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Own a Legend – Original ’93 Honda CBR900RR

Location: Hendersonville, Tennessee

Mileage: 32,000

Price: Auction, $2,950 BIN

The CBR900RR is a legendary sportbike. Outside of the GSX-R 750, you could argue that it’s the most important sportbike of the last 30 years. Much like the GSX-R, the 900RR changed the face of sportbikes instantly. Every other company was caught with their pants down.There is pre-CBR900RR and then everything after. Size and weight of a 600 and power of a liter bike. Nobody was even in the same universe.

Here’s the seller’s info-

1993 Honda CBR 900 RR. Great color scheme. clean original bike. ridden daily. Never wrecked. Good condition. Has a Corbin seat, includes original documents. See pics. one small crack in right side fairing about 3 inches long. ( has been glued). This bike has normal wear for a 20 yr old bike.  Needs nothing but a rider.

Own a piece of history. This is my favorite bike of all time but I need money for a new house.

payment due in 7 days.

Buyer responsible for pick up or delivery. 

And photos-

This bike is advertised as original and the seller highlights a small fairing crack that has been glued. It’s also described as never been down and includes a Corbin seat, which I’m guessing is an upgrade. Because the bike does have miles on it I think you would want to get  as much maintenance history as possible. The bike also comes with original documents, which is a real bonus in my opinion.

Bottom line is this. For $2,950 or maybe less, you can own a true game changer in the sportbike world. The CBR900RR influenced  everything that came after it. And I would say still has an impact today. To take this one home, make the jump!



  • I still love my inline Hondas . You can’t kill these things ! Two of my friends had them and beat the living daylights outta them …and they kept on tickin’ That’s a bargain right there for the taking !

  • I noticed that the 900RR is missing from the tail piece. Additionally, the muffler should be black. I miss mine that was built a couple of months earlier than this one…

  • Good call- seems to be a stock aluminum muffler from a ’96-’98 model. Also missing: the red/silver graphics from the upper fairing and center red “CBR” logo, and the two black plastic chain guard peices from the swingarm. Minor stuff and easily corrected.

  • Something weird with the VIN#. I have a ’93 like this, same paint scheme, but my Vin tag says build date of 8/92, but my VIN ends in 0735. Anywone know why this one would have an earlier build date, but a higher VIN number? Possibly not a US market bike originally? I have no idea, but the discrepancy just seems strange.

  • mine has a production date of 2/92 and is 710

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