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Please Buy Me This For X-Mas- ’96 Honda NSR 250 SE (MC 28)

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Location: Marina del Ray, CA    Mileage: 22,500    Price: $9,200 BIN

96 NSR250

The holidays are a time for giving and for those of you out there who want to make this RSBFS staffer happy, here’s your shot. We have up for consideration a Honda NSR250 SE in Repsol livery. While not the SP edition, it’s one very good looking and super cool bike that would look outstanding under my tree. For all of you out there familiar with these machines, you know what a special ride the two stroke 250 is. This is the last generation of the NSR250, a legendary line of 250 two strokes.

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 7.30.56 PM

Here’s the seller’s description-

1996 Honda NSR250 MC28 SE Repsol This is a very rare 2 Stoke 250CC imported from Japan. Even rarer is that this bike is CA registered and the tags are good through March 2013. 

Performance: I recently had the bike dyno’d and it put down a healthy 54hp to the wheels. I just had the carbs completely cleaned. The bike currently runs Tyga billet aluminum rear sets, Tyga High Flow Reeds, Tyga GP exhaust, Tyga Race Airbox, #155 main jets, and 2 degree Woodruff keys. I have the stock exhaust, reeds, airbox, jets and woodruff keys. This SE Model features a fully adjustable front and rear suspension as well as a dry clutch. The bike still utilizes the factory oil pump and is not a pre-mix bike. 

Mileage: approx 22,500 

Disclosures: There is a dent in the upper right portion of the tank which was there when I bought the bike. The lower fairings have some scratches on them but are not visible unless you look under the bike. 

This is a nice example of an MC28 and runs really well. 

Serious buyers only please. 

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 7.31.38 PM

This bike looks like a good condition with modifications outlined by the seller, including a variety of Tyga parts along with the original pieces. The seller has had the bike dyno’d and the carbs cleaned. All in all it sounds like it’s in good running order.

The seller is asking $9,200 BIN. So if you feel so inclined, please pick this beauty up for me. It will be the best Christmas ever! Or if you actually want it for under your tree, I will be very disappointed, but understand.

Either way, to make your or my Christmas dreams come true, place your bid!


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Minty Nicky Hayden 04′ RC51 for Christmas!

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Location: Thomasville, GA    Mileage: 1,877     Price: $9,800 BIN

The RC51 is a well known Honda V-twin that is the last in the evolution of the RC line made famous by the introduction of the RC30. Granted the RC30 and RC45 have quite a bit more appeal to many buyers than the RC51, it doesn’t mean it should be dismissed. Honda doesn’t build anything like it now, so if you want something other than a Ducati in the twin department, you don’t have many options. Throw in Nicky Hayden (last American to win a MotoGP championship) and limited production, it gets even better.

Here’s the seller’s words-

I have a Mint Condition 2004 Nicky Hayden RC51. It does not have a scratch on it and has been garage kept, completly covered and on jack stands except for the few miles it has been ridden. It is all original including tires and will be a Nicky fans dream bike. The bike is in showroom condition. It is located in Thomasville, GA 31792 for shipping info. Feel free to call with any questions.

And photos-

This bike is super low mileage and looks like an all original machine. Sure, it’s a 2004 bike so it’s not all that old but the production is limited. And while these bikes are certainly out there, one with this kind of mileage and condition will only get more difficult to find.

If you have wanted the Nicky RC51 and are particularly interested in something that can go into a collection, this is a bike worth considering. The seller is asking a chunk of cash for this bike, so you’ll have to figure where you’re comfortable and maybe you can work a deal. To make a play on this bike, go place a bid!


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Original ’93 Yamaha FZR 600 Complete With Required 90’s Purple

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Location: Sutton, West Virginia   Mileage: 12,794   Price: Auction

A buddy of mine had a 1990 FZR600 when we were in college at mighty Oregon State University (#15 in the BCS currently!) and it was about the coolest bike in the world. He let me ride it. Once. My bike at the time was a CBR600 and the FZR was seen as a more track ready race replica ride. I loved it and to this day remember that one day on the back roads. So I have a soft spot for the FZR, even with the awesome 90’s graphics like this one.

