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Sport Bikes For Sale September 17, 2012 posted by Rem

Not a King Kenny But a Clean ’83 Yamaha RZ350

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Mileage: 1,637

Price: Auction, $7,900 BIN

The Yamaha RZ350 enjoyed a short life here in the U.S. as one of the few two stroke street bikes to ever grace our shores. And it also made life here as the Kenny Roberts edition, in honor of one of the greatest American GP racers of all time. He was the first American to ever win a GP world title. He’s a legend. In the rest of the world, the RZ350 existed as just that. And that’s what we have here.

Here’s the seller’s description-

This is an exceptional bike and anyone in CALIFORNIA that wants a TWO STROKE HERE IS YOUR BIKE!! CALIFORNIA TITLE and last registered in 1990 California!

My friend purchased this bike new when he was he the Army and got it registered here in the States. He rarely drove it and the last time it was registered was 1990. I knew him since 1998 and always talked about it with him and he finally sold it to me 7 years ago and damn if it didn’t end up sitting in my garage with many other projects.

He had let it sit a long time so I cleaned up the tank, lined it and had it professionally repainted as it had some scratches on it from the Army moving them around the country. I finally decided figure out why it was not running and after much research I found out the CDI was crap. I tried the hose clamp/wood dowel trick but that was working very sporadically so I purchased the Zeeltronic CDI for it and it started right up but ran like crap. The carbs needed rebuilding and jetting so they were and it is snappy now!

I didn’t like the yellowish color of the oil tank so I purchased a new OEM on for it. I did replace the stock tires (I kept if the new owner wants the originals) with Avon 26 front and rear. There is one tab on the left side cover that has one piece broke but it still holds well. The original owners kid had the battery cover off and had unintentionally placed it next to a personal heater and slightly disformed/colored the edge of it (barely noticable) and I saw one very small nick on the red paint. I replaced the fuel lines and the oil line from the tank and a new battery. The tailight lens has a very small hole (1/4 of a dime in size). I replaced the fuel petcock and knob with brand new OEM parts. Replaced the fork seals with OEM parts as well.

The Odometer and Speedometer are in Metric! Kilometers and Kilometers per hour. (Multi by .621 to convert to mile and mile per hour)

This bike really looks like new I am just trying to be as critical and honest as possible in regards to condition. The only nicer bike I seen was that one with 5 miles on it the guy was trying to sell for 22k a while back you can still see it on rarebikes dot c o m.

Send me reasonable offers it needs a new home.

Revised** The owners manual, Yamaha Service manual, Yamaha Wiring Diagram and Yamaha Parts microfiche are included.

And photos, with many more in the auction-

The mileage on this bike is low and the seller highlights its history, which includes a California title, a bonus for sure. The bike looks to have had some solid maintenance and the seller highlights some of the small cosmetic issues. The seller also includes the original manuals and parts microfiche, which are cool extras. I’m told a microfiche viewer can be scored on Ebay for like 50 bucks.

If you’ve been looking for an RZ, this one deserves your attention. The seller is asking a pretty penny, but if it speaks to you, then maybe you can make a deal. To take a shot at this bike, make the jump!


Sport Bikes For Sale September 13, 2012 posted by Rem

Minty and Stock ’88 GSX-R 1100

Location: Central Florida

Mileage: 10,384

Price: $6,500

The Suzuki GSX-R 1100 comes up a lot on RSBFS (my policy is if I see one, I post it) and people respond by taking advantage of the chance to take home an icon. Well, here’s another opportunity, and this one is super clean, making it even more rare than most that are still out there. And while I could go on and on about why these bikes are important, worth collecting and more awesome than most things out there, I won’t. You know all that stuff by now. Or you should.

1988 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 For Sale on

Here’s the seller’s comments-

For Sale 1988 GSX-R1100 in pristine condition.

Here is the rest of the story for a little background…

It was 1988 and I worked at a Kawasaki/Suzuki dealer in northern Illinois. I remember when this 1988 GSX-R1100 in Red/Black arrived and sat in the show room. I admired it, dusted it, and wish it were mine. We ended up selling it to a 51 year old gentleman who traded in his 600 Katana. Fast forward 4 years in 1992 and I tracked down that owner and asked if he wanted to sell it and he loved the bike and wanted to keep it. Fast forward 19 years, I had since moved to Florida and in spring of 2011 I was searching Craigslist all over the country and low and behold there was a 1988 GSXR1100 for sale in northern Illinois. I said to myself it couldn’t be? So I called the seller and come to find out it was the same bike I admired back in 1988. The original owner was now well into his 70’s and he gave the bike to his son about 10 years ago and he really never rode it. 

