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Another Clean, Original GSX-R 1100!

Rem 2

Location: Houston, Texas

Mileage: 22,540

Price: Auction

I always keep an eye out for any early GSX-R’s that pop up for sale. There’s been some solid choices out there lately and here we have another one. This bike isn’t dead mint but it is original and in pretty good shape. Finding one of these that hasn’t been heavily modded or just plain dumped is pretty tough. Nobody thought about the future of these bikes when they came out. They just road the hell out of them. Some with more success than others.

Here’s what the seller has to say about this bike-

Here’s a chance that you hardly run across anymore. A completely bone stock, unaltered Suzuki GSX-R 1100. You don’t see these very often and when you do, you better get it before it’s to late. I have a stock 1990 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 that’s black and grey in color. This is a very hard color to find. Much more difficult than the blue and whites that you see. This bike has only 22,540 miles on the clock. The fairings are in amazing condition with no scratches or road rash of any kind. No rust in the gas tank.

Just had a complete service done on the bike which includes… A new maintenance free battery, oil and filter change, new plugs and plug caps, new air filter, changed clutch and brake fluids, carb clean, chain lube and adjustment, new front and rear tires, new stater relay. 

The bike runs amazing and shifts just fine with no issues with the transmission or clutch. I have owned several GSX-R’s in the past growing up and this one is just as good as i remember the last 15 i’ve had.

Bike has new original factory grips and throttle tube, new rubber foot pegs, as i tried to retain as much of the factory look as possible.

The only small issues with the bike are… The gas tank has 2 dents on the front right side above the end of the Suzuki sticker and on small dent on the rear of the tank close to the seat. Nothing major and easily can be fixed by a professional. I checked with Suzuki and the stickers can be still be purchased if needed. Also some acid leaked onto the swingarm because as we all know, these older bike had batteries that would over flow acid and leak down the drain tube. Again nothing major and can be refinished and look new again. I have include pictures of the tank and swingarm area.

The only thing the bike will need to be 100% original is the rear fender hunger and factory rear fender and turn signals which i have seen on ebay for around $100.

The bike has had two owners, i purchased the bike back in 2000 and it had approx 16k miles on it. I have several bikes and always wanted another GSX-R 1100, so it wasn’t used much. I hope i haven’t forgot anything.


Please feel free to ask any questions. $500 deposit required within 24 hrs after action has ended and full payment within 3 days. I reserve the right to end the auction at anytime as it’s listed locally. 

And pics for you-

As I mentioned above, this bike isn’t a mint example. But it is a mostly original bike and it looks to be fairly clean. The most significant concerns would be the cosmetic issues, specifically the dents and creases in the tank. The seller says this is easily repairable, and that may be true, but it will mean more work on the bike. The seller also mentions some acid leak on the swingarm and non-original rear turn signals and rear fender. Again, these would be a concern if you want the bike 100% stock, which frankly, is what I would want. So these are things to consider.

The seller has a reserve and I would expect this bike to go around the $4 mark. They ain’t making any more of these, so if it’s been on your dream list, you’ll have to pull the trigger sometime. If this is your time, go place your bid!


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Good Looking and Clean ’87 GSX-R 750

Rem 1

Location: Laveen, Arizona

Mileage: 12,321

Price: Auction

Up for auction for your buying pleasure is an ’87 Suzuki GSX-R 750. I’ve made no secret of the fact that the GSX-R is pretty much my favorite bike of all time. Everyone who follows this site probably also knows the impact this bike had on the world of sportbikes since its introduction. It really can’t be overstated that this bike changed the game and it’s safe to say that collectibility will always be a factor for these early versions, and the later ones for that matter.

