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Honda January 22, 2012 posted by Rem

Honda VFR750R in Ireland (If you go, drink the Guinness!)

Location: Ireland

Mileage: 8,364

Price: Auction, $23,000 BIN

I’ll be the first to say that the seller in this auction doesn’t really provide the kind of detail I would expect on a bike like this one. Granted, there are probably more of these available in Europe than we see in the States at any given time. But still, it’s a VFR750R (RC30 to the U.S.) and is a bike I would want a lot of detail on. It’s also in Ireland, which is quite a trip for anyone from the U.S.

Maybe one reason why there’s not a lot here is because for most everybody who follows sportbikes and certainly RSBFS knows about the Honda VFR750R. But in case you need a reminder, here’s a great post from Jared that will give you a good breakdown between the U.S. and non-U.S. versions.

Only a few photos with this one. I’m sure anyone who is serious would want more-

Again, not much of a description from the seller-

This is the original racing VFR750RC30, untouched and in impeccable condition. The bike is fully serviced, run every month and wants for absolutely nothing. The mileage is low, and as you can see, I keep her inside at all times. Will listen to reasonable offers but no jokers please..

The seller says the bike is in need of nothing and is described as new. Again, with a lack of photos, it’s hard to say how clean the bike really is. And at a BIN price of $23,000, you’re gonna want all the detail you can get. Of course, there’s also the matter that the bike is in Ireland. This just may be the best excuse to visit. It’s an amazing country.

So, that’s it. Lack of detail by the seller is evident, but at the same time, that doesn’t mean it can’t work out. Decide for yourself and check the auction out.


Sport Bikes For Sale January 14, 2012 posted by Rem

Like Your Graphics Big and Purpley? Check this ’92 GSX-R 1100

Location: Altamont, New York

Mileage: 19,173

Price: Auction, $3,750 BIN

Do you feel like you don’t get noticed enough on your sportbike? I mean, people notice you, but not in a snap-their-neck-as-they-look-back-over-their-shoulder kind of way? Do you feel like, man, if my bike were just a little more…you know…purple? Well, we at RSBFS have your answer. The ’92 GSX-R 1100.

This bike comes in full ’92 awesome graphics with purple wheels. The style was prevalent among many of the factories at the time, but none so much as Suzuki. Of course, paint aside, the bike remained a blistering performance machine, of which no amount of purple paint and splash graphics could contain.

Check out some more pics-

From the seller-

This Auction is for a Rare 1992 GSXR1100 with 19k original miles with original paint. Bike is in excellent condition. Please keep in mind it is a 20 year old machine. To find one in this unmolested condition is very Rare. Bike is clean runs and drive beautifully. I drained the gas as well as the floats for winter. Battery is being stored inside. I can get it going on pickup in a few minutes. I would recommend draining gas for the winter or storing in heated garage with some fuel stabilizer for winter. This bike is an air oil cooled machine. One of the few and is extremely powerful. Tires have about 500 miles and look new. Brakes,chain sprocket were replaced a few years back and are maybe 1/4 worn. Has K&N filter, Full Yoshimura Exhaust, and has been Jetted accordingly. There are a few small blems and scratches on the plastic. (See pics) Nothing major and hardly noticeable. Cant hardly pic them up with the camera and can count them on one hand. I can send the pictures which if you download them you will get a clearer view. No cracked plastic or dents. Like I said, The bike is super clean, Shifts and drives like new. Please email any questions.

As you can see in the pics, I have a white tire hugger and purple windshield. The bike sits with the smoke screen and black tire hugger. If buy it now is used I will include both smoked and purple windscreen and black and white hugger. If reserve is met and buy it now is not used. I will give you the option. your pick. One or the other.

Shipping is your responsibility. Bike must be picked up at my location.

I will be traveling for work Sunday- Wednesday. I will have internet access and will answer ??? every evening. Pickup must be between Thursday and Saturday anytime day or night. Just let me know when so I can be here.

The Bike is in Altamont NY 12009

Thanks for looking.

So, depending on your taste, you may not be into this bike’s vibe. However, if you are, this looks to be a clean example with some minor modifications, one being a nice Yoshimura exhaust. The fact that it has very little cosmetic wear and has survived this long is pretty amazing. The right side fairing seems to be missing some of the purple graphics, so you may want to ask for more detail on that as the seller does’t mention any replaced fairing. The mileage isn’t significant on that motor and it sounds like the owner has taken good steps to keep things well maintained.

So it’s up to you. I personally dig the looks of this bike and it’s well known that I have a soft spot for the GSX-R. This bike would certainly clearly represent a specific point in time. If you see the beauty I see, then go place your bid!


