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Yamaha June 21, 2012 posted by

Rolling Stock: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

For Sale: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

Update 6.20.2012: Back on eBay and it looks like for the last time as it’s now no reserve. Thanks for the heads up Jared! Links updated. -dc

Update 3.8.2012: Mileage is now stated as 9300 miles and buy-it-now dropped to $15k. -dc

Hot on the heels of Ian’s post on a modified RZ500 comes this beautiful survivor. How many stone stock RZ500s do you find in the States? Those who have looked will tell you – not many. Perhaps it is because so few RZ500s made it to the US in the first place (Yamaha never officially imported it, so all are grey market bikes), or maybe, as Ian stated previously, RZs tend to be on the receiving end of heavy modifications. Any way you slice it, a stocker from ’85 is definitely a rare find.

This particular bike looks good in the pictures, has the stock chambers, retains the dinky 16″ front wheel (inspired by GP technology of the day) bolted up to 37mm forks (equally dinky by today’s standards), and offers the solo seat cover (a passenger pillion is hidden beneath). All the reflectors are in place, and the turn signals have not been cut down or otherwise modified. From afar, this looks to be a showroom RZ500.

From the seller:
This is a 1985 all original Yamaha RZ500. has a Canadian title and is in South Florida. Not a big problem to title in States as it is considered an antique. Is in great shape with low miles. A real classic eye catcher.

So the BIG question is what is a 1985 RZ500 sporting 30,035 miles on the clock worth? Values on these bikes have been all over the place, but mostly on the up. We have seen lower mileage examples offered at $20k, but no real evidence of them selling at that level. This particular bike is being offered with a starting bid of $9,500, and a BIN set at $18,000.

This bike just hit the market, and interest has been relatively low at the time of this writing (zero bids). The opening ask is not out of line with the bike’s value, but perhaps bidders have been scared off by the BIN? For more info and details, click the link and jump over to the auction. This is a good looking example of a rare breed. Good luck!


Sport Bikes For Sale February 5, 2012 posted by

Unmolested Original: 1984 Yamaha RZ350

For Sale: 1984 Yamaha RZ350

Condition: All original

Mileage: 4,300 miles

Price: $7,000

The Yamaha RZ350 is one of the most popular bikes on our site, and it is simple to see why: The last of the legal two strokes, the RZ350 makes all the right noises while really looking the part; the livery evokes memories of King Kenny Roberts, right down to his signature on the fairing. With the YPVS valve in the exhaust port, the RZ350 was the most tractable two stroke of the day, and performance was on par with the current crop of 550cc fours.

The RZ was a two year only bike in the U.S., and Yamaha did not move many units. Fast forward nearly 30 years and the RZ has become more desirable and more rare – especially in this kind of condition. It is not often that we find a completely stock RZ350, right down to the original exhaust (with the innovative catalytic converters). This bike is so stock that it still has all of the original reflectors hanging off of it!

With very low miles (4,300), this bike has travelled approximately 150 miles for each year it has been on the road. This is what really makes this an interesting collectable: it has few enough miles to be nearly new, yet enough miles to encourage the occasional ride. With the value of these machines on a continual rise, this is an investment that you can enjoy for years to come.

From the seller:
On a 1-10 scale this bike is an 8.5. I am the second owner and have had it since it had 500 miles on it. The bike has never been wrecked or dropped to my knowledge and the engine and transmission have never been into, it runs and rides great. The bike is mostly all original and even still has the catalytic converters on it. The bike has been maintained by me and the local Yamaha dealer. There has been some minor touch up done to the paint. 1 smaller than a dime spot on the right side of the tank (very small spot and then tank was recleared). A couple of small touch ups on the bars, brake fluid reservoir and on right side engine cover. I am a very meticulous person and have kept this bike in near perfect condition. I am asking $7000.00 for this bike. I have more pictures on request.

With an emerging collectable such as this, prices are still relatively sane. The seller has shared good detail about the machine, and is willing to share more with interested parties. Here is a chance to own an all original RZ for a fair market price. Given that nearly all the RZs we see have had some modifications, this particular bike is a pretty incredible find. To add this rocket to your collection, contact the seller directly at


Sport Bikes For Sale December 22, 2011 posted by

Littly Bitty Gixxer: 1988 Suzuki GSX-R 250

For Sale: 1988 Suzuki GSX-R 250

Here in the RSBFS corporate office, Christmas shenanigans are in full swing. Hey look Rem – I wrote up a gixxer! Sure, I had to go to the Land Down Under to find one, and it is “only” a 250 at that – but I finally beat Rem to the GSX-R punch!

