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Sport Bikes For Sale April 11, 2013 posted by Rem

Hey you! Wanna race a two stroke? TZR250 Track Bike

Location: San Jose, CA    Mileage: Race Bike    Price: Auction

91 TZR250

91 TZR250

Yamaha TZR’s are awesome bikes that are featured here on RSBFS as often as they come up for sale. Here you have an opportunity to pick one up set up for the track, where the bike can really shine. Lightweight chassis and lots of power means fun, fun, fun. Track or street the TZR is a rare bike for sure.

From the seller-

This is a 1991 Yamaha TZR250. 

More specifically, it has a TZR250R frame with a TZR250RS engine. The main difference being the ‘RS’ trim has the dry-clutch whereas the ‘R’ trim does not.

For those that aren’t familiar with the TZR, it’s Yamaha’s street replica version of the 2T TZ250 GP bike. This bike put out 56hp at the wheel with improper jetting (was dyno’d with 340 mains, whereas should have been 310s – short story – dyno operator’s auxiliary fuel setup was starving bike of fuel due to clogged filter), so should put out close to 60 with the proper main jets.

Bike’s top-end was freshened up a while ago with only 2 trackdays done on it since. Pistons/cylinders appeared to be in good condition.

As you can tell in the pictures, this bike has had all the street parts removed. The oil tank and pump setup have been removed, as well as all lights and the harness has been modified to remove all those connections and to remove any restrictions. 

Note Worthy Modifications


RC Sugo Exhaust chambers

Toomey silencers

TZ250 TM38 carbs, which have been modified a bit.

Key switch, etc. has been removed.

Sugo capactitor put in place of the battery

TZ250 inspired fairing stay

TZ250 rearsets




(1) RC Sugo Exhaust chamber

(1) Set of modified stock exhaust chambers 

(1) Set of TZ250 carbon fiber silencers (1 silencer has rash on it)

(2) Pistons of unknown mileage (appear to be low)

(1) Set of TZR250SPR rings (they will not work with the pistons currently on this bike – only will work with SPR pistons)

Numerous main jets, front and rear gearing, rearset parts and other ass’t parts


Random Notes


This bike is currently registered in CA as an OHV. 

Willing to help ship bike (i.e. drive bike within a reasonable distance to a shipping company, be around for a shipper to pick bike up from my house, etc.).

If you have any questions please ask.


Payment and Auction Terms


Deposit of $250 due within 24 hours of auction’s end with balance payable within 2 weeks.

Buyer must pick up item from me or arrange for a shipping company to come and pick up bike after payment has cleared.

And pics-

So if you’re looking for a TZR for a street bike, you may be able to get this back there but it’s gone take effort. If you want a track bike, then you’re in luck. The seller lists extra parts and work done to the bike. Seems like you could be in pretty good shape with this bike if you wanna hit the track.

So if you have dreams of being a 250 two stroke racer, get to work and make your play!


Sport Bikes For Sale April 6, 2013 posted by Rem

Red and White Beauty!- ’89 GSX-R 750

Location: Collegeville, PA   Mileage: 17,080   Price: $4,200 BIN

89 GSXR750

 89 GSXR750

The GSX-R 750 is no stranger to RSBFS, and folks know that I will write up pretty much any I find that are now old and rare. That includes this red and white ’89. Many folks arguer over the best year and version of the 750, but I would take ’em all. The GSX-R 750’s importance to the sportbike world cannot be overstated and everyone should own one, at least once.

Here’s the seller’s info-

1989 GSXR 750 with 17,080 miles, survivor!!! 

I purchased this bike several years back with intention to keeping in my collection. 

Over the past year I installed new battery, cleaned the carbs and serviced the bike to keep it running, rode couple time every summer, this bike is mechanically completely stock, except for Yoshimura exhaust, K&N air filter, turn signal and few other minor items.

The bike still has all oem plastics and decals, keep in mind this is 24 years old so there is some cracked plastic, and recently, a dent on the tank next to the seat, (ouch..) but over all in good condition for it’s age, This is a desirable and very collectable bike!

Tires will need to be replaced soon.

Text (or call) me if you have any question

$250.00 Deposit Required at end of auction.

Cash or cashier’s check.

And pics-

This bike isn’t 100% stock or is it totally mint. It’s got some replaced parts and some cracks and dings that happen over a period of 24 years. It does look pretty good for its age and these bikes are rare as surviving this long is a miracle in itself. Mileage isn’t too bad either.