So to make a long story short, I am the second owner (technically third if you count his son storing it for 10 years) and I am now offering to sell it.

 The bike is completely stock. 

The only real cosmetic issue is on the left kick panel under the red vinyl protector, some of the paint came off when I tried to remove the original clear vinyl protector. I was able to match up a piece of red vinyl and cut it perfectly to cover where the old protector was. It actually looks quite well the way it is. 

I cleaned the carbs, put new plugs, air filter, battery, and changed the clutch fluid and it looks a runs great! The previous owner also had replaced the tires a few years ago and they have very low miles on them.

Here are some pictures. 

If anyone is interested I’m asking $6500.

It has 10,384 original miles. 

The bike will come with an extra 1988 GSXR1100 red seat that I purchased so I didn’t have to punch holes in the original seat that came with the bike to mount the rear seat cowl. (The original owner never punched the holes to mount the rear cowl.)

Send me a PM if interested.

I’m located in central Florida.

And pics-

The seller is asking $6,500 for this bike and maybe you can work a deal and pick it up for less. But I have to say, at $6,500 I still don’t think you’re getting a bad deal. These bikes just don’t really exist anymore (look for yourself), and this one certainly stands out as clean and stock, making it even more difficult to find. Mileage is low for its age. It’s just killer.

This bike is featured on a Ducati site (the coolest bike on the site I’m guessing, even if it doesn’t come with its own cologne). If you want a clean, early 1100, you owe it to yourself to go check this one out.


Sport Bikes For Sale September 5, 2012 posted by Rem

This bike is not perfect, but…’s an ’86 GSX-R 750

Location: Altamont, New York

Mileage: 16,200

Price: Auction, $3,750 BIN

Everyone who reads RSBFS regularly and probably even the newbies know the importance of the GSX-R 750. Every sportbike since the introduction of the GSX-R owes something to it. Like it or not. The truest repli-racer of its time, the GSX-R 750 was a genuine game changer. All of this has been said, but it bears repeating if for no other reason than I like saying it. I love the GSX-R.

The bike up for auction here is not perfect, by any stretch. And the seller is right up front about that. But what you do have here is an opportunity to own of piece of history. I think that’s pretty cool, so here it is on RSBFS.

Here’s the seller’s description-

1986 GSX-R 750 in Beautiful condition. 16k original miles. bike was gently down twice once on each side. Still has original levers, grips, pegs, pipe and mirrors (not shown). I left these on because they aren’t bad and to show the bike was never totaled. just low speed wipeouts. I am the second owner of the bike. first owner took great care of it.

Underside is awesome. Clean and in great condition, bike runs great, engine is strong, no leaks, no oil burn, clutch is firm, lots of power for a 750. Shifts and drive as it should. Tires have lots of tread but showing signs of drying. Mechanically rides nice. Its a little cold blooded and idles lower when started up and faster when warm. haven’t figured out why but think it may be the K&N air filter. (its all stock so maybe a stock air filter would help?)  Or carbs need to be cleaned. Has never been done and really doesn’t pose as an issue cause it goes away when bike is warm. Truth be told I haven’t pursued it as of yet. Oil has 500 miles on it, new plugs, and brakes are as new. Chain and sprocket are in excellent shape as well. I think it may be the original chain because there is no link. Not sure. 

I don’t ride it much cause she should be retired. When I do, its just amazing. This bike started it all. Fun, comfortable, light, fast. The engine is very smooth with a real nice power transition. She has a tiny bit of hesitation at 6500 RPM and clears up. Hardly noticeable but i can feel it. 

Plastic is in great shape. I had all the hairline cracks plastic welded on the underside so not to mess up the paint. They were only hairline cracks. wing tips on the nose cowl are perfect. Again still has the original, grips ,pipe,windshield, mirrors and levers so it didn’t go down hard. Consider it motorcycle patina! The Hairlinecracks are hard to see from 5 feet. Bubbles on the lowers took some abuse and the guy liked left turns cause he wore a hole in the bubble. That’s why he said he cut out the hole when fixing the plastic. Wait till you see the foot peg. Original owner was a peg scraper. I was planning on getting the plastic resprayed but cant get myself to do it. Original paint kind of shows the history, which I like. Whenever people come to see it they think its a new bike and more experienced cant believe what they are looking at. This bike is NOT mint. But its really good and with a good painter could be. I actually cant bring myself to do the body work because the paint is original and would never be the same. Now, it tells a story, and I’m a fan. There are touch ups and mid left has been resprayed. see pics and focus on decals. Its a nice job and looks the part.

