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Honda August 1, 2011 posted by Rem

Four Stroke Screamer- ’92 Honda CBR250RR (MC22)

Location: Mount Prospect, Illinois
Mileage: 5,000
Price: Auction, $5,000 starting bid

So I will just say this right up front. This is a killer bike, that is truly rare, but is not exactly represented here very well. There is barely any description on the bike, the mileage is listed as strictly 5,000 (hard to imagine it’s 5,000 on the dot) and really not a lot of pictures. Anyone who keeps an eye on RSBFS would probably know that a bike like this would usually come with a great bit of detail.

Well, this one doesn’t. But, because the CBR250RR is such a monster ride, I decided to write it up anyway. So I guess approach with caution, but if it does work out, well then, welcome to your new awesome ride.

Here’s the pictures-

Here’s the brief, make that very brief, description from the seller-

Honda CBR250RR.  Excellent condition.  Only 5000 miles.  Clean IL title.

So really not much there. But if you want a little more about the CBR250RR, here it is: This is a four stroke 16v in-line four cylinder. Yep, not a two stroke as many bikes in the 250 world are (NSR, TZR, for example). So this thing is is going to scream. And at a claimed 40 bhp  at 14,500 rpm and roughly 315 lbs in weight, this will be a fun ride.

There you have it. I love the idea of a four stroke in-line four. I love CBR’s. I would suspect you would want to get much more history on this bike to be comfortable purchasing as I know I would. But these don’t pop up all that often, so it’s always good to have an opportunity. If you feel like digging a little more on this machine, check out this auction!


Honda July 31, 2011 posted by Rem

’93 CBR 900RR- Setting a New Standard

Location: Alameda, California
Mileage: 16,460
Price: Auction, BIN $3,499

How about a liter bike that weighs and handles like a 600? Hasn’t the goal with the sportbike always been to create the lightest and most powerful package you can? Power to weight. That’s where all the secrets lie. Well, the CBR 900RR was Honda’s effort to get to that very difficult goal. A complete departure from the CBR 1000, the 900 was a laser-focused race bike that would set a new standard in the sportbike world. It weighed 408 lbs, but packed 122 bhp. It was no heavier than the CBR 600 at the time. Other companies would take years to catch up.

It’s also one good looking bike. Check the pics (many more in the auction)-

Here’s the description from the seller-

Super clean 1993 CBR 900RR. This was a one owner bike originally purchased in Florida (49 state bike) and was recently sold to a shop in Las Vegas. They went through the bike and did a complete service, and also installed new tires. The only thing I did was to put a brand new RK chain on it, just for safety ($165! ). The bike runs great, I’ve put several hundred miles on it and it performs well, still pulls hard & handles well for a 19 year old bike. All stock right down to the exhaust! This bike carries a clean Florida Title, and I have the bill of sale from the shop in Las Vegas. I’m only selling it to finance a custom build, time to thin the herd! The bike is in excellent original condition, but keep in mind it is 19 years old. Always kept indoors, paint shines like new. There is one minor flaw in the tail, it has a small imperfection about 1″ wide – see pics. Other than that,please look closely at all the pics, that should tell the story. Selling as-is, please be serious & do your homework before you bid! Mileage may go up slightly, as I still ride this about once a week.

Notes: Rear stand in pics is not included. I don’t handle shipping, but will gladly work with your shipping company – can be picked up at the local motorcycle shop, which makes it easier for the trucks. Also, bike has not been to a California DMV, should be able to register – it has over the 7500 mile requirement – but buyers are responsible for checking with their DMV BEFORE BIDDING! 

This bike looks to be a bone stock factory version, except the chain and tires. Rare for sure for a bike like this that’s 19 years old. The seller also highlights a minor cosmetic flaw as seen in the photos. And while this may not be at the top of everyone’s collector’s list, I think it has the possibility to hold or increase in value as the year’s go on.

This is a clean version of a important bike in the Honda line up and in the history of sportbikes in general. I also think it’s a lot of bike for $3500 bucks.

If you agree, make the jump!


Kawasaki July 30, 2011 posted by Rem

’93 Kawasaki ZX-7, the ZX-7 for the rest of us.

