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Honda December 4, 2009 posted by

1983 Honda CB1100R D for sale on ebay…

According to the seller - “Only 1500 full-powered CB1100R D series were built and none were imported into the U.S.” This one has 29,206 miles is from Woodworth, LA and is being offered with a

1983 Honda CB1100R D for sale on ebay

I don’t know a lot about these bikes but the seller states the more common B and C versions had “only 100 hp” but the provided D series specifications indicates this one to have 120 hp.

Here is what else the seller has to say about this rare sportbike:

Extremely Rare Classic Collectable.....Only 1500 full-powered CB1100R D series were built and none were imported into the U.S. The B and C series were only 100 hp.

The RD is painted in pearlescent red, white and blue. The engine covers are painted in gloss black, the gold covers received a much deeper color than the earlier models. The engine shares many parts with the CB1100F bike. The rear swing arm is made of rectangular steel painted silver.

“The ‘R’ bikes were produced in limited quantities from 1981 to 1983 to compete in factory endurance racing in Europe.  They have been touted as "the ultimate peak of development for the dohc, air-cooled, twin shock, across-the-frame four." and dominated their racing class in 81, 82 & 83. To this day, they are considered comparable to many "modern" sport bikes. Only a few lucky people in the United States will be privileged to own a CB1100R-D as they were never officially made available for the U.S. market.”

Honda was very successful with these bikes in the famous Isle of Man TT races and they were piloted by legendary riders such as Wayne Gardner, "Rocket" Ron Haslam and Joey Dunlop.




If I was putting together a collection of Hondas, I would have to include this one as well.


Yamaha December 3, 2009 posted by

1986 Yamaha FZ750 – second of two posts

I haven't quite figured out how to properly post multiple listings in the same post, so for the time being please bear with my separate postings. 

Anyway, here's :

This is a true collector.  This bike looks great, turns heads and is FAST.  The motorcycle is in great condition. It has all four rebuilt carbureators, new brakes, new tires, new clutch, serviced one year ago with over 1200.00 in repairs and new parts and it has never been wrecked. It has a salvage title because it was stolen and the insurance money was collected then it was found and returned. It runs beautifully and has been a great bike.

This bike is no where near the condition of the first FZ, and the salvage title is a bit concerning, but the given the right price, this can be a very usable classic on a day to day basis (the FZ750 engine is very robust with oil change intervals of 7500 miles and valve gear adjustment every 25,000 miles).


Yamaha December 3, 2009 posted by

1986 Yamaha FZ750 – first of two posts

Ah...the Yamaha FZ750.  With 5 valves per cylinder, liquid cooling, and 105 hp on tap, it was a significant bike in Yamaha's history, but was sadly overshadowed by the brilliant Suzuki GSX-R750.  23 years later, the FZ750 has become somewhat of a collector and we now have not one, but TWO for sale on ebay:

So here's the first (and this one looks mint!):

This is the bike that started it all for Yamaha when it comes to the sportbike market. 1985 was the first year for the FZ750 with the 5 valve Genesis engine. In order to create a straight, non-restrictive intake tract, Yamaha engineers designed the engine with the cylinders tilted forward at a 45 degree incline. In addition, they incorporated a 5 valve per-cylinder design(3 intake/2 exhaust). The innovative engine design and location also created an awesome front/rear weight bias. I have owned this particular bike for a little over a year and while it is extremely fun to ride. The 85 models are getting hard to find and even harder to find with the factory plastic still in-tact. This bike still has the factory seat eliminator. In addition to being well cared for over-all, the following items have been replaced/installed: Two Metzler tires(about 300 miles ago), new fork seals(about 300 miles ago), steering head bearing serviced(about 300 miles ago) chain and sprockets, clutch slave cylinder, Vance & Hines Supersport exhaust. It also has a K & N air filter, Dyna Jet Stage 1 jet kit and Yoshimura Cams(Installed by previous owner) The bike runs very strong and draws a lot of attention between it's vintage sportbike looks and aggressive sound. It is not for an irresponsible, novice rider but is as well mannered as it's rider. You can cruise comfortably all day long with the throttle lock but if you rev-it to 5500 rpms and above, you'd better be ready to hold on. Despite it's age, it is more than capable of keeping up with most modern bikes 1000cc and less. It won't beat them all but you can earn their respect. (It has surprised quite a few people). I encourage anyone that is interested to do some research on the web as there are quite a few sites and groups dedicated to these motorcycles. When you consider the age, the mileage isn't bad especially when you consider that the factory recommended valve adjustment interval isn't untill 26,600 miles.

