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Sport Bikes For Sale December 18, 2011 posted by Rem

Nice ’89 Suzuki GSX-R 750

Location: Altamont, New York

Mileage: 11,344

Price: Auction, currently $3,349

As Mike pointed out in a previous post, I spend much of my time at corporate trying to convince anyone who will listen of the greatness of the early GSX-R. We all have our opinions and certainly much is subjective, but I will always write these bikes up. To me they are an essential part of the golden era of the sportbike.

This ’89 is a nice example of the second generation GSX-R 750. This generation saw a revised frame and bodywork that resulted in one of the best looking sportbikes ever built, in my opinion. The engine in this bike was switched up by Suzuki to a shorter stroke for higher revs. The result was an engine that didn’t quite deliver the expected increase in power. But it was still the lightest 750 on the market.

From the seller-

Back in 1989 I purchased one of these off the showroom floor here in upstate NY. Loved the bike but was forced to sell it. This GSXR was bought by me earlier this year. I am the third owner. (Clean title in my name) First owner bought it new and second owner was his personal friend and relative. I was lucky to find it. Bike is in Incredible shape for the year. Actually better than most 2008 2009 and 2010 I’ve seen. I’ve been working on it for the last few months and was planning on keeping it. However, I came across a 92 1100 which I am in the process of restoring. Which is what I love to do, So the time has come.

As for the condition. Its flat out beautiful. The plastic is in excellent shape. There are two scratches. One on the lower left (see pic) and one on the front cowl right hand side (see pic) from the throttle cable. The cable crimped where it meets the downswing and it rubbed on the fairing. I have a new cable but have not replace it because it doesn’t pose as an issue to the throttle. There is a crack on the rear about 1.25 inches around the mount. I had it pulled and bonded. Nice strong fix and hard to tell. I put a K&N sticker over the hairline which you wouldn’t know it was there. (see pic) camera can’t pick it up.

I was planning on having the blems professionally repaired by Empire GP in Mountour Falls NY. However, After speaking to the owner Bob, they have closed shop temporarily. He’s done work for me in the past and is a professional. If the bike doesn’t sell then I will check back with Empire till they get up and running.

Mechanically the bike is sound. Runs clean, pulls hard, shifts perfect. Oil and battery were replace in the beginning of 2011. Has Brand New Bridgestone Battlax tires and brakes, Chain, Sprockets  are as new. The 2nd owner Had the D&D exhaust installed with, filters, racing clutch, jetted, basically tuned for a racing machine.(See pic of receipt). Now, I installed the Supertrapp Superlite canister on the D&D header. These are tunable for your stile of riding. Sounds better as well and offer more HP. The Supertrapp was really long so I shortened it and repacked. Looks great and sounds incredible. I will sell with both cans and you can decide. For any of the custom changes I have done, You can easily change. I installed the left side bar end mirror. For me its easier to see and eliminates any possible damage to the front cowl. I do have the stock mirrors and two others that can be used for parts. Stock mirrors were painted. I stripped them and they are ready for a light dusting of flat black to even out the finish. Rims are best Ive ever seen. This bike has went through one tire change in its life. It shows because the rims show little sign of a disgruntled mechanic. Bar end weight is included as well. Any other bolts that were replaced were swapped with stainless. No corners cut with this restoration. 

Mileage is 100% original and riding this bike you will think it just came out of the showroom.

I have extra parts that I will throw in with the bike. Original parts as well. I have the original mirrors, bar end and receipts. Receipts and invoice total around $2k. The 2nd owner didn’t keep any of the parts he removed, Unfortunately. The solo seat cover is aftermarket but fits nice. Was planning on having it painted factory as well. Please email Any Questions. I will respond later in the afternoon.

Not included is the center stand and swing arm spools.

Shipping is your soul responsibility. I will not be held responsible for shipping or any damage. It is at your risk. So make certain you know hire a reputable shipper. 

I have a video of the bike running with the d&d exhaust.Send email address and I’ll send it to you. 