Ducati January 13, 2012 posted by Rem

Brand New ’97 Ducati 996SPS in Belgium (If you go, get the waffles!)

Location: Belgium

Mileage: Brand new

Price: 25,000 Euro ($31,775 roughly)

If you’re a collector and you like brand new Ducati’s that are actually 15 years old and are also just plain killer, then, my friend, this may be your bike. The seller describes this 996SPS as featured in a show introducing the new model, and that it’s been in a collection ever since. It remains in pristine condition. Awesome.

From the seller-

For sale, a very, very unique bike!!

The Ducati 996SPS nr000!!! chassisnr 000009 and it is brand new!!!!

This is the very real bike with was on the DUCATI podium of the Milano and Brussels motorshow t present their new model way back in 1997-1998 (I was product manager for Ducati Belgium at that time)

Since the Brussels motorshow of January 1998 it stayed in a private collection in Belgium.

Now it comes up for sale;

It is in absolute brand new pristine condition

This obsolete pristine Ducati is priced at 25,000 Euro

More Details and fotos;

And the photos-

Obviously, with a #000 plate on the triple clamp and all the extra killer parts (Termi exhaust, Ohlins, Marchesini wheels) this is one special bike. The bike comes with a Fogerty graphics package offered by Ducati, as described by the seller via email follow up, but isn’t the factory replica. The seller also explains that the 000009 chassis number was the first to be released for public sale. All you folks that follow Ducati know how killer the SPS models are. The graphics on this bike make it all the more special. And it’s brand new. A collector’s dream.

So, yes the bike is in Belgium. It’s a great country if you’ve never been. And if you are serious about your Duc’s then it would be worth the trip.

If you are interested you can contact the seller at the following email address:



Sport Bikes For Sale January 8, 2012 posted by Rem

Up for Grabs- Clean and Original ’89 Yamaha FZR400

Location: Dover, Delaware

Mileage: 10,624

Price: Auction, currently $2,629

Seller: Another fine offering from RSBFS sponsor, SpeedWerks!

We love bone stock bikes from the eighties. To have survived this long without being modified or dropped or just plain totaled is something to see. It’s even better for bikes that didn’t come to the US for all that many years, like this FZR400 (imported ’89-90). A great ride any way you look at it, this bike still wasn’t a big hit in the U.S., a country that likes its displacement. But for those in the know, the FZR400 was, and remains, a capable and fun bike.

Here’s the seller’s info on the bike-

This is a VERY rare find, an unmolested,never raced, lovingly cared for,garaged, 2 owner, bone stock Yamaha FZR400. 

How this one never made it to the track still bewilders us, we have built and raced these bikes since the late 80’s and have a vast amount of spares along with of wealth of info and support to go along with the purchase.

*Full history and All documentation comes with bike*, Purchased new in 1991 for $4300 by an older gent, he started a binder of info and service records that are pictured. Including the original invoice and setup sheet. He sold the bike in the early 2000 to a hot Asian Med. student in Md.

She used the bike to learn how to ride and commute to Med school in Baltimore. In learning how to ride it has fallen over and shows minor scratches on the air intake of the lower fairing. Not crashed or thrown down the road,,,IT FELL OVER. The mileage is accurate and low because she lived in the city close to school.

Now a famous (still hot) Doctor she has no time ride or risk messing up her pretty little surgeon hands.

So thats how we ended up with the bike. There are no stories here it’s all documented and 100%.

It had been sitting for a while so we took care of a Full Service and safety ck, inc. 

New Bridgestone tires,EBC brakes,EK chain,plugs,all fluids changed. Carbs were cleaned and rebuilt and a new battery installed. It runs as it should and needs nothing. Except a new owner.

Sold only to a good home! please no kids who are gonna try to put a 190 tire on the back or wack some flush mounts on it.

This is a collector quality piece and will make a great scoot for you or your significant other.

High Resolution images avail. at; (copy and go/ebay jacks any links)

please call or email with any questions 302-672-RACE  steve at speedwerks dot com.

East coast delivery avail. enclosed for .50 cent per mile round trip plus service chg and tolls.

And the pics-

This bike appears 100% stock and clean, remarkable for its age. The seller includes documentation with the bike, which is always a bonus to people like me. Mileage isn’t bad and if the bike has been well cared for, which seems to be the case, should be good for years to come. Significant maintenance has also been performed and the bike is described as ready to ride. The seller mentions the bike fell over and certainly no major damage is evident in the photos but you may want more detail on that.

The FZR400 is a great bike that should have got more love here in the U.S. This one has survived over the years and if you’ve been looking, this one deserves your consideration. So, go gather up your cash, then check this bike out!


