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Honda June 11, 2011 posted by Rem

Can You Say Minty? 2002 RC51 RVT 1000 with 1 mile!

Location: Washington, New Jersey
Mileage: 1 (not a typo)
Price: $8,899 starting bid

Note: This one has been listed before on our site, but it won’t hurt to take another gander! -dc

Ever wish you bought a bike brand new and then just kept it that way? Maybe just posted it up in the living room and stared? Well this guy did. Up for grabs here is a 2002 Honda RC51 RVT 1000 with 1 mile on it. That’s right. One mile. So here’s an opportunity to start your collection with something untouched.

From the seller:

This bike you are bidding on is a BRAND NEW 2002 Honda RC51, RVT, 1000cc,  V-Twin, Liquid-Cooled, Six-Speed. The bike was purchased from a Honda Dealer, out of the crate, loaded on to a truck and brought to a climate controlled garage, and properly stored. This bike is Red and Silver, and has never been riden, or sat on,not even a scratch, nor has it been modified in any way, it is completly stock, NO DISAPOINTMENTS. It has only 1 MILE on it, as from the factory. Bike has been run periodically, (not riden), I just put a brand new battery only because of sale. This is probably the last BRAND NEW 2002 RC51 in the country. This is a super bike and deserves a good home, don’t let this one get away, and REMEMBER it has ONLY 1 Mile on it, not thousands of miles. I lost interest, too many projects and not enough time to do it all. Bike comes with owners manual, tool kit, and 1 New Honda oil Filter. Good luck to all!

Ready for some pics?

This bike appears to be a re-post from 2009. I don’t know if the bike sold then. And being a 2002, there may be some question as to if this bike should be on RSBFS. I believe it should for the mileage alone. But I also think it belongs because it does have the lineage and race history (ask Colin Edwards, Nicky Hayden) to back it. And Honda doesn’t really build anything (136bhp 1000 cc V-twin Ducati beater) like it anymore.

Interested in starting your collection with a 1-miler? Then !


Kawasaki June 9, 2011 posted by Rem

Top Gun! (well, sort of): ’87 Ninja ZX750R

Location: Batavia, Illinois
Mileage: 22,417
Price: Auction-No Reserve!

One of my first experiences of seeing a sportbike on screen that left an impression was, of course, Top Gun. Well, this isn’t that bike (Ninja GPz 900R) but it sure takes me back. I think we all know what the Ninja meant to the evolution of the sportbike in America. So maybe it wasn’t the impact that the GSX-R 750 delivered upon release, but the brand Ninja was synonymous with sport motorcycles. For me, this bike is a thing of beauty, not because it was the most aggressive bike of the time, but because of the history it represents. And I think it’s just stone-cold good looking.

This appears to be a very clean, well cared for example that the seller claims runs well to this day. More from the seller:

OWN A PIECE OF SPORT BIKE HISTORY – 1986, the market for 750cc sport bikes was extremely competitive. Suzuki’s GSX-R750, Yamaha’s FZ750, and Honda’s VFR750 were all awesome machines. Bigger-displacement bikes had a dispensation to go porky, so the 750cc class was the thing.

Kawasaki decided they had enough hardcore sport bikes (Ninja 600, 900, 1000) and made what today would be called a sport-tourer. With higher bars and lower pegs than your typical race-rep, the 750R was comfortable for long hauls and low-speed errands, while giving up little on the sport end of things. Cycle World chose it as “best 750cc street bike” for 1987 and 1988.

While aluminum beam and perimeter frames had become the rage by the late ’80s, Kawasaki chose to use a steel cradle for the 750R. They claimed their steel frame was actually lighter than competitive aluminum designs. This did make it harder for feature-obsessed moto journalists to get fired up over the bike. It was obligatory in the reviews of the day to apologize for the steel frame, as the Kawi was the only bike in its class still using one.

The 750R engine was all-new. This gave Kawasaki the ability to make it lighter and smaller than other 750 mills, without skimping on power. Putting out about 85hp at the rear wheel (you will see some reviews mention the claimed crank output of 106hp), it was at the top of the class. This motor formed the basis for the hardcore sporting ZX-7 which came along in 1989 and which eventually led to the ZX-7RR racing superbike.

It’s hard to beat the 750R if you can find one. For a mix of sport riding and tamer riding — including long-distance, two-up, or commuting — it’s excellent. In terms of flexibility it often compares to present-day bikes like the Honda VFR, Yamaha YZF 600R, and Kawasaki’s own ZX-6E.