I have winterized the bike by removing the battery and draining the gas. I just drained the carberator bowls today. Its stored in my clean garage with a cover. Garage is not heated but attached and carpeted which helps.

Reserve is priced to sell. 

Bike is For Sale locally. I reserve the right to end the auction at any time. 

Finally, This is a 23 year old piece of history. For a bike of this era to make it this long unmolested is a miracle in itself. Serious buyers only, please. Do not waste my time as I will not waste yours. Good Luck and Thanks for Looking….

And more photos for you to check-

So this bike is not  bone stock, but is still a pretty clean example of an ’89 GSX-R 750. Mileage isn’t too bad and there are some replaced parts, although the original equipment comes along with it. Some minor cosmetic issues are highlighted by the seller. There is a reserve on the auction, and who knows where that is. I would suspect this would go somewhere between $4 and $5k.

It’s the holidays and I love to see any of these older GSX-R’s find good homes. If there’s space in your garage (you will garage it, right?) then go place your bid!


Ducati December 15, 2011 posted by Rem

Low Mileage Nicky Hayden Ducati 848

Location: Modesto, California

Mileage: A whopping 188

Price: $14,000 BIN

Not sure how much we need to discuss Nicky Hayden here. Good old American MotoGp racer from Kentucky who happened to pull a world title in 2006. Of course he did that on a Repsol Honda. Since, Nicky moved to Ducati and hasn’t had the same success. Neither has Valentino for that matter. But in honor of his being at Ducati, they put out the limited production Nicky Hayden edition seen here. Who knows if they’ll drop a Rossi edition on us. Hope so.

Here’s the info from the seller-

CONDITION: Vehicle is in immaculate condition. With only 188 actual miles this motorcycle has stayed covered in a garage ever since it was purchased new from the dealer in february 2010. The motorcycle has never seen rain and has no dents or scratches. Bike is started about every two weeks and stays plugged into a battery tender to the factory installed lead. The bike is still under factory warranty! ALL OFFERS WITHIN LOGIC WILL BE CONSIDERED

FEATURES: The bike is completely stock as it came from the factory. Absolutely no work, tuning, modifications, or replacing of any parts has been performed. This is an original limited edition, autographed Nicky Hayden 848, ONLY 150 BIKES EVER MADE! All dealer information, original paperwork, two keys, battery tender and bike cover come with the sale. This is as close to a brand new bike as it gets without paying full sticker price. Save money and avoiding paying sales tax from a dealer.

SHIPPING AND DELIVERY: Buyer is responsible for shipping costs and delivery fees. However, I have a truck and will transport near the west coast free of charge depending on location. I am pretty open to that agreement so contact me for details.

And more photos-

So this appears to be one clean, original, no excuses bike. Not much more to say than that. The bike is limited with only 150 being built. It has the obvious special paint scheme and Nicky signature on the tank. Otherwise, it’s your standard Duc 848. This one also has extremely low mileage, so if your interested, here’s a chance to own an original Hayden edition that hasn’t even been broken in. The seller also includes all the extras and paperwork that came with the bike. Important if you are really looking to collect this bike.

The seller is offering the bike for $14,000 BIN and is also accepting offers. MSRP was $14,500 so maybe you can pick it up for a little less and get an essentially new bike and save some dough. If you’re a Nicky and Ducati fan, then take advantage of this opportunity and check the auction out.


Sport Bikes For Sale December 14, 2011 posted by Rem

Potentially Very Special ’99 Yamaha R7 (OW02) Race Bike

Location: Norwalk, Connecticut

Mileage: Race bike

Price: Auction, starting at $20,000

Originally listed in September, this bike is back on eBay. Links updated. -dc

So I just have to be up front here and say I’m not sure what to make of this bike. Clearly it is advertised as and looks like an R7-OW02, one of the coolest, limited production, homologated specials ever. Certainly for that reason alone it deserves attention. However, this bike is also advertised as a full factory race bike that does’t have the OW02 750cc engine, but a built 1000cc R1 motor. Clearly that would mean that it’s not a stock R7. But if it is a factory race bike, then it could be something very special.

