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Honda February 14, 2010 posted by

1995 RVF 400 for sale

1995 RVF 400 with 6,900 miles on the clock located in Gilbert, AZ and submitted to us by Gary – the owner of this beautiful machine. It seems likes it pouring RVF 400’s these past few weeks on, but hey, I’m not complaining one bit. I love these things and if I had an extra $7,800.00 bucks this one would be sitting in my basement. The 1994-96 RVF’s are my personal favorite and this one is especially striking with the Tyga tail section and exhaust. In the email to RSBFS Gary sounded a little reluctant to let this one go and who can blame him? We’ve had race only RVF’s, super sweet street RVF’s and Gary’s is right there with the best of the latest bunch. Priced at $7,800.00 it probably won’t be around too long so if you have the itch to get one of these I wouldn’t scratch too long.

Have a look and don’t drool on the keyboard..

1995 Honda RVF400 (RR) NC35
400cc V-Four
Tyga Performance tail and subframe (installed)
Tyga Performance Full Exhaust
Stock tail and subframe
Pit Bull rear stand
wired for Battery Tender
11,000 km (approx 6900 miles)
Alabama Title
Located in GIlbert, AZ

For sale is my very rare 1995 RVF400RR, the most desirable of the Japanese exotic 400cc and 250cc race replica sport bikes. This bike is powered by the greatest motor configuration ever built, a V4 16 valve double overhead gear driven cam engine.

An amazing conversation starter and attention getter, this RVF400 is in excellent condition. It runs great, handles great and sounds awesome. Since it’s import by the previous owner, the bike has seen little road use and has been stored indoors. It has never been raced or tracked and to my knowledge, has never been dropped or crashed. This bike has always been well maintained including a recent brake bleeding and a new battery installed. Also included is a Honda RVF400 illustrated parts book. I would like to mention it has a few minor paint chips and small scratches indicative of a 15 year old motorcycle. Additional photos are available, serious inquiries only. $7800

Video’s of Gary’s bike:

Start up and idle.

Drive by:


To make this one even sweeter it does currently have an Alabama title. And if you’re not a Honda guy a little bird told me that there was another small cc bike headed our way. Stay tuned…..

Does anyone have the number for that trucking company? I need to get a quote and quick.

View this RVF 400 here



Honda February 8, 2010 posted by

1994 Honda NSR 250se MC28

NSR 250se MC28 with low miles and it looks to be super clean from the photos. Though it isn’t stated in the ad, this one is titled and registered in California 🙂 .

This example is said to be all original and only has around 5,800 miles on it. MC 28’s were in full swing in 94 and the NSR’s were highly developed by this time. The PGM IV carburetor management system worked better than any previous year and was said to be the best to date for street riding. In 1994 the ProArm NSR SE models were equipped with the dry clutch and Showa’s fully adjustable suspension front and rear. They also received upgraded colored front rotor hubs (as if that really matters), but hey, when you are trying to sell 250’s for $8,000.00 usd I guess you need to throw in anything you can to fill up the brochures.

This one is listed for $8,000.00 and considering it’s all original, has low miles, is titled and licensed it probably won’t be around too long.

If you want to know more about the history of NSR’s you can view it here.

Not to beat a dead horse, but I wish one (or more) of the major motorcycle manufactures could find a way to produce a sport version small cc bike. Obviously, the problem is pure economics. There simply aren’t enough people, like myself, who want a 60hp sport bike. What fun would drag racing a 60hp bike be? Or can you imagine extending the swing arm on one? HA!

Star light, Star bright, First star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, Have this wish I wish tonight.

There! Maybe that will help 🙂

Here’s the Los Angeles Craigslist ad



Yamaha February 6, 2010 posted by

1988/89 FZR 400 being sold as new!

1988/89 FZR 400 in concourse condition….almost unbelievable!

If you’re a fan of the small cc sport bikes of days gone by then you need to pull up a chair and have a seat. This is a 88 or 89 FZR 400 that is said to be in “100% as it left the factory condition.” Now, that can mean a couple of things, but the ad is a little vague and hard to decipher.

What can you make of the following?