Here’s what the seller has to say on this one-

1987 SUZUKI GSX-R 750 with 12,321 original miles. I’am the 4th owner and I purchased off Ebay 07/2002 with then miles 9,638. The history as I know it. 1st owner was a Service Manager at Suzuki. He put on most of the miles and sold after a few years. 2nd owner had for only a few months. 3rd owner kept for 10 years put on 1400 miles and did the following upgrades. **Kerker White Tip Exhaust  **K&N Stage III intake kit (individual air filters with carb recal kit)  **Factory brand timing advance kit  **Factory brand shift kit (detent spring)  **Barnett Clutch Springs  **Genuine Suzuki Solo Seat Cover ($250 option)  **Original grab bar

All original factory parts are included with sale. Every little bracket, nut, bolt etc. that was ever removed.  The airbox had to be cut to be removed from the frame, but it was only cut on one side, and the removed plastic is still there so it could be pieced back together if you wanted to go to the trouble.  The bike is in very good condition; may the pictures speak for themselves. Starts right up, rides straight, twist the throttle and it flies!!!  Holds Nostalgia, a classic, and sure to climb in value.  This model GSX-R in my opinion is one of the best sport bikes and the model by which all others were made.

The Bad: I believe at one point the bike was tipped over. Former seller did not disclose. The back right blinker has some scuff marks. And the original exhaust has some scuff marks and a small dent. Looks as if it was a “tip over” not a low speed crash. Both are on the right side. Original exhaust was replaced with the Kerker. I recieved the bike with immaculate paint and body,other than the blinker, which you don’t notice because it is in the inside. Also, 9 times out of 10, starts up on the first try.  Otherwise, it may take a couple more tries. I can send/text blinker and exhaust if requested.

I will include a powder coated bike stand and the description listing of this bike that I have a copy of prior to my purchase in 2002. I will not end the auction early. The reserve is fair, so don’t ask!!  “Bid to Win”

Will drop off to a reputable shipper here in the Phoenix Area Only and or walk to the end of my driveway.  Sold “As Is” Shipping for Motorcycle, Bike Stand, and Original Parts are the Responsibility of Buyer/Winner

Thank You- 

And pics-

This bike isn’t a dead mint piece you’ll find in the Smithsonian, but it’s still pretty clean and the original parts are included. You’ll see an aftermarket Kerker exhaust, intake kit, shift kit and a sweet factory solo seat (bonus). The seller does highlight some cosmetic issues and modifications, but nothing that’s too extreme considering the bike’s age. Mileage isn’t all that bad either. Paint looks pretty good. All in all, a good example.

Don’t know where the reserve is but I would put this bike at about the $5k mark. Maybe a little less. But I tell you now: Get one while you can. Prices on these will only go up. To make a play, go place your bid!


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Get One While You Can- Titled ’85 Yamaha RZ500

Rem 0

Location: Atascadero, California

Mileage: 15,574

Price: Auction

The Yamaha RZ500 is a popular bike around the RSBFS corporate offices. And really, what’s not to like? A 500cc V-4 two stroke GP replica bike that never found it’s way to the U.S. in any official capacity. A tragedy for sure. But every once in a while one pops up for sale, and may even come with a title. And as it’s been said on RSBFS before, the two stroke is gone forever people. If you want one, best act now before they all end up in a collection, having made the final transformation into pure unobtanium.

The seller doesn’t offer a whole lot of information in the description-

I am selling my 1985 RZ 500. This bike has been well cared for and runs ok. Has some new parts installed i.e. wind screen, cranks and new reeds. Clear title and California registered. No time to ride anymore, bike just sits. Selling bike as is. Buyer responsible for shipping. Good luck bidding.

And some more photos-

The seller says the bike runs okay and has had some new parts added. The seller also states the bike is being sold ‘as is’. So you’ll want to get as much information as possible about how the bike runs and what it may need. It’s a 27 year old bike and a two stroke at that. It looks clean in the photos but no sense in getting into something if you don’t have the means to get back out. These bikes sell for a pretty penny with clean examples going for $10k and beyond. You may be able to get this one for considerably less. It may not be perfect, but man, there just aren’t that many out there.

So, here you go. A two stroke 500. Clearly a collectible bike that speaks to an era gone by. A holy grail for many who lived and enjoyed the GP racing world when two strokes ruled the earth. If this bike speaks to you, then make a play before it’s too late.


