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Sport Bikes For Sale September 24, 2011 posted by Rem

Low Mile, Canadian, and Titled ’83 Yamaha RZ350

Location: Glendale, Arizona

Mileage: 1,558

Price: Auction, $5,700 BIN

RZ 350’s that came to the states were emblazoned with Kenny Roberts signature on the headlight fairing honoring the great American Grand Prix rider. However, the bike existed elsewhere in the world before it was introduced in the U.S. in 1984. This is one of those bikes. Of course this model still has the features you would look for in any two stroke – light and powerful.

Here’s some brief detail from the seller-

1983 YAMAHA RZ350

2552 Kilometers (1585 Miles)

Canadian bike


All original. Runs and rides great

Tires perfect, seat perfect.

No dents, scratches or scrapes

Maybe one of the nicest examples remaining.

Clean ARIZONA title

This motorcycle is sold as-is, where-is, with no warranty. I recommend having the motorcycle inspected before purchase.

All sales final. No returns

Payment to be made via direct bank to bank wire transfer or cash in hand. No other forms of payment accepted.

Payment must be made within 3 business days of auction end.

Shipping of the motorcycle after payment received is up to the buyer, but I will assist with pick-up once buyer has a carrier.

This motorcycle is for sale locally, therefore this auction may be ended at anytime due to local sale, as long as reserve has not been met.

And some more photos-

So I have to say that this bike looks Kah-leen. Certainly the low mileage has a lot do with that. Seller states it’s all original and runs great. It certainly looks really good and seems to have been stored well over the years. It’s titled, which is a bonus. The BIN price is right in there, especially for a low mileage, clean example like this.

I really don’t have much more to say. If you’ve been searching for one of these, I think this one would need a serious look. Fun or collector, it should fit the bill. Decide for yourself and make the jump!


Sport Bikes For Sale September 21, 2011 posted by Rem

Big V-Twin Party- 2002 Suzuki TL1000R

Location: Minden, Nevada

Mileage: 12,400

Price: Auction, current bid $2,025

Big v-twin race bikes. There was a time when many manufacturers built these, not just those little labels out of Italy. From this era came the Suzuki TL1000R, a direct competitor with the RC51, Honda’s version of the 1000cc v-twin race bike. There are many benefits to this engine set up. Anyone who rides a v-twin can tell you about the torque and the fun that brings to the street, even if the TL1000 was built for more top end. Granted, in-line four liter bikes have the torque too, but they don’t sound as good. Built to go after that small Italian maker’s race winning v-twins (much like the RC-51 was), the TL1000R did quite catch on the same way Suzuki’s GSX-R line did.

Here’s a bit of information from the seller-

Immaculate condition. Never dropped. Zero gravity double bubble windshield. Two Brothers full exhaust system. Turn signal mod in taillight. Flush mount front signals. Michelin pilot tires. Excellent condition. Service is up to date and a new battery was installed at that time. Runs and rides like new. Clear, clean title in hand and it is currently registered. Thanks for looking. E-mail me with any questions.

And some more pics for you to behold-

This bike looks clean and through the seller’s brief description seems to be well maintained. Also, I’m a big fan of Two Brothers exhaust and a full set up on this bike I’m sure sounds pretty awesome. So that piece seems to be a bonus. The seller also highlights some other modifications and you’ll have to decide if they fit your style. Overall though the mods don’t appear too major and mileage too high, if that’s a concern for any collectors out there. Some people may laugh at the collector remark, but I got a good feeling about these bikes (RC-51 included).

Not knowing the reserve, I don’t know where this bike will go price wise. I would say that I would suspect we are looking at the bottom of the market and that prices will gradually climb. This bike offers a lot for a little bit of cash considering what you would have to lay out to get a new equivalent.

So there it is. A big v-twin race bike sure to bring big v-twin fun. A good combo, so if you feel the need, go place your bid!


