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Ducati November 27, 2011 posted by Rem

Your Daily (Carbon) Fiber- ’04 Ducati 749R (#196)

Location: Los Angeles, California

Mileage: 12,241

Price: Auction, starting at $11,000

Ducati makes a lot a special bikes. Probably the most prolific manufacturer of limited edition, numbered bikes of various designations, many a Ducati model comes in S and R versions, with obligatory custom paint and performance parts. Depending upon what you like, there’s a special Ducati for you. I like most all of them (the Superlight being a favorite) and the 749R is included on that list. If you happen to like carbon fiber, and who doesn’t, then this is your Duc.

The  2004 749R brings power (120 hp) and light weight to the game via the previously mentioned use of much carbon fiber along with titanium valves and connecting rods. You’ll also get fully adjustable front and rear Ohlins suspension, a slipper clutch and Marchesini rims to help handle the bike’s 423 lbs. The seller also mentions other upgrades to this already fairly upgraded bike.

Some pics for your review-

From the seller-

Up for sale is a superb and very rare 2004 Ducati 749R – arguably one of the best motorcycles ever produced by the world’s finest manufacturer. The bike is #196, and one of only 50 imported into the US for the 2004 model year, the only year where the 749R came with the FULL carbon faring, nose cone etc from the factory. Details as follows:

12,241 total miles (upon shipment)
All books/records/receipts/keys (red included)
12k service completed (GP Motorcycles – at a cost of $1,850.00)
Very, very rare Termignoni/DP 57mm titanium race exhaust package with ECU/baffles/velocity stacks (believed to be 1 of 10 kits imported, a $4800 option(!) and not to be confused with standard Termi standalone Ti exhaust)
EVR “Evo” Slipper clutch- 200 miles since new (at a cost of $1400)
Sargent seat with Carbon FX option ($450)
STM anodized frame plugs ($125)
Pazzo Annodized clutch/brake levers ($175)
Michelin Pilot Power tires – as new

Also – a Geza dust cover (top of line)

The rarity and collectibility of the 2004 model 749R will be understood by anyone with more than a passing interest in Ducatis, and superbikes in general. This bike is testament to the quality of the 749R. The farings, carbon etc are in immaculate condition – and the bike presents close to “as new”, and is mechanically perfect. With several thousand dollars of extreme quality extras, and the full 12k service completed by GP Motorcycles in San Diego, this “no stories”, 2-owner bike offers exceptional value. Please contact me via Ebay for any additional information etc. I have clear title in hand – and full honesty/disclosure assured, check my feedback. This bike is a work of art, and has been used as such. Bike has been maintained continously on battery tender, and started every 2 weeks and run to normal operating temperature. I am selling the bike to free up some space in my games room(!) – please also check my auction for a super rare 2009 Bimota DB7. NO RESERVE AUCTION – if you know the value of these bikes, in this condition, with these extras – you will also know that the starting bid is very, very reasonable! Good luck!

This bike looks to be clean and seems to have been listed on RSBFS previously here. Mileage is the same although some upgrades may have been made by the current seller and you may want to get a breakdown on that. Maintenance appears to have been done so the bike should be ready to go. The seller has the auction starting at $11,000 with no reserve in place. So that would put the price pretty close to where other 749R’s have been listed.

These are killer machines. Not much more needs to be said. If you want to give this one a new home, check this auction out!


Sport Bikes For Sale November 26, 2011 posted by Rem

’86 GSX-R 750- The start of 25 glorious years

Location: Fresh Meadows, New York

Mileage: 24,500

Price: Auction, $3,879

Lots has been written about the Suzuki GSX-R 750 this let year in celebration of the 25th anniversary of one of the most iconic sportbikes to ever be introduced. A true game changer when it hit US shores in 1986, it was the most race replica bike offered at the time. It’s 16 valve in line four was a 106 hp powerhouse and it brought all sorts of acronyms to describe the trick suspension and cooling system, among many other parts. It was and remains one of the most important bikes in the evolution of the species. The fact that the GSX-R 750 has consistently been one of the best sportbikes offered every year since has not diminished that standing.

The seller of this particular bike doesn’t have lot to say in the listing. Here it is-

1986 Suzuki GSXR 750. All original except exhaust. Only 24,500 miles. Chance to own a legend for only $3,879.00.This model was the first of the super bikes to be introduced to the USA. Call if you have any more questions.

