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Suzuki October 2, 2009 posted by

Three Old-School Suzuki Sport Bikes For Sale: A Pair of early RG 500’s and GSX-R 750

First up is a 1986 Suzuki RG500 GAMMA for sale on Columbus, Ohio Craigslist for $10500 (20k miles):

Suzuki RG500 Gamma For Sale

quote from the listing:

1986 RG500 Gamma, top end was done about 8000 miles ago, dyno’d at 98.x horsepower, Fox shock, Racetech gold valves, upgraded gsxr brakes, Katana front rim (17″x3″), GSF400 Bandit rear rim(17″x4″), induvidual filters, Jolly Moto GP pipes, proper jetting, Airtech RGV250 upper fairing, Raask rearsets. 20,000 miles, Polaris synthetic oil, tinted double bubble windscreen.

Next up is another 86 on Eugene, Oregon Craigslist for $12500:


quote from seller’s listing:

Extremely rare Sportbike for sale. One of approx. 400 in the States, this one is from Canada. Never imported directly. 500cc four cylinder 2-stroke – it is the road going version of Suzuki’s class dominating GP bike of the late 70’s. 100HP in a 300# package – you do the math = FAST and fun. Although I hate to see it go, I need to make space in the garage and I really don’t have time to ride this awesome piece of machinery any more. The bike is in excellent condition. It does need a battery. And the reg. is expired.

And finally a nice and original looking 1990 GSX-R 750 for only $2500 (15k miles, Fontana, California):

1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 For Sale1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 For Sale1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 For Sale1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 For Sale

quote from seller’s listing:


Amazing that we have 3 different RG500’s posted this week! Have a good weekend everyone!


Suzuki September 29, 2009 posted by

1983 Suzuki GS XN85 Turbo For Sale: Brand New, 0 Miles!

Yes you read that title correctly; this is a brand new, never titled motorcycle in New Hampshire! And it’s one of only about 1100 ever built. Check out this :

quote from seller’s listing:


Admittedly, I don’t know much about these bikes. Unfortunatley the unofficial XN85 site is offline as of this writing. But I did come across this nice article on Faster and Faster regarding the XN85:

The XN85 was cutting-edge stuff for its time, with a 16-inch front wheel, low clip-ons, rearset foot pegs, Suzuki’s ‘Full Floater’ monoshock rear suspension, and anti-dive plumbing in the Kayaba front forks. The engine was an air-cooled, fuel-injected, turbocharged, eight-valve, 673cc inline-four, mated to a five-speed gearbox. Power output was a modest 85 horsepower at 7000rpm.

That more horsepower than my Ducati 750SS makes, and it’s supposedly a decade newer!

Should be a great opportunity for a collector to add a cult status bike to their collection. Thanks for the tip James!


Suzuki September 28, 2009 posted by

1986 Suzuki RG 500 Gamma buy-it-now $14,500

RG 500 Gamma’s don’t come available that often, but this one is on ebay.  This has been ridden with 24,000 miles and is not stock, but is still very nice with modern, tasteful upgrades.  Take a look at it and judge for yourself.

The owner has a lot to say about the bike as it has extensive modifications.  I am by no means an expert, but can certainly appreciate the big 2 strokes. 

This is a 1987 Suzuki RG500, I am the second owner and have owned it since 1988. The engine was completely rebuilt by BDK Race Engineering in England in 2005, and was bored to 570cc and tuned to stage 3, both crankshafts where completely overhauled with new seals and bearings. The engine has Mark Dent exhaust pipes, but I will also include the original exhausts if required. The frame is a standard RG500 frame, but I have fitted the front end from a RGV250. The front forks where modified by Maxton racing in England to account for the weight of the RG and rider and I also have a Maxton Rear Koni shock absorber fitted which was also modified for my weight and that of the bike. The rear swing arm is a standard RG swing arm with additional bracing. The front wheel is an RGV250 17″ front wheel and the rear is a 4.5 inch CMA. The bike handles very well (far better than stock). The front fairing is an RGV fairing modified to fit the bike and the rear seat and bodywork is a modified copy of the stock RG500 body work. The engine has a NOVA gearbox (standard gearbox cannot take this level of tune) and straight cut primary gears, I have an adjustable ignition pickup fitted (from Mark dent) and am running a standard CDI. The jetting was setup by Micah at AF1 Racing in New Braunfels where the bike made 107HP on his dyno. It was then run on a dynojet 250 (without any changes to the engine) 2 weeks later where it recorded 126hp. The difference is just down to the opportunistic readings that dynojet tend to give, but it’s good for bar stool racing.

