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Ducati May 24, 2013 posted by Rem

One Beautiful Ride- ’06 Ducati Paul Smart 1000LE

Location: Santa Monica, CA   Mileage: 12,000    Price: $17,900 BIN

06 Duc PS LE

06 Duc PS LE

This may be one of the best looking motorcycles ever. Sure, it has a rich heritage that most motorcycle racing fans can appreciate. And it’s gonna be big with pretty much any Ducati freak. All that  aside, this is just a beautiful bike. And it’s also not all that common, with 2000 made. The other sport classic bikes in the Duc line have started to heat up, and this has got to be one of the most desirable.

From the seller-

2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 Limited Edition 

Frame no. ZDM1WABP868000896

‘Want it for Paul’s achievement, want it for Ducati’s heritage, want it for how it looks.’ – Bike magazine. 

Paul Smart’s famous victory in the 1972 Imola 200 riding what would become the 750SS was instrumental in establishing Ducati as a high-performance brand for the modern era. So what better way to celebrate the Bologna marque’s heritage than a limited edition model in the spirit of the iconic 750SS? The Paul Smart 1000 LE uses the air-cooled 1000DS v-twin engine, which is housed in the Italian firm’s trademark trellis frame, the latter complemented by some top-quality Öhlins suspension and Brembo brakes. In no way a ‘replica’; this is a thoroughly modern motorcycles with only the styling and colour scheme acknowledging the past. 

‘After 20 miles I was totally sold on the bike, as I had been after five minutes of looking at it. Exclusivity, style, power, handling… what else could I want?’ queried Bike magazine’s tester at the 1000 LE’s launch. A production run of only 2,000 units with only half that coming to the U.S. and few motorcycles of modern times have become as instantly collectible. 

The bike offered here is in exquisite condition throughout. The bodywork is practically without blemish, with only the tiniest scratches visible under close scrutiny. The frame and all mechanical parts are in near perfect condition, also. There is no evidence of any accidents. 

Having covered only 12,000 miles from new, this 2-California owner bike, runs perfectly, with strong and responsive power, a perfect shifting transmission through a good clutch. Brakes, suspension and all electrical systems work perfectly. The Termignoni exhaust sounds intoxicating, and the bike comes with the original system. 

Apart from the tail-tidy, this unmolested and original example is accompanied by a file of documentation, all 3 keys (2 black and one red), and a clean, clear California title. Fresh from a 12,000 mile service, the bike needs nothing at all.

And pics-

This looks like a clean, stock example that should appeal to any Ducati collector or anyone who just wants a clean, killer, rare Ducati. Mileage is good and is described as running perfectly. Not much else to say.

So if a Paul Smart LE has been on your dream list, then you may want to get in on the auction!


Aprilia May 23, 2013 posted by Rem

Best in Show ’98 Aprilia RS250!

Location: Aliso Viejo, CA   Mileage: 3,900   Price: Auction

98 RS250

98 RS250

The Aprilia RS250 has an excellent racing history and is a very desirable bike in the world of RSBFS. In fact, our fearless leader at RSBFS owns one, although he’s never actually shown it to any of us, so we think it’s kind of like his “Canadian” high school girlfriend. He swore she was real, we just couldn’t meet her.

But I digress. This looks like a very clean and apparently award winning bike. Certainly attractive to anyone who is looking for a minty two stroke.

From the seller-

For sale my award winning Best Aprilia at show 2010 and 2011 (see picture). You won’t find a better RS250 especially one that is California legal. This bike is in exceptional condition. Starts on first kick and runs as good as it looks.

This is as close to a street legal GP bike that you are going to find. A real head turner no matter where you go!

I do have the original rear disc that I will include. I installed a full floating Brake Tech rear disc.

The bike can be shipped by a very reputable company to any location in the US. The buy will be responsible for shipping but I can help with arranging shipping or it can be picked up as well.

It comes with a factory shop manual and some misc. spares I’ve bought but haven’t used.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Happy bidding. 

And photos-

Like I said above, this thing is a show bike and looks to be in outstanding condition. Seller says it runs as good as it looks, which should be pretty damn solid. Doesn’t look to need anything, so you could ride it all day or maybe just show it yourself. Totally up to you.

There’s not a lot more to say. If you have been looking for an RS250 that is clean and pristine, you may have found it here. To make a play, make the jump!


