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Honda November 9, 2011 posted by Rem

Zero Mile ’01 Honda RC51 RVT

Location: Moose Jaw, Canada

Mileage: Zero (0), nada, goose egg

Price: Auction, $12,999 BIN

The RC51 is the end of a celebrated line of race bikes out of Honda. The RC30 and RC45 are well known here and represent the greatest of Honda homologated bikes. The RC51 hasn’t reached that status. Yet. The racing history is there with Colin Edwards riding it and Nicky Hayden’s AMA Superbike title on it. Built as a Ducati beater, the bike is also unlike anything Honda builds today. You want big V-twin sound and power and Honda reliability and build quality? Well, this is your bike.

This one is also a little more special because it’s brand new. Zero miles. Here’s what the seller has to say-

Yes, this is a brand new 2001 Honda RC51.  This is not a demo and has never been sold!

Why is this unsold you may ask?  Mostly, the part of Canada that our dealership is located has a low population density.  Also, originally there was a retail based incentive program that has long since expired.

We bought this back in 2003.  This price is below our original cost.  Originally this bike’s MSRP was  $15,999. There is a 1 year factory warranty that is only available in Canada.

Bike is uncrated and has been in our showroom since then.  Crating and shipping would be at an extra cost.

Shipping, brokers, taxes or duties are all the responsibility of the buyer.

This is a rare chance to purchase a new bike that is destined for super bike status.

Rear seat cowl is also available at extra cost.

Call to discuss this bike in person.

For more info check out or web page

This bike if for sale locally and could end at any time.

And some more pics-

So there’s really not too much to discuss here except the price. Most RC51’s go around the $6k to $8k mark, including the Nicky Hayden replicas. However, virtually none of them are brand new bikes from 2001 with no mileage. So you will have to take that into consideration. Pricing on stuff like this is difficult and depends on the market. At $12,999, this will cost you more now than when it was new. What I don’t think is difficult is the future collectibility of the bike. The RC51 has all the history you’ll need to maintain value and be desirable into the future.

So there you have it. If it’s time to start that collection or complete it, then take a look and place your bid!


Ducati November 3, 2011 posted by Rem

Full-On AMA Superbike Anyone? Larry Pegram’s 2008 Ducati 1098R

Location: Hebron, Ohio

Mileage: Uh, racebike

Price: Auction, $55,000 BIN

So here’s an opportunity you don’t see everyday, even on RSBFS. For sale is Larry Pegram’s American Superbike Ducati 1098R race bike. Yep, the real deal apparently. We have seen a few factory race bikes here on the sight, and like this bike, they represent an opportunity to own something that is truly rare and special.

For information on Pegram, check out his site here. In short, you’ll see he’s been racing successfully since 1993 and is now campaigning a BMW S1000RR. His highest finish at the end of a season is 4th, certainly very respectable by any standard.

Let’s see what the seller has to say-

Up for auction is a superbike raced by Larry Pegram in American Superbike in 2010. It is fresh and ready to race or collect. 

Full factory electronics including , Marvel 4 ECU

Ducati Corse software with Traction control and engine brake control

Engines are full spec , Corse cams, pistons, flywheel, slipper clutch, and head flowed, etc.

Aluminum 24 liter Corse tank

Adjustable angle and offset Corse clamps

Brembo monoblock billet calipers and masters.

Pressurized cooling system with Corse radiator

Marcesini magnesium wheels

Rapid design titanium rear stand

Corse link and adjustable ride height

Brembo 6mm rotors

Corse swingarm

Corse bars ,rear sets, levers, shifter, everything is Ducati Corse

Ohlins ttx billet one piece shock (FACTORY ONLY)

Ohlins fork kits 

Map, gear, and TC switchs

Everything you can imagine true factory bikes plus extra set of wheels with rotors

And the pics-

It’s difficult to measure a bike like this. Certainly looks clean, but it’s a race bike, not a street bike. So really, like the seller stays, you’ll either be racing it or setting up in the living room as art. Either choice sounds pretty bitchin’ to me. Value is also difficult, although a stock 1098R would have run you $40k in 2008. If you figure in all the extra parts on this bike and performance upgrade work, I’m guessing you’re tacking quite a bit of value. Not to mention more power and less weight to an already impressive platform. Then add in the whole AMA factory race bike part, well there you go. I guess we’ll see where this goes.