Location: Adell, Wisconsin
Mileage: 28,500
Price: Auction, BIN $2,650

Nope, this isn’t the famed ZX-7R (posted earlier this week on RSBFS by Andrew) for sale in this auction. This is the factory non-homolgated ZX-7 that Kawasaki produced in 1993. So why is it being posted on RSBFS? Well, while the ZX-7R is a special machine, they are also not the easiest street bike to own and command significantly more money than this. With this bike you get the great paint/graphics and a bike that will still be fun to ride (107 bhp at 10,500 rpm and 453 lbs. curb weight) for a great price. This bike was big news when it was introduced in ’89 and clean versions aren’t exactly flooding the streets these days either.

Check out these pics-

Here’s a rundown from the seller on this bike-

This well maintained and great condition 1993 Kawasaki ZX-7 has provided me with awesome riding since I purchased it used in the summer of 1999.I am reluctantly selling this great cycle because I have reached an age that the aggressive sport/racing oriented geometry & riding position is no longer comfortable. I will be sad to see it go but I need to sell it to get a new “old fart” cycle.
Upgrades & Modifications
1. Polished frame & swingarm
2. Full Vance & Hince SSR2 exhaust with carbon fiber canister
3. Factory Pro Stage 1 jet kit
4. K&N air filter
5. Accel super coils & plug wires
6. Targa light green windscreen
7. Polished aluminum bars ends
8. Carbon fiber fork crown cover
9. Carbon fiber instrument cluster surround
10. Braided stainless steel clutch cable
11. Rear fender removed & small turn signals installed
1. New Dunlop Sportmax Q2 front tire — Fall 2010
2. New Dunlop Sportmax Q2 rear tire — Fall 2009
3. New EBC front brake pads — Fall 2010
4. Refurbished front rotors — Fall 2010
5. Carburetor rebuild except diaphragms (they were still in good condition) — Fall 2010
6. New chain — Fall 2009
7. New front sprocket — Fall 2009
8. Front & rear brake lines completely flushed — Fall 2010
9. Clutch line completely flushed — Fall 2010
10. Coolant completely flushed — Fall 2010
11. Oil changed at least twice a season with Amsoil Synthetic Motorcycle oil 10w-40
12. Air filter cleaned & oiled at least once a season
1. Original owners manual
2. Clymer service manual
3. New 15 tooth front sprocket
4. Remaining parts of Factory Pro jet kit
Cosmetic Defects – Please Refer to Pictures for Details
1. Rear seat as 2mm crack
2. Rear wing/handle as some paint rubbed off from bungee cords
3. Windscreen is crack on right side by first mounting bolt
4. Several other nicks and scratches

The seller does nice job of highlighting the mods to the bike above and also the small cosmetic issues. This bike probably won’t ever command the kind of value the R model does for collectors but at the same time could continue to increase in value, so modifications should be taken into account. The mileage on the bike is getting up there too. Making sure it runs strong is important although the maintenance on the bike looks to be solid.

Again, I view this bike as an opportunity to get into something that looks great and still represents a great era for the sportbike for relatively little cost. If the bike speaks to you as well, make the jump!


Sport Bikes For Sale July 21, 2011 posted by Rem

’02 Suzuki GSX-R 600 Telefonica MoviStar Limited Edition

Location: Wilmington, North Carolina
Mileage: 15,973
Price: Auction, currently at $3,100

I think everyone probably knows by now I’m a Suzuki fan. And I’m a sucker for anything that has special fairings and graphics. Up for grabs here is a 2002 Suzuki Telefonica MoviStar Limited Edition. With special livery (that term cracks me up) that’s a replica of the RGV-500 Kenny Roberts won a title on, this bike doesn’t look like your run-of-the-mill 2002 GSX-R 600. However, outside of the graphics the bike underneath is your standard 2002 GSX-R 600 (not that that’s a bad thing).

From the seller-

Up for Sale is my 2002 Suzuki GSXR 600 Telefonica MoviStar Edition. This version of the Telefonica was only made in 2002 and a limited number were made. This bike is pretty rare and also is highly sought by motorcycle enthusiasts.

I have been the proud owner of this bike for the last 3 years and I am sad that I have to sell it. I haven’t had much time to ride it the last two years and I am preparing for another move so unfortunately it is time to sell.

