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Honda April 12, 2010 posted by

1993 Honda MC21 NSR250SP For Sale in the Pacific Northwest

Collin has given me the heads up that he’s ready to part ways with his 93 NSR250SP. Here are some details:

  • Its a 12,000 kilometer (7456 miles) 1993 SP.
  • The motor was rebuilt and the barrels were modified a bit by someone in California (Im told, Ive never seen stock ones off a bike so I cant say what was done, I know with the stock pipes its probably not really doing much)
  • have some paperwork, and its been de-restricted.
  • I have reason to believe, someone used it as a track bike or a race bike in Japan, Its been down I think, but never by me or the last guy who is a Portland local. Its not in bad shape anywhere
  • Oil pump is there and still working
  • includes a complete and nearly perfect painted set of Tyga Fox-eye bodywork painted like the teal Repsol racers to go with it.
  • Plastics are currently either airtech, or otherwise repro stock looking stuff painted like a YZR GP bike

1993 Honda MC21 NSR250SP For Sale

Collin is asking $6500 and he’s in Vancouver, Washington. Interested parties can email him directly.

Good luck with the sale Collin!

Update: Colin has re-listed this bike since last October and has lowered the price to $5500. Here is the new link and some additional pictures and video:

(movie of it running/making noise, this isn’t a cold start)

Titled and Plated in WA

According to the subframe numbers, its a ’91 SE. (I bought it thinking 93 SP/SE bike)
Top end was done by Eric Gorr with a mild port, but I’m not sure exactly when in the bike’s history.
It is de-restricted, so it should be around 50-60hp at the back tire just guessing.

Comes with a full set of TYGA spares body work in perfect shape, with a painted matching tank, and a few other parts (spare ignition, etc)

5500 firm, I’m not interested in any trades, unless you’ve got a Ferrari F40 your sick of. I just need more money for racing.


Honda April 11, 2010 posted by

1996 Honda RS125

1996 Honda RS125 racer

Okay so you don’t have a spare $6,000 lying around for the perfect 98 RS125 that I posted yesterday. How about $4,000 for another great looking RS125? This one gets two thumbs up and extra bonus points for an awesome paint job. Anthony “Go Show” Gobert would be proud of this tribute bike as it is painted to match his Suomy helmet design. Shouldn’t this bike’s number plate read ‘420’ instead of 944? Hmmm…. oh never mind…

Have a look:

Pretty sweet eh? Although this one doesn’t have an extensive spares package it has plenty to get you going. It is being sold with the following spares:

Wheels/Rains/Warmers, Stands, A kit body/Airbox, Dbl Bubble Screen, Dunlops w/ one wknd. and more. I will also include original bodywork and a custom folding spare wheel stand (pit stand)

This one was listed for $4,500 a little more than 2 weeks ago and has since been lowered to $4,000.00. Don’t delay if you’re on the hunt for a sweet track bike. It looks like the owner is a detailer so you have to assume it’s squeeky clean. Owner states that he needs it gone to help pay for a new house so if you can help a brother out, jump on over to the USGPRU classifieds and give him a shout.

Since we’re talking ‘Go Show’ I figured I would complete it with a video tribute to him. Here he is on board the Muzzy ZX7rr battling with John Kocinski on the Ducati.



Honda April 10, 2010 posted by

1998 Honda RS125 racer

1998 Honda RS125 with 0 miles since rebuild.

Located somewhere in New Jersey and waiting to be parked in your garage and all I can say is clean, clean, clean! It literally looks like it is 1998 and has just been taken out of the crate.. I did see Hot Tub Time Machine last night so maybe I’ve been taken back and I am looking at a new one 8) Seriously, take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself.

Engine was completely rebuilt with an RSC engine kit and low friction crank bearings. Currently, the engine is set up with a VHM head, Fresh cylinder with detonation ring, HRC detonation counter, HARC Pro Pipe, Talon basket with titanium bolts, Battle Factory quick shifter and CN carbon fiber air box.

Front fork was built by Thermosman and has fresh fluid, rear shock was recently rebuilt and has two weekends on it. Currently the suspension is set up for a 165-pound rider.