All in all, here’s an opportunity to pick up something unique that not everyone, or really anyone, is gonna have in their garage. If you have the resources and the desire, by all means, place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale November 3, 2011 posted by Rem

Lucky You! Titled 1994 Suzuki RGV 250 (VJ22)

Location: Grey, Maine

Mileage: 8,500

Price: Auction, Starting at $6,000

Up for grabs here is a ’94 Suzuki RGV 250 (VJ22), one rare and very desirable two-stroke. Photos do not show the bike completely put together, but the seller claims it’s all there and that the bike has been gone through thoroughly with many upgrades.

Here’s the seller’s information-

Up for sale is my 1994 Suzuki RGV 250 ‘Lucky Strike’ Replica. It has 12,000 Kilometers. These bikes were produced to compete in the Moto GP series. I have brought this bike back to life and it’s just sitting in Storage not being used. Bike is complete from front to tail. The only thing I haven’t done is bleed the front brakes. Pictures were taken while re installing fairings. Bike does have tank. Painted solid red to match. I listed this on Craigslist for 10,000 but due to the time of year have dropped it to half that. Any questions please send me an email. NO RESERVE!



Is also insured through Progressive w/ correct 11 Digit VIN

List Of Mods:

Bridgestone Battlax Hypersports 160/60 Rear 120/60 front

Cermanic Coated subframe

Stainless Steel Allen Bolts (90% replaced)

O-ring Chain & Sproket Kit (From tuning works)

New Triple Tree Top Nut (ti)

New Speedo Cable

Used front discs

New Brake & Clutch Lever

New Headstock Bearings

34mm Carbs (from RS250)

22D30 SAPC

New Fork/Dust Seals

New Mirrors

New Tinted (Black) Windscreen

Lucky Strike Fairings 

Matching Lucky Strike Leathers 

New Fuel Lines

Stainless Steel Brake Lines (front & rear) 

New Harris Racing Rear Hugger 

New Battery

Used Passenger Foot Pegs

Street Legal Oil Injected 250 2Storke. Super Fast and will Out-corner anything. Have owner and service manual (in english) along with perforance guides. I have put less then 500 miles on this bike in the last 4 years. Runs and rides excellent. Practicaly brand new. 

I have done a build thread on the forum. If you would like to read it let me know and I will get you a copy.

And the pics-

Photos are a little strange for a bike like this, to be perfectly honest. You would expect something a little more thorough, especially for a build that has been chronicled on a enthusiast site. I would definitely want to see that thread and get the lowdown on exactly how the bike has been put together. And  personally I would like to see some pics of the bike completely put together. Maybe I’m paranoid, but it would make me more comfortable.

The seller is asking $6,000 to start and since the auction has no reserve, that’s what it will take to take the bike home. I have seen these bikes run up to the $10k mark, usually low mileage and SP models. The seller said the bike was listed at $10k and now is almost half that. Even thought the seller lists it as a replica, this could be a good deal. However, I would want to make sure the bike is complete and the build has been done right.

So here’s an opportunity for a great two-stroke with a title, in one of the best looking packages ever. If those things matter to you (and they should) give this bike a look!


Sport Bikes For Sale November 2, 2011 posted by Rem

Two-Stroke Rocket- ’84 Yamaha RZV500R (with title!)

Location: Novi, Michigan

Mileage: 7,100

Price: Auction, starting at $8,500

Remember when the 500cc two-strokes ran in Moto GP? An incredible beast of a machine that was hard to control and brought insane power with light weight.  They were unpredictable which made them so fun to watch. Of course, stateside, the 500cc two-stroke sportbike is the rarest of the rare. The best you could do here is the RZ350, a killer bike for sure, but not part of the 500cc club. So if you can get your hands on one, you should.

This particular bike is the Japanese market version of the RZ500 and has some desirable features the RZ doesn’t. Aluminum frame and clip-ons help bring the weight down and adjustable front forks help the handling department. The RZV Japanese bikes were restricted (64 hp), but this one has those parts swapped for RZ parts.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

1984 Yamaha RZV500R. This Japanese home market version is substantially rarer than the steel framed RZ500. It is titled in Michigan with it’s original 10 digit VIN. The bike is completely original except for tires and the RZ500 parts that replaced the Japan only restricted items. Carburetors, Chambers and the Ignition Module are the higher power yielding RZ parts. It runs just as strong as my 85 RZ500. There are some small touched up scratches on the lower left fairing. Arrived that way from Japan. This bike looks great and is a survivor but spent some of its life outside in Japan and shows it on some fasteners and aluminum surfaces. The bike comes with another RZV front end that has been internally modified with better springs and damping. Original cloth toolkit. Beside the aluminum frame the RZV has many other model specific features that the rest of the world models did not get. Fuel gauge, adjustable front damping, SS braided brake lines, aluminum verses steel controls, stubby mirrors. The labels and stickers are in Japanese and there is this big red warning light that comes on a 50mph. Will load and assist with shipping. You will need to select the shipper and get price quotes.

