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Keep the 400 party going! – ’95 Honda RVF 400 (NC 35)

Location:  Kenner, LA   Mileage: 8,100   Price: $5,500 BIN

95 RVF400

We’ve had a quick run of the NS400R here lately on the old RSBFS site, a super cool two stroke, three cylinder ride. What we have here is a 400 of a different nature. It’s more of a little brother to the Honda RC 45, another stellar ride that has been featured on RSBFS. The RVF is very rare in the U.S. and will turn heads wherever you go.

Here’s the seller’s info-

Well I have owned this beauty for going on 3 years now. But alas, she just sits in my living room. It is titleable in Vermont I believe but I live in New Orleans and have no way to get it there to get the frame restamped. Titled this bike is worth almost double.

As far as these bikes go, and I have owned many bikes, you will NOT find a cleaner bike. I promise you.  It does not have a title as it is a Grey bike but I will get you a certified bill of sale. It is also insurable through Geico and Allstate that I know of. 

Anyways the specs are.

1995 RVF400 NC35 approximately 13182kms OR 8100 miles. 

Tyga Bodywork, painted by my friend. It’s not the greatest paint job and there are some imperfections but it looks pretty good. There is a spot on the front fender where I took off a piece of velcro that peeled the paint off. Wasn’t done curing I guess

Tyga Rearsets
Tyga Subframe to go with tail section.
Tyga undertail
Woodcraft clipons
Tyga Carbon fiber rear hugger/ chain guard.
Traxxion from springs at .90
Maxon shock, needs to be set up with correct spring and valving but works LOADS better than stock.
Actual HRC Jet Kit, includes, trumpets, needles and jets
Tyga Carbon airbox tray

RB Racing in Australia 3/4 system exhaust.

Video of it running after carbs tuned.


If you have any question feel free to ask.  I know a lot about this bike.  Will help with delivery if need be, Can Bring to the Austin MotoGP next week also. 

And pics-

So this bike isn’t bone stock, clearly. The seller highlights the aftermarket parts and the paint was done by a friend and has some highlighted imperfections. The mileage isn’t high and there’s a video above of it running, which helps. Overall, you’ll want to do your homework but this is an opportunity to have a really cool ride.

If you want a 400, this is one kick ass option for you. Seller even offers to bring the bike to Austin for the MotoGP race. It would be a cool way to pick up your new bike. If that scenario appeals to you, make the jump!



  • I’m the seller and long time reader of RSBFS. IF anyone has any questions post away.


  • I rather have this bike over the nsr400, good luck with the sale, is a cool bike!

  • Personally I think the original bodywork was better looking. I think the NC35/ RC45 look could actually be called iconic, instead of all of the bikes that the OEM marketing depts say are iconic.

  • I agree with you Erik. But I had wanted to update it and paint it that way. I still have a NC29 and MC22 with orginal bodywork though.

  • Dont get me wrong, its still beautiful and the chasis is amazing! I would still love to have it! If only I could sell off my Triumph Thruxton I would love to have your NC35!

  • It looks spectacular. Is it sold?

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