Needless to say the bike is quick and has covered about 2000 miles since the tuning work was performed and has not had any mechanical or electrical issues. The engine also has a Shift shaft support plate to help improve the shifting mechanism, but it still suffers from the standard dragging clutch of any RG500, making locating neutral difficult at times (there is nothing wrong with the gearbox!). The carburetors have been offset bored to 31.5mm and are running Mark Dents ITG individual filters and have high flow ball valves fitted. The tires are in good condition with plenty of life left in them. I have fitted a small hugger on the rear wheel to keep the rear exhausts a bit cleaner, the rear of the bike was raised almost 1 inch by Maxton to improve the handling and ground clearance. The rear axle was replaced with a much larger axle (17mm to 25mm) to further increase the rigidity of the swing arm.

Bike is located in Austin, TX so it should be well kept.  I would liked to have seen more close up pictures of the bike to better represent the condition.  The seller states he has the reserve set at $13,000 so it is possible that this bike could be had for that amount.  I did a quick search and didn’t find many to reference the price to so if anyone has information send it in and I’ll post it up.  Enjoy!



Uncategorized September 22, 2009 posted by

The Week in Reader Submissions!

Normally I’d give each of these their own spot, but I’m already behind that I’m attempting to catch up with a big batch post. And as I go through my inbox I have to apologize to a few of you for some great forwards that expired before I could post them. Thanks to all for the great submissions and keep them coming!

First up is the group of Craigslist ads from Lucas.

Check out this 1986 Yamaha SRX-6. I had never even heard of this bike and it’s unusual shape actually is quite nice and looks like a blast to ride. It’s a 600cc single! Check it out on Denver Craigslist for $2950 with a mere 3700 miles:

1986 Yamaha SRX-61986 Yamaha SRX-6

quote from ad:

I am selling my SRX-6. A rare (1986 only) 600cc Yamaha single. Only 3676 miles. Might add a few before it sells.
Bike came with K&N air filters, and Supertrapp exhaust system.
I recently installed the larger Radian front calipers, EBC brake pads, Braided stainless steel front brake lines, new front master cylinder, Progressive front fork springs, Bridgestone Battlax BT45 tires, custom LED taillight and rear signals. The bike starts easily and runs great.

Not many of these left in this condition and especially at this price: 1989 Kawasaki ZX10 Ninja with 18k miles for $2900 on Portland Craigslist:

1989 Kawasaki ZX-10 For Sale1989 Kawasaki ZX-10 For Sale1989 Kawasaki ZX-10 For Sale

quote from ad:

Super clean, well maintained motor, rare bike runs and drives great and exceeds 180mph meter. Bored out heads with larger sprocket for more speed. New battery. Small ding in gas tank and crack in glass panel on right shield.
Just paid $400.00 for full service and new ignition switch. Just under 18k ml. Garaged it’s whole life. I can’t believe I’m selling but life changes show the need. I’ll throw in my riding gear for cash sale.