Frame was completely gone over and all new bearings were installed: swingarm, shock linkage and steering stem.
Bike has a Brembo front master cyl, braking front rotor and new SBS pads. Bike also has a talon sprocket carrier, new chain and Hjelm rearsets. Bodywork was just painted as well.

Let’s see:

rebuilt engine – check
quick shifter – check
rebuilt fork and shock – check
new brake pads – check
new chain – check
fresh paint – check

LETS GO RACING! Oh wait, I know it’s a two stroke and you can’t go racing with out spares right? He’s got you covered…

Here are the spares:
Fresh Replated Cylinder
One new piston kit
Stock head
Stock pipe
Stock rearsets
Various VHM inserts
Stock clutch basket
Spare shock
Sub Frame
Stock springs (front and rear)
Cush drive
Marchesini rims with front disk (front rim is damaged at bearing mount)
spares kit (gaskets, seals, bearings, o-rings, bolts, levers etc.)
Full Jet kit
1999 upper and lower bodywork
Ricks starting tool
Various specialty tools

From the looks of it all you need is a helmet and leather suit. Obviously, a bike this clean doesn’t come cheap, but at a $6,000 asking price I’d say it’s “fair” when you consider everything is new, it’s extremely, extremely clean and you get a ton of spares. I used to love going to the track and waiting for the clock to hit 8 so I could smell spent 2 stroke exhaust. Ahhh there’s nothing like the smell of 2 strokes in the morning.

Have an interest in 2 stroke racing? Looking for a kick ass track day bike with an awesome spares package?
You owe it to yourself to give this one a look.

It’s listed for sale on the USGPRU classifieds and you can contact the owner here



Yamaha March 24, 2010 posted by

1990 Yamaha FZR400 With 1,830 Original Miles

This is a FZR400 with very low, original, miles!  Located in Long Beach, California is a 1990 Yamaha FZR400 with 1,830 original miles.  The bike does have a Supertrapp exhaust and is jetted to match.  This bike is also priced at an agreeable $3,785–about $1,000 more than the majority of them are advertised for.  The seller mentions that this bike is in perfect condition.  As the seller states, these were only imported into the U.S. for three years (’88-’90) and 1990 is the most desirable year.  The ’90 model features a Deltabox swingarm, four piston calipers and offset front rotors up front.  These 400’s are great handling bikes–just ask Doug–and it’s very cool to see one with very low miles available.  See the bike on Craigslist here.


Suzuki March 6, 2010 posted by

1992 Suzuki GSX-R600 With 5,000 Original Miles.

This is a GSX-R600 in fantastic, original, condition with only 5,000 original miles!  Located in Spokane, Washington is a 1992 Suzuki GSX-R600.  This bike still has all of the original warning and specification stickers, and has an extensive service history from a local shop.

“…tires suck (not completely worn out, but are checked and a lil’ slippery – i’d replace them (but powder coat rims 1st, as there are a few small blemishes on them); front wheel bearing is going out; petcock likes to remain on ‘reserve’ – don’t ask.”

I love the look and condition of this bike.  If I didn’t care what my girlfriend said, and I thought very seriously about doing it, this would be in my possession.  This is the first year for the GSX-R600 and is basically a sleeved-down GSX-R750.  The original problem with this bike was that it only had 600cc power but had haul around a 750cc bike.  However, the draw was also that it had the scream of a 400 but, the comfort of a 750–giving Suzuki some access to the largest segment of American sportbike buyers.  This early 600 also had all of the technical benefits (Suspension/Brakes) of the larger displacement bike.  The majority of these bikes were either tracked or dropped at some point and haven’t made it through in this condition.  The asking price is $2,700 and the seller seems very motivated.  Being in Spokane, this bike is six-hours from any other major city, giving the buyer a large amount of power.  This bike isn’t worth as much as a CBR600F2 in equivalent condition and never will be, so don’t plan on buying it as an investment.  Regardless, this would make a very enjoyable weekend rider or a nice garage piece.  See the bike on here.


Honda March 2, 2010 posted by

1994 Honda NSR 250 MC28 with Minnesota registration!

1994 Honda NSR 250 for sale on the Minneapolis, MN CL and is said to have a current title and registration.

With a price of $10,000.00 and an average picture it makes this one tough to digest at first glance. I did a quick search on for past MC28’s and this one might be a little on the high side, but you can be the judge.

