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Okay people, here’s another chance- Minty ’90 Honda RC30!


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Location: Annapolis, Maryland   Mileage: 4,317  Price: $30,000 BIN

90 RC30

90 RC30

So the RC30 has been written about on RSBFS many, many times. Almost every aspect you can think of has been covered. It’s an extremely special machine that holds a special place in the motorcycle world. If you’re a guitar guy, it’s the ’59 Les Paul of sportbikes. So I don’t know that there’s really anything more that needs to be said. Simply, the RC30 speaks for itself.

1990 Honda RC30 For Sale on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 8.15.56 PM

From the seller-

Attention: Motorcycle Enthusiasts, Riders, Collectors and Investors

Here is your rare chance to own a piece of motor history.  On offer is the highly sought after US spec, 49-state, all original 1990 Honda RC30.  This original example with very low miles is in exceptional condition both mechanically and cosmetically.  Buy it today and ride it cross country or put it under glass in your study.  There are very few of these HRC hand made bikes left in the world in original condition so don’t miss your chance to own one!

This RC30 comes with all proper provenance documentation from the original sale and previous owners.  I am the third owner. 

  • Bike was originally sold on July 13, 1993 from Hinshaw’s Honda in Auburn, WA
  • 2nd owner purchased bike June 29, 2000 in Temp, AZ with 662 miles
  • I purchased the RC30 on May 3, 2011 in Annapolis, MD with 3,849 miles

The biked has been treated lovingly since new in accordance with it’s rare status, as you would expect, and it’s condition is consistent with having never seen a drop of rain (as reported by each owner).  Everything works as new.  All adjustments to levers, controls, brakes, carburetors, etc are correct and set to factory standards.  All fasteners have been properly torqued according to spec.  The motor runs and idles flawlessly just like the day it left the factory.

Included in this auction:

  • 1990 Honda RC30 motorcycle
  • Original OEM Honda Service stand
  • Original OEM Honda owner’s maintenance Manual
  • Original OEM Honda tool kit
  • Original Sales receipt
  • Original Honda Riders club brochure
  • Original HondaCare brochure
  • Original Honda warranty certificate
  • Various registration documentation from all previous owners
  • Original rear tire (worn)

I’ve had a few RC’s over the years and also have some other bits left over which I’ll be selling after the auction.  The winning bidder will have first right of refusal on the following items.  All below items will be included IF the Buy it Now option is selected.

Optional Available Items (not included in this sale):

  • Original HRC RC30 kit Manual in excellent shape
  • Lightly used Micron slip on exhaust
  • Lightly used 43 tooth rear sprocket
  • CBR600F3 front wheel powder-coated white with EBC rotors and a Dunlop tire with only 800 miles (whole wheel is in perfect as new condition)
  • NOS RC45 17 inch rear wheel still in the box
  • Assortment of “Factory” brand and HRC carburetor jets
  • Original sales brochure


  • One nut securing the right mirror is not the correct original black acorn nut.  The original went missing on a ride and was replaced with a zinc plated nut out of my stock.
  • The first owner had a garage mishap in the early 90’s where something fell off of a shelf and landed on the tail section.  There was a minor fiberglass repair to the original OEM Honda tail section which was professionally repainted with OEM Honda paint and OEM Honda decals.  The repair is exceptional and not noticeable.
  • There is a small scrape on the left front caliper that occurred during trailering.
  • The front tire is original and should not be ridden on.  Rather than install a tire on the 3 inch wide OEM front rim I purchased a new CBR600F3 rim (described above) which is the correct 3.5 inches wide needed for current size tires.  That wheel (which is ready to bolt on), is available to the winning bidder to purchase.  The rear tire on the bike is new and matches this front.

I think the pictures show the exceptional condition accurately.  The last picture is from another RC30 I owned circa 1994 that I had painted by the same guy who did all the Honda factory AMA race bikes which I included just for fun (sorry but it’s not included in this auction)!

The bike is available for inspection by appointment.  Please contact me via email to schedule.  No test rides will be permitted until bike has been paid for in full.

Bids from bidders with less then 10 positive feedback will be cancelled.  Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis if the bidder discusses with me BEFORE placing a bid.  Bike is for sale as is where is.  No shipping is offered or included, but I can be available to assist your shipper with loading.  A $2,000 non-refundable deposit is due via pay pal from the winning bidder within 24 hours of end of auction.  Balance is due in cash (unless other arrangements are made with me) at time of pickup.

Thank you for viewing my listing.

Good luck with the Auction!

And pretty pictures-

The seller gives a very detailed account of the bike and you’ll obviously want all of that to know what you’re getting. This is a major purchase so do all your homework and then do it again. That being said, it looks like a very clean example that will likely command top dollar.