As I’ve said before, they ain’t making any more of these. If you can give it a good home, check the auction out!


Honda March 26, 2013 posted by Rem

Rare? Check. Two Stroke? Check- ’86 Honda NS400R

Location: Peyton, Colorado   Mileage: 420   Price: Auction


Hey, you. Yeah, you. You want an extremely rare two stroke, three cylinder sportbike? Well, I’ve got one right here. Two strokes are hard enough to find here in the States, but if you want something even more unique, go with the NS400R. It’s a three cylinder party guaranteed to get you noticed.


Here’s what the seller has to say about this bike-

I have my 1986 Honda NS400r up for sale.  It has 420.3 all original miles on it, the odometer says 676.4KM as it is not in miles.The bike has rebuilt carbs with all new ebay purchased OEM parts.  It is jetted for 2000 feet above sea level.  I have not started it in over a year, but drained the carbs before storing it.  I kicked on the first start last time I tried.  There is a crack in one of the rear view mirrors.  Bike is missing chain guard, pillions and rear pegs, turn signals, and sprocket cover.  Paint will be a 8.9 out of 10.  Some decals are rubbed or scratched.  In a good market the bike is worth over 20k, but we are not in a good market so it is priced accordingly.  The bike is in the sought after HRC colors(red, white, and blue).  Minor scratches and dings, but overall incredible.  The bike does not have a title but I have a clean VIN inspection completed by the Colorado State Patrol.  It was used as a track bike by my friend who passed away 2 years ago, and he left me 5 motorcycles.  He was a racer in California from way back.  The bike(s) was stored in his shed for many many years until he passed.  The bike is safety wired for the track.  The bike is 100% all original with the exception of the ignition switch and I have a spare gas tank fitted to the bike as the original has a dent in it but is also included.  The bike is a 2 stroke 3 cylinder monster!  They bike also comes with the factory honda rear stand that is impeccably rare and expensive!!!  This bike is sooooo rare in the U.S. and also on ebay!  I dont need to sell it, but would like some extra room in the garage. This bike will not dissapointed you.  I will try to make a video walk through to show everything on the bike. Bike is #197 off of the line.  Thanks

And a couple more picks-



So the seller describes this bike as pretty much bone stock and very clean. Certainly the mileage is low and hopefully it’s been well maintained. This is a bike you’re just not gonna see on every street corner.

So if you fancy rare Honda’s or rare two strokes or rare sportbikes (which I’m assuming you do), then you may want to check this auction out!


Sport Bikes For Sale March 20, 2013 posted by Rem

Clean ’86 Yamaha RZ350 – Canadian Version, Full Fairing

Location: Surrey, BC, Canada   Mileage: 13,500   Price: Auction

86 RZ350

86 RZ350

The Yamaha RZ350 came to U.S. shores for a short time as a rare two stroke street bike you could legally buy in the U.S. It was the Kenny Roberts edition in tribute to one of the greatest American motorcycle racers of all time. However, in the rest of the world (even Canada) you could buy these for years. It’s not a KR edition but still a killer bike.

From the seller-

1986 Yamaha RZ 350 Canadian Version. Clear title. Mint condition one of the cleanest and nicest ones you will find. Toomey pipes, Toomey air filter, Boysen reeds everything else stock and unmolested!

Runs fantastic, Selling because my M/C collecting days are over. Bike comes with another set of expansion chambers Factory Pipe Products,K&N filters,extra belly pan. There are a few other small parts also.

3 manuals including shop manuals.

And more pics-

This bike looks very clean and has upgraded pipes, which is a nice bonus. There are also a few extra parts that go with it, also a bonus. The seller reports that the bike runs well and has been part of a collection. Apparently for the seller the time for collecting has passed but that means your time could be starting.

The RZ 350 is a popular bike and for good reason. You get two stroke power and fun in a good looking, classic sportbike. If you’ve always wanted one, go check the auction and place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale March 16, 2013 posted by Rem

New ’06 Yamaha YZF-R1 LE 50th Anniversary (#380/500)

Location: Laguna Niguel, California   Mileage: 0/1   Price: Auction- $18,500 BIN

06 R1 LE

06 R1 LE

The custom Kenny Roberts paint that Yamaha released on this fine R1 and the R6 are killer paint jobs. I love them. There’s a guy who runs all over my town on one constantly and I always love the way the bike looks. What we have here though is something a little more special than just paint. Yamaha built 500 Limited Edition R1’s in ’06 and this is number 380. And these bikes came with an Ohlins suspension, Marchesini rims and a slipper clutch, to name some upgrades, making it extra special.

