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Honda February 19, 2013 posted by Rem

Nice and Clean ’85 Honda VF1000R

Location: Provo, Utah   Mileage: 16,000  Price: Auction

85 VF1000R

>85 VF1000R

The VF1000R goes way back when it comes to sportbikes in the U.S. It was only offered for a couple years and was a major step in the evolution of Honda’s sportbike line. It has a significant history in a storied line of V-4’s Honda has put out. From the Interceptor to the venerable RC30, to the VFR800, the V-4 from Honda has earned its place in history.

This is a very clean example of the VF1000R. Here’s info from the seller-

Here’s the very nicest 1985 Honda VF1000R you’ll ever find.  I’ve cared for this bike, it’s been kept all original, in pristine condition, just like it was when it was on the showroom floor.  You may find another 85 Honda VF1000R, but not like this one.  This bike should be showcased in a museum, and or personal collection.  A true collector will appreciate this particalur one.   Only reason I’m offering it for sale, is because I am moving, and really, I’m not using this bike, it’s just preserved in it’s original perfect condition.  It runs as good as it looks.  Watch my video on   click on this link   Serious Buyer only need inquire,  please feel free to call me, we can discuss any, and all your concerns, thank you very much  If you’re serious about wanting this bike, call me, I don’t think I will keep it on for the full duration, best offer is going to take it,  thank you

And photos-

The seller describes the bike as the nicest VF1000R you’ll ever find. Well, we’ve seen some nice ones here on RSBFS and this one looks to qualify as close to the top of the list. The bike looks stock, the paint looks to be in great shape and the mileage isn’t all that bad. If the bike runs strong and has been maintained as the seller describes, you should have a pretty sweet ride on your hands.

So if you have been looking to add a VF1000R to your collection or just want an extremely cool ride to make everyone turn their heads, you should check this auction out!


Sport Bikes For Sale February 13, 2013 posted by Rem

God of V4 Thunder- ’85 Yamaha RZ500

Location: Caledonia, Wisconsin   Mileage: 4,521   Price: Auction

85 RZ500

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 6.51.54 PM

Do you like uber-rare two stroke 500’s? Of course you do. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this post. Well, here’s a chance to own one of the coolest of the breed and one of the most popular bikes here on RSBFS. The Yamaha RZ500 was never brought for sale to the U.S. but thankfully brave men and women took matters into their own hands and brought them here anyway. It’s a two-stroke powerhouse that reflects a time of the greatest riders and bikes in the history of GP racing. Totally bad ass.

From the seller (why sell this bike? I don’t know)-

I am selling a 1985 RZ500 with 4,521 miles (7,276 k). The person I purchased it from had it stored in a basement for ten years so. When I got it I removed the carbs and clean them up.  I also installed a new gasket set. The tank was drained but was never coated so there is very little surface rust. The tires were new when he stored it but they are hard and will need to be changed.  I took very detailed pictures of the bike, so you will notice some minor rust in the pics and also some minor cracks in the fairings. I did not do anything cosmetically to the bike except clean it up. The bike runs great and everything works. It starts up on the first or second kick and is a thrill to say the least! It is not museum quality, but for a 1985 bike its in great shape with very little wear.

And pics-

This bike looks pretty stock and clean. The seller highlights some of the issues with the fairing and some rust spots that you’ll want to get full detail on. The paint still looks good on the plastics and there are no obvious major modifications that meet my eye. All in all a good looking ride that is reported by the seller to run well.

So here it is folks. These machines don’r run cheap and for a good reason. They are rare and they are special. Take this opportunity if you have the means. They aren’t building any more. To make a play, make the jump!


Honda February 10, 2013 posted by Rem

Minty ’90 Honda CBR600F (Or Hurricane!)

Location: Youngstown, Ohio   Mileage: 17,000   Price: $2,500 BIN

90 CBR600

90 CBR600

Here we have clean example of the first generation CBR600 from Honda. By 1990 Honda had unfortunately dropped the Hurricane name that came on previous 600’s, like my ’88 model. The Hurricane name is way cooler than the CBR designation and I keep waiting for Honda to pull collective heads out of their asses and bring it back. But I’m guessing I will continue to wait.

The current 600RR is a great six hundred and this thing doesn’t have near the performance as the current model, but back in the day the CBR600 was a groundbreaking machine. It helped open the door for today’s bikes and is a legend in the sportbike world.

Here’s the seller’s info-



It all began back in 1987, when the Honda Hurricane 600 swept across the sport bike landscape, blowing away every other machine in the middleweight class. This first CBR600, a truly revolutionary machine, instantly elevated class standards to unseen heights, establishing performance credentials so impressive they would remain firmly entrenched as bedrock benchmarks. 