This is a Canadian market FZR400 in museum condition; I cannot put into words how perfect this bike is. It has never seen rain, it is 100% as it left the factory including the tires, it was in my living room for 6 years and in my kitchen for 8. I drained all the fluids and put it into the house for safe keeping, now I’m selling most of my collection to make one large purchase. thanks for looking

Let’s see…. 6 years + 8 years = 14 years. I understand that part, but what happened to the other 6 or 7 years??? What model year is it? How many miles does it have? Is the tank rusted? I would love to have some better pictures and information to back up the ad. I did the obvious and contacted the seller for more information, but I’m still waiting. So not to prevent any would be FZR hunter the opportunity to buy such a gem I figured I would post up what I had.

Being the FZR 400 aficionado that I am, I would say the picture does appear to back up what is said. And with an asking price nearly double what they cost when new it better damn well be a museum piece. But, you’ll need to be the judge and take from my opinion exactly what you paid for it 🙂

Asking price is a steep $5,400.00 and bike is listed for sale on the Vancouver, BC CL.

Is this the last new FZR 400 in North America? If so, $5,400.00 would be the cheapest new FZR400 available for sale and someone needs to pick this one up quick before I do something silly. My kids should be getting nervous.



Suzuki February 3, 2010 posted by

1991 Suzuki RGV250 Gamma VJ22 California Titled & Registered!

Here is a California registered RGV250 Gamma!  Located in northern Orange County is a titled and registered Suzuki RGV250 for $6,300.  As listed earlier, the 1991’s feature 34mm carbs, power-valves, USD forks, banana rear swing-arm and a 17″ rear wheel.  This example has approximately three thousand miles on a new top & bottom end with a total of 23,000 miles total.  The bike has also recently received new brake pads, chain, sprockets and front tire.  The seller does state that the bike leaks some oil but doesn’t mention the lower fairing.  This is a decent bike at an OK price.  See the bike on Craigslist here.


Suzuki January 28, 2010 posted by

1982 Suzuki RGB500 MK7 Grand Prix Factory racer on ebay

1982/83 Suzuki Gamma XR40 RG(B)500 MK7 Factory Grand Prix racer listed on ebay with a $60,000.00 B.I.N. and a current bid of $30,000.00.

This is a chance of a lifetime to own a true Grand Prix factory race machine. You are reading correctly; a true Suzuki Factory Grand Prix racer can be had for your personal collection or a vintage day at the track. Yes, I would have to give it a go at least once and maybe twice if it was really fun.

The exact history is a little vague at the time of post, but it appears to be a 1982 model that was purchased from the factory in 1983 by a satellite Grand Prix team. This particular machine has had a frame up restoration and in my opinion looks extremely nice. The current paint scheme was copied from the 1982 Randy Mamola HB Suzuki racer. Below you can see the two and I think you’ll agree it looks extremely good when compared to the original factory bike. I noticed a few mechanical differences between the two, but somethings just aren’t obtainable 27 years after only producing a handful of race bikes. It does appear that the seller did a nice job of maintaining the integrity of what would have been original to the factory race package.

Something interesting to point out about the history of this bike is that it was raced in the 1988 & 1989 USGP by Eugene Brown, of Portland, Oregon. I spent a considerable amount of time researching the 88/89 USGP and there were several Suzuki’s on the grid, but I couldn’t find a site that stated what generation of RG had been entered in the race. No matter how you slice it, history or no history this a factory Suzuki Grand Prix machine and you have an opportunity to park it in your showroom. Take a look at the documented rebuild pictures and judge for yourself.

1982 Suzuki Moto GP rebuild in Randy Mamola factory design

1982/83 Factory Suzuki Moto GP Randy Mamola machine

Quote from the lising:

This is one of the limited production GP bikes available to the private teams and the first year to use the works stepped square 4 cylinder arrangement and the all new full float rear suspension and the front fork anti-dive system.

For 1981 and 1982 the Suzuki`s were the bikes to have and in 1981 Marco Lucchinelli won the world title on the Works RG Gamma XR35, followed by Franco Uncini in 82 on the Works RG Gamma XR40.