Kawasaki September 18, 2011 posted by Rem

Original, Low Mileage ’85 Ninja 600

Location: Broadway, Virginia

Mileage: 7,095

Price: Auction, currently $960.00- No reserve

Due to its condition, there may be some out there that don’t think that this bike should be on RSBFS. So I will make my case. I wrote this bike up because it is one the most important sportbikes in the evolution of the sportbike (In-line four, 16 valve motor, full fairing and $3,299 entry price was a revolution at the time) and this particular bike is original, as the seller describes, except for the admittedly unsightly white lettered tires. The mileage is also low for a bike this age. The Ninja 600 was  a good performing, accessible sportbike for many new riders and, remembering back, made a big impact when it hit the streets.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

Excellent original condition 1985 Kawasaki Ninja ZX 600 R with 7,095 actual miles. This Ninja is all original with the exception of the tires, has NOT been laid down and has been stored inside. I have a clear title in hand. There are some blemishes: the paint on the fairing on the left side is scraped off, see picture (this happened in storage), there is a small spot where the seat meets the tank in the center. The carbs could use a cleaning and the valve cover gasket should be replaced (smokes a little until the oil is burned off). The wind screen is original but a small amount of the black has flaked off (very minor, but wanted to mention.) and the one fork seal has a small leak. Now the good: the Ninja starts and runs with no problem, the oil, filter and coolant was changed last spring (has about 300 miles on the change), everything works as it should and it has a new battery. If your looking for an original, first generation sport bike in orginal conditon, this is the motorcycle for you. There are no warranties, expressed or implied. Thanks for viewing the auction.

There’s not a whole lot of photos-

Now, this thing clearly has some issues as highlighted by the seller. And I understand that may put off some RSBFS followers. But what strikes me about this bike is how original it is. According to the seller, the only thing that has been changed is the tires. That’s pretty remarkable for an ’85 anything, much less a bike that was usually either modified or wrecked at some point along the way. Also, the mileage is not high for it’s age. It also runs, although it  sounds like it will need some mechanical attention. But I think if you’re willing to put in some elbow grease, you will have one clean example of a first year Ninja 600.

So there’s no reserve on this bike so you may be able to get a great deal on a future show piece. If nothing else it will be a solid piece of sportbike history. You decide. But you should at least go check it out!


Sport Bikes For Sale September 15, 2011 posted by Rem

A Vulgar Display of Power- ’86 GSX-R 1100

Location: Hollywood, California

Mileage: 9,400

Price: Auction, BIN $5,500

Well, here we have one of my favorites. I’ve written on various early models of the Suzuki GSX-R 1100 and I love them all. This bike was a serious machine when it was released and the air and oil cooled motor put out extreme power (as the seller highlights), so much so that the first year here risked having the chassis overwhelmed by the power. This bike along with the GSX-R 750 really set a new course for sportbikes. The engine in this bike lived on in later Suzuki machines and many a drag racer due to its bulletproof nature.

Here’s info from the seller-

1986 GSXR1100

Clear California Title



This model absolutely turns heads everywhere I go. 

Runs like a top- Just dialed in by Yoshi and crew at World famous ‘Garage Company’ in Los Angeles

I have done my best to take pics of the trouble spots…there are only a few…its just too fast for me. 131 horse power. This is the bike that started the revolution…

Bike is sold as is. I’d prefer you to pick-up locally. If I ship it, it will cost you out of your pocket for everything….everything.

Additionally, I have all the stock blinkers front/rear for this bike. 

Again this bike is being sold as is…it’s vintage now….25 years old. It will do nothing but go up in value.

I have 100% positive feedback

I will accept Paypal or cash-period.

Please ask any and all questions.

Good luck

And some more photos to get your attention-

As you can see by the pictures, this looks to be a pretty clean example of a first year GSX-R 1100. The seller highlights some small flaws in the pics and states that the original turn signals are included. Maybe not a major thing but important as these bikes in original condition are becoming more and more rare. Imagine the many that were wrecked and now are gone forever. The seller also highlights a recent service and claims the bike runs well. Mileage should not be issue given the reliability of the motor. And the blue and white paint. Lord help me.

So, take this home right now for $5,500? I think that’s a pretty good deal. I can’t imagine that this bike doesn’t become more appealing as the year’s go by. I don’t think they’ll ever lose their luster for me.

Give this one a good home. Go to the auction and place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale September 14, 2011 posted by Rem

Best Suzuki of All Time? ’86 Suzuki GSX-R 750 LE

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Mileage: 3,000
Price: Auction, $8,950 BIN

A lot has been written about the GSX-R 750LE here at RSBFS and in recent issues or motorcycle magazines highlighting 25 years of the GSX-R 750. And all of that has been earned in my opinion. In the Suzuki world, it’s hard to think of a more important bike. Gamma’s and RGV’s are all very nice, but for me this is bike number one for any Suzuki collector. Limited numbers and rare, hard to find parts all make up why original versions of this bike command big dollars. I would argue they are still undervalued. You may think different. But you would be wrong.