Honda January 7, 2012 posted by Rem

Clean, Modified (but reversible) ’93 Honda CBR900RR

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Mileage: Approx. 25,000

Price: Auction, $4,500 starting with no reserve

I love the early CBR900RR. As has been highlighted here on RSBFS many times, it was a truly groundbreaking machine. When it came out in the US, I was riding a Hurricane 600. We all marveled at the displacement and power in such a small, lightweight bike. Didn’t seem possible. Essentially a liter bike that weighed as much as a 600. Crazy. For me the styling still holds up even with the ’90’s graphics and colors (although much less graphically in your face than the Suzuki GSX-R line at the time, which I also love).

From the seller-

I am the second owner of this bike. 1993 is the first year this model was offered in the states and it set a new standard for sportbikes, offering the weight of a 600 and the power of a 900. It came with a 16 inch front wheel which I’ve changed to a 17 inch for better handling and more tire choices. in doing so it deletes the use of the speedo drive, so the speedo and odometer do not function. The odometer shows 19,622.5 miles, but the real milage is closer to 25,000 miles. Included with the bike is an LP Racing rear stand show in pictures below. Please contact seller to receive additional pictures.

Below is a list of added items and stock items that come with the bike:

Added: Ohlins Rear Shock

D&D Black Satin Pipe

Frame Sliders

Storz Steering Stabilizer

.95 Springs with RaceTech Internals

White Powder Coated 17 inch Front Wheel

Stock: Original Pipe


16 inch Front Wheel

Speed Drive

And a few pics-

This bike has been modified, as the seller describes. The wheel change would open up options for tires and the good thing is the owner still has the original, so if stock is your flavor, you can go back. The Ohlins shock seems like it would be a solid upgrade. The other original parts that have been changed out come along with the bike too. Because of the wheel change, the owner is estimating the milage at around 25,000, which may cause some justifiable anxiety, not knowing how accurate that may be.

The price is $4,500 which I think is a little high. I do like these bikes in terms of long term collectibility and just the overall cool factor. But I would want to get this one for a little less. You should jump over to the auction and see for yourself.


Sport Bikes For Sale January 7, 2012 posted by Rem

Be the King- ’85 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts Edition

Location: Acworth, New Hampshire

Mileage: 12,210

Price: Auction, currently $2,805 with a reserve

For all of you folks out there that secretly or openly lust after a two-stroke, here is a good answer for you. Don’t want to deal with getting a bike titled? And if you can’t, worried about getting your pride and joy confiscated by the two-stroke police? Well, then the Kenny Roberts RZ350 is a nice choice, as a rare two-stroke bike offered for street use in the US in the early ’80’s.

Although not imported into the US for very long, just three years, the reworked Yamaha was able to meet emissions standards and still provide a fun ride for two-stroke enthusiasts out there. It weighed 330 lbs, had disc brakes all around and you could take it home for $2,399. Back then.

Here’s what the seller has to say on this one-

I purchased this bike 4/09 with 11.230mi. 8/10 with 11.680mi. a new SPECII engine with a StageII upgrade was installed. This includes a new welded and balanced crankshaft, 64.5mm pistons, milled cylinder head, moderate porting, SPECII fiber reeds, 30mm Mikuni carbs.with a K&N 2 into intake, and SPECII classic expansion chambers. Additional work includes fork seals, upgraded steering stem bearings, #1 shift fork, EBC HD clutch, 16/40 sprockets, rear sprocket dampeners, and new tires. The fuel tank has been professionally repaired with the exception of the improper installation of the left fuel tank decal. This bike is in exceptional condition for its age.No rust. Mechanically flawless, though not aestetically perfect. The solo seat cowl has some minor cracks, the 2 up seat cowl is in excellent cond. The windshield has some cracking around the screws. Never raced and never down. The fuel system has never seen pump fuel. Any extra parts I have are also included. Thanks for looking and good luck.

And more photos for your consideration-

As the seller describes, this bike has seen some significant modification to the engine. In the auction there’s more detail on those mods in the Q and A. The bike also appears to have been very well maintained and cared for. The seller highlights some small cosmetic issues, specifically around the decal on the tank, small cracks around the windshield and seat cowl. You may want a little more detail on that, but it seems minor. Mileage is reasonable, especially with all of the engine work done.

All in all, this looks to be a cool ride that could satisfy your two-stroke desires. You could get on it and pretend your Kenny Roberts. If that works for you, go check this auction out.


Bimota January 5, 2012 posted by Rem

Groundbreaking Work of Art- ’84 Bimota SB4S Mirage

Location: Huron, Ohio

Mileage: 9,665

Price: Auction, $10,000 starting bid

We’ve seen a run of Bimota’s here recently on RSBFS, many artfully written up by Mike. It’s an interesting company. If you happen to read Bike magazine (from England and one of my favorites) the December issue profiles, among other great stuff, the Bimota company. An interesting read that highlights Bimota’s trouble with the V-Due (see Mike’s post on one here) and how the company started and how it is surviving. What you will learn is that the bikes built early, particularly, were Bimota’s most groundbreaking work. Bimota was ahead of the times, working the power/size equation well before anyone.