How effective was this first CBR600F? In 1987 the 600 SuperSport class also made its debut on tracks all around America, and the CBR600F won all nine races that year—a clean sweep. The next quarter century would see ongoing technical innovations as the CBR600 evolved, and each successive iteration continued to garner impressive magazine reviews, sales figures and racing results the world over. 


And photos-

This thing looks pretty much bone stock outside of the exhaust. The mileage isn’t too bad and the seller claims it has been very well maintained. Obviously with the age you want to be sure it runs strong and there are no outstanding issues. But this looks to be a very clean, excellent example of the first generation CBR. Rare indeed.

The BIN on this bike is $2500 and I will say this: If the bike is as advertised, you would be crazy not to buy it. It’s just that simple.

If you got the cash, check this bike out!


Sport Bikes For Sale January 24, 2013 posted by Rem

Best Looking 250? ’92 Yamaha TZR250 RS

Location: Boise, Idaho    Mileage: 3,971   Price: Auction

92 TZR250

92 TZR250

This might be the best looking 250 two stroke out there. And there are a ton of good looking 250’s. Just search this site and you’ll see. But this paint set up is just clean and beautiful. This bike is also clean and low mileage and original. That’s a pretty solid combo right there. I would park it in my living room too.

Here’s the seller’s description-

1992 TZR250 RS, This bike is completly stock with all original body work. This bike is the crown jewel of my collection. It is very close to perfect and spends most of its time in my living room. I dont think there is any chance of finding a nicer one!No cracks in the plastic at any of the fasteners. In the pictures you will see the original protective stickers on the from fender to keep the brake lines from scratching the plastic. The rear footpegs were removed at some time and I do not have them. The bike does not leak a drop and is mechanically perfect. The bike runs perfectly and is jetted for 2,800′. Starts with one to two kicks. Please call with any questions. This is the rarest of all the two stroke 250’s and I think the best looking.

And photos-

This is a low mileage bike that looks clean and original, except the rear foot pegs as noted by the seller. Otherwise this bike looks like a great example and is described as ready to ride. You’ll get a powerful bike in a lightweight chassis. Not much not to love there.

So if you want cool, rare, awesome, beautiful, exotic and rare, this is your bike. If you have the money and the desire, you best make a play!


Sport Bikes For Sale January 23, 2013 posted by Rem

Slabby in Snow- ’87 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Location: Limerick, Maine     Mileage: 25,000    Price: Auction

87 GSXR1100

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 8.03.17 PM

If you happen to live in the Northeast (or anywhere really) and have a jones for an original Suzuki GSX-R 1100, then you best get on this auction. A huge fan of the brand myself, I love to see these pop up so they can be on RSBFS. The GSX-R 1100 was a monster when it was released. Too much engine? Not for the brave. It was power, lots of power, in a relatively light package for the time. This bike is legendary, pure and simple.

From the seller-

Classic GSXR!  Original paint, decals, platics etc.  Very nice shape for age.  The bike has been adult owned and is in good to very good mechanical and cosmetic condition.  Could use a good cleaning as it was stored for a while.  The carbs were cleaned and it does run well but a thorough carb cleaning and tune up would be a good thing for this bike, other than that it is ready to ride.  You don’t see many GSXR’s of this vintage in this condition.

Edit: added VIN JS1GU74

Serial # 7H2100457

More pics-

This looks like an all original example, save the exhaust. That’s a rare thing indeed these days. The seller says the bike runs well but could use a thorough carb cleaning. Paint looks good and the windscreen even looks stock (never happens). The bike is listed at 25,000 miles, not too crazy for the age, and these oil-cooled engines are known for their bulletproof nature. If it runs well and has had proper maintenance, then you should have many happy riding days ahead of you.

These bikes are rare and clean examples should only continue to rise in value. This one is pretty clean and stock. A nice choice for the rider or collector. Just don’t ride it on the snow.

To make a play on a classic, make the jump!


Ducati January 8, 2013 posted by Rem

Modified and Beautiful ’91 Ducati 851

Location: Pacific Palisades, CA Mileage: 14,500 Price: Auction

'91 851

91 851

Update 1.7.2013: This 851 failed to meet reserve when first listed last month at $6900 but is now relisted and seller notes a lowered reserve. Links updated. -dc

The Ducati 851 is one beautiful bike, one of the best in the Ducati all time line up. This bike is a stunner in the looks department and seems to have upgrades galore, so should be fun in the riding department too. We don’t believe this to be a factory tri-color, but it’s very well presented anyway!

Here’s the seller’s description with the list of aftermarket goodies-

1991 ducati 851 near perfect condition with lots of hard to find parts:

Giacamoto spaghetti exhaust

high comp pistons

sps cams

light flywheel

barnett clutch

magnesium wheels

white stock wheels available for sale as well

aluminum rear subframe

brembo GP masters

ISR 6 piston calipers

floating rotors

magnesium side case

new battery

sato bars

evoluzione clutch slave cylinder

single seat tail

Approximately 14500 miles, the speedo was disconnected when the new magnesium wheel were mounted about 1000 miles ago. there is also a small scratch on the swingarm that is visible in the pics.