Hey! Another Good Looking ’93 CBR900RR

Rem 5

Location: Dickinson, North Dakota

Mileage: 22,750

Price: $4,749 BIN

I guess when it rains, it pours. Here we have yet another clean CBR900RR for sale. There’s been of run of these of late on RSBFS, so if you’ve been shopping, you’re in luck. Of course if you have been shopping, then you know what these bikes are all about. A legendary ride that changed the approach to sportbikes after it’s release, the CBR900RR remains relevant today. If you were to build a collection of the most important bikes ever, it would be incomplete without the 900RR.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

Classic 1993 CBR900RR in excellent condition.  Early build date, low VIN number.  22k original miles (I have added a few miles since these pictures were taken).  I am the third owner of the bike; second owner owned the bike from 1994 to 2012, so for all practical purposes it was a one owner bike until I purchased it a few months ago.  Interestingly, second owner, a local anesthesiologist, rode the bike from North Dakota to California and back regularly while he attended medical school on the West coast.  Being a little older these days, he now owns a Harley that he rides locally with his wife, and hence the usual story – the CBR wasn’t getting used anymore and so I bought it when it came up for sale.  Bike was originally purchased in California so it is a CA model.  The bike is not, however, cold-blooded, and carbs are in very good tune.

Bike is very, very clean, especially considering its age.  Look at the pictures – it was obviously never left out in the weather.  Runs great, motor pulls extremely hard, no leaks, doesn’t use oil.  Rides and shifts as it should.  Clutch is firm and engages exactly like it should.  Everything feels tight and right.  Tires have plenty of tread and are not showing any signs of age. 

There are a few flaws as might be expected on a sportbike of this age.  Previous owner told me that bike went down at low speed right after he purchased it in ’94, cracking and scuffing one side of the fairing.  Whatever plastics were damaged were replaced immediately with OEM pieces wearing the proper OEM graphics.  All plastic is excellent shape with no cracks anywhere.  The only remaining evidence of this spill from long ago is some gouges on the metal throttle cable guides near the throttle grip; you can see them if you look closely at the picture showing a side shot of the instruments and inner fairing.  There is also a small dent on the bottom of the tank near the frame spar on the same side as the throttle guide.  There is also a little gouge on the frame right below the dent on the tank.  See pictures for a good view.  Inside of tank, however, is clean as a whistle with no rust whatsoever and appears as new.  There are also some scuffs on the muffler, but no dents or impressions evident.  The flaws as mentioned are in the interest of full disclosure, so that there are no disappointments for the new owner, but again they are hard to notice and the bike is otherwise excellent throughout.

The only variances from stock I can see are carbon fiber heel guards, and the rear fender was trimmed to bottom of license plate area.  For the purists out there, these could fairly easily be returned to stock with intact OEM pieces.  Additionally, I believe the front fender was painted black, whereas the stock 900RR front fenders were silver.  It looks to have been professionally painted, however (very nice paint), and even though it isn’t strictly the OEM color, I now prefer the look to the silver front fender.

Other than those rarely appearing, mint, museum quality CBR900RRs, you will be hard-pressed to find a cleaner, better running 900RR.  Needs nothing mechanically, ready to ride or collect.  This bike would be ideal if you already have a pristine, low mileage 900RR that you don’t want to add a lot of miles or additional wear to.  Again, this bike is extremely nice, with only a few barely noticeable flaws.    And when was the last time you saw one for sale that has recently had a full, comprehensive service with the documentation to back it up?

Right after I bought the bike, I had the following work performed at a Honda dealer I trust.  Total cost:  $1054.55.

·        New Fork Seals

·        New Front Brake pads

·        Carbs Synched (They were also cleaned last year, along with new spark plugs, confirmed by dealer’s computerized service history)

·        Brake Fluid Replaced, Brakes Bled

·        Oil & Filter Changed – Synthetic (According to previous owner, he used synthetic oil from day one of his ownership)

·        Clutch Cable Lubed

·        Cooling system inspected – Good

·        Chain & Sprockets inspected – Good

·        Several Fairing Fasteners that had gone AWOL replaced with OEM items

So why am I selling?  I probably wouldn’t be if there were anything other than straight roads where I live, but unfortunately, there aren’t, and to get anywhere where there are some curvy roads on this bike would be a little too much for my 48 year old body.  So let’s just say I had my little ‘fling’ with the bike, but now it’s time to move it along.