Here’s the detail from the seller on this machine-

1984 Bimota Sb4S one of 34 built and sold worldwide. Designed and built by Massimo Tamburini. Tamburini went on to design the Ducati 916 and the MV Agusta F4 and is legendary in the motorcycle industry. This particular bike was built late 1983 In Rimini, Italy and delivered to Performance Works Canoga Park, CA. It comes with the original Certificate of Origin, and Original warranty and service manual serial numbered to the bike documenting its authenticity. This particular bike has been featured on a motorcycle magazine cover and it will also be included also with other period magazines featuring the Sb4S. This bike has several special order factory options; the older style Camponola rims, twin pot Brembo redline racing calipers, ferrari style mirrors, pearl paint- all installed at the factory before delivery. The bike runs well, the tires are decades old and are hard and cracked. Everything works as it should, the petcock weeps a little fuel overnight from the float valve drain tube if left at the on position. The bike needs some TLC as there are some nicks in the paint and minor surface corrosion as would be expected for a bike of this age- but I would rate this bike a 8.5 out of 10. These early Bimotas seldom come up for sale, and some say the SB4S is the best of the space frame bikes. This is a very rare bike, most people have never seen one, it can not be ridden anywhere without drawing a crowd. ( as it should) I’m guessing there are several in the USA, but I’m not sure. This bike is sold as is with no implied or written warranty. It is listed locally, delivery is the responsibility of the buyer, and I will not ship this bike out of the USA. U.S. Bank Transfer preferred, or cash in hand at the time pick up.

And some more pics for you-

Bimota made it’s claim to fame by taking the engines of other bikes (Suzuki, Kawasaki, Ducati) and building a better chassis around it. This bike was built around the air cooled Suzuki GS 1100 motor, starting with some good power. Bimota then went and built everything around it better. And better looking. No doubt that Bimota has built some of the most beautiful bikes on this planet.

This bike appears complete and in pretty good shape for its age. It has some miles (in the world of Bimota’s anyway) but the seller says everything works. Probably will need some new tires. Limited production means you’re probably not gonna see a lot of these in your neighborhood.

So, $10k to start and who knows from there. If you collect, or just love Bimota’s, take a look and read up on this machine. Then go place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale December 21, 2011 posted by Rem

Another Clean ’91 GSX-R 750

Location: New York City

Mileage: 10,996

Price: $8,750 BIN

Here we are with another second generation GSX-R 750 but this one in the all glorious Suzuki blue and white finish. Now, many factories have certain colors associated with their bikes, say Kawasaki green, for instance. For Suzuki, it’s got to be the blue and white. At least the blue. As Kevin Schwantz said to me at Laguna Seca a couple years ago after asking about Suzuki, “You know if you cut me, I bleed blue.” That pretty much says it all.

This bike appears to be a very clean machine. The ’91 was the first year of headlights behind plexiglass. The bike was also still sporting the famous air and oil cooled motor that debuted in 1985.

From the seller-

100% Original and beautifully maintained 1991 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for sale by adult owner – LOW MILES. Never modified, No accidents, never dropped, no stories. Absolutely perfect condition. Recently received a MAJOR service to take out of 10 years of storage. Stored in temperature controlled garage and comes with all of the manuals, shop books and OEM spare parts. New tires, re-built carbs, forks serviced – NEEDS Nothing!!! THE PHOTOS TELL THE STORY. I have ordered a new 2012 Ducati DIAVEL and no longer have room for this bike. The bike is being tuned so a few miles may accrue before the listing ends. Serious bidders only, call to answer questions. This bike is in a showroom on Long Island and can be seen by appointment Tuesday-Friday 10 am – 4pm. I reserve the right to end this auction early since it is also being sold locally. 

And the pics-

The seller describes this as a 100% original bike that needs nothing. It certainly looks very clean and doesn’t seem to have any changes except maybe an aftermarket windscreen. The tank appears to have a small indentation and the fairing may have some very light dings. But overall, this looks to be a clean, original example of a great iconic bike.

All that being said, I think the seller is looking for more than this bike should bring. The BIN price is pushing roughly double of what you would see this bike go for, in my estimation. I would see this bike in the $4,500 range in its condition. Even though it is clean, I can’t see it approaching the almost $9k asking price.

But that’s the deal. And maybe the seller will entertain your offer. Regardless, its a beautiful bike so dream a little and make the jump!