The seller is a serious collector (I've seen some of the bikes that he has previously sold - all of them mint, rare, and collectible), and if you're in a market for a FZ750, I would not hesitate to buy from him.


[AffomaticEbay]Yamaha FZ[/AffomaticEbay]

Yamaha December 1, 2009 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ500 For Sale in North Carolina

Here's another great looking RZ500 for sale. This one is in North Carolina on Craigslist for $11k:

1985 Yamaha RZ500 For Sale in NC on Craigslist

1985 Yamaha RZ500 For Sale

quote from the Craigslist ad:

1985 Yamaha RZ500
2 Stroke - 4 Cylinder (500CC) (street legal and ready to ride)
Looks and runs fantastic..low miles
Note: RZs were not distributed in the US and were very limited production (very rare collectors item)

-New tires
-520 Chain and sprockets
-New steering head bearings
-Airtech Fiberclass (professionally installed and painted)
-I have all of the original OEM parts and plastic
-I have the RZ500 Maintenance Manual
-Clear title

I'm surprised how many of these have come up for sale this year. Considering they were never imported, there are a fair number of them running around! Any RZ specialists out there know have a guess as to how many are rolling around in the U.S.?


Suzuki November 29, 2009 posted by

1984 Yamaha RZ 350 with super low miles!!


I'm not sure I've ever come across a cleaner, lower mileage RZ than this one. Even though this might not be the most desirable color for collectors it still deserves a look. The seller has offered several pictures for review and a phone number for anyone interested in more information. These were only imported for 2 years and were only available in two color schemes. I personally prefer the Red/White/Blue vs. the Kenny Roberts edition.

Here is the quote from the listing:

I have up for auction what might be considered one of the "Nicest" "Low Mile" RZ 350s in the country. I am the 2nd owner of the motorcycle. I purchaced this RZ roughly five years ago & still carry the "Original Title" and service manual. I only put maybe 80 miles on the bike when I decided to pull it in the house & park it near the pool table. This RZ runs outstanding, it has also never been rebuilt, everything functions perfectly. To find a 1984 Yamaha RZ 350 with under 1,400 original miles you might have to look in a museum. I'm sure this would make any RZ enthusiast or "Collector" quite satisfied.

From the looks of it I would have to agree with the seller in that this one is sure to please.

You can check out other RZ 350's we've had posted on RSBFS here for price reference. This one has a reserve price, but at the time of this posting only had 1 bid of $499.00 on it.


Bimota November 27, 2009 posted by

Exciting Exclusive: Collection of 17 Rare, Exotic, and Low Mileage Bikes Soon to be For Sale

Update 1.8.2010: Rory has sent us an update on the remaining bikes. Please contact Rory at for further information about the remaining bikes available for sale in the collection.

Rory and his business partner have contacted Rare Sport Bikes For Sale to alert of us of a collection of 17 bikes that will soon be for sale.

His message included the following details:

My business partner, Lee and I are trying to help his neighbor sell the bikes owned by her late husband. The 17 bikes that are left to sell are primarily sport bikes and they are all somewhat special in one way or another: Limited Editions, grey market, low (or no) mileage, etc. It’s taking some time for the widow to have the bikes re-titled in her name, but we are now getting to the point where we need to figure out how to find buyers looking for the somewhat unusual bike.

And here is the list I was given:

Bike Model Year Mileage Notes
Honda V45 1983 9.8
Norton 810 Dunstall 1972 1983
Ducati 888 SPO 1993 2031
Yamaha FZR 750 RR km 1052
Benelli TRE 2004 2
Yamaha R1 SE 2006 0
Ducati 851 Tricolore NA
MV F4 2000 426 Serial number 10000
Ducati 916 SPS 6059
Yamaha R1 2001 18137
Bimota Tesi ?
Ducati F1 km 5234
Moto Guzzi Daytona R 1996 km 21421
Yam RZ500 1984 5571
Honda RC45 3718
Yamaha R7 3646 km
Yamaha (R1?) 2005 17 Race prepped

Clearly a collector with discerning taste, and pieces that match our theme here perfectly. Please leave a comment below if you'd like to see a particular piece of this collection processed sooner than later.

Thanks for contacting us Rory. Looking forward to seeing this collection go to new homes! I'm wish I was reckless enough to consider a second mortgage and the penalties on draining my retirement to get in line for some of these!