Here’s what the seller has to say about this particular bike-

Up for sale is my Limited Edition GSXR 750R race bike with flat slide smoothbore racing carbs 24k gold plated petcock, new avon tires, new custom made D & D pipe professionally cut down to 13″. I have had this bike fully tuned up with new plugs filters,wheel bearings,powder coated white wheels, Lockhart fairing screen, new petcock, battery,coated tank, front blinkers, fuel filters, rebuilt carb, new fork seals, and lots of Chrome plated parts all around. ( the carb and forks were done Jan 2011 ) I have been watching these on Ebay for over 2 years and they all sell for $10.000 to $19.000.. This one has 3000 miles on it.. I purchased it from the owner of a Suzuki dealer. This was one of his personal collection of bikes. I purchased this bike in 1989 and i have had it in my garage ever since. I ride it about 3 to 4 times per year.. Wife said “get your bikes out of garage” …. Bike runs like a race bike and has current tags… When the bike was new it was wrecked at low speeds by the new owner coming out of the drive way of the Suzuki dealer with under 5 miles on it.( he didn’t know how to ride it ) The dealer somehow had the bike totaled because it needed a new tank and front fairing. ( i have the paper work on the damage, i have to look for it in my filing cab) In my personal opinion i think the dealer was tring to buy the bike back cheep. So anyway the dealer purchased the bike back from the insurance company and bought a new oem tank and fairing. He kept it in his collection untill he retired and then sold it to me with a builders blue Texas title. The bike wasn’t in my opinion in the building condition. Because all it needed was a fairing and a tank. I had the bike checked out at the dealer and the frame and everything else was in perfect condition. So i purchased the bike back in 1989 and i have owned it ever since. I would like to see this bike sold to a museum or collector. Most Suzuki collectors i’ve talked to say there were under 300 of the 750 Limited Editions made. Garage kept, never driven in the rain or been rained on. and NO RUST…

I talked to a GSXR collector who has 3 of these and he said there were only 208 built. So the value of these bikes in the future is going to be BIG…

I have rare original chrome pipe, front blinkers new foot peg rubber covers, fuse box cover( took fuse box cover off to clean fuses before i took pictures ) and chain guard. 

you looking at around $500.00 to $800.00 for shipping to the upper 48 states

Latley i have been riding the bike 2 times every month or so around the block to keep the carbs fresh.

I also have a 1983 GPZ 550 with under 10k miles on it also for sale.

Thank You for looking at my auction. Bike is located in San Antonio , Texas

Bike is ready to ship or drive it home

And more pics for you-

The seller gives a good history of the bike above and the photos show a clean ride. The description also speaks to the bike being dropped early in its life and the steps taken to restore it. The seller highlights the replaced parts being OEM. This is important because collectability is a big thing with this bike. Go check out the June 2011 issue of Motorcyclist to get the lowdown, but the production on this bike is low (200 or less for AMA Superbike purposes) and again the parts (dry clutch, flat side carbs) are exotic and rare. The seller is right to highlight the issues and replaced parts as those things need to be considered when determining the value of the bike.

Speaking of value, the seller lists this at BIN for $8,950. I think that’s a pretty good price for one of these, replaced parts and all. Bottom line is these things are rare. As collectors take the pristine models and hide them away, all that will be left are less than perfect versions. But demand is still there. So I think you can figure out what happens to the price.

If you are a Suzuki fanatic or a collector, this bike is a good start or finish to your collection. Or maybe you just want one of the rarest, coolest bikes on earth. Whatever the case, you should check this beauty out!


Sport Bikes For Sale September 14, 2011 posted by Rem

Another “King” Kenny Roberts Yamaha RZ350

Location: Enterprise, Alabama

Mileage: 14,003

Price: Auction, BIN $4,600

We have seen a few of these recently here at RSBFS, and they are written up for good reason. Not only are they a US import two-stroke (a hard thing to come by) they are also the signature series bike for “King” Kenny Roberts, a Grand Prix racer that stormed onto the scene and dominated from the start. King Kenny stepped up and interrupted european dominance in Grand Prix racing and was the first American to take the title. A true legend. The bike itself is the opportunity to own a great performing two-stroke with a stellar racer’s name on it.