Here’s important information from the seller that may help figure this thing out-

Here’s your chance to own one of the rarest superbikes on the planet. This is a full factory prepared R7 superbike. This particular bike contested the Unlimited 1999 Macau GP with Michael Rutter then went on to compete in the Island of Man and the Northwest 200.

So lets start with what this bike is. This is a full factory Yamaha R7. If you know what a R7 is then you’ll understand that this is the Godzilla of R7’s. Spec wise we have a full factory R1 (1078cc) Superbike motor with TI rods, knife edged crank,3mm big bore,YEC kit cams, full YEC kit tranny and KES quickshifter, its fueled by a very unique Motec fuel injection system, it all flows out a Promotive custom Ti exhuast that weighs next to nothing!.You get your dash info from a Stack tach metering system wired into the Factort YEC kit racing harness. Ok here’s the cool stuff this bike was tuned by Slick Base (Fogerty’s championship mechanic). I dyno’d it on a DynoJet 200 where it made a strong 182.4 rwhp.All that power and heat is cooled off by a full length Superbike R7 Febor radiator (about $5,800 at the time).

Lets talk about the subline chassis of this trick R7. The R7 was already known for awesome handling and this bike brings that legend to a new level. Spec wise we have a YEC kit swingarm with quick change front and rear spindles. Of course there are the GP spec Ohlins (unobtainium) front 43mm fork supported in a magnesium and aluminum Harris adjustable triple clamp. In the rear there is GP spec TTX22 Olhins attached to a YEC Kit linkage.

When it comes to braking nothing but the best was sourced for this monster. AP six piston calipers grab 330mm cast Brembo superbike rotors with a Radial AP 30mm master cylinder. The wheels are very trick Magnesium Marvic Pentas 3.75 front, 6.25 rear…these are ridiculously light wieght. It’s got a new set of Dunlop Ntech’s with one track session on them.

The bodywork is all YEC Spec fiberglass painted up in HAGA R7 colors by Dreamworks.

So that’s the bike. Very trick,very rare very cool. In it’s day this thing was the dream bike of all racers. I assume your looking at $100k plus invested in the development and assembly of this bad boy. I’m selling it because I’m a pig and have three more R7’s in different confiqurations and I just have’t used this bike in over a year. I actually started racing my Ferrari 430GT this summer and need another $20k set of ceramic brakes (this is the second set!!!) so this bike will be sold to fund a new stupid expensive passion. I know sic bike for a set of brakes wtf is the matter with me.

Anyway this R7/1 would make a beautiful addition to a superbike collection, a wicked cool track day bike (you’ll be the only one EVER!) or you could cut up the fairing add a single light and do a 8hr Suzuka Replica for the most rare street bike ever. Desmosedici’s look like a moped next to this bike!

I have several more (over 100!) sic superbikes that may come up for auction in the next couple of months so save me as a seller because the stuff I’m selling never comes up for sale. There’s a Muzzy Raptor racer, Chandler’s ZX7RR AMA Champ bike,a slew of FUSA racers.

If you have any questions drop me an email. I’ll help with domestic or overseas shipping but I would like to keep the bike in the states because all the good stuff is leaving our wonderful country lately.

There’s no reserve, it’s starting at $20k . It’s definately a once in a lifetime opportunity, if it doesn’t sell at this listing it just goes back in the collection and gets listed for lot more next time!! Good luck!

Here’s some more pictures before we get back to the analysis-

Okay, so the seller states the bike was campaigned at the 1999 Macau GP, Isle of Man and the North West 200. I would want to get some information that would verify the bike was ridden in those events, especially when linking the bike to Michael Rutter. If that can be done, then I’m assuming the price becomes more justifiable. And of course that would also speak volumes about the modifications to the bike. Clearly anything that is factory prepped is special and the photos seem to show the special parts highlighted by the seller that come with that.