 The bike has a NY title (if that matters to anyone) and will come with a lien release.

 Since the bike has not been out much the last couple of seasons, I recommend that the following be performed after purchase:

1. Oil Change (has been sitting without much use)

2. Brake inspection (may need new pads, I had it out today and the brakes seemed thin).

 As far as condition, this bike is in pretty good shape. There are a few nicks and scratches in the paint but this is to be expected with normal wear (I have included photos). There is one spot that is pretty noticeable and that is on the muffler. This occurred during transport and not the result of a crash or lay down. 

 Now with all that being said, I want to mention that this bike has never been crashed, or dropped. I have taken pretty good care of it over the years and I would like to see it go to a good home.

 Please let me know if you should have any questions and good luck bidding on this beauty!

 **PLEASE NOTE, this Bike is also available locally for sale, so I reserve the right to cancel this listing at anytime prior to auction end date. **

Here’s some more pics-

Considering the mileage, this bike looks well cared for and the seller highlights some of the cosmetic blemishes (in photos) from the wear and tear of owning the bike. The seller also highlights some immediate maintenance that should be addressed if you purchase the bike.

There’s no reserve on this auction so it will be interesting to see where it goes. Another bike similar to this was up for $4,000 and sold, although I don’t know for exactly how much. I would guess this bike would go somewhere near that.

While this model doesn’t come with any performance goodies to go with the good looks, it’s a great bike that will perform well from the factory. Seems like a good opportunity to own something special without breaking the bank. You agree? Okay then, check out the auction!


Ducati July 17, 2011 posted by Rem

The Duc That Changed Everything: ’89 Ducati 851 SP1

Location: Canada
Mileage: 1,561 Km (roughly 969 miles)
Price: Auction, starting at $18,793.06

Okay Ducati fans, time to pay attention. There are many Ducati’s in the superbike, limited-edition, race-bike world. And they are all cool in their own right. But I think this deserves a little more attention because this is where the current era of Ducati superbike got started. The 851 was a bit of a revolution for Ducati with the development of a four valve per cylinder L-twin, electronic fuel injection, liquid cooled engine cranking out 93bhp. And from that effort, it was an 851 that won the first ever World Superbike race. That’s some history right there.

Another interesting note about the 851 SP is that they were not 851 cc engines (like the Strada), but 888 cc’s. This is similar to the 996 cc engine on the 916SPS. Go figure.

Here’s some more photos. The auction has a link to additional hi-res photos.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

Don’t mind the low feedback – I trade commercially as loudbikesteve on eBay and enjoy an excellent reputation.  I set this account up to keep my personal stuff separate from my business stuff.. 

I’m listing this 1989 Ducati 851 SP1 for a very good friend who’s not very computer savvy. The listing photos for this machine were taken a few years ago, but the machine has resided in a climate-controlled facility since then and is essentially unchanged. Famed Ducati tuner Reno Leoni brought this bike (one of 100 made) in from the factory and took it directly from LaGuardia airport to the World Superbike event at the Mosport circuit in Ontario, Canada where noted Canadian journalist and motorcycle enthusiast, George Jonas and a friend talked him into selling it to them. The current owner was able to acquire the machine about 10 years ago. This machine is a gorgeous and rare (possibly the only one in North America) unmolested or modified example of Ducati’s first limited edition 851 ‘Sport Production’ bike. Very low (1,561km) use with most of its life spent on display in a climate controlled facility, this machine comes with the original brochure, a stack of reference material and the original exhaust silencers   Detailed hi-resolution pics are HERE.

Please check out my other listings for more vintage machines for sale!

If you have zero feedback, please contact me before submitting a bid. Any questions, feel free to email me (I’ll gladly give you my phone number if you need to chat).

USA Shipping:

We’ve sent quite a few machines south of the border. For shipment to the USA, there are two companies I know of: 

4600 N. 124th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53225
Phone: (414) 464-7576
haulbikes dot com and 

TFX International
Specialized Vehicle Transport,
11 City View Drive, Etobicoke, ON.
Canada. M9W 5A5
Phone: 416.243.8531

International Shipping & Crating:
Inter-Par Logistics Inc. 
3845 Nashua Drive
Mississauga, ON L4V 1R3
Tel.: 905-678-1288
Fax: 905-678-1289

Good luck with your bid!