And for fun, a 2007 MV Agusta F4-1000R 1+1, also on Portland Craigslist for $14700 and 2900 miles:

MV Agusta 1000 1+1 For Sale

quote from ad:

2007 MV Agusta F4-1000R 1+1. white/black, very rare bike, i was told its the only one white 1+1 in the northwest. bike has 2900 miles on it. carbon fiber rear hugger, fender eliminator kit, and signals in the taillights, the factory coolant was replaced with Engine ice Hi-performance coolant, also has hi performance impeller installed for better cooling. all work done by MotoCorsa, along with all maintenance. bike has factory warranty until February 2010. bike is in perfect condition, nipples still on the tires. beautiful bike overall. i have the factory fender, signals, and hugger if requested. Comes with the red stand in the picture (factory stand). factory specs read 174hp at 11900rpm redline at 13k motor is inline 4 cylinder. MSRP is $22995, i paid $21k. asking $14700.

Thanks for the submissions Lucas!


Honda September 22, 2009 posted by

1991 Honda NSR250 MC21

Since becoming an author on RSBFS, I have become more interested in 2 strokes.  I have always been a huge fan of the limited production 4 stroke race bikes, but I can see myself picking one of these up real soon.  

MC 21 on with no reserve and a starting bid of $3200.

MC 21 1MC 21 4MC 21 2MC 21

With 12,584 miles on the clock this one is used and ready to ride.  The pictures show some wear and tear, but I did a quick search and the starting price seems to be market correct when considering the condition.  The plus is this one appears to have the ever elusive registration that was current up until yesterday.  The seller posted a lot of pictures on ebay that show some of the age marks; you can  to view them.  This one is not a garage queen so it can be ridden without fear of someone scratching it.

The seller didn’t have much to say about the bike so I won’t post up any quotes, but the one thing I did notice about this particular MC 21 and that is it comes with the aftermarket “go fast stickers!” 


Honda September 15, 2009 posted by

1985 Honda VF1000R 100% original

Although, I’m not sure this counts as a rare sport bike, it does make me appreciate 1985 HRC cutting edge technology.  I also couldn’t help myself, but to chuckle a little bit and to think of those pioneering road racers who raced these beast.  Take a close look at the pictures and look at the early “vented disc brakes” on the rear.  Is it just me or do those bolt together rims look a little flimsy?   


This 1985 Honda VF 1000 R shows very well and appears to have been taken well care of.  If you notice in the pictures, it has all of the original stickers still on it.  The last pictures shows the chain adjustment sticker still in tact.  I always thought if I removed those stickers I would be saving weight and thus go faster; if nothing else I would look fast sitting still!  All joking aside this is one nice bike that is on the verge of being an antique (gees, I’m getting old). 

This one is located at a dealer in Midlothian, IL

All original Honda vf1000r Interceptor.  The bike is in the all original red, white and blue racing colors and has 9,010 original miles. This bike is all stock and as original as they come.  Every sticker from the chain guard to the frame are intact and in perfect condition.

I hope you appreciate it as much as I do.  Just looking at it makes me feel patriotic.


Update: This posting is pretty outdated. Check out some of these current listings on eBay for bikes and parts right now!

[AffomaticEbay]Honda VF1000[/AffomaticEbay]

Yamaha September 15, 2009 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ350 NC For Sale in the Bay Area

Advertised as clean and original, this one sure looks the part in these pictures. Click for hi-res, or follow this link to the Craigslist post for $7k:

quote from seller’s listing:

1985 Yamaha RZ350 NC A very clean true survivor with 16,000 miles. Very rare and expensive rear single seat cowl with stock tail section as well, you will not find a cleaner well kept low mile RZ like this anytime soon. Comes with owners manual, tool kit, and both stock keys. Oil injection, Call for all the info. 7k cash, no joy rides, no trades

I know we have lots of RZ fans on this site, so I hope you enjoy!


Honda September 14, 2009 posted by

OW01’s (yep, plural) and an RC30 For Sale Soon!

This is a quick teaser for some future listings I’m working out the details on with my new super hero, Jeff. He’s thinning his collection of homologation sport bikes and sent along this picture of some of the stock that may be for sale soon:

Yamaha OW01 FZR-R 750 For Sale

He says he also has an RC30 that will need a new home as well. I’ll be getting details soon on all the bikes for sale and will post back soon!