So here’s another chance to own an amazing machine. If you have the cash for an RC30 then you are lucky and I also kind of hate you. Okay, not really. But if you can afford it, live for all of us and check this auction!



  • One might think these grow on trees based on how often they pop up for sale… Are the same handful of bikes constantly changing hands? Does “availability” affect “rarity” and by extension the price? Based on that logic I think the the going rate on these should be cheaper. It seems that at any given moment anybody with the cash can get their hands on one. Kinda takes the exclusivity out of it when the guy next door sees yours and inside of two weeks have his own delivered to his doorstep.

    Personally, I’d rather have an NC30, fraction of the price, same looks, just as rare in the States and you can ride the crap out of it and not feel guilty.

  • I do kinda agree with in the sense that they seem to be readily available but I think that is only because some dudes are trying to cash in on the recent upswing in value lately. They seemed to have doubled in price in the last 2 years or so.

    I agree they are not as rare as some may claim. I believe approx. 25% of the 3000 run are still around. Problem is (for a buyer) is the owner don’t seem to sell often.

    Unfortunately, I’m one of those guys who would really like one and are driving the prices up! lol I plan to buy one if one come up for a reasonable price.

    Super nice bikes though!

    I have a MV Senna and Ago (run of 300 each) and they seem to come up more frequently for sale as well. lol

  • I would say to Kevin that an NC30 should set next to an RC30 in your collection. Although these RC30’s pop up quit often, at some point they will reach collectors of rare sport bikes like myself, who will put them into their collections and the bikes will never be seen again for sale.

    Richard, I would get one now as the economy is rising and with that the collectable bike values will rise as well.. and If you’re a collector, every collection needs an RC30 in it, even if your not a Honda enthusiast.

  • I’ll be interested to see if this goes at this price. Low 20’s seems a more sensible level. Well I wish it was as I’d like to have one.

  • In reading his description, the BIN reflects a package with all the spares he has. The bike alone is suggested to be less I believe.


  • Kevin.I see comments like yours every time a nice RC30 appears on this site.Your opinions are an expression of your frustration on having “missed the boat”,so to speak.Trying to talk it down will have no effect on the increasing values of pristine RC30’s.The RC30 is what it is,and more.I wonder if you would feel the same way about the asking price of this bike if you won a few million in the lottery tomorrow.I think not.It’s all relative.Work hard and with good luck,you may realise your dreams.

  • Remember they made nearly 5000 RC30’s, I believe that’s why they come up for sale so often, they’re just not that rare.

  • They made 5000 world wide, they made roughly 300 for the US market which was in 1990 alone. Is this bike priced at $30k top dollar? Absolutely. Will this bike be worth $45k in a few years. Most likely. How much are you willing to pay for a bike right now that will never go down in value pending only sever change in condition. Contemplating $25k versus $30k for this bike is useless. It’s worth it. Low $20k’s wa sensible 2 years ago. They are beig sold and bought by collectors in an up trending market. You do the math.

  • Jamie RC45.When I saw your username,I knew what your attitude would be before I even read the first word of your post.The RC30 is the one the people want.It’s the ICON.The GAME CHANGER.No detractors will ever be able to take that away.

  • lol oldskool, I have an RC30 as well!

  • I, for one, am thankful there are those among us with both the means and the passion to preserve iconic motorcycles. They will never build this machine again, period. Some of those still out there, will, on a very limited basis be ridden sometimes and unfortunately some of those will suffer catastrophe. That leaves fewer of them for future generations of motorcyclists to stand awestruck in their presence. Long live the enthusiast

  • Wow, quite the conversation! lol I do agree that they seem to be going up in price and, although pricy, I think they are a better value than buying a 1199 Panigale. I am actually surprised more people don’t pursue bikes like this. Also, I do believe 30K for this bike (all in) is a little steep for the current market, and should probably in the 25K range. IMHO

    Jealous of the guy who lands this this, whatever the price though!! lol

    I think one of the next collectables will be the 91-92 ZX7R’s. Just my two cents…..

  • Richard, I agree with you on the ZX7RR’s just picked up a 91 and here’s the kicker… It’s still crated!! any body out there know of another crated ZX7RR? I would guess this may be the last and only one left.. If anyones interested I do know of a couple other RC30’s available on other continents.

  • Bidding ended at $23,999 with the reserve not met.

  • The bike has been relisted: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1990-Honda-RC30-VFR750R-/130895558981?pt=US_motorcycles&hash=item1e79fbb945

  • Bidding only went to 17,600 this time with reserve still not met. Perhaps the prices on these are coming down. Good for a guy like me who hopes to own one someday. Not many other bikes pull at my heart strings like this beauty.

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