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Best Suzuki of All Time? ’86 Suzuki GSX-R 750 LE

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Mileage: 3,000
Price: Auction, $8,950 BIN

A lot has been written about the GSX-R 750LE here at RSBFS and in recent issues or motorcycle magazines highlighting 25 years of the GSX-R 750. And all of that has been earned in my opinion. In the Suzuki world, it’s hard to think of a more important bike. Gamma’s and RGV’s are all very nice, but for me this is bike number one for any Suzuki collector. Limited numbers and rare, hard to find parts all make up why original versions of this bike command big dollars. I would argue they are still undervalued. You may think different. But you would be wrong.

Here’s what the seller has to say about this particular bike-

Up for sale is my Limited Edition GSXR 750R race bike with flat slide smoothbore racing carbs 24k gold plated petcock, new avon tires, new custom made D & D pipe professionally cut down to 13″. I have had this bike fully tuned up with new plugs filters,wheel bearings,powder coated white wheels, Lockhart fairing screen, new petcock, battery,coated tank, front blinkers, fuel filters, rebuilt carb, new fork seals, and lots of Chrome plated parts all around. ( the carb and forks were done Jan 2011 ) I have been watching these on Ebay for over 2 years and they all sell for $10.000 to $19.000.. This one has 3000 miles on it.. I purchased it from the owner of a Suzuki dealer. This was one of his personal collection of bikes. I purchased this bike in 1989 and i have had it in my garage ever since. I ride it about 3 to 4 times per year.. Wife said “get your bikes out of garage” …. Bike runs like a race bike and has current tags… When the bike was new it was wrecked at low speeds by the new owner coming out of the drive way of the Suzuki dealer with under 5 miles on it.( he didn’t know how to ride it ) The dealer somehow had the bike totaled because it needed a new tank and front fairing. ( i have the paper work on the damage, i have to look for it in my filing cab) In my personal opinion i think the dealer was tring to buy the bike back cheep. So anyway the dealer purchased the bike back from the insurance company and bought a new oem tank and fairing. He kept it in his collection untill he retired and then sold it to me with a builders blue Texas title. The bike wasn’t in my opinion in the building condition. Because all it needed was a fairing and a tank. I had the bike checked out at the dealer and the frame and everything else was in perfect condition. So i purchased the bike back in 1989 and i have owned it ever since. I would like to see this bike sold to a museum or collector. Most Suzuki collectors i’ve talked to say there were under 300 of the 750 Limited Editions made. Garage kept, never driven in the rain or been rained on. and NO RUST…

I talked to a GSXR collector who has 3 of these and he said there were only 208 built. So the value of these bikes in the future is going to be BIG…

I have rare original chrome pipe, front blinkers new foot peg rubber covers, fuse box cover( took fuse box cover off to clean fuses before i took pictures ) and chain guard. 

you looking at around $500.00 to $800.00 for shipping to the upper 48 states

Latley i have been riding the bike 2 times every month or so around the block to keep the carbs fresh.

I also have a 1983 GPZ 550 with under 10k miles on it also for sale.

Thank You for looking at my auction. Bike is located in San Antonio , Texas

Bike is ready to ship or drive it home

And more pics for you-

The seller gives a good history of the bike above and the photos show a clean ride. The description also speaks to the bike being dropped early in its life and the steps taken to restore it. The seller highlights the replaced parts being OEM. This is important because collectability is a big thing with this bike. Go check out the June 2011 issue of Motorcyclist to get the lowdown, but the production on this bike is low (200 or less for AMA Superbike purposes) and again the parts (dry clutch, flat side carbs) are exotic and rare. The seller is right to highlight the issues and replaced parts as those things need to be considered when determining the value of the bike.

Speaking of value, the seller lists this at BIN for $8,950. I think that’s a pretty good price for one of these, replaced parts and all. Bottom line is these things are rare. As collectors take the pristine models and hide them away, all that will be left are less than perfect versions. But demand is still there. So I think you can figure out what happens to the price.

If you are a Suzuki fanatic or a collector, this bike is a good start or finish to your collection. Or maybe you just want one of the rarest, coolest bikes on earth. Whatever the case, you should check this beauty out!



  • Chainguard is missing on swingarm?

  • The seller mentions a builders title. Is that the equivalent of a salvage title since it was once a totalled vehicle?

  • Great bike but salvaged title is still salvaged title.

  • This one been for sale before..

  • If you could buy it right, it looks like a great rider. The Salvage Title bugs me too so I’d have to leave it in my desk while I rode the hell out of this thing. Hmmmm, Vintage Racer in the makes?????

  • Salvage title makes the bike virtually worthless in one piece as an investment. It sucks that it happened to such a nice bike.

  • It’s a beauty fo’ sho’ but “gold-plated petcock”???

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