Otherwise the bike is in near perfect condition and remains a well cared for member of a collection of exotic italian sportbikes.

$500 deposit required upon winning the auction, remainder to be paid in person.

Pickup and delivery will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Please contact me with any questions that you may have.

And pics-

This thing looks pretty darn clean and depending upon what you like, the parts may or may not please you. The mileage isn’t super high and hopefully maintenance has been done along the way. Not much else to say.

So if an 851 is something you’ve been wanting under the tree, here’s a chance. And just think, after you get it you can ask for Ducati cologne as a stocking stuffer! To make your Christmas wish come true, make the jump!


Sport Bikes For Sale January 4, 2013 posted by Rem

Two Stroke Monster- ’85 Yamaha RZ 500

Location: San Antonio, Texas   Mileage: 22,700   Price: Auction, BIN $10,900

85 RZ500

The Yamaha RZ500 is a popular ride here on RSBFS. A four cylinder, 500cc two stroke monster, the RZ500 gets the respect it deserves cause it’s a bad ass machine of a by-gone era. The fact it was never legal here in the U.S. ads to the legendary status as this bike is made of pure unobtanium, or at least mostly pure.

85 RZ500

The seller doesn’t provide a ton of information, but here it is:

Selling my 1985 RZ500.  It has been restored and is in excellent condition.   It is the ultimate 2 stroke motorcycle.  Trying to make room in my garage.  I have all import information and complete portfolio on the motorcycle (clear Texas title).  Ready to ride! Starts in one kick every time.  Serious inquiries only.  Please don’t bid if you have less than 10 purchases.  Please call if you have any questions or require any additional pictures.

Not a lot of pics either, but here they are-

85 RZ500

85 RZ500

85 RZ500

The seller states that the bike has been restored and runs well. The windscreen looks non original but it also has a killer solo seat. Mileage isn’t too bad, especially if the maintenance and restoration work has been done. All in all, looks like a good example of a rare bike.

As I’ve said in previous posts, they ain’t gonna make any more of these. So if you’ve been looking, you better make your play sometime soon. And if that time is now, go place your bid!


BMW January 1, 2013 posted by Rem

Wanna race? Buy this Pegram BMW S1000RR

Location: Philadelphia, PA  Mileage: 700  Price: Auction



The BMW S1000RR blew up the sportbike scene when it was dropped on the world in 2010. BMW hadn’t really built anything like it before, and most of their sportbikes to that point were quirky and well built but not particularly devastating machines. The S1000RR changes all of that. It was the most powerful 1000cc bike available and set a new mark for all other builders to catch up. It also took its place in the racing world and hence you have this: A Pegram race built S1000RR. A stock 1000RR will crush, so this is even better.

The seller’s words-

2011 Larry Pegram S1000RR

This bike only has 700 miles on it.

full parts list:

-Full LARRY PEGRAM Armour Bodies Plastics

-Full Ohlins forks (tuned @MDM)

– Fully adjustable Ohlins rear shock (tuned @MDM)

-Ohlins steering damper

-Woodcraft Clip-ons

-Brembo brake master cylinder

-Sato case cover

-Woodcraft Frame sliders

-Full Akropovic Exhaust

-Front and rear Vortex Sproket set


-Vortex rear sets

-K&N air filter

This bike was purchased from Larry Himself. All work was done at the Pegram Factory in Ohio. 

Note this bike does not have the AMA spec ecu/engine. 

Full abs and traction control. The bike was used for 1 race in DAYTONA. Bid with confidence, this bike has never seen the floor, never dropped, ect. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE BIKE. Race ready. 

This is a full turn key race bike for anybody that is looking to race in 2013.  The only reason this bike is remotely for sale is to help fund my sons race season in 2013. NO RESERVE ! 

Please if you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to email me.

I can deliver the bike if you are near my area. Please contact me for more info in shipping. 

And pics-

S1000RR S1000RR S1000RR S1000RR S1000RR S1000RR S1000RR S1000RR S1000RR S1000RR S1000RRS1000RR

For those who wanna know more about Larry Pegram, go to links here and here. Clearly, Larry has been a successful AMA racer and went to the S1000RR recently after having a career on Ducati.

This bike clearly is ready to race and the seller points out that it doesn’t have AMA spec engine and ECU and was raced once. It has a full compliment of killer parts including a fully adjustable Ohlins set up. With all of that goodness you should be able to get on the track and race your brains out. Hopefully you know what you’re doing, cause this bike is gonna move.

If racing is in your blood and you have some spare cash, this could be your ticket. To jump into racing, go place your bid!