Located in Hamm Lake, MN and listed on the local CL the seller doesn’t offer much information other than.

For sale 1994 Honda NSR 250 Mick Doohan Repsol replica bike

Licensed and titled in Minnesota

As the seller states this one is done up in the rare 96′ SP Repsol colors that commemorated Mick Doohan’s 95′ Grand Prix 500cc championship. There’s no mention of mileage, history, type of plastics on the bike i.e. OEM, Tyga or Chinese, but from what I can tell in the picture it looks pretty good. I really like the orange wheels v. the 96′ models black ones.

The 94 MC28’s were the first year for the single sided swing-arm and PGM IV engine management system that was activated by the smart card. The smart card doesn’t fare well with the die hard MC28 fans because they are hard to de-restrict for maximum power output. It was said that Honda used the PGM IV so they could meet the Japanese EPA restrictions that went in to effect in 1994. For whatever the reason, I think it’s pretty cool to have a card to start your bike.

So if you’re getting ready to jump in to the Spring bike market, but really can’t wait until the weather breaks give this one a look. You can check out the ad and contact the seller here



Aprilia February 26, 2010 posted by

2000 Aprilia RS 250 for sale on ebay with no reserve!

2000 Aprilia RS 250 with only 2,551 on the clock and listed as a no reserve auction!!!

Current bid is $6,100.00 with 4 days left on the auction. I posted a RS last Saturday and it sold within 48 hours for around $8,000.00. So at $6,100.00 this one is a steal considering it has super low miles. This is an original owner Aprilia Cup bike that was never raced or tracked. There is an interesting story behind this bike in how it became street legal.

Here it is in the owners own words:

The bike was originally a cup bike but when I got the title back from DMV they had given me a street title by mistake. So, I put a set of brake lights on it, got a street cowl with headlights and mirrors and have been riding it that way ever since.

Now, I’m a little confused by what the seller says next.

Bike will come with street wiring, the original cowl and a street tail section.

I’m a little confused by the fact that there is a street wiring harness that isn’t installed on the bike nor is the OEM street tail section that is in included. The tail section on the bike appears to have turn signals, but no brake light. So in my mind this begs the question “do the lights actually work or are they just filling a need for the bike to be legal on the street?” Either way the bike looks to be in excellent shape and has all the stock parts. This is a dream come true for anyone looking at a RS. Why is that you may ask? Plain and simple this is a one owner, low mileage and streetable RS. The price is right and the owner has his phone number listed on the auction site for any questions that you have.

Here are the pictures with more on the auction for you to look at.

I like this one as much as any RS that we’ve posted on RSBFS. I think it has a lot to offer and for once it’s located on the right side of America 🙂 Like I mentioned before the last RS we posted sold in 48 hours so if your interested you better get in the mix sooner than later. You can check out more pictures and .



Honda February 22, 2010 posted by

1993 Honda MC21 NSR250R with California title and registration!!!

1993 Honda NSR 250R MC21 for sale in La Jolla, CA.

Owned and submitted by Harrison this sweet little gem has 16,000 on the clock, has new tires and is 100% stock. Apparently, Harrison imported it and has owned it since new. He tells me it has been well cared for and by looking at the pictures I can’t say I disagree. With all of these two strokes floating around RSBFS it’s making me crazy and I might do something silly to park one in my garage.

The MC 21’s introduced the Gullarm swing arm to the NSR line and I’d say it is the coolest thing next to a single sided swing arm. 1993 was the last year for the MC21 before the MC28 went on sale in November of 1993 as 1994 models. My favorite NSR is the 1990 SP, but that’s another story for another post.

Here are the pictures:

From the listing:

1993 Honda NSR 250R. California title and current registration.
This NSR was purchased new in Japan and was imported to the US by original owner. It’s entirely stock with all original plastics, front and rear seats, pipes, airbox, foot-pegs, suspension, oil injection, and tool roll. Compression 160/161. 16,000 miles. New front and rear tires, new windshield, and new battery

Interested? This one is listed on the San Diego CL and is priced at $7,000.00.