Type Water-cooled disc-valve 2 stroke stepped square 4
Capacity 495cc (54x54mm)
Comp ratio 8.5:1 corrected
Lubrication 20:1 premix
Carburation 4 Magnesium 36mm Mikuni
Gearbox 6 speed cassette
Fuel tank 6.9 gallons
Wheelbase 55.3 inches
Rear wheel 18” Dymag
Front wheel 16” or 18” Dymag
Weight dry 292 lbs.
Horse Power 120
Speed 170 mph @ 11000 rpm

I’ve spent several hours watching old Grand Prix video’s from this era and I always leave shaking my head and saying “WOW, those were real men”. I can only begin to imagine what it must have been like to ride a 170hp machine that weighed only 292lbs. So, I’ve attached a video of Randy Mamola trying to tame an ill handling 500cc 2-stroke and it is truly an amazing sight – only to see him get flicked off like a………..a……well a cowboy in a rodeo.

The seller is also including a huge and quite expensive spares package that I’m going to assume will be needed to keep a bike of this nature in pristine running order. Here’s what you’ll get if you pick this one up.

Suzuki RGB 500 Mk7 extra race parts
Suzuki 17” mag with 180-17 slick
Suzuki 17” mag with 120-17 slick
Suzuki 18” Dymag front with 120-17 Michelin slick, complete with disc`s and 2 piston calipers. (Tire for display only)
New Pirelli 190-17 slick
New Pirelli 120-17 slick
(Tire for display only)
Used Michelin 120-16Rain (Tire for display only)
New Michelin 160-18 Intermediate (Tire for display only)
New Michelin 160-18 slick (Tire for display only)
Used Michelin 120-16 slick (Tire for display only)
Rear sprockets (10)
Front sprockets (4)
Full set of main jets
Full set of emulsion tubes
New set of slides (4)
NOS crankshafts complete in factory boxes (2)
Used crankshafts Low miles (4) + (1) for parts
NOS pistons (4)
Used pistons Good condition (8)
Piston pins (6)
NOS piston rings (13)
Piston small end bearings (10)
Piston clips (18)
Cyl. new condition
Cyl used and need recondition (3)
Disc valves New (4)
Disc valves outer cases (3)
Disc valves inner (2)
Disc valve nut, seals, shims, keys and spacers
Cyl. base gaskets (20)
Cyl. head O`rings (6)
Cyl head /water O`rings (7)
Cyl. ribbed spring washers (50)
Cyl. stud O`rings (6)
Clutch O`rings (3)
Clutch basket used (1)
Clutch disc outer (6) new
Clutch disc inner (4) new
Clutch disc inner thick (2) new
Clutch disc inner (16) used
Clutch disc outer (16) used
Clutch spring (6) new
Clutch lock washers (4) new
Clutch nut (1) new
Head left & right New (1 each)
Crank bearing outer (4) New
Levers, clutch and brake (9)
Rear sets for left side brake w/brake line (1 set) New
Race stand (1)
Silencers alloy used and in good condition (2)
Seat pads back (4)
Seat pads bottom (2)
Gear box gaskets (3) New
Water pump gaskets (2) New
Fairing parts need repair (full set)
Wind screens (2) New

Many more magnesium and Ti. parts

The spares package is said to be worth $10,000.00 and by the looks of it, I wouldn’t disagree one bit. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and available for the taking if you have an extra $60k burning a hole in your pocket.

I came across another video that really has nothing to do with this bike other than there’s a distant connection via Randy Mamola. Check it out and then watch it a few more times just as I did.



Yamaha January 24, 2010 posted by

1987 Yamaha FZ600 w/ only 3,100 original miles!

1987 Yamaha FZ600…. super low mileage

1987 Yamaha FZ 600 with only 3,100 original miles for sale on the SF Bay area CL.

Since I’m an owner of a very similar looking Yamaha, you could say I have a soft spot for this vintage. The FZ’s weren’t produced in limited numbers and certainly weren’t the fastest thing on two wheels in 1987, but this one is a survivor and looks to be in great shape. Besides being submitted by one of our RSBFS dedicated readers (big thanks!), this one fills another slot for us. The past few days, on RSBFS, have been filled with several rare, beautiful, but expensive bikes and this one comes in under the radar at a mere $2,500 bucks! That’s right, $2,500.00 for a super clean, low mileage sport bike that most any sport bike enthusiasts can swing even on the tightest of budgets. This garage queen even has a full Kerker exhaust on it, but the owner still has the original should you want to put back to 100% stock. I’m going to guess there aren’t but a handful of 1987 bikes left that can be tagged 100% stock. Heck, it even has the “Mono Cross” suspension sticker still on the swingarm.

only 3,100 original miles

Quotes from the listing:

For sale is my 87 yamaha fz 600 this bike is very clean 3,100 original miles. It has a Kerker full system on it now but i also have the original exhaust that came on it and it also is in perfect condition as well. This bike is a blast to ride. The pics dont do it justice. I am asking 2,500 obo

I just noticed the ad states OBO so you should be able to haggle a little and save a few bucks on an already cheap bike 🙂 .