Not a lot to go on there. Here’s the pics-

The seller lists the bike as stock except for the exhaust and the photos look that way with the exception of the windscreen, which looks aftermarket, and the front fender (normally black on that paint scheme). The exhaust appears to a Yoshimura, a name long synonymous with Suzuki, so not unusual. Mileage isn’t too bad for a 25 year old bike and the motors are sturdy, so if maintained, should provide much more ride time in the future.

The seller is asking $3,879 to take this bike home. Seems like a pretty good deal to me but some more information on the history of the bike may help as not much is described in the auction. However, if the bike checks out you may have a chance to get a killer piece of sportbike history at a good price. It’s no secret I love these bikes. If you do too and you want to give yourself an early Christmas present, go place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale November 23, 2011 posted by Rem

Early Liter Bike Monster- 1990 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Location: Ely, Iowa

Mileage: 13,800

Price: Auction, $4,000 BIN

Here we have another mostly stock, clean, early Suzuki GSX-R 1100. Good clean versions of these bikes don’t survive intact over the years. Most met their fate by being dropped, wrecked, raced or modded out of existence. The air and oil cooled motor in these machines are bulletproof and an upgraded front suspension helped address issues of the engine overwhelming the chassis in the first gen models. I also think it’s best looking GSX-R out there.

Here’s some more pics-

The breakdown from the seller-

I am thre third owner of this nearly mint 1100. Adult owned from day one. one scuff on the left lower, other than that its nearly perfect.  All plastic is Suzuki original or OEM. Only two things are not original on this bike, the windshield(factory replacements are not available but Zero Gravity has stock looking clear ones for $75.00) and the steering damper is missing. Runs great, I start it every month to ensure needles stay varnish free. Feel free to email me with questions. Comes with a cover and a rear stand.

So a couple of things to take note of. The plastic is Suzuki or OEM, suggesting that some may have been replaced. You may want to get more detail on that. It also has a replaced windshield and is missing a steering damper. The seller highlights some scuffing on the fairing in the photos. Mileage is not bad at all for a bike this age and again, if maintained, the motor will go on and on.

The BIN price on this is $4,000. Not bad for a clean, older GSX-R 1100. I think these have a great upside and clean versions will maintain value. But beyond that, I think you can get a cool, early liter bike that will be fun to ride (10 second quarter miles anyone?) for not a truckload of cash. Dig it? Then place your bid!


BMW November 18, 2011 posted by Rem

Care to step into the ring? ’05 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup

Location: Austin, Texas

Mileage: 11,110

Price: Auction, $9,500 BIN

The BMW sportbike is kind of a strange creature. BMW has built cool, interesting bikes over the years and they have a unique style and features all their own. Certainly if you like adventures, the GS line is legendary for traveling anywhere you want to go. But pure sportbike? Not really a BMW thing, except when looking at the HP2 Sport, or the BMW R1100S, like the Boxer Cup seen here. Of course, the recently introduced S1000RR brought a whole new level to the liter bike game, but again, that’s a pretty recent development (and a good one).

This bike sports the BMW four valves per cylinder horizontally opposed boxer engine. Not the typical engine design you see on a sportbike. It also has BMW’s telelever front suspension, EVO brake system, Laser exhaust and killer replica paint job. Unconventional but still cool.

Here’s some more pics-

And the seller’s info-

2005  BMW R1100S Boxer Cup, in excellent condition. This bike has handlebar risers and sargent seat, which gives it a more comfortable ridding position it also comes with the origional seat, a power socket for maintaining battery with battery maintainer. Carbon front & rear fenders, carbon head protectors, dark windshield also origional windscreen, adjustable hand levers, steering lock, rear spring adjuster, front and rear rebound damping, laser exhaust,.  459LBS  4.7 gal fuel, with only 11110 miles. New battery, all extras mentioned included. Everthing works,rides great. The risers and sargent seat which is a little bit lower than origional make for a much more comfortable riding position and can be returned to origional.  Call with any questions.

This bike has a few changes like bars risers, Sargent seat and carbon fiber cool parts. The seller notes that the original parts are included. Mileage isn’t a huge concern as long as its been taken care of. All in all a clean bike with good upgrades.

