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Good Looking Slab: ’88 GSX-R 1100


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Location: Fresno, CA

Mileage: 23,243

Price: Auction

Update 1.22.2013: Previous owner requested that we remove the pictures due to copyright violation. -dc

Been looking for a clean old slabby for the garage to put next to your collections of progressively newer GSX-R’s? Or maybe you want to start that dream collection. Either way, here’s one for you to check out.

The GSX-R1100 is a legendary bike due to its insane power in the air and oil cooled 1100cc motor. That motor stayed in the Suzuki lineup in one form or another for years and appeared in more than one drag bike. It is bulletproof.

You don’t see a lot of these on the streets anymore as many were put to rest by aggressive owners who maybe found the power and chassis to be difficult to manage.

Here’s the info from the seller-

This is the HARDEST TO FIND first generation GSXR, the 1988 1100 GSXR RED/BLACK/WHITE. It’s also a 49 state bike witch makes this is even harder to find in this condition, 49 state bikes are from out side of California and don’t have all the smog emission controls that California bikes come with. It’s already registered in california. Here it is you will not find this RARE bike any where else. This is the last year this model was made in 1988 the 750 gsxr  changed to the slingshot. Suzuki left the 1100 gsxr in the original model. 

It has a Vance Hines pipe, K&N filters Stage 3 jet kit, Vance Hines PowerPak programmable ignition system. I took this bike to LAGUNA SECA this year and went to the bike cruise night in Monterey Ca. It was turning everyones head, because you just don’t see this bike in this condition. The young riders thought it was a new model for this year because they saw 1100 GSXR and they were on 1000’s.  I was offered cash on the spot that night, but I turned it down. 

The reason I’m selling it now is because my son thinks he’s going to start riding it when he gets his licences in a couple of months.  It scared me when he said he was going to want to ride it. I told him I would sell it an get him a car, he agreed. I NEVER THOUGHT I would part with this BEAUTIFUL BIKE, but the thought of my son on this FAST GSXR is making me sell it. As you can see from the milage it doesn’t get ridden very much. It’s adult owned, I just changed the oil, the brakes and tires are in great shape. There are minor vibration cracks that aren’t very noticeable, i also instaled a power outlet (cigarette lighter) to hook up my GARMIN so i don’t get lost  when i ride out of town. Make me an offer.

The bike isn’t totally stock, with the noted mods in the seller’s description and the dark windscreen. The paint looks good and the whole thing looks clean for its age. It is certainly rare to find one with little modification and that hasn’t been dumped. And they ain’t building any more.

So if you have been on the prowl for one of these, do yourself a favor and check this auction out.



  • WOW it is like seeing an old girlfriend again after some years. I know this bike very well as I have owned it twice! I bought it in Conn. around 1997 from the original owner. It was in very good condition and very low miles. The only issue was the tranny would pop out of second. I had the tranny professionally rebuilt and the bike was like new. Like every kid in those times I couldn’t resist the temptation to modify the bike to make it more personal. I went about doing little things like making the plate light switch able on/off and I installed some grips, blinkers cut the fender(ouch why did we do those things?) and modified the tail to tidy it up and such(the Suzuki sticker on the fender and the V&H sticker on the body side, yep me). I also am the one who install the power commander, removed the air box for pod filters as well as the duplex V&H pipe. I really loved this bike! Then when the new 1000 came out in 2001 I had to have it! So I sold the bike to a guy in IL to help with the payments. I did love the new 1000 but always missed the 88 slab 1100. He then sold it to a cop in Mass. He then put it up on eBay when I saw her again. I bought it again sight unseen and realized that the new owners did not keep up with it as much as I did or just my “MINT” value went up. LOL… So I let her go again and sold it to a guy in FL. The bike went out of sight for awhile and then it popped up on Michaels motorcycles website. From there it went out of sight again till now where it pops up again in CA. This bike has been around, not to say that is a bad thing. When I bought it the second time it did have an odometer issue where the pervious owner mistakenly put the wrong mileage on the DMV forms. The mileage is correct on the bike as far as when it left me and looking at the number now it seems to be in line. This is a very nice bike and when I sent it along it came with allot of paperwork on maintenance along with receipts and such in a nice binder. I am not sure if that is still the case but I cant see why not. Anyway, thanks for reading and good luck to the new owner. To me that is the nicest looking body/paint combo as well as the baddest looking first gen gsxr. I want another one have been looking for a long time with no avail to find one Perfect or a close to it as possible…, man I miss that bike… I digress…. I keep tabs or try to on this one!

  • WoW ! Now that it a love story right there ! 🙂

  • I’m the new owner of this BEATIFUL BIKE. It’s nice to know people still love these old bikes. I like things not everyone have, one of a kind and this one truly is. But my son wants to start riding it and I would rather get rid of it than have him ride it. I took me 15 years to find this one. I appreciate all the information Joe. I always wanted one of these in high school but I couldn’t afford them. I payed a pretty penny for it but it was worth every penny. Maybe I’ll just keep my son from it. When ridding this old GIXXER it like going back in time to better times of fast bikes. She’s in great shape still and pulls harder than ever as if she was still NEW!!

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