Condition is difficult with race bikes, but this one does’t appear to have been wrecked. However, confirmation of that or whatever has happened to the bike would also be good. This may be one hell of a machine when it comes to build and parts, but really the thing that puts it into a higher category is the heritage. If it’s there as the seller claims, then you really have something. In terms of price, this one is hard to gauge. I think it really is the market and who’s buying that will determine price.

So, I guess all I can say is if you like this bike, do your homework. If it checks out and you have the means, congrats to you. You got a one of a kind. Regardless, this is an interesting machine and I encourage you to check it out!


MV Agusta December 12, 2011 posted by Rem

Gold! 2002 MV Agusta F4 750 Oro Package

Location: North Hollywood, California

Mileage: 14,971

Price: Auction, $11,500 BIN

MV Agusta isn’t a bike you’re gonna see on the road all that often regardless of the model. This company is high end Italian and production numbers are not gonna be that big. They also build some of the best looking, coolest, exotic sportbikes you’ll find. So, when it comes the rare sportbikes, MV is kinda there by definition alone.

So when MV busts out a limited production model like the Oro, then it is something beyond their standard production. For the Oro, you got a nice share of magnesium to go with the rest of your exotic Italian bike. The F4 750 Oro was introduced in 1999 with a total of 300 bikes built. It appears that this model is a F4 750 with upgraded Oro parts.

Here’s the info from the seller-



More photos-

Why an Oro upgrade and not a factory Oro? The Oro model from MV is a numbered limited production model (again, 300 made) and the seller does not list the number which would appear on the bike. Plus the original Oro bikes were produced in 1999, not 2002. Finally, the bike is priced at $11,500 BIN, which would be an extraordinary deal for a factory Oro (orginally a $50k plus bike). So essentially here you can get a bike with Oro-like-looking upgrades without paying the Oro price. And an MV F4 750 is going to be a killer bike regardless.

The bike appears clean and well cared for with decent mileage. And as said above, and by the seller, you’re going to to get a rare machine with looks that will turn heads. I suspect it’s also going to be a blast to ride. So, if you are inclined, treat  yourself to an early present and make the jump!


Sport Bikes For Sale December 8, 2011 posted by Rem

One Seriously Clean ’84 Yamaha RZ500

Location: Dana Point, California

Mileage: 6,513

Price: Auction, $14,999 BIN

For older guys like me, MotoGp or really Grand Prix racing was all about the two stroke 500. I cut my teeth on guys like Kevin Schwantz and Wayne Rainey, Mick Doohan and the like. The two stroke machines were truly exotic for me as they were never a part of the US bike scene. They were just beasts out on the track that were hard to tame. So when I see a bike like this, I just get nostalgic for those days. I love MotoGP now, but something about it has become tamer, less thrilling. This bike kind of brings it all back.

Let’s just get straight to the description from the seller-


1984 RZ500L in Stock, mint Original condition and presents extremely well. I have always wanted to own one of these MotoGP Race Replicas and being a two-stroke, four-cylinder; it’s the ultimate Yamaha from the 1980’s. The bike goes as you would expect a 500cc V4 2 stroke to go, bloody fast. I have the shop manual, owner’s manual, original keys, and toolkit and rare, optional factory seat cowl included. When I discovered it 8 years ago, it was like walking back into the showroom, and unlike some, I chose not to buy an abused or race modified example and then spend thousands in parts and time trying to restore what I patiently waited years to find. The only non-original items on this machine are the brand new, Bridgestone BT-45 tires, currently among the best tyres money can buy for the RZ500; I’ve taken great care not to detract from its originality. Included are the original tool kit, owner manual, and shop manual. This RZ500 is operates better than any two-stroke that I’ve ever owned since 1979. This RZ500 uses its original airbox, original oil injector system, and original factory exhaust expansion chambers. This RZ500 is insured in my name for several years and is sold with a clear, transferable Australian title.  A modified Yamaha RZ500 sold on eBay 5 weeks ago for $24,500 so they are a fast appreciating classic bike.