Sport Bikes For Sale May 20, 2013 posted by Rem

Blue Smoker- Fully Restored Yamaha TZ 250

Location: Twin Falls, Idaho  Mileage: Race bike   Price: $15,500 BIN

93 TZ250

93 RZ250

Many a Yamaha RZ250 comes across the pages of RSBFS in many forms. Sometimes we get an original version that made its way to the US and makes an awesome street ride. Or we get something like this, a TZ250 that is prepped and ready to do what it does best: crush at the track. This one has been fully restored to do just that.

From the seller-

Up for auction is my 1993 Yamaha TZ250.

The bike has had a frame off clean-up/restoration and complete motor rebuild – no expense spared.

It is very nice looking up close, VERY fast and completely reliable.

I have a fair amount of spare parts (listed at bottom of page)

Many many parts were replaced during the restoration (all with Yamaha factory OEM parts – except where noted), including but not limited to:

  • Wheel bearings and seals
  • Rebuilt forks
  • All engine bearings and oil seals
  • Clutch plates
  • All suspension linkage dampers
  • Swingarm pivot bearings and seals
  • Rebuilt brake calipers front and rear
  • Anything made of rubber was replaced
  • New dashboard foam
  • Completely rebuilt carburetors, with new needle & seat, jets and floats
  • New reeds
  • Added Gull Thermostat System
  • Progressive Rate spring on rear shock
  • Powder coated frame, swingarm, wheels and other miscellaneous parts.
  • Rhino-horn front fender (aerodynamics)
  • Rebuilt, trued and balanced crankshaft/rods
  • Aftermarket transmission shift detent for smoother shifting
  • Ferodo carbon ceramic brake pads
  • Galfer steel braided brake lines front and rear
  • Many many new OEM bolts and fasteners
  • Woodcraft Clip on handlebars (replaceable handles)
  • New chain and sprockets
  • Ohlins Steering Damper
  • Sharkskinz bodywork (1994 style front fairing with intake vents and later model sloped tail section)
  • Zero Gravity Windscreen
  • Vinyl number plates (white base and yellow top).  Yellow top can be removed to expose white number plate base.
  • Factory rear stand – powder coated (has scratches from use)

The above list is off the top of my head – I’m sure there is more, and I may amend the listing to reflect additional things that were done as they come to mind…

The bike has has 4 track days on it (no races) since completion.  I had one low speed, low side on the right hand side (scratched up right side fairing, bar end, right footpeg and right expansion chamber, nothing mechanical harmed, just cosmetic. The tank has scratches from my leathers, and a decently sized shallow dent in the rear top of tank that I believe can be popped out (shown in photos)

The crankshaft rod deflection is still well with in spec.  The cylinders are immaculate, crankcases in excellent condition. The top end has 1 track day on it.

I’m not sure how many miles are on it since the restoration, I did 4 track days at Miller Motorsports park…so I am estimating 400 miles.

I am selling for two reasons:  (#1) I am too big of a guy for this bike (#2) Financial reasons…

The Bike was last taken to the track in 2008, since then it has sat in a place of honor in my living room being displayed (stored indoors – climate controlled, without fuel or cooling system filled)

It does need new tires and there is NO title on a bike like this.  Bill of sale provided.

Spares Included:

  • Service Manual and parts fische
  • 1 set of spare Woodcraft handlebars
  • 2 pistons, 2 rings, base gaskets, head o-rings, piston pins, circlips and bearings
  • 2 spare grips
  • Throttle tube
  • Throttle housing (both sides)
  • Brake and clutch lever
  • Clutch cover gasket
  • Set of clutch plates – fiber and steel
  • Clutch holding tool
  • Stator puller
  • Magneto Rotor Holding Tool
  • Reed valve gaskets
  • Spare can of color matched paint (OEM Yamaha Blue)
  • Other Misc items…shown in photos

Terms and Conditions:

  •     Item is sold as-is, no returns, but Seller assures item to be as described.
  •     I am an honest Seller and only want serious, honest Buyers.
  •     I am happy to answer all questions about the bike, just email me.
  •     Local Pickup Only.  I will not ship the bike, but you are welcome to arrange shipping.  There are several companies that specialize in motorcycle shipment that provide door to door service.
  •     $1000.00 non-refundable deposit is required at auctions end within 48 hours.  Remainder due at or before the time the bike is released to you or a shipping company. (Funds must have already cleared the bank!)
  •     I (the seller) assume no responsibility for the item once it is in transit.

Please view my Feedback and bid with confidence.  Good luck bidding !

And pics-

This machine looks like it’s been nicely restored and comes with a list of extra parts, which is always nice, especially on bikes that aren’t common here. Unfortunately, the seller had a low-speed drop on a track day so there is some damage on the right side. Appears to be mostly, if not all, cosmetic. But you’ll want to make sure. The seller says it does need tires and there is no title.