Looking at the seller’s post, this particular bike seems to have in interesting story behind it. Not being super familiar with Canadian writers and racing, this may be more interesting to Canadians than people in the US. But a cool story is a cool story. Information on shipping outside Canada is also included, which may be handy if you’re new to this type of purchase.

This bike certainly has to be one of the more important bikes in the Ducati lineage. Throw in the history about WSB and the impact it had on Ducati’s that came afterwords and there is no doubt it’s a winner. It also happens to be one gorgeous bike in my opinion. If you agree with all of this, then make the jump!


Sport Bikes For Sale July 16, 2011 posted by Rem

Another Suzuki RGV 250- This one’s a ’92 VJ22

Location: Niantic, Connecticut
Mileage: 15,500
Price: Auction, BIN $7,500

Here’s another Suzuki RGV 250 much like the one posted a few days back on RSBFS. However, this is the VJ22, with a 90 degree V-twin two-stroke cranking out roughly 65bhp at 10,500rpm. It also has the super-trick looking banana swingarm and upside down forks (rare at the time). These bikes are lightweight machines with good power and superb handling.

Some more pics-

Details from the seller-

1992 Suzuki RGV 250N VJ22 with approx 15,500 miles. Current speedo is in miles (19K) but was changed from a kilometer speedo (21K) and have put 2700 miles on the bike since so the total mileage is just under 16K. The bike starts effortlessly on the first kick and runs very strong. Power valves cleaned religiously. Bike was tuned and set up properly for Jolly moto exhaust an runs strong and crisp as well as pulls extremely hard in the proper RPM range.

(Not sure if it was ever rebuilt but based on how tight and crisp it runs / feels perhaps may have been)

At some point – previous owner polished the frame and swing arm ( the nice banana one) to a very high gloss finish or it came from the factory (not sure but it looks very trick)

This bike is in execellent condition (see photo’s) and has some very nice upgrades. $4000 alone in upgrades

·         Ohlin rear shock —

·         Jolly Moto pipes with carbon silencers

·         Dymag wheels – ( very expensive)

·         New Pilot Pro tires – 110 front  = 160 rear 

·         New plastics ( not OEM but nice and well made)

·         520 chain / non o ring ( to fit 160 rear tire)

·         New brake pads

·         Steel braided brake lines –

·         Stock oil injection ( works perfect –low to no smoke)

·         New air filter

·         Rear seat cowl – impossible to find today rare –rare-rare.

Comes with CT Title and copy of CA title as it was properly registered in CA and now in CT. (registered and titled as a 1991 but quite sure it is a 1992 based on vin number research which BTW is (11 digit) also included is a repair manual cd , original exhausts and silencers , assorted sprockets , extra fuel tank ( black / purple) , Black and Blue passenger seat , two extra fiberglass side panels and two complete gasket sets.

Bike is fully functional with no issues and runs clean and crisp.

Note – This bike is very light and fast – not for the novice rider – the thing screams / once on the pipe .

Please feel free to ask questions — Buyer must arrange shipping or is welcome to pick up in CT.

I will assist.  Good luck..

Final note: Please if you do not intend to buy please do not bid — Thanks

By the sellers description, it looks like the bike has been titled in both Connecticut and California, a bonus for those looking for a bike like this. Clearly the bike has many modified or replaced parts, including new fairings, wheels, and exhaust. Some of the original parts are included if that makes a big difference to you. Also, the seller highlights that the frame and swingarm may have been polished at some point. The seller claims that the bike runs well and that is important, especially with a two-stroke with that kind of mileage.

The seller has it listed with a BIN price of $7500. Other RGV’s have gone for this kind of money but with all of the replaced parts you will have to decide how much you’re willing to drop on a bike like this. For me, the kind of power, weight and handling this bike can offer makes it worth a look. If you agree, check out the auction here!


