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Moriwaki November 3, 2014 posted by

Pint-Sized Racer: 1992 Moriwaki MH80R

1992 Moriwaki MH80R L Side

If you watch Moto GP, particularly the Moto2 and Moto3 races that are an exercise in mayhem for the first couple laps, you may be familiar with the Name “Moriwaki.” With frames competitive at the highest levels of racing, you’d be hard-pressed to find something with this kind of heritage and performance at anywhere near an affordable price… Unless you’re okay starting small.

This Moriwaki MH80R is powered by Honda’s CR80 two-stroke dirt bike engine and was designed to provide an affordable, entry-level racing machine. It used as many Honda parts as possible to keep initial and running costs as low as possible. This particular example has been bored-out to 100cc’s and a dyno sheet included in the listing shows 24hp. In a bike that weighs less than many riders, that’s no joke, and should provide plenty of performance for anyone wanting to learn to race: outright power can cover up for a lot of sins and teach lazy habits as you’re learning the fast way around a racetrack.

You won’t have that problem with this little MH80R.

1992 Moriwaki MH80R R Side Rear

At this level, you need to carefully shepherd every horse, slipstreaming bikes in front to build up speed for a pass, willing yourself to be smaller to fit in behind the windscreen as you cling to the tank like a motorized lamprey, using the brakes as little as possible, and hanging on to every mph for dear life.

1992 Moriwaki MH80R Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1992 Moriwaki MH80R for Sale.

Selling my Moriwaki MH80R GP bike, setup for CMRA F4 Sprint competition. This bike is a gray market import from Japan, and I bought it from another racer at the end of 2012. The motor is from a Honda CR85, and has been built to 100cc displacement by local guru Billy Wiese using a stroker crank and the Wiseco 5050 piston kit. Brand new topend (zero hours) installed by AF1 Racing, where it was dyno tested and made within 1hp of a Aprilia RS125. The bike has magnesium wheels from a Honda RS125 and a front brake from a Honda CBR600 F3. The suspension consists of RaceTech emulators in the front and a custom RaceTech 3-way shock in the back, all built and tuned by Roger Albert of OnRoad OffRoad Cycles.

The bike easily outruns Ninja 250s, given that it weighs well under 200lbs and can top 100mph. Selling because I’ve moved up to larger bikes for sprinting, and am only doing endurance races on lightweights. The bike is untitled, and I will include a bill of sale.

Many spares are included: Second CR85 engine (needs new bottom end); full exhaust system; clutch plates; original Moriwaki wheels and brake system (good for a rain setup); a full complement of front and rear sprockets; a box full of various gaskets, rings, spare parts, etc.

1992 Moriwaki MH80R Spares

The seller helpfully includes a pair of videos of the bike in action here and here to whet your appetite. With just about 24 hours left and a $3,000 Buy It Now price, this could be your chance to get a little track day toy that will teach you the Art of Momentum Conservation that will hold you in good stead as you move up to 600’s and 1000’s.


1992 Moriwaki MH80R R Side Front

Pint-Sized Racer: 1992 Moriwaki MH80R
Moriwaki November 1, 2013 posted by

Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh No! Moriwaki Zero VX-7 VFR750R (RC30) Frame

Yes! Some Suzuka 8 Hour tech (circa 1990) to make your RC30 that much cooler.

Yes, it is the real deal.  I wonder how many were made.

Yes, I’m still excited about it.  Too my amateur eye it looks more robust.   RC30/Moriwaki experts;  point out the differences from OEM for me.

Oh no!!!!  Yeah, she has a slight imperfection.  Mr. Welder; is that even salvageable?  Worth buying or not, I thought it was a cool item to see and I have to thank Dan RC for sharing the link with us on our Facebook page.

Click for the auction.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh No!  Moriwaki Zero VX-7 VFR750R (RC30) Frame
Moriwaki April 17, 2013 posted by

Lost Identity, Can You Help? 1983 Moriwaki Framed Honda CBX750 (Maybe)

mori right

mori naked right

My guess;  it is.  The frame is a work of art, it has Moriwaki components and basically just oozes  80’s Japanese exotica.  I tried to do a little research on the internets and this picture of a 1985 model  is about as close as I could find.

The story:

We imported this bike to New Zealand from Japan a few years agoWe arent really sure what is is, was in Moriwaki colours when arrived and has TTF1 spec RC17 Honda CBX750 engine, running 33mm CR Carbs and Moriwaki exhaust.There is no frame number on the all alloy Hand built frame, The frame looks like a moriwaki F3 frame as seen in Japanese Racer Magazine #20.Has Magnesium 17″ front wheel with Moriwaki cast into it and 18″ magnesium rear.Floating Iron discs and Brembo calipersOhlins rear shocks (still have origional KYB) 40mm forksMoriwaki is engraved on ther rearsets, alloy fuel tank.We are not selling this bike as a moriwaki as we dont know that is is one, I have sent images to the Moriwaki Facebook page seeking info but no reply.

Has been competing successfully in NZ and performs very well.