The seller is asking a pretty penny for this bike, so you’ll have to decide if it’s worth it for you. That being said, it would be a blast for a track bike, or just to display as a nice piece of living room art. Totally up to you, but if you’re interested, check this auction!


Yamaha May 10, 2013 posted by Rem

Two Stroke Madness- ’84 Yamaha RZ500!

Location: Pickering, Ontario, Oh Canada!   Mileage: 7,942 Kms   Price: $16,000 BIN

85 RZ500

85 RZ500

If you like insanely light and fast bikes with super peaky power, then you should pick up this RZ500. Everyone here knows about two strokes and how awesome they are. And the RZ is a one of the more popular bikes on RSBFS for a reason.

From the seller-





And the pics-

This bike looks like it’s withstood quite a bit of weathering. Maybe not a big surprise after living in Canada. Otherwise looks pretty stock and the mileage listed isn’t super high. You’ll want to do your homework to know exactly what you would be getting.

So you’ll have to see if this particular RZ is right for you. If it looks like it may fit your need for crazy, two stroke speed, then make the jump!


Sport Bikes For Sale May 1, 2013 posted by Rem

Clean and Beautiful ’91 GSX-R 750!

Location: Las Vegas, NV   Mileage: 15,060    Price: $6,300 BIN

91 GSX-R 750

91 GSX-R750

If you’re looking for a nice, clean ’91 GSX-R 750, then Sin City has something to offer. This is a solid example of an early GSX-R that looks to be in good shape and pretty much stock. Finding one in this condition is not easy, since most were put in ditches or into telephone poles. Or they were modded unrecognizable.

From the seller-


And pics-

The importance of the GSX-R 750 is pretty much known to everyone in the sportbike world. This is a nice example that is relatively unmolested aside from the aftermarket pipe and windscreen. Mileage isn’t too high and everything looks to be in good shape. Seller says the bike runs perfect but you’ll always want to do your homework and make sure.

I love the GSX-R and always like to see nice clean older examples out there. If you don’t have the money, then just grab $100 bucks and go to Vegas, put it all on black and let it ride. Or if you do have the money, check the auction!

But, you should still probably go to Vegas.


Sport Bikes For Sale April 23, 2013 posted by Rem

You like fun? ’85 RZ350 “King” Kenny Roberts Model

Location: Lowell, MA    Mileage: 19,400   Price: Auction

85 RZ350

85 RZ350

The Yamaha Kenny Roberts RZ350 is a special bike for a couple of reasons. One, it’s a U.S. imported two stroke street bike. Awesome. Two, it honors Kenny Roberts, one of the greatest American motorcycle racers of all time. So it has a lot going for it. And because of those two unique reasons, it’s also a rare and collectible bike. It only came to the States for two years, so there aren’t many still around.

Here’s the seller’s info-

I am selling my White and Red 1985 Yamaha RZ 350 RZ350N YPVS Kenny Roberts edition. The bike starts first kick, runs great and everything works. The bike has 19,400 miles on it. This is a cool bike; it is an oil injected 2 stroke two cylinder 350. This bike was only sold in the U.S. for 2 years, 1985 being the last year. I bought this bike from the second owner who was a collector and owned it for many years. He did not use it much.  

This bike is perfect for the 2-stroke enthusiast or someone looking for an everyday rider RZ. The bike has been modified with some cool goodies. Please read the entire ad before bidding.

ENGINE: The motor is in great shape and runs good. 140PSI of compression in each cylinder. The carburetors were just ultrasonically cleaned. The bike looks to have all of the stock jets in the carbs so it could probably use a tune to get the most out of it. I just changed the oil, sparkplugs and cleaned the K&N air filter with Y-boot. The battery is good and is kept on a battery tender when not in use. The bike has a Toomey racing exhaust system on it and it sounds amazing.  This bike really goes well and is a blast to ride.  

The oil injection is still hooked up so no premixing needed. The air actuated fuel petcock drips over time (like they all do) I have not replaced it but there is an added in-line on / off fuel switch to keep everything in order. Just have to remember to shut the gas off when not in use. The petcock would probably be fine with a rebuild. 

BODY:  The bike is in great shape and the paint is original. This bike is a rider. There are some scratches and a few dings in the fuel tank. The inside of the gas tank looks clean.  I pointed out defects in the pictures. The seat is in great shape. One small crack in the lower belly pan. Again it is not a museum piece but is still a very respectable rider. (Please examine all pictures).