This bike is in great condition.  Never wrecked or downed.  Few scratches on lower right side fender.  Also crack on handle bar cover-there are a few on sale on ebay if your looking to replace it.  Bike runs great and was out a few days ago.

Plenty more pics:

As the seller highlights, probably the biggest criticism of the bike at the time would have been the steel frame in an era when the twin spar aluminum frame was coming on. It was also more a sport tourer that a true sportbike. But a claimed 106 horsepower at the crank meant it was no slouch either.

The only outstanding thing I noticed in the pictures are a couple of extra holes in the front fairing that don’t seem to appear in stock photos. You may want to investigate that further. But if this bike speaks to you then !


Honda June 8, 2011 posted by Rem

Baby VFR: 1992 Honda VFR400R NC30

Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Miles: 7,500
Price: $7,700

With the price of the Honda RC30 constantly on the rise, many of us who would love to own one find ourselves only dreaming of having one in the stable. But there is still hope of having some of that Honda racing DNA in our possession. The VFR400R sure does look the part with its dual round headlamps and single sided swing arm. It also offers a 60hp V4 that revs all the way to 14,500rpm while the bike only weighs in at 360lbs (think Ninja250R plus 30lbs). With its lightweight aluminum frame and aggressive riding position, this little VFR offers endless amounts of fun (see photo below).

The particular bike for sale here has relatively low miles and appears to be all stock. Though, a better description and more detailed photos would be greatly appreciated. However, an email from the seller did state that the bike was being stored in a climate controlled storage and could get more photos upon request. Check out this RSBFS post from a year ago to get an idea of what a similar NC30 looks like.

From the seller:

1992 Honda VFR-400 {NC-30}. This is the 400cc V-4 version of the RC-30. Aoaki edtion, 350lbs, single sided swingarm, Gear driven Cams with a redline of 14,500 up !! The bike is near Mint condtion with around 7,500 Miles.This rare bike handles like a Razor !

The price seems a little on the high side, but with the availability of these VFR400Rs being sparse here in the US, who knows when another clean and unmodified example will come about. If you must have this little brother of the RC30 in your possession, take a look at the seller’s ad here!


Sport Bikes For Sale June 6, 2011 posted by Rem

1991 GSXR-1100. Ladies and Gentleman, the Godfather

Location: Oxford, Mississippi
Mileage: 31,000
Price: Auction, currently $2,025 and ending soon!

Okay, this post hurts a little bit, for I am not a wealthy man and cannot take this home. To let you know what this bike is to me, you should know I have a poster of it on the wall in my garage that I have held onto for 20 years. More than a half a dozen moves to various cities in various boxes in a multitude of moving vans, and the poster remains. Quite simply a bike that set the standard.

This looks to be a very clean example of the air and oil cooled classic Suzuki GSXR-1100. Introduced in 1986, the early versions of this bike had a chassis that really wasn’t up to the 137 horsepower task. However Suzuki made improvements to accommodate the power over the years, so this bike’s handling should be much improved. In 1991 this motor was a brute and is still considered one of the best ever.

From the seller:

This is a stunning example of the classic air/oil-cooled GSXR.


  • Rebuilt Rear shock (with receipts)
  • Bridgestone Battlax tires installed last year and repainted rims
  • zero gravity smoked screen
  • Russell braided stainless brake and clutch lines
  • New Sunstar Sprocket and RK Gold Chain
  • Original owners manual, Haynes manual and documents
  • Yoshimura Exhaust
  • K&N filters
  • Dynojet jet kit

This bike has always been loved and well maintained by serious bike enthusiasts. I have ridden it approx 3,000 miles in the last two years and it is a fabulous machine: fast, with a sonorous exhaust note, great handling and receives attention wherever I take it. It has the original paint in fantastic condition.There is a small crack in the upper fairing below the steering damper otherwise the bodywork is very clean. Many people mistake this bike for new! I am a lifelong car/motorcycle nut and have lavished my attention on this machine – If you are looking for a classic GSXR this is the one to get.
I invite all questions and you are welcome to inspect the bike. I am located one hour south of Memphis.
This machine will not disappoint.

More photos here and many more in the auction:

To find an example this clean of an early GSXR-1100 these days in becoming rare indeed. Mileage may be a little high for this bike, but if it’s cared for it should still provide miles of enjoyment. The engine’s reliability is legendary. The modifications and maintenance seem smart and it even includes the owners manual.