Here’s the seller’s description:

I have for sale, a 1993 Yamaha FZR 600 in excellent original condition. It is completely stock except for a D&D slip-on exhaust, which is also in very nice condition and sounds great. The mileage is low and original and the bike has never been raced, crashed or abused in any way. All of the bodywork is in excellent condition with original paint and all original decals, and no cracks or damage, which is very rare for these bikes. The original tool kit is still under the passenger seat. The tires have a fair amount of tread, but have cracks from dry rot because the bike was in storeage for several years. The glass in the right side mirror appears a little hazy from age, but is otherwise fine. Both seats are in very nice condition with no damage. The engine sounds great and runs very strong, and this bike would make a great classic sport bike for a collector or a very nice, economical bike to ride. These bikes are getting harder to find in such nice original condition.  I have a clear title in hand, and my reserve is very reasonable. I also have this bike listed for sale locally, and reserve the right to end this auction early in the event of a sale. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer, but I will be happy to assist in any way that I can. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

And photos-

The seller describes the bike as all original save the D&D exhaust. It certainly looks that way. It doesn’t appear to have any damage of any significance and besides probably needing new tires, looks to be all there. The seller says it sat in storage for a long time so hopefully proper maintenance has been done to get it back to strong running order. It is rare to see these on the road at all, much less in this kind of original condition.

So if you are a big Yamaha fan, or had one of these in your younger years and want to relive the glory, or just dig old, clean sportbikes – whatever the reason – this is worth checking out. Seller says the reserve is very reasonable, but who knows what that really means. If you can pick this bike up for around $3k, I think it would be a good buy.

If this fits under your tree, make your move and make the jump!


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Good Looking Slab: ’88 GSX-R 1100

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Location: Fresno, CA

Mileage: 23,243

Price: Auction

Update 1.22.2013: Previous owner requested that we remove the pictures due to copyright violation. -dc

Been looking for a clean old slabby for the garage to put next to your collections of progressively newer GSX-R’s? Or maybe you want to start that dream collection. Either way, here’s one for you to check out.

The GSX-R1100 is a legendary bike due to its insane power in the air and oil cooled 1100cc motor. That motor stayed in the Suzuki lineup in one form or another for years and appeared in more than one drag bike. It is bulletproof.

You don’t see a lot of these on the streets anymore as many were put to rest by aggressive owners who maybe found the power and chassis to be difficult to manage.

Here’s the info from the seller-

This is the HARDEST TO FIND first generation GSXR, the 1988 1100 GSXR RED/BLACK/WHITE. It’s also a 49 state bike witch makes this is even harder to find in this condition, 49 state bikes are from out side of California and don’t have all the smog emission controls that California bikes come with. It’s already registered in california. Here it is you will not find this RARE bike any where else. This is the last year this model was made in 1988 the 750 gsxr  changed to the slingshot. Suzuki left the 1100 gsxr in the original model. 

It has a Vance Hines pipe, K&N filters Stage 3 jet kit, Vance Hines PowerPak programmable ignition system. I took this bike to LAGUNA SECA this year and went to the bike cruise night in Monterey Ca. It was turning everyones head, because you just don’t see this bike in this condition. The young riders thought it was a new model for this year because they saw 1100 GSXR and they were on 1000’s.  I was offered cash on the spot that night, but I turned it down. 

The reason I’m selling it now is because my son thinks he’s going to start riding it when he gets his licences in a couple of months.  It scared me when he said he was going to want to ride it. I told him I would sell it an get him a car, he agreed. I NEVER THOUGHT I would part with this BEAUTIFUL BIKE, but the thought of my son on this FAST GSXR is making me sell it. As you can see from the milage it doesn’t get ridden very much. It’s adult owned, I just changed the oil, the brakes and tires are in great shape. There are minor vibration cracks that aren’t very noticeable, i also instaled a power outlet (cigarette lighter) to hook up my GARMIN so i don’t get lost  when i ride out of town. Make me an offer.

The bike isn’t totally stock, with the noted mods in the seller’s description and the dark windscreen. The paint looks good and the whole thing looks clean for its age. It is certainly rare to find one with little modification and that hasn’t been dumped. And they ain’t building any more.

So if you have been on the prowl for one of these, do yourself a favor and check this auction out.


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Minty ’87 Honda Interceptor (VFR 700)

Rem 2

Location: San Francisco, CA

Mileage: 15,700

Price: Auction, with reserve

The V-4 is a stellar motor. There are many options out there for your motor. In-line 4, in-line 3, V-Twin, etc. You got options. But the V-4 is a great configuration. Don’t believe it? Well, check out the MotoGP bikes. Honda, Suzuki (when they ran in MotoGP, and hopefully back in 2014), Ducati, all run the V-4. The Aprilia in WSB too. Torque and high end in one package. Awesome.

Here we have one of the original V-4 bikes that is now legendary. The VFR is one of Honda’s most successful and acclaimed bikes. A close relative of the outstanding RC30, the VFR gives you performance and refinement. A true performance classic. This particular bike is the tariff model 700cc, part of a short-lived effort to combat import of Japanese bikes.

