on the used market.  At the time of writing the bids were over $17,000 and the reserve had not been meet.  Details are limited as with anything this rare, but there have been examples selling in the $50-60,000 range.  One thing is for sure, you will not see many of these out in the wild!


From the seller’s eBay listing

I am selling one the most incredible motorcycles ever built! This bike is brand new and has not been ridden since I purchased from the factory!  It has been garage kept (heated during winter months) and has never seen rain! Everything is in perfect shape brand new! This bike is a Limited Edition #16 of only 50 manufactured and is the first P120 installed with a 131 ci motor from Confederate Motors.  This is a very special opportunity to own a very rare bike. Look at the odometer only 530 miles!

Happy bidding!

2011 Confederate Fighter P131

ENGINE – Jims/Confederate counter balanced twin cam 45° radial twin; 4.3125 x 4.5″ stroke, 131 cubic inches (2,146 cc) Horsepower: 160 HP

TRANSMISSION – Confederate design; CNC aircraft billet aluminum engine, transmission,
swing arm pivot outrigger bearing supported mounting system; belt drive

CHASSIS – CM design triple load path aluminum monocoque, backbone, bulkhead, fuselage side plate construction: oil/fuel in frame – Wheelbase: 64” ; Rake: 30 Degrees; Trail: 4” Swingarm – CM design 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum

SUSPENSION – Front: CM design double wishbone machined from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium linked to aerodynamic, dual, lightweight, tubular wing blades

Rear: Custom Race Tech Coil-Over-Shock; Rebound and Compression Adjustable for Low and High Speed Actuation

TIRES AND WHEELS – Front- 3 inch x 19 carbon fiber Rear- 8 inch x 18 carbon fiber

Matched Pirelli – Front- 120 ZR x 19 – Rear- 240 ZR x 18

BRAKES – Brembo – Front- CNC aircraft billet aluminum 4 piston caliper; aluminum-ceramic
matrix floating lightweight rotor
                 Brembo – Rear- CNC aircraft billet aluminum 2 piston caliper; aluminum-ceramic matrix
floating lightweight rotor

LIGHTING – Front- Integral LED headlamp; turn signal
                   Rear- Integral LED tail lamp; brake; turn signal

FUEL CELL – Confederate Proprietary Design;  4 Gallon Capacity

INSTRUMENTATION– Motogadget Precision Analogue Tachometer; Digital Speed, Status

ERGONOMICS – Controls: Mid-Rear; Clip-On & 2” Rise 1” Back Clip-On; Seating: Solo Seat; Seat Height: 27”

DRY WEIGHT – 460 lbs

If you have any questions regarding any details please feel free to email.

1.)    2011 Confederate Fighter – Vin #1C9RP2902BB908016

Southern Street Fighter: 2011 Confederate Fighter P131