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First Year Beauty- Original ’86 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Location: New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada

Mileage: 31,068 (50,000 km)

Price: $3,250

Here’s an opportunity to take home a legendary bike. For those in the know, the GSX-R 1100 is an icon. When it was released by Suzuki in 1986, the power of the air and oil cooled 1100cc motor built an instant following. It was a brute that quickly set a new mark for the liter bike class. It followed the year after Suzuki introduced the game changing GSX-R 750 and is truly one of the great classic sportbikes.

And this bike is a legend. Why? How about an unreal amount of power (130+ hp) in a roughly 430 pound package. And this was back in 1986. Really, that kind of power to weight was a mind blower back then.

This bike appears to be one of the rarest of the rare when it comes to old GSX-R’s. And by that I mean an original, unmodified example. It’s hard to find any early GSX-R’s on the road but a first year that is original falls into the hen’s teeth category.

As described in the ad, the owner of this bike was “old-school” and kept this beautiful machine in original condition. To me that really is a thing of beauty. A piece of history for everyone to enjoy.

The description in the ad reads-

Hard to find first year GSX-R 1100, extremely good condition, owner was “old school”, kept bike original.  Estate needs to sell.  Can include riding gear.  Bike is in New Glasgow, NS

This bike was clearly owned by an enthusiast who took excellent care of the machine. The mileage is significant but these engines are also known for their amazing durability. A bike maintained well, even with higher mileage, should still give you many more miles of riding time.

Asking price on this is $3,250. And that may be Canadian, I’m not sure. Regardless, I think that’s an amazing deal on a real icon. Do yourself a favor and take a look at this listing!



  • Very nice bike for the milage! Looking at the turn signals, seat color, lack of reflectors and later front fender I suspect this to be a Japan model, which may reflect the price. Still a sweet deal.

  • Good eye Sean! Did you also notice aftermarket headlight cover, grips, brake lines..and what is that modern GSXR decal doing on lower fairing?
    Nice bike..fair price, but don’t think it should have original status

  • Hey Adrian, yep I noticed those too. I wish we could get a pic of the speedo then we’d know for sure with that little red speed light. It looks like it’s in an estate sale so maybe the owner is no longer with us who knows.. If it’s an auction house thats selling it I doubt they know its Jap spec or what its worth. Just my 2 pennies. :o)

  • This bike belonged to a long time member of a GSXR forum who recently passed away,its been very well taken care over the years 🙁

  • @Adrian
    That’s not a “modern GSX-R decal” on the fairing… it’s a “gixxer.com” decal… as has been mentioned, the late owner was a senior forum member with over 79,000 posts. I understand that the bike is very original, notwithstanding the handgrips… the headlight cover appears to be a period-correct bolt-on piece, and it has original exhaust and even chainguard… this bike a a super bargain and if I weren’t $$$$ into my own slabby restoration I’d be all over this myself. Even considering ~$1k for transportation this looks like a super deal for somebody.

  • Fingers crossed it finds a good home.

  • Hi Dallas,
    Very sorry to hear about the loss of your forum member,he must have been quite an enthusiast..and thank you for clearing up the question of the “decal”
    Yes, this will be a great deal for someone. They will just have to spend a few extra dollars to replace some incorrect parts..ie.front fender..and they will have a great bike. Good luck with your restoration!

  • Thanks Adrian… gonna do some work on the bike over Christmas I hope…

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