Sale will include recent service receipt, original owners manual, factory service manual and intact factory toolkit.  I also have an excellent condition Corbin seat for the bike that I will throw in for an extra $50.  I will also include the vinyl tank bra that came with the bike if you want it.  I installed clear bra material on the rear and sides of tank after I bought the bike which I think looks much better than a vinyl bra.  The foam ‘grip puppies’ as shown in the photos are not included with the bike and will be removed once bike sells.  Reserve is set at not much more than the total of what I paid for the bike ($2500) and the service noted above ($1055).  As long as selling price is a few hundred above that, I can live with it.  You do the math.

I will assist your shipper with pick-up however I can.  If you have a less than 10 feedback score, you must contact me before bidding or risk having your bid cancelled.  Your winning high bid is a contract, so please, do not bid in this auction if you don’t have the intent or means to purchase this motorcycle.

And photos-

This bike looks to have a good maintenance record with the seller detailing what has been done recently, with a photo of the receipt in the auction. The issues are mainly small cosmetic ones and the bike was apparently dropped a long time ago but the damaged fairing was replaced with OEM parts. The bike looks stock and the mileage is not too bad. If it’s in good shape there should be plenty more miles to ride.

The seller says the reserve might not be too much more than what it was bought for and the recent maintenance. So maybe $4k takes her home? Just a guess, but these bikes are cool and legendary. If you’re a Honda guy or girl or a sportbike guy or girl (which you are cause you’re reading this) then this has to be on your list. If so, go check this auction!


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Good Looking ’89 GSX-R 1100 For You!

Rem 0

Location: Newport Beach, California

Mileage: 45,800

Price: Auction

The GSX-R 1100 is one of the most iconic liter bikes ever built. The first generation bike generated an instant following cause, well, cause it was somewhat insane. A huge motor in a chassis that had some issues handling it. Suzuki addressed those issues and then you had a bike that just created huge power from a bullet proof motor that would live on in some form for years to come. Many people have many opinions about which versions of the 1100 were best, but I like them all.

Here’s a breakdown from the seller-

Up for sale is my 1989 Slingshot GSXR 1100 ( gsx-r 1100-k). See pictures below. This is the first the slingshots and would be a perfect for any collector or classic rider. I am hoping that any new owner of this bike will take care of  it like myself and the previous owners…there’s not a lot of these bike left in this shape.  This bike fires up faster than my Ducati and gets far more attention. When I pull up to a crowd other bikes there always a lot of questions. This bike looks like it does in the pictures and is one of the best color schemes Suzuki had on the gixxers (pearl white and blue).  

When I first purchased this bike I had spent a lot of time looking for the right gixxer 1100.  This one was well taken by it owner and had no signs of heavy abuse. The plastic and paint was in great shape (minor nicks a couple of hairlines, small scrapes and faded decals) and there were no external indications that this bike had ever been laid down while riding. I partially disassembled the bike and was surprised to see how well the original equipment had held up. The bike even has the original harness.  Even the original rubber grommets were soft and pliable…. these are usually the first to go. The plastics were all removed and minor repairs were made. The right rear seat cowling had some stress cracks and missing tabs(left as well) from where it come into contact with the relocated shock reservoir(i moved) ,the lower left cowling had a inch long crack on the inside from where it contacts the clutch cover with dechellis spacer. Other than that the few small scratches…..all repaired with marine grade epoxy. All factory colors(pearl,blue,blue) and layout were colored matched and sized exactly. Decals were then laid out and clear coated over with house of color cleared. Three stage paint job.Some of the aluminum was sandblasted and clearcoated. lots of missing or worn oem parts were replaced with stock suzuki parts.