Sport Bikes For Sale July 12, 2011 posted by Rem

The Last Great Yamaha: 1999 YZF-R7 OW02

Location: Clovis, California
Mileage: 3,955
Price: Auction, $15,000 starting bid

Okay, well here we have something special. While Yamaha built many, many bikes in the new R series when it came to 600’s and 1000’s (R6 and R1), that was not the case with the R7. This bike was limited run (500 produced), made for racing and only built so it could qualify for World Superbike (of which a title was never achieved but is an interesting story if you want to look it up). The other way this bike was different from everything else? The price. You want to take this baby home in 1999, get ready to fork over $32,000. But with that $32k came front and rear suspension and steering damper from Ohlins, titanium valves and connecting rods, vertically stacked close-ration gearbox and a frame specially braced for stiffness. The five valve per cylinder in-line four only cranked out around 100 bhp (purposely restricted) from Yamaha, but the addition of race parts from the factory could take you well beyond that.

Here’s some more photos-

The seller provides very limited information, especially for a bike of this significance. Here it is-

1999 Yamaha YZR R7 s/n ——-406, 6365 km 3955 miles,as of 07-08-2011.  Brembo Monoblock front brakes, Marchesini front wheel w/rotors, Track body panels (tail/front/bottom)

Brembo clutch & front brake master cylinders, Carbon air box, New tires, OEM front wheel/rotors/brakes included. 

The seller does highlight some of the changes to the bike, notably the Marchesini front wheel and Brembo monoblocks, maybe not unusual for someone looking to race the bike. It looks as though the original parts are included here, which is good for those looking for originality. The windscreen also looks to be a replacement as does the exhaust (I believe it should be carbon fiber). The only other comment I would have is there are few photos of the bike, so you may want to request more.

Outside of those concerns, which are minor, the OW02 is one special machine. I think anyone serious about collecting can’t overlook one in terms of its significance. Certainly, if Yamaha is your brand, this has got to be near, if not the very top, of the list. If you agree, check out the auction!



Honda July 11, 2011 posted by Rem

’91 Two Brothers AMA RC30 Race Bike – Seriously.

Location: Somers, Connecticut
Mileage: NA (dude, it’s a race bike)
Price: Auction, currently $3,500

Okay, so here is something I’m guessing we don’t see everyday here at RSBFS. I have seen a few RC30’s and I’ve seen some legit race bikes. But I haven’t seen both in one bike. Represented here is a Two Brothers Racing AMA RC30 superbike. That’s a string of words I like to see together. The RC30 is a legendary bike. Two Brothers is a very well known name in racing (love their exhausts) and if this bike is actually at all connected with “Fast” Freddie Spencer (two-time world champion), then I think we all know what that could mean.

Here’s some more photos-

Here’s the information from the seller-

1991-1992 Two Brothers Racing RC30 AMA Superbike, this may have been Spencers backup bike/ tire testing but I have no documentation to back this up so Im just going to say it is definately a TBR Superbike.

Kevin Erion sold this 1/94 to one of his riders Chuck Burnnett who owned it for several years and had Mike Velasco rebuild the engine, it was dynoed on Elf fuel showing 132hp @ the wheel. The engine is full of HRC NL0 kit parts and 39mm Keihin flatslides.Runs very strong, I ran it at one Wera event a few years ago so the engine still has very low time. I’ve owned this since 2001 and just slapped on some new Michelins.

Frame is a braced HRC unit with an odd 15 digit vin #, 6.25 & 3.75 HRC mags, vented Nissin rotors, HRC fork internals.

I have NO SPARES to sell and please dont ask me my reserve. Thanks

I will help with shipping if needed, I will build a crate and ship to a port, you will pay all shipping costs, please dont ask me how much to ship here or there, I have no idea off hand.

So this is one of those deals that needs some careful consideration. A legit AMA RC30 superbike? Well that’s about as cool as it gets. A piece of racing history for sure. But, as with anything in this world, it’s worth the time to do your homework. And I would be particularly cautious about any real link to Freddie Spencer without solid documentation or specific proof. The seller is right to acknowledge lack of documentation, which is commendable. I also don’t even know how to begin to evaluate the value on this bike, so the auction will be interesting.

However, link to Freddie or not, this bike could be truly special. Not a factory homologated limited run for the street, but the real deal. It will never see the street, and maybe not even the track again.

And it does not represent racing. It is racing.

If you have the means, do yourself (and all of us living vicariously through you) a favor and check this auction out!