Here’s the seller’s description-

You are bidding on a VERY RARE

    2006 Yamaha YZF LE R1

     Limited Edition

1 of Only 500 for


 This one is number 380.

This bike should not be confused with the look alike bikes offered at your Yamaha dealer.

     This bike is one of the 500 genuine motorcycles.

                   These are the 50th Anniversary Edition for Yamaha bikes.

They made only 500 numbered bikes for the WORLD with less than 1/2 in the USA, Very Rare.

Yamaha also makes a look alike bike with the yellow and black paint but NOT the factory racing parts listed below,

 and NOT numbered–this is NOT the look alike bike.





     True Ohlins Suspension units Front & Rear, custom developed by the same people who work on

     Yamaha’s MotoGP Racing mo6torcycle (World Champion Valentino Rossi’s, with 8 Grand Prix

     Championships to his name) to provide you with the ULTIMATE in handling.

     Low weight Marchesini forged alloy wheels that are nearly 1 pound lighter than a regular R1.

                                   A 5 valve per cylinder,

                                         12,500 RPM,

                                        183 Horsepower,

                                 Dual Overhead Highlift Cams,

                                 Revised intake with Ram-Air,

                                  Dual Valve Fuel Injection,

                       32-bit ECU (for instantaneous power delivery),

                                  998cc (1 Liter) 4 cylinder

                                     Lightweight Engine.

6 Speed transmission with Slipper clutch, for smoother, safer and faster downshifts,

 20mm longer swingarm, more rigid lower triple clamp, and more rigid frame makes this the BEST handling R1 ever.

                                       Gold drive chain.

                                          Lap timer.

                       Radial mount calipers and BREMBO radial pump

                       Front master cylinder with adjustable lever.

                        Amazing braking power and controlability.

                            Sticky and wide Pirelli tires.

  These are most of the differences between a regular R1 and this Real, numbered, limited edition (LE) R1.


                                    0.1 Miles,

                                    ZERO MILES.

                                   NEVER RIDDEN

    This motorcycle has been parked with a cover in a heated classic car garage with two other

    motocycles and two classic cars.


 This motorcycle has 0 miles and has never been ridden

  The pearl flake paint glitters widly in the sun that you just have to see in real life to believe.

              All original paperwork, brochures


              Rare Yamaha Limited tool kit included.

And pics-

So these are limited run bikes, have a cool set of upgrades, and this one has 0/1 miles. So what’s not to like? Clearly this would be a great collector piece and breaking it out to put mileage on it now might seem like a bad idea to some. But it was also built to be ridden, so if that’s what you choose to do, hat’s off to you. How you enjoy this beauty would be entirely up to you.

if you’ve been looking for one, here’s your chance. To make your move, check the auction!


Sport Bikes For Sale March 7, 2013 posted by Rem

Own a Legend: Stock ’87 GSX-R 1100

Location: Hudson, Wisconsin   Mileage: 15,434   Price: $4,750 BIN

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 5.11.42 PM

The GSX-R 1100 in almost any iteration will find its way on to RSBFS. Many have varying opinions about which generation is best and certainly some paint schemes worked better than others. I personally like them all. But I also like all things GSX-R. Regardless, the 1100, especially a slabby like this one, is undeniably rare and an important bike in the history of sportbikes.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 5.11.55 PM

Early GSX-R 1100’s like this one had a giant 1100 cc air an oil cooled motor stuffed into a frame developed for its 750 cc little brother. That’s a lot of motor for this particular chassis and could make life interesting for the rider. The engines are considered bullet-proof and have been found to survive in some form or another for many, many years.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 5.12.07 PM

This bike looks stock from the limited photos. It would be nice to get some more close-up shots to get an idea of the condition. It would also be nice to be able to see under the tank protector to get a sense of what the paint is like there.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 5.12.20 PM

Here’s the owner’s description-

This 1987 GSXR 1100 is an 8 out of 10 with 15,484 well maintained miles and is rare in Red and Black color.  Most 1987 GSXRs were sold in the White and Blue racing color combination.