Here’s some information from the seller-

1985 Yamaha RZ350 YPVS.  2 cylinder, 2 Stroke water cooled sport bike.  This RZ is in nice shape and runs well, 14,000 original miles. 

.  If you are considering adding an RZ350 to your collection than you want a 1985 as opposed to the 1984 model.  The 1984’s had a failure prone ignition system which was sorted out for the 1985 model year.  This RZ is in nice condition and runs well, has never been dropped or wrecked.  Everything works as it should including turn signals. Yamalube oil injection system still in use with new pump.

This RZ has been well taken care of and is currently registered and titled in Alabama.  Many new parts including new tires, new brakes, new fork seals, new trailing arm bushings.  Complete Top End engine rebuild including new pistons done 1500 miles ago.

Many performance parts:  SPEC II exhaust chambers, Thunder Jet stage III Carb jet kit, K&N Y boot intake filter system, TDR Carbon Fiber Reed valves, Stainless Steel brake lines, 16 tooth front sprocket, Corbin solo style seat.

Stock parts included:  Stock exhaust system, Stock black seat, Stock 17 tooth front sprocket, Stock horn set.

Flaws: Front of gas tank had fuel spilled on it while paint was still fresh, it was touched up but is visible.  I took a close up picture so that there would be no surprises.  One scrape on the left side of the upper fairing.

The maintenance on the bike seems to be fairly thorough and the seller highlights changes to the bike along with stock parts included. To me this shows the seller is aware of the potential value of the bike in its original condition. While many bikes benefit from modifications, collectors are going to be more and more picky, especially as values climb. The seller highlights the flaws that exist too, which I also like to see.

Here’s some more pics-

Considering the maintenance performed on the bike and the mileage, it seems the sellers BIN price of $4,600 is right in the ballpark. You may want to get some more detail on the issue with the paint on the tank, but otherwise it looks to be a clean bike.

I stated my case as to why I like these bikes and why they earn their place here at RSBFS. It’s up to you now. If you like what you see, make a move and make the jump!


Honda September 10, 2011 posted by Rem

Clean, Mostly Stock ’93 Honda CBR900RR

Location: Homestead, Florida

Mileage: 28,312

Price: Auction, currently $1,825

The CBR900RR really needs no great introduction to folks that have followed sportbikes for years. And maybe not even to those new to this world. It is a legendary machine that changed the face of sportbikes when it was released in ’92 as an early ’93. The bike weighed the same as the CBR600 at the time but brought a lot more horsepower. It was the benchmark for weight and power and forced other companies to find a way to respond. It quite simply set a new standard.

Here’s the description from the seller-

You’re bidding on one of the most iconic motorcycles to ever be produced.  This 1993 CBR900RR is very rare, especially in this shape.  I’m only the second owner of this motorcycle.  I purchased it from the original owner just about a year and half ago.  With the purchase I received all documented serviced history, along with the original deposit slip from 1992.  The bike is completely stock, except for the usual ad ons.  Slip on exhaust, smoked windscreen, etc…  This bike does show the normal wear for a bike that is almost 20 years old.  The only thing I would do with the bike is reclear the gas tank and replace a couple of decals due to son fading.  All in all, I can’t recall seeing many 93’s that look like this!  Winning bidder is responsible for shipping.  I can handle recrating the bike for an additional $100.00.  A deposit of $500.00 via pay pal will be required by 48 hours after winning bid.  See payment options that I’m accepting for full payment.  I hold the right to end the auction at any time due to local listing.  If you have any other questions feel free to contact me.  Good luck and happy bidding!

And some more photos-

The seller states that the bike is mostly original with the standard modifications, highlighting the exhaust (looks like a Jardine) and smoked windscreen. You may want to see if there is anything beyond that. While these bikes may not command the prices of the exotics like an RC30 or GSXR750LE, I believe they will increase in value over time as collectors seek them out when the previously mentioned bikes complete their transformation to pure unobtainium. Mileage should’t be too much of a concern if the bike has been well cared for and the seller points out possible need for work on the tank. Not knowing what the reserve is it’s hard to say what kind of deal this could be, but anywhere around $3,000 and you could be getting a lot of bike for your money.