I happen to believe that all liter bikes owe something to this bike. So if Suzuki is your brand or you just enjoy legendary, groundbreaking sportbikes, then do what I can’t and !


Sport Bikes For Sale June 5, 2011 posted by Rem

400cc of fun! 1988 Yamaha FZR400

Location: Newport Beach, CA
Miles: 13,500
Price: $4000

In accordance with our 400cc Week here at RSBFS, may I introduce the one and only Yamaha FZR400. This, my friends, is one of the current object of my desire in the world of rare sport bikes. I don’t need ample amounts of carbon fiber or even a numbered plaque to satisfy me. This lightweight, canyon carving ball of joy will do nicely.

There is a reason that the FZR 400 is still considered one of the best handling sportbikes around. And how does a 59hp inline-four blasting its way to 14,000rpm sound? Sounds great to me! You get all of Yamaha’s trick goodies of the day including, but not limited to, the EXUP system, sourcing power at all rpms. All of this is tucked into a lightweight package and covered in classic late-80’s Yamaha graphics.

From the seller:

A 1988 Yamaha FZR400 Vintage Sportbike!.All stock in Great condition, garage kept. 13,500 miles , well maintained, recent shop work includes rebuilt carb & NEW fuel pump. Bike is a screamer, Kerker pipe, new wider tires. bike cover. & if you want it a new red/blk/wht Yamaha race jacket.

** Bike will be at the Huntington Beach Concours classic car & motorcycle show on SUNDAY!! june 5th AT Huntington beach central park.

This bike appears well maintained and has a couple new parts. Like the seller states, the only aftermarket part I can see is the Kerker pipe. This particular FZR400 was featured here on RSBFS back in January and did not sell at its BIN price of $5,000. Now it sits for sale at $4,000. You might have a little room to bargain on the price as it sits now. If this bike appeals to you like it does to me, take a look at the current ad here.


Sport Bikes For Sale June 3, 2011 posted by Rem

Oh Canada! 1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Miles: 5820Km (3,616mi)
Price: $16,000

Our neighbors to the North again offer us a piece of sport bike history in the super clean and original ’86 RG500 Gamma. It seems that a few of the RG500’s featured here on RSBFS are Canadian, and this on is no exception. So kick back and check out this low mileage and unmodified 500cc two-stroke!

If you’re a fan of the Gran Prix bikes of the late 70’s, then the RG500 is your ticket to pure bliss. The square-four engine, which is essentially two parallel twin engines geared together with two crankshafts, is capable of 95hp in stock trim.  With the bike weighing in at roughly 350lbs, one can only imagine the surplus amount of fun that can be had. If you subscribe to the philosophy that more is better, then the four exhaust pipes screaming at 10,000rpm should leave you grinning from ear to ear.

First off, because this is a Canadian bike, there obviously is no U.S. title. But this bike is one of the cleaner and lower mileage examples I have seen. Obviously not the Zero-mile version that appeared back in November, but this would make an excellent addition to any collection or maybe even the start of one. You could pick up this RG500 and maybe the RGV250SP that was featured earlier.

The seller states that the only modification to this bike is the Rick Lance air filters (originals available) as well as several NOS parts being included with the sale.

From the seller:

“1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma offered for sale by owner.  This RG500 Gamma is as clean as they come and all original except for the Rick Lance air filters (I have the originals).  Mileage is all original at 5820 KMS (3500 Miles).  I will state the obvious and say that this RG500 has never been tracked or down.  You will not find a cleaner or more showroom RG500, I have the original tires as well (Just have to find them!)  Bike is fully serviced and ready to ride or show.  This RG500 is running perfectly, burns the same oil out of all cylinders.  The engine paint is still shiny and new looking, not faded and dull from so many heat cycles.  Have a close look at the photos and enjoy.  Included with the bike are N.O.S upper cowl with N.O.S wind screen, N.O.S meter foam, N.O.S solo cowl and bum stop. N.O.S mirrors, N.O.S bellypan and original decals for it.  This RG500 would be a show winner every time out, pretty much spotless.  I hate to sell it but it’s just too nice to ride, I know I’ll never find another in this shape any time soon.  Those of you looking know what this bike is, and how the RG500’s are quickly appreciating.  Not much else to say, thanks for looking.”