It is completely stock to include exhaust and rare plastic air intakes.  I searched for years to find this bike after owning the same model from 1987-1990.   I bought it about 4 years ago with 13k on the clock and rode it 1000 miles home.  It is extremely reliable and you can ride it anywhere.  I care about quality maintenance, and at 15k miles I had the bike completely serviced at a Suzuki dealership.  The service guys were amazed at how clean and stock this bike is!  Service included: new chain, new spark plugs, new air filters, flushing of front & rear brake systems, flushing of clutch system, transmission, fresh engine oil & oil filter.  I also had the dealer do a complete rebuild of the front forks (fluid/seals) and they operate as new for both compression dampening and rebound.  Every switch and light works to include turn signals.  There are a few minor dings that have touch-up paint.  I’m selling as is, but you will not be disappointed.  If you are a disciminating buyer, you’ll love this bike cosmetically and mechanically.  I’m only selling to raise more cash for property down payment. 

If you choose “Buy it Now” I will deliver your Gixxer for free within 100 miles of Hudson, WI (54016).  Delivering further distances is negotiable after sale.  I will also store it until Spring for free if you want to fly in and ride it home.  Although the tires have low mileage, they are 4 years old.  I will replace them with new tires at the “Buy it Now” price and include a pitbull swingarm stand.

Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. 

Again, the photos are limited but the seller describes the bike as well maintained and completely stock. That is a rare find indeed for this bike. And for all the collector’s out there, a bone stock early 1100 would be a prize.

So if you are looking, this may be your ticket. Want to make a play? Go place your bid!


Honda March 5, 2013 posted by Rem

Slightly modded but cool ’85 VF1000R

Location: La Grange, Kentucky   Mileage: 16,900   Price: $4,500

85 VF1000R

Here we have another Honda VR1000R up for grabs on RSBFS. These show up from time to time in various conditions. They are an important bike in Honda’s sportbike history and are a must if you’re a serious Honda collector.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 8.23.21 PM

The power in these units comes from a V-4 that also has a storied history in the Honda line. The dual overhead cam, four valve per cylinder V-4 was the motor in the Interceptor and variations appeared in the mega-bad ass RC30 and has been around all the way to the VFR800. They are great motors.

Here’s the seller’s words-

Rare, clean 1985 Honda VF1000R.  Excellent condition for 28 years old, some dings and scratches.  Galfer s.s. lines all around.  All fluids replaced and serviced.  Daugherty Motorsports F2 wheel conversion, F$i shock, Li Ion Battery.  Michelin Sport Radials.  New EBC pads, new windscreen, new Sunstar chain and sprockets.  Comes with all original equipment and can be converted to stock fairly easily.

Few more pics-

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 8.23.34 PM Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 8.23.42 PM Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 8.23.52 PM

The seller highlights some of the minor mods including the conversion to F2 rims, which would give you a few more tire choices. The seller also notes that all the original parts are available if you want to convert back to stock. Always a nice option if you want it. Otherwise looks like a nice bike that would still be great to ride!

If you want a VF1000R, you should give this one a look. To do so, make the jump!


Honda February 21, 2013 posted by Rem

Original ’86 Honda Interceptor 700!

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana   Mileage: 17,941   Price: Auction

86 VFR700

86 VFR700

Not too accustomed to seeing a VFR700? Does the cc designation throw you a little? Well, that’s okay. The 700cc machine out of Honda was built to come in under the 750cc tariff the U.S. imposed to punish Japanese bike builders. Can you guess which U.S. company wanted the tariff? I’m sure you can. But if you can’t, it rhymes with Harley Davidson. So you had the tariff model VFR700, only made for a few years time as the tariff was eventually lifted.

This is a clean example of a really cool bike. The VFR has a stellar history all its own. Here’s the sellers info-

  • Very clean
  • Good solid original bike
  • Everything is in good shape
  • Runs well
  • Kept in climate controlled storage
  • Original tool kit included
  • Needs a new home
  • Needs to be ridden
  • Located in Indianapolis, IN
  • Inspections are welcome
  • Sold As Is
  • Cash or certified check accepted
  • Deposit due at end of sale (amount to be determined between buyer & seller)
  • Buyer assumes all shipping/delivery fees
  • Delivery can be arranged

And more pics-

This looks like a very well maintained bike that is described as a strong runner and original. Hard to find bikes like this and it’s only gonna get more difficult. The VFR is a significant bike in Honda history, so if you’re a collector, this may be a good opportunity for you. The mileage isn’t bad and I’m betting this thing is still a blast to ride. I also think it looks great too!

So if this bike is your thing, make the jump and place your bid!