And some more pics-

As with any two-stroke, maintenance is an important issue. So getting as much history about the bike will be important. The bike looks clean and the seller rightly highlights some wear from possibly being stored outside in Japan along with some touched up paint. You may want some close up photos of those areas. Mileage is at 7,100 so it’s been ridden, but the bike is also almost 30 years old.

Starting bid is $8,500, which seems reasonable for the bike. Again, this is a rare unit here, so prices will reflect that. But this is also an opportunity to own a special machine. If you want to throw in your bid, make the jump!


Sport Bikes For Sale November 1, 2011 posted by Rem

Clean, Original ’89 Yamaha FZR 400

Location: Southern California

Mileage: 18,980

Price: Auction, currently at $2,800

Here’s another opportunity to get yourself a clean, original Yamaha FZR 400. A champion in the handling department that was only brought to the states for the 88-90 model years, the FZR 400 remains an excellent bike that can be a good platform for the beginner or the advanced rider to the track hound. And don’t think the 400cc engine is a huge issue. A racer I knew had no problem keeping up with the 600’s at the time with correct tuning and some minor performance upgrades.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

For Sale: 1989 Yamaha FZR 400 Motorcycle. Its in perfect running condition and is in excellent cosmetic condition. Has 18,965 miles on it. Was purchased a year ago, and has only been ridden occasionally, and always garaged. It has new tires on it with less than 500 miles, i would like to sell it with everything additional that I had purchased to upgrade the bike but never got around to doing it. The bike has had no mods done to it, its completely stock form. Since i have owned the bike it has not been down, I never took it to the track I only used it for a few weekend rides and to commute to work.

This bike was previously owned by a Professional Motorcycle racer that collects Yamaha Motorcycles and had the bike completely gone through and replaced every part he could and tuned by his mechanic. 

Bike is registered in california and the registration is current.

If you know anything about bikes, you know this is a true collectors bike, but also a great beginner bike which is why I got it. 

Additional Items:

FZR 600 Front End, R6 Master Cylinder and Calipers (This was to upgrade the brakes on the bike to dual pot calipers)

Upper and Lower Fairings: (I wanted a completely stock set to have in case i painted it, but i never got around to doing that)

Rear Fender (If you wanted to trim the rear fender, but have an extra as stock)

Spare Front Wheel

Rear Subframe (I was gonna modify the existing with a different rear seat, but wanted a stock one to return to stock condition)

There’s not a lot of pictures-

The bike appears to be a stock unit and the seller highlights extra parts and plans for modification that thankfully didn’t happen. While technically those parts may improve the performance of the bike, they also may not. The FZR 400 was a great handling bike stock and they are becoming collectible. I would want to keep it factory stock, but the parts are there if you want them. Mileage isn’t too bad for the age so not a major concern as long as maintenance history is strong.

I would expect this bike to land somewhere around $4k. Looks like no reserve so we’ll see where it goes. These are great bikes, so if you have any interest you should give this auction a look.


Honda October 28, 2011 posted by Rem

Minty ’87 Hurricane 600! (CBR 600 F1)

Location: Bradley, Illinois

Mileage: 8,105

Price: Auction, starting at $5,500

This bike brings back some memories. The Hurricane 600 was my first motorcycle. I bought one used in college with my mom’s nervous blessing (not sure what she was thinking). Mine was an ’88 and I got it cause my buddy had one too, and I learned to ride a full size real bike on his. Without a doubt, the bike was special. It had comfort, performance, looks and refinement. As has been written on RSBFS before, the Hurricane 600 started the middleweight class fight. When it was introduced the Hurricane 600 raised the bar, and other companies, particularly Kawasaki, were forced to respond. Whatever the case, I miss that bike and it was an article about the Hurricane 600 and subsequent CBR line that got me back into riding after a break that was much too long.