I installed a bar end mirror on the left side. been doing it for years and like the look. Also it keeps the wing tips from getting snapped. The mirror gets bumped into or pulled on, or even adjusted by someone who doesn’t understand the age of the plastic and there goes perfection. I do have the original mirrors if you want to put them on. 

Bottom line. (See Pics) they will explain everything.

I have picture and video of the bike running. I can email link if so desired. 

Email any questions. 

And the pics-

The bike is not 100% stock, although not far off. It’s not perfectly mint, either. The cosmetic issues and history of how those issues came about is provided by the seller. The mileage ain’t too bad and it looks pretty good overall in the photos. You’ll want to get all the detail you can from the seller, as with any purchase like this.

So you have a chance to own one of the coolest and most important, if not the most important, sportbikes ever. For $3,800 bucks. Choice is yours. To take a look, make the jump!


Sport Bikes For Sale August 31, 2012 posted by Rem

1985 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts with Five Factory Miles!

Update 8.31.2012: As the season winds down, the price drops again to $19,800. Links updated. Thanks Mike, -dc

Update 7.23.2012: Last seen in May, this bike is back on eBay with a lower buy-it-now of $22,800. Links updated. -dc

Location: Pompano Beach, Florida

Mileage: 5 factory miles

Price: $26,800 BIN

We throw out collector alerts and call bikes museum pieces here at RSBFS on a fairly regular basis. And that’s because we post up some killer bikes. Not everyone agrees with our assessments of course, but that’s part of the fun. Well, here we have a collector/museum piece if there ever was one. The seller describes it as maybe the only brand new Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts left in the world. That may or may not be true, but it’s possible. And that my friends is a big deal.

This looks like the real deal. A bike that was bought by some crazy Kenny Roberts/Yamaha enthusiast and brought home immediately for living room display. There are certainly a few bikes I would like to have done that with (NSR, TZR, RGV, 851, the list goes on) and apparently that’s what happened to this one.

Here’s the sellers words-

1985 Yamaha RZ350 KENNY ROBERTS RZ 350

CARSFROMFLORIDA a unique internet dealer in Florida specializing only in clean, certified Florida driven vehicles is proud to offer to the world this BRAND NEW – NEVER USED 1985 YAMAHA RZ350 KENNY ROBERTS EDITION SPORT BIKE!!!












CARSFROMFLORIDA is just simply proud, to introduce a simply amazing, RZ350 Kenny Roberts Edition Sport Bike that is just simply…A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Look at the pictures of this pristine machine and you can almost feel the wind at your back! Built to turn and burn, the major components are tucked in and high, allowing the RZ to be leaned over quite far before anything scrapes the asphalt. You have never experienced anything like this ever…we promise.

Presented to the world in an incredible like new condition, with complete books, this highly collectible RZ350 signed Kenny Roberts Sport Bike could also be one of the best performing assets in your portfolio!

And more pics for you to scrutinize-

So now you’ve seen the photos, read the description and contemplated the only 5 factory miles on this bike. A stunning example by all accounts. So let’s talk about the elephant in the room (or post) as it were.

The seller is asking $26,800 for this bike.

That’s a lot of cash for most folks (even rich folks, I think). So is this bike worth it? If it was proven beyond any doubt to be the last brand new RZ350KR on earth would it be worth it?

I don’t know. I’m just bringing you the bike. If you wish to play in this world and have the means, jump over to the auction and make your play.


Honda August 31, 2012 posted by Rem

Nice and Clean ’86 Honda VF1000R

Location: Superior, Wisconsin

Mileage: 11,445

Price: Auction, $4,600 BIN

Race replica bikes, or attempts by people to build them, have been around in some form since the dawn of time. However, the 80’s seemed to bring in the current era of the factory race replica bike and the Honda VF1000R certainly played a role, along with the Ninja, Hurricane and, my favorite, The GSX-R. The VF1000R was also a precursor to one of the greatest bikes ever, the Honda RC30. Honda also only built them for two years, so this bike is rare too. It’s got it all.