Honda January 18, 2010 posted by

1985 VF 1000 R Honda Interceptor with only 3,010 miles for sale on ebay

Looking for a 25 year old sportbike that looks cleaner than most that are 20 years newer? Here you go: .

A lot of early VFR history can be found at – here is a snip:

Years produced: 1985-1986 (U.S.)
Claimed power: 117hp @ 10,000rpm (92hp @ 10,000rpm as tested by Cycle)
Top speed: 149mph (period test)
Engine type: 998cc DOHC, liquid-cooled 90-degree V4
Weight: 277kg (610lb) w/ full tank
Price then: $5,698
Price now: $2,500-$5,000
MPG: 35-42 (period tests)

“Every year the hue and cry of frustrated American sporting riders rises anew, with fresh moaning and weeping and gnashing of teeth,” wrote Cycle Guide in July of 1985. “And always the piteous wail remains the same: ‘give us the good stuff.’”

What Cycle Guide was referring to was Honda’s 1984 decision to sell its full-on, race-based, liter-class sportbike, the VF1000R, in Europe only, while bringing the more touring-oriented VF1000F to the North American market. They might have added, “… but be careful what you ask for,” because in 1985 the VF1000R finally appeared in U.S. Honda sales brochures — though perhaps not because of the clamoring of American consumers.

Additional information from the seller:

Excellant Cond.
Exc condition, never been down.
All original paint, minor chips, dings and scratches from storage over the years.
Numerous pictures to show the good and the bad of it.
New battery, 3 or 4  weeks ago.
Video  on  You Tube.
2007  tags, Bike is on Cali PNO, so no penalties.
Being sold to reduce size of large collection.
Getting more into antique bikes.
58year old owner, former bike wrench and shop owner.
Every effort has been made to show condition of bike with pictures and video.

Video from the seller:

The detailed pictures indicate a few small paint chips and blemishes but the bike appears to be in very good condition considering it is a quarter-century old. With a buy it now price of $4,500 – this might make a good bike for a collector who is also looking for something they can ride.


Yamaha January 11, 2010 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ350

1985 Yamaha RZ 350 with nice upgrades for sale in Chico California.

This RZ belongs to a reader who asked us to help him sell it. So naturally we going to do our best to accommodate the request.

From time to time we come across RZ’s that are all stock, with super low miles, and are meant to be in a museum and enjoyed by paying patrons on a Sunday afternoon. This RZ is a fine looking piece of machinery, but has been enjoyed by riding it over the years and has been loved on by its most recent owner. Check out what the owner has to say about his baby. Owner is asking $4,500.00 and it seems to be on the lower end of RZ’s we’ve posted. So, if you’re interested in a RZ that you can ride and not feel guilty about here is the Craigslist ad contact information.

The motor has been freshened and has 30mm Mikuni’s prepped by spec 2. Never been wrecked that I can see and I am an expert as far as that goes. The bike starts and runs perfectly. The paint job is not original but it was done well. It was done long before I purchased the bike and I’ve just kept it clean and waxed. There are a few chips here and there but there are no dents. The bike gets stares every time I ride it.

I enjoy posting up these older 2 strokes because it gives me a reason to dig around on youtube and find videos of these bikes on the dyno or doing high speed passes. Either one makes the hair raise on the back of my neck and really gets amp’d up.

Here’s one of an RZ at full tilt on the dyno. It’s worth a look and a listen.

This next video is worth a look as well. The rider has his RZ dialed in and takes it to red line in the lower 4 gears and it screams almost as much as Ivan from FFDP.



Update: This posting is pretty outdated. Check out some of these current listings on eBay for bikes and parts right now!

[AffomaticEbay]Yamaha RZ[/AffomaticEbay]