Here’s some more photos of this clean machine-

And the description from the seller-

For sale; showroom new condition 1987 Honda CBR 600 Hurricane. One owner. Always stored in a climate-controlled garage, covered and meticulously maintained. Never raced or dropped and fanatically cleaned after every ride. Has never seen rain.

The bike is completely stock with the exception of a few things that I will elaborate on.

The F1 all-aluminum silencer is probably the first thing that will be noticed. I do not have the original silencer anymore. Tires have been changed only once since the removal of the stock rubber and Pirelli Sport Demons were installed which now have approx 500 miles on them. Photos will show the manufacturing cast tips on the tires to give you an idea of how new they really are.

The stock air filter has been replaced with a K & N product.

Passenger footrests were removed shortly after the purchase of the bike to streamline the look in the rear. The original brackets that supported the passenger  foot rests were taken to a body shop and a friend of mine at the time did the work himself by cutting them off and smoothed all the roughness away and repainted both with a high gloss black finish. The end result is a look that turned out factory perfect.

The front fairing has a small crack directly to the lower right of the headlight as you face the front of the bike. (See photo of headlight area) This crack is a factory defect and it was on the bike when it sat on the showroom floor. The seat is in perfect condition without a single flaw. The tank and rest of the bodywork has not a scratch or dent in it…  All of the bodywork pieces have the original fasteners and tabs that secure it to the frame and all bodywork and paint is ORIGINAL.

The actual mileage is 8105

Every gauge on the dash works perfectly including speedometer and tachometer. All lights work and switches too. There has never been any electrical issues.

Brakes and calipers are in perfect working order.

All exterior surface areas of the engine and frame are completely oil and dirt-free.

This year I installed new float bowl gaskets; OEM float valves and an OEM petcock. Absolutely no oil or radiator leaks. Shocks and forks are original equipment and never an issue with either. Also note; the plastic housing on the rear view mirrors has discolored slightly simply due to age and the inevitable breakdown in plastic properties through the years, which is, sadly, unavoidable. Not a show stopper but it still needs to be mentioned because the photos won’t be able to show the hue difference compared to the color of the fairing they’re attached to.

The rear 42-tooth sprocket was replaced with a 44-tooth sprocket and I still have the original.  

Original owners manual and Honda Service manual is also included with the bike ,,and a copy of Cycle World magazine as the Hurricane being its feature article . All pieces in the tool kit are also intact. Bike is available for pick up at my location only. Meaning, I will not transport it to any shipping agency. No warranty is ever implied or offered in the sale of this motorcycle.

Questions? Feel free to send any and all inquiries. 

Preferred payment is a certified bank cashier’s check. Any and all payments must clear my bank before the release of  the bike…

The seller gives thorough information on the condition of the bike. It does have some replaced parts and modification as highlighted. All of that does come into play on a bike like this. Outside of those changes, the bike looks to be incredibly clean. It also has very low mileage for its age. All good stuff.

Now on to the price. At $5,500 starting, this seller is looking for a premium price. And granted it is a premium bike in many ways. But it is not 100% bone stock, as any collector would be looking for. So we have a situation again where the market will be tested on what people are willing to pay.

But if you are simply looking to go back in time and have something fun to ride, then maybe this bike fits your desires. If so, get on your rain gear and check this Hurricane out!


Honda October 26, 2011 posted by Rem

’89 Honda VFR750R (RC30)- Canadian Style!

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Mileage: 14,511

Price: Auction, opening at $18,000 US

Well, here we go. Another Honda RC30/VFR750R for sale. I’m not going to go into all the detail about these bikes cause you can get that information by reading Jared’s excellent write up on RSBFS from about a week ago. And I’m sure most RSBFS fans already know plenty about the RC30. Really what this bike represents is the finest in sportbike design and manufacturing. It’s a truly special machine.

This one isn’t quite the pristine example that was posted by Jared but it’s still the real deal.

Here’s the photos-

The information from the seller-

For sale is a rare 1989 Honda RC30 with 23,354 km (14,511 miles) on the speedo.  This is not a museum quality bike as the pictures show but if it was in any better shape I wouldn’t want to ride it. That said I’ve only put about 200 miles on it in the past 14 years since I bought it. Please look at the pictures closely as I have tried to show any flaws.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you have but please don’t ask about trades. Shipping is up to the buyer and I will not crate it but I will drop it off any where inside Calgary Alberta Canada.