Here’s the seller’s info-

 Let’s start of by saying this is probably one of the nicest VFR’s of this generation in the country. It is in mint, near flawless condition. On a scale of 1-10, this bike is a 9+ cosmetically and a perfect 10 mechanically. You will absolutely not believe this bike is 25 years old if you were to see it in person. Please look at the photos carefully. The bike has approximately 15,700 original miles and I acquired it this year from the original owner who bought it new in Pennsylvania in 1987. It is somewhat rare because of the factory pearl white paint and the fact that it is a 700cc (as opposed to 750cc) tariff bike. Evidently dealers were only alloted one bike in this color at that time. Please read the excerpt below.

In the USA, the picture is more complicated.  There

were three models, and they lasted for two years.  First,

there was a 750cc model essentially the same in appearance

and specification (except for the usual Canada vs USA differences)

to the Canadian model.  Next, there was also a destroked 700cc 

tariff-beater, called the VFR700 Interceptor.

Both these models were white with red and blue trim, and round gauges.

Thirdly, and most interestingly, was the VFR700F2.  This bike

was all white, with understated gold pinstriping, and an automotive-style

instrument panel which was essentially what you see now on the

90-93 VFR.  In fact, this model bears many visual similarities 

to the 90-93 models.  This F2 model was also available in

dark blue and silver metallic, with silver wheels.

This bike needs absolutely nothing but a new owner. It has brand new tires, steel braided brake lines, full Supertrapp exhaust (I have the original pipes which will go with the bike) which are jetted perfectly, race tech front fork springs, brand new sprockets (rear sprocket is a 47 tooth as opposed to stock 45 tooth) and chain. In addition, the bike just had all fluids (brake, coolant, engine) just changed as well as a complete tune up. The 1986 – 1989 VFR’s (second generation) are the lightest, fastest, and most sport orientated of this incredible model line and many consider it to be the best bike ever built. Here is the opportunity to own one of the finest examples in the country of this iconic marque. Please click on the link below for more detailed information. I will be posting additional pictures in the next couple of days.


I wanted to add that this bike is all original; the paint, plastic, body panels, turn signals, etc. It has not been restored in any way because it is in near perfect original condition. This bike has never been down, dropped, or ridden in the rain. The modifications I mentioned above are to address the weak areas (front fork springs, exhaust, brakes, etc.) that the bike came with from the factory. These modifications only enhance the performance of the bike and make riding it all that more enjoyable.

And pics-

Not much to say about this bike. It’s had some minor modifications that will hopefully improve performance, and otherwise than the exhaust (original pipes included) is pretty much a clean stocker. Pretty amazing shape for a bike that’s 25 years old. And given its excellent heritage in the Honda line, will always be desirable.

So there it is. If you’ve always wanted an original VFR, this looks like a great opportunity. Don’t know where the reserve is, but I think this could pull around the $4k to $5k mark. We’ll see. If you feel the need, go place your bid!


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All Purply and Graphic – ’93 GSX-R 750

Rem 2

Location: Haddonfield, New Jersey

Mileage: 11,092

Price: Auction, $2,500 Reserve

It would be hard to debate the importance of the GSX-R 750. It may be, more than any other bike, the most responsible for the sportbikes we see today. As heavy metal owes everything to Black Sabbath, so does the modern sportbike to the GSX-R 750. What can be debated, and I’m sure is all the time, is the aesthetics of various models over the years. This one is probably one of those debated bikes. For the record, I love all GSX-R’s. I think this bike is sick. I suspect many of you may not agree. But it is a product of its times. A reflection of history. And it’s super purply.

From the seller-

This auction is for a 1993 Suzuki GSX-R 750 (California model).

The bike looks and runs great and has been well taken care of.

If you’re looking for this specific bike, you will have a hard time finding one in better shape than this.

Lockhart Phillips blue windscreen.

Bodywork is all original and is in great shape.

The bike is kept covered in the garage on a battery tender when not in use.

The fuel is mixed with Sta-Bil when the bike is in storage for the winter, and mixed with Sea-Foam during riding season. 

I have the original key and a few copies that come with the bike. 

Polished frame (done by previous owner).

The previous owner also put an aftermarket exhaust on the bike, including headers and a Yoshimura muffler.

Here is a list of recent work done to the bike by me in the last few months:

Carbs removed, disassembled, and cleaned

Fuel tank filter cleaned

Oil and filter change

Coolant flush and refill using 50/50 antifreeze and distilled water mix

New thermostat

New fork seals

New front and back brake pads and brake fluid

New spark plugs

New K&N air filter

New headlight bulbs

New front and back turn signals

Reserve is set at $2,500. I will not ship the bike. Payment is cash only at time of pickup. Sorry, I will not end the auction early. No test rides without cash in hand.