Here’s the seller’s take-

Regreatably selling a 1986 Honda VF1000R Interceptor sport motorcycle .  This time-warp machine has barely 11,000 miles from new, and has seen only 3 owners.  I am only selling for two reasons:  I am having increasing trouble with arthritis at a fairly young age (need a cruiser, or at least a standard) and have too many toys crowding our garage.  Sadly, just bought (wasn’t cheap) and shipped from MA to WI (wasn’t cheap) this Spring, so my loss is your gain.  Included in the sale is the original owner’s manual and key.  Please note that like many of these very expensive bikes, it sat unsold for over 3 years, not selling at Parkway Cycles in MA until 1992!

Creating a race replica bike like everyone else was doing at the time didn’t come inexpensively. The VF1000R had state-of-the-art styling and engineering, from its hand-laid fiberglass fairings, twin-headlights, and gear-driven V4 engine.  Add in TRAC anti-dive forks, quick-detach front wheel, air suspension front and rear, and more, and you can see why it retailed for well over $5,000 way back then.  But know one said you could look like Freddy Spencer for cheap!

As mentioned, sale includes the original manual, key, plus a 1985 microfishe set, along with some service records.  The tool kit is still in the box along the right panel.  The condition of the bike is awesome, overall, but does reflect  a few minor flaws, as may be expected for any vehicle this old.  Pictures will show the following: damage to the LH mirror mount area, from a partial tip-over, a crack in the rear taillight cover, a scratch on/near the RH oil level cover, and some touch ups to the front fender.  However, from 5 feet away, it still looks fantastic, styled like n othing else, you could shave using the tank for a mirror, tires are correct type Dunlops with only 600 miles, I changed oil/filter using Bel-Ray semi-synthetic.  Starts at the touch of the button, idles perfectly, carbs were done last year, sounds of the twin exhaust V4 and gear drive cams is unique.  Shifts perfect, brakes should be bled, runs nice and fast, you hit about 3 grand and you’re gone!  Turns heads everywhere and has been a show stopper at bike nights.

A must have for any serious Honda collector, bike is sold “as-is” “where-is”, no warranty implied/offered.  I will assist with shipping, but it is the buyers’ responsibility.  Location is just outside Duluth, MN , 150 north of Mpls-St. Paul, or Eau Claire, WI.

And photos-

This bike looks clean for its age and the seller highlights some of the  minor cosmetic issues. The mileage is low for a 26 year old machine and hopefully the bike has been maintained well over the years. The current owner says it starts and runs no problem, with recent carb work having been done. It also comes with the original manual, rare indeed, and some microfiche, interesting if you can find a machine to view them on.

I have to think that in the history of the sportbike and the world of collectables, the VF1000R will always be a major player. Taking that into consideration, I think the price on this bike is pretty reasonable. It’s certainly worth a look for all you collectors or Honda fans out there. If that fits you, go check the auction out!


Sport Bikes For Sale August 24, 2012 posted by Rem

Original, Low Mile, Kuh…Leeeen ’91 GSX-R 1100

Location: Loveland, Colorado

Mileage: 6,902

Price: $7,500 BIN

If you think Italian companies have the monopoly on designing beautiful bikes, well, you’d be wrong. And if you don’t think this is one of the most bad ass looking bikes ever, well you’d be wrong again. Now, I must confess, I am a freak for the GSX-R. So maybe I’m a little harsh in my rightness and your wrongness. Argue away if you must, but I’m not changing my mind. This bike is simply beautiful.

This looks to be a pristine example. Here’s what the seller says-

I am selling my 91 GSXR 1100. I bought it from the original owner 1 year ago.  He drove it off the showroom floor in July of 1991. It has only 6902 miles and is absolutely perfect. I doubt there is an nicer 91 in the country. When I bought it I spent $1800 on a new Vance & Hines 4-1 pipe because it still had the factory dual exhaust. (which I still have). I had brand new Michelin tires put on, fork seals were replaced all fluids drained and freshened. They went through the carbs and cleaned them. The bike ran perfect when I got it and runs perfect now.  I have only put 123 miles on it since I have owned it.  I didn’t buy this bike to ride, my plan was to display it in my bar that I have in my basement.  I have since changed my mind and have decided to sell it. Hopefully there is another GSXR enthusiast out there that would want to enjoy this blast from the past.  This truly is a showroom quality bike. I hate to see someone buy it for a daily driver, it should go to shows and such.  1 last thing, this bike is bone stock. There have never been any modifications made to it at all. The only thing added was the Vance & Hines pipe. I think the bikes look silly with dual exhaust. Stock jetting is still in place as well as stock airbox and filter. Not even a K&N filter on this one.  Please email me or call me with questions.  Thanks Joe