Any questions please feel free to ask

Happy to Freight worldwide

mori left

At first glance, I almost see early GSXR.  Have you spotted the high mount oil cooler?  Can anyone confirm the trivia that Mamura Moriwaki was the son in law of Pops Yoshimura?

mori carbs

Engineering at its finest.  By the way, do a Google image search for “Moriwaki TT-F1”, you won’t regret it.


 mori subframe

 I know they are meant to be ridden but this is another one I could just stare at all day.  I would love to know more about  the TT-F1 spec motor.  TT-F1 bikes always seemed to be the exotic of the the exotic.


mori naked left

Be it collector or vintage racer, I’d think this bike would be appealing to quite a few people.  Obviously New Zealand isn’t next door but if there is a will…

Here is the auction.



Moriwaki March 4, 2011 posted by

Moriwaki So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades: 2008 Moriwaki MD250

Moriwaki So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades: 2008 Moriwaki MD250

Has anyone else noticed the colors of 1985 are making a comeback? Day-glow colors are back baby! Have you seen Rossi and Haydens 2011 bikes? In fact, i’m wearing my old day-glow Gotcha shorts while writing this. The comical part is the 16 year old that will probably end up with this bike would have been born in 1995; so it’s new to him.

No fat asses allowed! Sounds like it is practically a brand new bike, read on:

This is a very special bike. I bought this bike to sponsor a rider for 2 races.
This bike has 3 practice sessions and 2 races on it.
The bike is painted with a Flight Comp., Inc color scheme.
Condition of the bike is excellent. Rides awesome and this is a perfect bike for the track.

Has anyone ridden one yet? How close to a 125 two stroke is it? I think for a track day guy the only debate would be maintenance cost. Do you want the latest and greatest like the MD250 or do you want any easily and cheaply serviceable 125 two stroke?

If all goes well the next photo is you and the trophy girl. It looks like there is a Moriwaki MD250 Cup series starting world wide from the looks of Moriwaki’s website. I hope some of the other manufactures jump in to add some spice to this up and coming class and Moto 3. This particular bike is up for auction and has a BIN of $9,500. .


Moriwaki July 16, 2010 posted by

Japanese Art-2001 Honda Moriwaki MP101

Japanese Art-2001 Honda Moriwaki MP101

Come on, who doesn’t have one of these? Hmmmmm.  I’m aware of Moriwaki but I’ve never seen this model before.  You may recognize the name as they build a 250cc race bike that has been replacing 125cc two strokes lately.  They are also active in Moto2.  They’ve been around for a long time in Japan and I’ve always considered them the Honda equivalent to Yoshimura.  I don’t know if they have direct ties but most of their products and complete bikes are based around Honda’s.  They have a nice website if you’d like to check it out.  I didn’t manage to find the MP101 there but did find the page of the race bike it is styled off of.  Going off of the seller’s number’s this is one of 30 MP101’s built.  The bike is based off of a Honda VTR1000SP.

If you have to have a unique bike and have the wallet to afford it this could be a nice find.  With 10 miles on it, it has barely turned a wheel on the street.  Obviously, with the bike being in Tokyo it adds a little work but nothing that can’t be overcome.  I guess if you can afford the bike the extra cost of shipping isn’t going to be that big of a concern.  My biggest concern would be the large sum of money being transferred and not seeing the bike in person.  I’m not saying anything bad about the seller just pointed out that is one of the pit falls of buying overseas.  Be careful and protect yourself as much as you can just in case.

Here she is:

A little from the auction:

 Hello, I am selling this bike for my friend in Japan who is managing a motorcycle shop.
 This is a brand new Moriwaki MP101 ( based on Honda VTR1000SP-1 ) produced only 30vehicles.
 I believe there are only a few New bike on this model in the world. This is one of them.
 This bike can be ridden on the road in Japan, so not a race only bike but very similar for it.
 Shipping timing for this bike from Japan is in Jan, 2011 or later because he needs my help for overseas shipment arrangement.
 I am now staying in Michigan & returning back to Tokyo by the end of this year.

 This bike is a very good display at your living room etc if you have enough money.

 The price for bidding does NOT include shipping costs from Japan to the US, import duty ( if needed ), sales tax, registration etc ( if possible in the US ).
 I can arrange international shipment to the US but all the costs needs to be paid by buyer as freight collect.

Please contact me before bidding because my fried has been trying to sell this bike as well.

The seller didn’t include many pictures in the auction but said you could request more from him.  I did a little search on the internets and found these stock photos and one of the race bike it was based off of (just an educated guess not 100% sure):

Starting bid is roughly $40,000.  Is it worth it?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I really don’t know know how modified the bike really is  (too bad is doesn’t have that frame off the race bike).  I did find the bike for sale on a Japanese website and it lists it for almost 3 million yen.  That roughly converts to $250,000.  That seems way out of wack from the looks of the bike.  Isn’t that a stock Honda VTR1000 frame and swing arm?  You can investigate here

If you’ve got the urge the auction is ending  pretty soon so .