CHASSIS:  The tires were replaced recently. The brakes and the suspension are all in good working order.

 The bike comes with a Hayes service manual and a few service receipts from the previous owner. I am also including a Classic Motorcycle Mechanic’s magazine with a great article on the RZ/Rd 350; these were called RD350LC’s in Europe. The Bike also comes with a tool kit.  

V.I.N JYA48H004FA012580

I think I have gone through everything. Don’t miss out. Examine all pictures and ask any questions before bidding. I am an enthusiast with a great appreciation for the classics. If you are reading this I am sure that you are familiar with these old bikes. I have an RD 400 and there is no comparison.

The bike is sold with a NH registration (in my name) and bill of sale. New Hampshire does not issue titles for anything over 15 years old (non-title state). You will be able to obtain a title in any state with no problems.

 The bike is SOLD AS IS no warranty.

If you have negative or zero feedback you must email me before bidding or your bid will be cancelled. I have been burnt by new ebayers too many times in the past. Email me to show you are serious.

This Bike must be picked up from Lowell MA 01852. I would like it picked up within 2 weeks. I have no problems with meeting a shipper but the buyer must set that up. NO PAYPAL accepted. If shipping the bike you can send a check and the bike can be picked up after payment has cleared. Or payment can be made in cash upon pickup. 

And photos-

This bike isn’t some low mileage, collector machine. But that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. It has some cosmetic issues but the seller describes it as a bike that has been maintained and runs well. Collecting bikes like this may be fun, but I bet riding them is even better. This looks like a good candidate for something to ride but that I suspect will also maintain its value.

Here’s an opportunity to own an RZ350 and hopefully not break the bank. If you need to know more or are ready to pull the trigger, check this auction out!


Honda April 16, 2013 posted by Rem

Keep the 400 party going! – ’95 Honda RVF 400 (NC 35)

Location:  Kenner, LA   Mileage: 8,100   Price: $5,500 BIN

95 RVF400

We’ve had a quick run of the NS400R here lately on the old RSBFS site, a super cool two stroke, three cylinder ride. What we have here is a 400 of a different nature. It’s more of a little brother to the Honda RC 45, another stellar ride that has been featured on RSBFS. The RVF is very rare in the U.S. and will turn heads wherever you go.

Here’s the seller’s info-

Well I have owned this beauty for going on 3 years now. But alas, she just sits in my living room. It is titleable in Vermont I believe but I live in New Orleans and have no way to get it there to get the frame restamped. Titled this bike is worth almost double.

As far as these bikes go, and I have owned many bikes, you will NOT find a cleaner bike. I promise you.  It does not have a title as it is a Grey bike but I will get you a certified bill of sale. It is also insurable through Geico and Allstate that I know of. 

Anyways the specs are.

1995 RVF400 NC35 approximately 13182kms OR 8100 miles. 

Tyga Bodywork, painted by my friend. It’s not the greatest paint job and there are some imperfections but it looks pretty good. There is a spot on the front fender where I took off a piece of velcro that peeled the paint off. Wasn’t done curing I guess

Tyga Rearsets
Tyga Subframe to go with tail section.
Tyga undertail
Woodcraft clipons
Tyga Carbon fiber rear hugger/ chain guard.
Traxxion from springs at .90
Maxon shock, needs to be set up with correct spring and valving but works LOADS better than stock.
Actual HRC Jet Kit, includes, trumpets, needles and jets
Tyga Carbon airbox tray

RB Racing in Australia 3/4 system exhaust.

Video of it running after carbs tuned.

If you have any question feel free to ask.  I know a lot about this bike.  Will help with delivery if need be, Can Bring to the Austin MotoGP next week also. 

And pics-

So this bike isn’t bone stock, clearly. The seller highlights the aftermarket parts and the paint was done by a friend and has some highlighted imperfections. The mileage isn’t high and there’s a video above of it running, which helps. Overall, you’ll want to do your homework but this is an opportunity to have a really cool ride.

If you want a 400, this is one kick ass option for you. Seller even offers to bring the bike to Austin for the MotoGP race. It would be a cool way to pick up your new bike. If that scenario appeals to you, make the jump!


Honda April 12, 2013 posted by Rem

Okay people, here’s another chance- Minty ’90 Honda RC30!

Location: Annapolis, Maryland   Mileage: 4,317  Price: $30,000 BIN

90 RC30

90 RC30

So the RC30 has been written about on RSBFS many, many times. Almost every aspect you can think of has been covered. It’s an extremely special machine that holds a special place in the motorcycle world. If you’re a guitar guy, it’s the ’59 Les Paul of sportbikes. So I don’t know that there’s really anything more that needs to be said. Simply, the RC30 speaks for itself.