$1,000 deposit is required via Paypal within 48 hours of the auction closing.   Full payment with in 10 days via cash or bank transfer.  The bike will not be shipped until the funds clear my bank.


Engine: four stroke 90° V-4, liquid-cooled with gear-driven double overhead camshafts; four valves per cylinder.

Bore & Stroke:  70.0 x 48.6mm

Displacement:  748cc

Compression ratio:  11.0:1

Carburetion:  Four 38mm Keihin

Exhaust system:  Stainless steel, four-into-one

Ignition: Computer controlled CDI

Transmission:  Close-ratio six-speed

Primary Reduction:  Straight-cut gear: 1.94

Final Drive:  O-ring sealed chain; 2.50

Chassis: Twin-spar aluminum frame using engine as a stressed member; Pro-Arm single-sided aluminum swing-arm

Suspension:  Front – Center-axle cartridge-type fork with quick-released axle clamps.  Rear – Nitrogen pressurized shock absorber with remote reservoir, adjustable for spring preload and compression and rebound damping.

Wheelbase:  55.5 inches

Brakes:  Front – Dual 310mm floating discs with four-piston calipers.  Rear – Single 220mm floating disc with twin-piston caliper

Fuel capacity:  4.75 gallons

Dry Weight:  407.9 pounds

The seller highlights above and the mileage shows that the bike has been ridden. And with that come all the standard dings and scrapes featured in the photos. So for someone looking for a museum piece, this may not fit the bill. However, it’s still a fairly stock (Yoshimura pipe being the exception) VFR750R. That means you will have one of the most collectible and well built sportbikes in existence. For me, it also takes the crown of best looking bike ever made.

The seller is starting this auction at $18,000 US, which seems somewhere in the ballpark for this machine. The earlier RC30 hit the $30k mark, but this bike can’t be compared to that one. The market continues to develop on these bikes and premium examples will command premium prices. However, this bike is still very desirable for collectors and should increase in value over the years.

So if you couldn’t quite reach the last RC30 on RSBFS but are still looking, this bike deserves your attention. Time to get in the collector bike game? Well, make the jump and place your bid!


Update: Our Facebook page has had some comments on this bike from those who have seen it first hand and some interesting notes on current market values. Make sure to stop by and chime in! -dc

Kawasaki October 21, 2011 posted by Rem

Green Machine-1990 Kawasaki ZX-7

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Mileage: 35,897

Price: Auction, $6,000 BIN

Many a ZX-7 is featured here at RSBFS and usually the bike featured in the homologation special ZX-7R, a bike Kawasaki built for racing that featured special items like flat side carbs, hotter cams, and an aluminum gas tank. Very cool stuff indeed but also notorious for difficult tuning for street riding. For those folks who couldn’t afford the hot rod version or even didn’t want the extras (hard to imagine), there was the ZX-7. All the killer looks, still solid performance, but a little more rider friendly.

Here’s some more pictures of this one-

The seller’s brief information is here-

Here it is!!

The Mother of all 750 Super bikes!! 

The One that started it all!! 


A prime example of a Great condition, Garage kept 1990

Ninja. Never ridden but started weekly. Sounds great. Not to be disappointed.

All original fairings, tank and seat. Light scratching fairing but no cracks.

Muzzy Exhaust, tank bra, extra seat with stock rear seat cowl, front fender, vent hoses, green wind screen, 2nd Look tank bra

Should be serviced before ridding.

Liquidating my vintage Super Bike collection. Checkout my 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 and 1986 Honda VFR 1000R

Buy all three for a instant collection

Feel Free to call with any questions. Will help arrange shipping if needed.

$500 deposit required upon purchase

This bike has some replaced parts, including a fairly common Muzzy aftermarket exhaust. The seller also describes some scratches on the fairing that aren’t highlighted in the photos so getting some up close shots would be good. The bike has been sitting, and although being started frequently, probably need some work to get back into riding shape as the seller states. It’s also sporting about 36,000 miles, which is quite a bit.

So taking all of that into consideration, the seller is asking $6,000 BIN. That seems high for this bike, more of what you would expect for the R or RR versions. Something closer to $4k would more in line with the standard ZX-7.

So there you have it. These are cool bikes and maybe the seller will entertain offers. If you like the looks and rider friendly nature of the ZX-7, then by all means, give this bike a look.