This is a unique ride that isn’t going to pop up everywhere you go. The R1100S is a cool ride all its own, but the Boxer Cup takes it to another level. If you dream of a BMW sportbike, then you owe it to yourself to make the jump!


Ducati November 17, 2011 posted by Rem

Beautiful Bike Art- 2002 Ducati MH900e

Location: Santa Rosa Valley, California

Mileage: 1,064

Price: Auction, $14,500 BIN

This bike is pretty much a piece of modern motorcycle sculpture. Called the Mike Hailwood Evoluzione at Ducati it’s one of the most unique and stunning bikes built in my opinion. Just look at the swingarm. A piece of artwork in itself. At 75 hp, maybe the bike isn’t the fastest thing on the road, or the most cutting edge. But it did have super cool one-off design, solid suspension pieces and Brembo brakes. And it will sure turn heads everywhere you go.

Many a MH900e featured here on RSBFS has been a low-mile collectible bike that hasn’t been ridden much, if at all. Now, I’m not saying 1000 miles is a crazy amount of mileage, but on one these, it kind of is.

Here’s the rest of the pics-

And here’s the info from the seller-

2002 DUCATI MH900e…1 of only 500 imported to the US!

Rare Italian Sportsbike

#0919 of 2000 made

Only 1064 miles

California bike

You too can own this rare, awesome Italian sportsbike! This is #0919 of 2000 made to commemorate Mike Hailwood’s 1978 Isle of Man Formula 1 Championship and is 1 of 500 imported to the US! With its light weight tubular trellis frame, L-Twin cylinder-2 valves per cylinder-Desmodromic air cooled motor with 904cc, Marelli electronic ignition, 6 speed transmission and its single-sided/single shock suspension, you will be taking on any canyon or country road with ease. This sportsbike has been upgraded with a chrome cam cover and Staintune exhaust. We are the 2nd owners and have all books and maintenance records. It is ALWAYS garaged and meticulously maintained! With only 1064 miles on it, this is the BEST BUY out there for this rare Italian sportsbike!  SERIUOUS BUYERS ONLY!

The MH900e goes for some big money. As the seller notes, they are a numbered, limited edition bike, the first bunch offered by Ducati online. They sold out in a matter of hours. Some low and zero miles models here have been offered for some seriously high prices (a pair for $995,000 anyone? Although the seller claimed half went to charity, still…). This bike is $14,500 BIN which may be a little high for a bike with 1000 miles. Other examples have been in this range, but with less mileage. I know you can’t get a whole lot less than 1000, but with bikes like these, every mile counts.

So here’s your chance if you’ve been looking. This is a beautiful bike. If you feel like you need to give it the new home it deserves, then place your bid!


Kawasaki November 14, 2011 posted by Rem

Clean, Original ’87 Ninja 600R

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mileage: 12,622

Price: Auction, currently $1,126 with a reserve

We see a lot of exotic bikes here on RSBFS, machines that are the very pinnacle of performance and build quality. Many a limited edition with numbered plates and high end, light weight carbon fiber tasty parts. They are all great and I love them as much as anybody. But, I have a special place in my sportbike heart for the early machines. Specifically, Japanese machines. They too were well built and high performance for their time. But they were also built for the masses. Nothing special. Not limited. But for everyone. And because of that, they are actually harder to find in original clean condition. Nobody really thought about these as collectible.

In those early years was this bike. The Kawasaki Ninja 600R. Part of the GPz line, it had a liquid cooled 16 valve in-line four cylinder motor that cranked out roughly 70 horsepower mated to a six speed gearbox. It was the cutting edge of a 600cc sport bike class that would breed innovation and competition like no other class for years to come.

Here’s some more pics of this survivor-

And some brief words from the seller-


This bike looks about as clean as it gets for a bike that’s almost 25 years old. The seller does highlight some minor scuffs. The bike looks original and the mileage isn’t anything outrageous for its age. It has new tires and if there’s solid maintenance, it should be ready to enjoy on the open road.

This Ninja isn’t going to keep up with current era 600’s. I think everyone knows that. But there is something to be said for the bikes that came first and were made for all of us. If you like these early models, you should give this auction a look!