This particular bike has an opening bid of $16,000 with no reserve, and no bids at the time of writing this. Though this does seem a little on the high side for one without a U.S. title, it’s hard to say when the next excellent condition RG500 with this low of miles is going to come about. If you got to have this piece of Suzuki history, then


Sport Bikes For Sale June 3, 2011 posted by Rem

All Hail the King: 1985 Yamaha RZ 350 Up for Auction

Location: Camarillo, CA
Mileage: 5,220
Price: $4,000 BIN

As I’m sure most of you do, when I think RZ 350, I think Kenny Roberts. The Yamaha RZ 350 Kenny Roberts Signature is a legendary bike associated with a legendary racer. Indulge me for a second while I drop a little history.   ‘King Kenny’ was a dominate racer in the 70’s and went on to win three Grand Prix titles (’78, ’79, ’80) on 500 cc two-strokes. He was the first American rider to win in Grand Prix road racing and in 2000 he was named a Grand Prix legend by the FIM. Kenny Roberts name is motorcycle racing and for me this bike represents an important part of that history. And although I have never ridden one, with roughly 52 ponies of two-stroke power and weighing in at 370lbs, I suspect it’s a blast.

This bike appears to be clean, with reasonable mileage and some solid modifications and maintenance. From the seller:

This is a clean 1985 RZ 350 with the Kenny Roberts red and white graphics scheme. All the paint is original to the bike as well as the graphics. There is a small dent in the tank on the right side where your leg would go, it was hit with something as someone was walking by. Has brand new braided brake line, brake pads, ceramic coated pipe, new speedo cable, and more. The front forks were rebuilt with Race Tech internals, new chain, sprockets, professionally jetted, the list keeps going. I have an invoice of all the new parts and when they were installed. Never ridden since installed. Starts up and runs great but would like to be used instead of sitting. This is a two stroke if you are not familiar with the model. One of the original sport bikes. Selling as the owner and title holder and had only two other owners. One owner had it for over 20 years. One you should come take a look at.

More photos:

Current bid is $1000 as of this writing with the BIN at $4000. The BIN price seems to be right in there for one of these bikes. If the sound of angry bees in a can is for you and you want to try to snag this piece of motorcycle history, !


Ducati June 1, 2011 posted by Rem

2004 Ducati 749R #257

Faster/Stronger/Lighter: 2004 Ducati 749R #257

Location: Bay Area, CA
Miles: 11,200
Price: $11,500

Here is your daily dose of fiber, of the carbon variety. If you’re looking for a not-so-average Ducati, then the 749R is just what the doctor ordered. Unlike the standard and ‘S’ models of the 749, the R was built with one goal in mind: speed.

You may be wondering what separates the 749R from the others. First off, the 90 degree L-Twin had been reworked with an increased bore and shortened stroke, allowing the engine to reach a higher rev. Titanium valves and connecting rods also help the engine achieve a bump to 121hp (up from 108hp on the standard version). To manage the new found power and offer better performance on the track, an Ohlins fully adjustable shock can be found out back as well as inverted ones up front in combination with four-piston Brembos. A slipper clutch was also utilized in the R version to prevent rear wheel lock upon downshifting and hard engine braking. If you are in the market for a 749R, make note that 2004 was the only year it was available with the carbon fiber bodywork.

The particular bike for sale here looks to be a well-maintained and a non-abused version. As is with most Ducati’s, there are some modifications including a Termi exhaust, Ducati performance mirrors, CGR levers, and BCM rear-sets. Probably the most noticeable modification to this bike is the powder coated blue wheels. If you aren’t on board with the blue, powder coating wheels is relatively inexpensive and they could be returned to their stock black color.

From the seller:

“2004 Ducati 749R
11,200 miles
Dealer serviced
Very clean, adult ridden bike

Never raced or crashed

Full Termi exhaust
Ducati Performance mirrors
Light weight Speedcell battery
BCM rear sets
CRG levers
Cycle Cat clip ons
SpeedyMoto under body frame sliders
Carbon clutch cover
Pirelli Diablo Corsas with lots of tread
Wheels powder coated blue
Brakes and drain plug safety wired

Only year 749R came with carbon fiber body work


Price includes:
Front and rear stands
Complete biposto conversion
(subframe, seat, buddy pegs, rear cowl)
stock rear sets
stock clutch cover
stock mirrors
Extra smoke screen”

This particular 749R seems to be priced appropriately (roughly $22,000 new in ’04) and comes with several stock parts if one desires to return it to mostly stock. You even get the exclusivity of the individually numbered plaque (this one is #257)  on the triple clamp, If you like lots of carbon fiber, titanium, magnesium, bikes that are built to go fast, and the unmistakable Italian styling of a modern Ducati, take a look at the seller’s ad here.