Vehicle Condition

It’s really got to be one of the nicest original RZ500’s in America. The pictures speak for themselves.  It’s never had chambers or other modifications. The engine and frame numbers match. This bike is a turnkey, one or two kick ride-a-way. There are no unusual top end noises. All instruments and lights work with the bike itself needing absolutely nothing!  All rubber components to include the hand grips, grommets, are all original, and display no signs of dry rot or fade. Brilliant original Yamaha OEM red/white paint is in unbelievable condition and it looks as bright as new! All components to include the exhaust, handlebar, signals, signal lenses, etc. are in the same condition. The head, carburetors, engine block, and aluminum components have no visible rust. The gloss engine side covers are brilliant condition. A few little blemishes here and there but that is from being a 28 year old vehicle and moved around from time-to-time. The speedometer reads 10,483 kilometers or 6513 actual miles. The video shows a cold morning start up and engine operation on December 5, 2011.

Terms of Sale

Cash Only Sale, no cash, no sale. You will immediately be given the title, keys, and manuals upon receipt of full cash payment. The bike must be collected within 14 days of purchase. This is a 28 year old motorcycle, and as such, is being sold with no warranty expressed or implied. I’m located just 60 minutes from the Port of Los Angeles and can deliver anywhere within California or Nevada/Arizona for my costs. It is available to be picked up. Shipping of the motorcycle is strictly the responsibility of the purchaser. I will assist in whatever capacities I can. I am open to reasonable offers.

And now the photos-

And video-

So this bike looks like something for all the collectors out there or anyone who wants a clean, rare RZ500. Everything seems to be there and in excellent condition. It’s gonna run you $15k if you decide to buy it now. And that’s a serious chunk of change. The market on bikes like this can fluctuate quite a bit, depending upon condition. But bikes in this kind of condition are hard to find and will command a premium.

So it’s up to you. If you have the means, and you dig these bikes, check this auction out!


Sport Bikes For Sale December 7, 2011 posted by Rem

First Year Beauty- Original ’86 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Location: New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada

Mileage: 31,068 (50,000 km)

Price: $3,250

Here’s an opportunity to take home a legendary bike. For those in the know, the GSX-R 1100 is an icon. When it was released by Suzuki in 1986, the power of the air and oil cooled 1100cc motor built an instant following. It was a brute that quickly set a new mark for the liter bike class. It followed the year after Suzuki introduced the game changing GSX-R 750 and is truly one of the great classic sportbikes.

And this bike is a legend. Why? How about an unreal amount of power (130+ hp) in a roughly 430 pound package. And this was back in 1986. Really, that kind of power to weight was a mind blower back then.

This bike appears to be one of the rarest of the rare when it comes to old GSX-R’s. And by that I mean an original, unmodified example. It’s hard to find any early GSX-R’s on the road but a first year that is original falls into the hen’s teeth category.

As described in the ad, the owner of this bike was “old-school” and kept this beautiful machine in original condition. To me that really is a thing of beauty. A piece of history for everyone to enjoy.

The description in the ad reads-

Hard to find first year GSX-R 1100, extremely good condition, owner was “old school”, kept bike original.  Estate needs to sell.  Can include riding gear.  Bike is in New Glasgow, NS

This bike was clearly owned by an enthusiast who took excellent care of the machine. The mileage is significant but these engines are also known for their amazing durability. A bike maintained well, even with higher mileage, should still give you many more miles of riding time.

Asking price on this is $3,250. And that may be Canadian, I’m not sure. Regardless, I think that’s an amazing deal on a real icon. Do yourself a favor and take a look at this listing!


Honda December 2, 2011 posted by Rem

Uber Clean 1990 Honda VFR750F

Location: Oakland, California

Mileage: 15,669

Price: Auction, currently $3,000 with reserve

I own a VFR800 and I love it. It’s a great bike, but man, it’s nowhere near as cool as this one. The VFR/Interceptor line has a long history with Honda, and they have always been cool in my book. The start of the 90’s brought a revised VFR750F with a new twin spar frame, single sided swing arm and V-4 motor that cranked out over 100hp. The bike wasn’t the RC30 but you can certainly see the resemblance. These bikes were also built with famous Honda quality and could go for many, many miles.