The bike runs great and I have been using it the past couple weeks as a daily driver to work(70 miles). It has recently been service(about 500 miles ago) to dial it in(carbs,plugs,front pads,ect). Tires are new(800 d616, size 180 and 120). The bike is very stock minus a few items such as airbox,jet kit and old school yoshi pipe and rear pegs(ect). The clutch cover has a dechellis spacer(clutch upgrade)The bike pulls fast and rides well balanced down the road. It has been jetted and comes into its own after 3500rpm(its not a fan of the low rpms).  All lights and switches and electric work as they should(fuel light,neutral light,high ect) with the exception of horn, the neutral safety,kickstand has been bypassed.

Again this is a 23 year old bike and is not a fully restored museum piece…it is not perfect(Although I havnt seen a nicer old school slingshot on the road). There are a few small nicks here and there. The flaws most notable are(please see pict): One of the original left minor has some silver faking on the inside, there is a small color sanding burn on the upper fairing on the pearl but it is base is clearcoated(not real obvious unless your looking for it). there is a internal paint crack(I reinforced the back but no way to get around it with an upgraded clutch) on lower right fairing where it contacts dechellis spacer clutch cover. There is a small crack on chain cover. I have a good record on ebay and its important that there are no surprises. So please ask questions and I will answer and post them to the best of my ability. I am not a gixxer expert so if you have any comments or info on the bike I will post those as well. I reserve the right to end the auction early if the bike sell locally. Please note that the bike has a very reflective surface for photos so there are a a few of pictures that have reflections that may look like flaws such as a picture of the left side mid fairing that has a red circle marked small scuff. Only the flaw is circled….the white lines around it are only reflections… not scuffs. Thanks and good luck

Here’s only some of the many photos in the auction-

At a little over 45k, this bike has a lot of miles on it. But for all those miles, the bike looks to be in really good condition. The seller highlights some of the cosmetic issues in the photos and the bike is clearly not 100 percent stock. The pipe is a Yoshimura, which isn’t exactly a bad thing, and the chain guard isn’t stock. The seller also highlights all of the restoration work done to get the bike into this condition. It’s not a museum piece, but it’s still a good looking bike and rare to see in a mostly original and non-wrecked condition. The engines in these are known for their toughness but you’ll want to make sure the bike is solid in the maintenance department.

I love all GSX-R’s and this one is certainly good looking to me. If you want to own a classic sportbike that will turn heads, this one may be for you. To find out, check this auction!


Own a Legend – Original ’93 Honda CBR900RR

Rem 5

Location: Hendersonville, Tennessee

Mileage: 32,000

Price: Auction, $2,950 BIN

The CBR900RR is a legendary sportbike. Outside of the GSX-R 750, you could argue that it’s the most important sportbike of the last 30 years. Much like the GSX-R, the 900RR changed the face of sportbikes instantly. Every other company was caught with their pants down.There is pre-CBR900RR and then everything after. Size and weight of a 600 and power of a liter bike. Nobody was even in the same universe.

Here’s the seller’s info-

1993 Honda CBR 900 RR. Great color scheme. clean original bike. ridden daily. Never wrecked. Good condition. Has a Corbin seat, includes original documents. See pics. one small crack in right side fairing about 3 inches long. ( has been glued). This bike has normal wear for a 20 yr old bike.  Needs nothing but a rider.

Own a piece of history. This is my favorite bike of all time but I need money for a new house.

payment due in 7 days.

Buyer responsible for pick up or delivery. 

And photos-

This bike is advertised as original and the seller highlights a small fairing crack that has been glued. It’s also described as never been down and includes a Corbin seat, which I’m guessing is an upgrade. Because the bike does have miles on it I think you would want to get  as much maintenance history as possible. The bike also comes with original documents, which is a real bonus in my opinion.

Bottom line is this. For $2,950 or maybe less, you can own a true game changer in the sportbike world. The CBR900RR influenced  everything that came after it. And I would say still has an impact today. To take this one home, make the jump!