Sport Bikes For Sale November 11, 2011 posted by Rem

Blunt Force Bike- ’87 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Location: Hyannis, Massachussettes

Mileage: 30,353

Price: Auction, starting at $4,500

So if you spend a lot of time on RSBFS, as I like to do, then you start to get a sense of the history of the sportbike. If you do, then you also know the importance of Suzuki’s GSX-R line. The GSX-R 750 single handedly brought the race bike to the street and changed the game. The GSX-R 1100 seen here defined over-the-top power for the liter bike. Boasting an air and oil cooled motor that pushed the chassis to its limit, the GSX-R 1100 is a true sportbike classic.

Here’s the brief description from the seller-

1987 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 in museum condition. This bike was part of a collector’s collection. I purchased this bike several years ago. I believe I am only the second owner. This bike has never been disassembled or modified except for the Vance & Hines exhaust pipe and jet kit. Bike runs flawlessly. The only imperfection on bike is a slight crease in the fuel tank where someone pushed in with the palm of their hand. If you would like more information please call me.

And some more pics-

This bike looks to very clean and well taken care of for the mileage. The pipe has been swapped and the seller describes a crease in the tank. You may want of close up photo of the tank just to see how bad the crease may be. Otherwise the photos seem to show a clean and original bike.

The seller is starting the auction at $4,500 which is right in there for a bike like this. Don’t know where the reserve is, but if it is somewhere within a grand beyond the starting bid, then you should be getting a solid deal.

If you bleed all things Suzuki then I suggest you make the jump!


Sport Bikes For Sale November 11, 2011 posted by Rem

Clean ’84 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts Edition

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Mileage: 4,730

Price: Auction, $8,500 BIN

Here’s a clean “King” Kenny Roberts edition Yamaha RZ350. Many of these have been featured here at RSBFS, being a rare US legal two stroke. Two strokes offer an exhilarating world of high revs, light weight and good power. Unfortunately, emissions kept them mostly out of the US. Yamaha’s YPVS system helped boost power, keep things clean and gain its import into the States. And then there’s also the fact that Kenny Roberts is an American racing legend, being the first American to win a Grand Prix.

Here’s the info on this machine from the seller-

This bike is one of my personal bikes that I must let go due to hard economic times, I will miss her.

This is a very low milage RZ350,  almost all original the upgrades are listed below. I bought this RZ from a customer about 4 years ago after we installed new rings, cleaned the power valves, installed new chain and sprockets and tires, went through the brakes and installed new brake pads. Since then I put around 350 miles on the bike.

This bike will start right up, run great for miles and miles, and will not dissapoint.

The professional pictures were taken of the bike before we installed the HVCcycle exhaust. It had AllSpeed exhaust at that time. The HVCcycle exhaust is a far better and lighter exhaust.


Race Tech Gold valves and race tech springs in the front forks. (spring 2011)

HVCcycle Performance Exhaust, (Fall 2010)

Carbs have a Dyno Jet kit and a K&N Y-boot air filter kit.

Bridgestone BT45 tires  about 350 miles on the tires and tubes

New o-ring chain, and aluminum rear sprocket. (same as tires)

New EBC brake pads, front and back.

The bike will be sold with a brand new battery, the one in the bike is a few years old.

What is wrong with the bike

There is one tiny dent on the front right of the tank about a half a dime size.

Any questions, give me a call.

We can help to arange shipping.  I will deliver for a small price as far as Kansas City, or Des Moines.  Or about 3 hours from Lincoln NE.  (small price is determined on how much gas it will take to get there)

If you Win, a $2000.00 deposit is due within 48 hours. the balance due on pick up or before delivery.  I will take credit cards for the purchase but the 2.8% fee will be added to the total.  

And the pics-

So the great news on this bike is that it appears to be owned by a real enthusiast that has a shop pretty much dedicated to the RZ and two strokes in general. With that comes lots of upgraded goodies on the bike and what appears to be excellent maintenance. Also, mileage isn’t that high either. The seller points out a small ding on the tank as really the only issue.

So now the price. At $8,500 BIN this bike is going for a premium. While the market is always difficult to read, usually these are around the the $5k mark. This looks to be very well maintained with good upgrades so it’s up to you to decide how far that goes.

Regardless, these a killer rides. Take a look and if it strikes you, place your bid.