And the pics-

Outside of the windscreen, exhaust and polished frame, this bike looks amazingly stock for a 19 year old bike. Especially since these bikes were modded to the hilt and then usually wrecked. Well, this one is still clean and the mileage isn’t even that bad. The current owner has put quite a bit of maintenance into the bike, so it should be ready to go.

And here’s the kicker. Reserve on the bike is $2,500. You got some extra cash and you can get a cool bike from the 90’s that will definitely turn heads with the bike crowd. It will also be fun to ride and look good in any bike collection. Graphics aside, this is what was built in the 90’s and people loved it. I know, I was there.

So if this bike speaks to you, go make your play!


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Clean and Original ’90 Kawasaki Ninja 750

Rem 2

Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

Mileage: 11,922

Price: Auction, no reserve!


The Kawasaki Ninja has a storied history as one of the sportbikes to usher in the modern era. The Ninja or GPz was a big time bike thanks to movies like Top Gun and the competition between Honda and Kawasaki. This was back in the 80’s when companies weren’t afraid to give their bikes cool names like Hurricane and Ninja. Kawasaki has carried the Ninja name to this day, where every other company has gone with dull number/letter configurations for their models. At least in England they still get the Fireblade. Although I have a feeling here in the States that name would get laughed out of the room. Followed by a ton of Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter jokes. Anyway, this is a clean 750 (another configuration that has gone the way of the Dodo) and still a cool, good looking ride.

Here’s info from the seller-

Very clean, pretty rare, but not perfect, the bike looks good for the year, and fires right up and no strange noise from the motor!

Once warm she purrs.

The tires are about 80% or better. I do not have the factory pipes, but the Muzzy sounds really good.

There are signs of road wear, it does have 11,000 + and things do happen on the road.

NO RESERVE so the winner takes it, It is for sale locally so I reserve the right to end early in the event it sales before the auction ends.

any questions just ask.


And pics-

This looks like a real clean example if you have been searching for one. Everything looks stock except for the Muzzy exhaust. The paint looks good for the age and the mileage ain’t too bad. The seller says the bike ins’t perfect so you’ll want to get details on what it may need or what damage can’t be seen in the photos. But all in all, pretty sweet ride.

So if you want to roll around on a piece of Kawasaki history, here’s your chance. And there’s no reserve so you may be able to take this home for a song. Not too bad, if you ask me.

To make your play, make the jump!


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Classic Italian Beauty- ’90 Ducati 851

Rem 0

Location: Clinton, South Carolina

Mileage: 20,477

Price: Auction

The Ducati 851 may be the best looking Ducati those style savvy Italians have ever built. But it’s also a very important bike in Duc history as it was their game changing four valve, water cooled machine that allowed them to go on and win some races in World Superbike. The bike took on many other forms, including super cool SP designations and is truly an icon in the Ducati world.

Here’s the seller’s story-

I am selling my Ducati 851 that I have owned since the mid 90’s. The bike has been in storage for a couple years as I have not had time to ride. It was running perfectly when parked and has new Michelin radials on it. I charged the battery this past Spring, fuel pump ran bike turned over but would not start. I sprayed some starting fluid in intake and motor would run. I was told by my mechanic that the injectors are stuck from sitting and need to be replaced, cleaned or rebuilt. I have not taken any further action. 

Bike has Euro spec chip in it, US chip comes with it, braided brake lines, Corbin seat and stock seat included, always have used high quality synthetic fluids, timing belts were replaced once at Cycle Specialties Ducati in Athens GA which is also where bike was bought new, has new Michelin Tires front and rear. Chain and sprockets are in good shape.   

You will notice the scrape on the side which is cosmetic only. All lights and turn signals function correctly and I have both original mirrors, original rear turn signal extenders, etc. Bike is complete with all original parts from factory. I just need the space in my garage now and bike has to go.

And more pics-

According to the seller, this bike has been sitting for a while and probably needs some maintenance to get it back to strong running condition. And then there’s the cosmetic issues on the fairing. Seller doesn’t go into detail on how they got there, but has original parts so hopefully you could get it back to original condition, although the Corbin is probably a nice upgrade. It’s gonna take some work, but it may be a less expensive way to get your hands on an 851.

This bike isn’t perfect, which means you may be able to get it at a good price and finally have your dream bike. And there’s nothing wrong with an 851 as your dream bike. If you wanna make that dream come true, go get in on the action!