Pics of this beauty-

Take a look at all the photos and if you see what I see, this is one clean bike. Paint looks fresh and bike stock, outside of the exhaust as mentioned by the seller. And the condition speaks to the fact that this bike is low mileage, especially considering its age. To me it is a standout example and really worthy of consideration by collectors. There’s really not much more to say.

Well, except this. The seller is asking $7,500 BIN. That is a serious price for this era GSX-R 1100. However, I don’t know if you will find one as clean as this is described to be. Premium example command premium prices. In the end, it’s really up to you. I love these bikes. Make me jealous as hell and place your bid!


Honda August 21, 2012 posted by Rem

Another Honda VFR400 (NC30) Up North, Eh!

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mileage: 12,200

Price: $4,400 BIN

Just a few days back, RSBFS posted a Honda VFR400R for sale in the states, and that’s a rare sight indeed. Here’s another one for sale up in the great white north where everyone is all aboot awesome 400cc sportbikes, and 250cc two strokes too. All those bikes are about stellar power-to-weight ratio’s and monster handling. The VFR400R falls right into that category with a smokin’ V-4 motor to give you power and keep the weight and handling where you want.

This bike is one of many that look to be offered by the same seller. The other bikes you will see here on RSBFS too. Here’s what the seller has to say-

Honda VFR 400R (NC30) 20,400 Km 1990 

Powerful smooth V4 engine, 400CC, liquid cooled, four stroke V-four cylinder, 16 valve DOHC. Electric starting, 59 HP 6 speed transmission. Pro Arm Single sided swing arm. Aluminum frame. 31 inch seat height. Front and rear disk brakes. 165 Kg dry weight. Very low insurance. Certified.

And a few photos-

There’s not a lot to the description and there aren’t many photos. But for what there is, the bike looks clean and original. This bike is up in Canada, so it may be less desirable for us in the lower 48 in terms of getting it home. But if you want to make it happen, the price isn’t too bad and may make up for a little bit of the hassle. And you would have one of the coolest bikes on the road.

If you want to make this happen, hop over to the auction and make your play!


Ducati August 19, 2012 posted by Rem

Retro Cool with a Turquoise Frame- 06′ Ducati Paul Smart GT1000 LE

Location: Fairfield, Iowa

Mileage: 2,338

Price: Auction

If I recall correctly, and I may have this wrong, Bike magazine out of the U.K. (great mag if you don’t know it) called this the best looking bike ever. Or maybe best color combo. I don’t remember exactly. I do remember that they thought it was one good looking bike. I have to agree. A turquoise blue frame on a Duc? Kind of like pink on a Ferrari. But it just works on this bike. I totally dig it.

Here’s the seller’s comments-

This 2006 Ducati Paul Smart GT1000  (one of 2000 ever made, one of 500 imported to North America) is in great condition. I have kept it in the garage since I bought it from the dealership. I have never ridden it hard or in bad weather. All seals are fresh and it has been kept on a battery tender. Always maintained by a dealer. 100% stock!

Title is clean and in hand ready to be transferred.  

This vehicle is being sold as-is, with no warranty, written or otherwise. 

The buyer will have 48 hours to submit a $500 non-refundable deposit payable through Paypal.  The remaining balance will be submitted via bank transfer, paypal, cashiers check, or cash in hand upon pickup. 

The buyer will have to make all arrangements for pick up and/or transportation of the vehicle, and is responsible for payment of those services if necessary.  Bike is currently located in Fairfield, IA.  

Bike is also being advertised locally.  Seller reserves the right to remove this ad at any time.

And photos for your pleasure-

This bike is represented as bone stocker that has been maintained and well taken care of. So there’s really not much else to say. A production number worldwide of 2000 means you won’t see one everyday.

So if you have had a desire for one of these, here’s a great opportunity for a stock, clean unit you can enjoy for years to come. If you want this bike, make the jump!