1990 Honda RC30 For Sale on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 8.15.56 PM

From the seller-

Attention: Motorcycle Enthusiasts, Riders, Collectors and Investors

Here is your rare chance to own a piece of motor history.  On offer is the highly sought after US spec, 49-state, all original 1990 Honda RC30.  This original example with very low miles is in exceptional condition both mechanically and cosmetically.  Buy it today and ride it cross country or put it under glass in your study.  There are very few of these HRC hand made bikes left in the world in original condition so don’t miss your chance to own one!

This RC30 comes with all proper provenance documentation from the original sale and previous owners.  I am the third owner. 

  • Bike was originally sold on July 13, 1993 from Hinshaw’s Honda in Auburn, WA
  • 2nd owner purchased bike June 29, 2000 in Temp, AZ with 662 miles
  • I purchased the RC30 on May 3, 2011 in Annapolis, MD with 3,849 miles

The biked has been treated lovingly since new in accordance with it’s rare status, as you would expect, and it’s condition is consistent with having never seen a drop of rain (as reported by each owner).  Everything works as new.  All adjustments to levers, controls, brakes, carburetors, etc are correct and set to factory standards.  All fasteners have been properly torqued according to spec.  The motor runs and idles flawlessly just like the day it left the factory.

Included in this auction:

  • 1990 Honda RC30 motorcycle
  • Original OEM Honda Service stand
  • Original OEM Honda owner’s maintenance Manual
  • Original OEM Honda tool kit
  • Original Sales receipt
  • Original Honda Riders club brochure
  • Original HondaCare brochure
  • Original Honda warranty certificate
  • Various registration documentation from all previous owners
  • Original rear tire (worn)

I’ve had a few RC’s over the years and also have some other bits left over which I’ll be selling after the auction.  The winning bidder will have first right of refusal on the following items.  All below items will be included IF the Buy it Now option is selected.

Optional Available Items (not included in this sale):

  • Original HRC RC30 kit Manual in excellent shape
  • Lightly used Micron slip on exhaust
  • Lightly used 43 tooth rear sprocket
  • CBR600F3 front wheel powder-coated white with EBC rotors and a Dunlop tire with only 800 miles (whole wheel is in perfect as new condition)
  • NOS RC45 17 inch rear wheel still in the box
  • Assortment of “Factory” brand and HRC carburetor jets
  • Original sales brochure


  • One nut securing the right mirror is not the correct original black acorn nut.  The original went missing on a ride and was replaced with a zinc plated nut out of my stock.
  • The first owner had a garage mishap in the early 90’s where something fell off of a shelf and landed on the tail section.  There was a minor fiberglass repair to the original OEM Honda tail section which was professionally repainted with OEM Honda paint and OEM Honda decals.  The repair is exceptional and not noticeable.
  • There is a small scrape on the left front caliper that occurred during trailering.
  • The front tire is original and should not be ridden on.  Rather than install a tire on the 3 inch wide OEM front rim I purchased a new CBR600F3 rim (described above) which is the correct 3.5 inches wide needed for current size tires.  That wheel (which is ready to bolt on), is available to the winning bidder to purchase.  The rear tire on the bike is new and matches this front.

I think the pictures show the exceptional condition accurately.  The last picture is from another RC30 I owned circa 1994 that I had painted by the same guy who did all the Honda factory AMA race bikes which I included just for fun (sorry but it’s not included in this auction)!

The bike is available for inspection by appointment.  Please contact me via email to schedule.  No test rides will be permitted until bike has been paid for in full.

Bids from bidders with less then 10 positive feedback will be cancelled.  Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis if the bidder discusses with me BEFORE placing a bid.  Bike is for sale as is where is.  No shipping is offered or included, but I can be available to assist your shipper with loading.  A $2,000 non-refundable deposit is due via pay pal from the winning bidder within 24 hours of end of auction.  Balance is due in cash (unless other arrangements are made with me) at time of pickup.

Thank you for viewing my listing.

Good luck with the Auction!

And pretty pictures-

The seller gives a very detailed account of the bike and you’ll obviously want all of that to know what you’re getting. This is a major purchase so do all your homework and then do it again. That being said, it looks like a very clean example that will likely command top dollar.

So here’s another chance to own an amazing machine. If you have the cash for an RC30 then you are lucky and I also kind of hate you. Okay, not really. But if you can afford it, live for all of us and check this auction!