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Modded But Cool ’85 Yamaha RZ500

Rem 2

Location: Costa Mesa, California

Mileage: 27,500

Price: Auction

The two stroke 500 is gone forever. Once the staple of Grand Prix racing, and available to the general public, these bikes will never come back. They are an amazing combination of barely controllable power and, by design, light weight. The sportbike equivalent of a monkey with a handgun. So if you have ever wanted to experience what they have to offer, better start planning your moves soon. They aren’t gonna make any more.

From the seller-

You are bidding on a stunning 1985 Yamaha RZ500 with only 27500 Km’s (17300 Miles), it is in excellent condition and as you can see it has been updated with  Marlboro Yamaha TZR 250 fairings and an Airtech tail piece, these are standard TZR fairing that have been fitted with custom brackets so if you ever need to replace one it is just a matter or taking off the old and screwing on the new, I have disabled the auto lube as I prefer to pre mix the oil myself but all of the standard auto lube components are still on the bike so reconnecting it is fast and easy,  the bike has been fitted with custom air filters and with longer bottom suspension arms to raise the back of the bike up by 1” to give it a more modern look, (the original arms will be included).

No expense has been spared on the up keep and maintenance of this RZ500 and it starts and runs great, it has no oil, coolant, brake fluid or fuel leaks of any kind, the RZ has fairly new Bridgestone BT45 tires and as you can see from the pictures many of the parts have been powder coated, the wheels are flat black and all of the other parts have been powder coated satin black

The good

Very reliable.

All of the electrical system works perfectly (lights, signals, power valves, charging etc, etc etc).

Amazing condition for year.

Lots of recently powder coated part (including wheels).

Pink slip in hand and current CA tags.

Original matching numbers engine and frame.

Many new parts, Dyna coils, fairings, wheel bearings, cables, etc, etc, etc, etc.

The bad

Disabled auto lube (the auto lube works great, I just don’t trust it on such an expensive bike).

The clear coat on the front forks has seen better days (good for it’s age but not perfect).

Could use some minor paint touch-up here and there, brake calipers, very small scratches on frame, that sort of thing.


Please be aware before bidding that this is a 27 year old classic two stroke motorcycle and although it is very reliable, it is essentially a very expensive weekend toy, it requires time, money and lots of love to keep it running at it’s best, yes it could be used every day but that’s not really what it’s all about.


The seller highlights the change in the fairings to the bike and says that it can be put back to stock without issue. This may be important to you folks out there who want a fully stock bike. The seller also states that “no expense has been spared” in maintaining the bike. That should be good news to any potential buyer. The seller also says the auto lube has been disabled and many parts have been powder coated.

The RZ500 is a popular bike here on RSBFS. This bike has some changes that you may or may not like. But it sounds like it has been very well cared for. And as I said above, Yamaha ain’t gonna make any more. So if you have the desire and the cash, you may want to give this one a look.


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For Fun Go With a 400-’89 Honda CB-1 (CB400F)

Rem 1

Location: Augusta, Georgia

Mileage: 4,275

Price: Auction

How much fun a bike is depends on many factors. Power, weight and handling all figure into it. But if a bike has tons of power, does that make it fun? If it handles great, does it make it more fun? What if you sacrifice power for weight and handling? Many people have many opinions, but there are no guarantees. Some bikes just speak to certain individuals. To me the 400 seems to have a winning formula. Good power, good weight and good handling. Something flickable and street friendly. Something like this Honda CB-1.

Here’s the seller’s basic points-

1989 Honda CB-1


For More Pictures Visit

  • 4275 Miles
  • All original
  • Second Owner
  • Always Garaged
  • New Battery
  • Fresh Powder Coated Exhaust Header
  • Very Rare
  • Only imported 2 years
  • Few nicks on engine case (side stand not very trustworthy)

For More Information,Call, Please leave voicemail!

Some basic pics with a link above to photobucket-

The mileage on this bike is low and it looks original. The seller highlights powder coating on the header and some minor scraping on the engine case. Otherwise, this looks like a clean, well cared for example. These bikes are rare here cause the U.S. never took to the 400cc bike. Our mistake.

So if you want fun, and rare, this could be your ticket. Looks like this one has no reserve, so you know right up front what you may get it for. If this bike looks like fun to you, check this auction out!



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