I love these bikes and I will also say I love the looks of this one, 90’s era color scheme and all. If you want to own a bike that simply changed the game in the sportbike universe, then go check this auction out!


Kawasaki September 8, 2011 posted by Rem

Clean, Original 1990 Kawasaki Ninja ZX750R

Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania

Mileage: 11,705

Price: Auction, $3,800 BIN

This bike really brings back the memories. I’ve written up a ZX750R before and I have to admit that I think they are stunning, especially in the red and black. All the sportbike worship during my college days comes back when I see one. The entire Ninja line was just so cool. Of course there’s also the fact that the 750 sportbike for all practical purposes has gone the way of the Dodo, with the exception of the ever-present GSX-R750. This bike goes back to the days when 750’s were an option in everyone’s lineup. Man, I miss those days.


In case you’re curious, here are some brief spec’s on this particular machine. It came with an in-line four, twin cam, 16-valve 750cc engine (claimed 106hp), anti-dive technology in the forks and a 430 lbs. dry weight.

Here’s some more pics-

And plenty from the seller-

Hi everyone,

Up for sale here is a beautiful 1990 Kawasaki Ninja ZX750-F4 (750R), it is red and black in color. These bikes were made from 1987-1990… 

It is a 750cc DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine with a 6-speed transmission.

This bike was kept in storage for the last 19-20 years by the origional owner until I purchased on 7/29/11… It still had an inspection sticker on it from 1991…but is now currently inspected…

The bike has 11,705 miles on it. 

When I first bought this bike, it didn’t run, when the orginal owner put it into storage he stored it incorrectly, he stored it with a low fuel level which let air and moisture set in the tank and caused rust build up inside the tank. Upon taking it out of storage he went to fire it up and the rust from the tank made it’s way into to the carbs and gummed them all up.

I am happy to say that after about a weeks worth of work the bike now runs and looks like it came off the showroom floor.

Since I’ve bought the bike I have put a lot of work into it to get it running properly which includes removing and draining the fuel tank and cleaning out all of the rust that had built up inside it using a fuel tank rust removal and acid neutralizer kit, removing, disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling all 4 carbs, synchronizing all 4 carbs, performing a valve clearance check and adjustment (all valve clearances were in spec except cylinder #4, the exhaust valves were tight but are now set to spec), I installed new NGK plugs, an inline fuel filter between the petcock and carburetor inlet line, I changed the oil & filter using a Fram CH6012 filter and Mobil 1 10W-40 Full Synthetic motorcycle oil, I changed the antifreeze and flushed out the cooling system, and I also just installed a new Mega Sport Extreme Power Sport Battery that is maintenance free. Reciepts for all work done and parts purchased are available and will go with the bike to the new owner. I also have the orginal owner’s manual and Haynes Service Manual that with also go with the bike to its new owner.

This bike has the Electronic Suspension Control System that you can adjust the damping force with on the front suspension and an adjsutable air shock on the rear suspension.

The drivechain and sprockets are in good shape with minimal wear…

The front and rear brake pads have plenty of meat left…

The bike has 2 new Pirelli Sport Demon tires front and back.

The bike has a Muzzy Competition Exhaust system that the original owner had put on.

This bike is mint, has been adult ridden its entire life, and now runs and looks like new.

The reason I am selling this bike after only purchasing it about a month and a half ago is becuase I already have another bike, a 2004 Yamaha V-Star Cruiser and I just can’t get comfortable on this bike riding in a hunched over postion. I am 6′ 2″ and weight 230…this was an impulse buy, my buddy has the same exact bike (same color and everything) and said I would love it if it got one, and as much as I’ve always wanted a sport bike and like this bike, I now know that I just can’t get comfy on one…I will stick with my crusier.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

The bike is also is for sale locally and the auction will end early if the bike is sold.

Good luck and happy bidding…

The important thing to note for me is that the seller highlights that the bike didn’t run when he purchased it but it seems that the work was done to get it running. The seller goes into quite a bit of detail on the restoration, which is nice to see, and the bike certainly looks clean. The BIN price may be a little high if you look at blue book values, but a lot of work has been done and you may be able to get it for a little less.

So I said this before above that I think this bike is a stunner. Even being an older machine, I still think it will be a fun ride and will only get more attention as the years go by. To take this one home, make the jump!