Here’s the pics-

And from the seller-

1990 VFR 750F 49 State model, originally from Colorado, came to California, and has been stored indoors and covered for 12 years. Complete mechanical restoration, 2nd owner. All service records, original sales receipt, complete tool kit, owners manuals, rear seat cowl(undamaged) and 1 unused key included. List of improvements as follow, fuel tank cleaned, carbs stripped and ultrasonic cleaned, all new brass and jets. Thermostat and coolant replaced. Oil and filter changed 2 times. Clutch friction discs replaced. Fork springs and oil, rear shock replaced with Daughtry Motorsports CBR929 unit, rear suspension bearings cleaned and re greased. Spark plugs and BMC air filter. Brake and clutch fluid flushed, new front and rear brake pads. MOSFET voltage regulator and battery. New Michellin Roadsmart tires.New RK chain. ECT….

This bike is toothbrush clean inside and out, all work has been performed by a 22 year experienced technician. This bike needs nothing, and rides so much better than a stocker, jetting and suspension are spot-on. My local Honda dealer took one look at the bike and said ” I havent seen on that clean in 15 years!”

Finding any bike from 1990 this clean isn’t going to happen very often. Granted the VFR was less of a full sportbike that the other bikes of the time, so the chances of dropped, wrecked and modded examples may be a little less. However, this bike appears to be very well cared for with some minor modification that could benefit the bike. The seller lists all the little extras that come with the bike that are always nice.

There’s a reserve on this auction so who knows what the bike will go for. However, it would seem a VFR this clean and well maintained would pull somewhere close to $4k. And at that price you would be getting a great bike that still has many years of riding ahead of it along with a great history.

It’s Chrsitmas time. Treat yourself and make the jump!



BMW November 29, 2011 posted by Rem

Bavarian Beauty- 2008 BMW HP2 Sport

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Mileage: 3,806

Price: Auction, $17,700 BIN

Do you like meticulously well built motorcycles made out of high quality materials? How about something with a horizontally opposed four valve per cylinder twin? High-end adjustable Ohlins suspensions parts? How about a strikingly good looking bike you don’t see everyday? If you answered yes to those questions, then I give you the BMW HP2 Sport. Fastest bike on earth? Nope. Not even the fastest BMW makes. But uniquely cool and special for sure.

Take a look at some pics and then we’ll get into some more specs-

This BMW is going to give you a 1200cc boxer twin that cranks out an impressive 130 hp. It’s also going to include weight saving carbon fiber and some beautiful aluminum parts that scream high-end build quality (just look at that triple clamp, oh and forged aluminum foot pegs). The HP2 Sport is an expensive bike new, but is also heralded as one of the best built sportbikes out there.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

I am not happy about parting with my baby but things come up:(. This bike is as close to perfect as you will find period!, and especially as far as most HP2S’s I have seen and heard about at my local dealer. It has been maintained meticulously and if need be the service mgr at GOAZ Motorcycles would tell you how nice it is. The tires were installed front and rear less than 500 miles ago, and were replaced to factory spec. It has been garage kept in sunny Arizona and has never seen rain. or the TRACK! It was recently detailed by European Detail here in Scottsdale, the official detailer for Barrett Jackson Auctions. The bike also has a full 3M clear vinyl shield to protect the carbon fiber and paint from chips and rubbing from leathers, other than what I have said the bike is stock! I can assist with transport and financing if you need help. Please feel free to call me – Kris- or if you live local and would like to see it we can arrange that. Thanks and Good Luck! Your buying an unbelievable machine and a piece of art and history!

This looks to be a clean, well cared for machine. Mileage is very low for BMW so no worries there. Don’t really know if there is much more to add on this bike. Again, they run around $25K new, so you could save yourself some significant cash on a used model like this.

If one of these pops up at my local dealership at a good price, I’m going to have a difficult financial decision to make. If you crave one of these too, then take action and place your bid!