From the seller:
That was the Good now the bad
Has been dropped at some stage but only very light damage to original exhaust and barely noticeable minor scratches to fairing, carbies need a tune as bike was sitting for over 10 years in shed, recently registered and now for sale ,This bike is registered as a race bike in NSW PJB96,

NOW FOR BUYERS INTERESTED IN THE US: As this model was never released in the United States and only limited numbers were made im listing this on EBAY US so all you collectors out there have a chance to own a piece of gsxr history, If purchased at the buy it now price bike can be delivered to either SYDNEY OR MELBOURNE TO AN INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COMPANY THAT YOU MUST ORGANIZE AND PAY FOR YOURSELF, Delivery is only to these 2 cities at the buy it now price!

There are not a lot of pictures of this bike in the ad, but the seller does quote a decent amount of specs for the model:

From the seller:
The Suzuki GSX-R250 is a motorcycle that was manufactured from 1987 to 1990 by suzuki A couple of years after the presentation of the GSXR750 the 250 cc GSX-R250 was released. Like the larger bike, the GSX-R250 had a box-frame (steel, not aluminum), full fairing, Full-floater rear swing and a four-cylinder four-stroke engine. But while the GSX-R750 engine was air and oil-cooled, the baby brother had a liquid-cooled engine. Not many examples are seen outside Japan. 17-inch cast wheels and 300 mm twin disc brake at the front. The GSX-R250 had impressive power and was made primarily as a road legal 250 cc racing bike reaching speeds of 200+km/h (124 mph). Imported specimens may be seen in Australia and New Zealand . Also, around 350 units were imported to Denmark around 1989 to 1992.

Engine type: Water-cooled inline-4 DOHC 4-stroke, 16-valve
Cylinder volume: 248 cc
Bore and stroke: 49,0 x 33,0 mm (1.929 x 1.299 in)
Power output: 45 PS (32.6 kW) at 15,000 RPM
Torque: 24 N·m (18 ft·lbf) at 15,000 RPM
Fuel capacity: 16.0 litres (2.0 litres reserve)
Starting system: Electric start
Ignition type: Full transistor
Transmission type: 6-speed constant mesh
Gearshift pattern: 1-down, 5-up
Secondary drive type: Chain
Clutch type: Wet multi-plate
Frame type: Steel box type
Front suspension: Telescopic
Rear suspension: Full-floater
Overall length: 2000 mm (78.7 in)
Overall width: 700 mm (27.6 in)
Overall height: 1105 mm (43.5 in)
Wheelbase: 1370 mm (53.9 in)
Seat height: 770 mm (30.3 in)
Dry weight: 138 kg (304 lb)
Front tyre size: 100/80-17
Rear tyre size: 130/70-17
Front wheel size: 2.50 x 17 in
Rear wheel size: 3.50 x 17 in
Front brake: Dual-piston twin disc, diameter 300 mm (11.81 in)
Rear brake: Single disc, diameter 250 mm (9.84 in)

Here is a cool video from a Japanese rider on a track day at the Fuji Speedway short course. These little 250s can really zing up the RPMs! If your local roadcourse is short and twisty, this could be your weapon. Sure looks fun to me.

This auction is on right now, and your chance to own a pretty rare machine is here. Perfect for Christmas, this gem is apparently ready for shipping. There is a $2k opening ask, and the BIN for this bike is set at $4,000 (plus shipping). All in all, that is not bad money for a quarter liter rocket that never made it far beyond the borders of Japan! For all the details and to check in on the action, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck, and hopefully I don’t end up with a lump of coal in my stocking for stealing this Suzuki off of Rem’s plate!


Aprilia December 13, 2011 posted by

Stocking Stuffer! 2000 Aprilia RS50

For Sale: 2000 Aprilia RS50

This weekend while most people were hanging Christmas lights and getting decorations ready for the holidays, I was out shopping. I was trying to find a stocking large enough to hold my latest wish – this great Aprilia RS50. Only time will tell if Santa thinks I’ve been nice enough all year, but I sure do want this great looking “toy.”

These little tiddlers rarely have much mileage on them, as it is difficult to rack up the big scores without freeway access. This particular example is much more well-loved than most, as it has avoided the dreaded “I’m 15 and this is my learner bike” stage that many of these smaller bikes seem to endure. Thus, what you are looking at is a pretty pristine example of a bike that most folks never see.

This RS50 has many of the “big boy” features that you would expect from a race-bred lineup from the likes of Aprilia. Besides being adult sized, this bike comes with many go-fast pieces including front a rear ventilated disc brakes, a single shock rear suspension, upside-down front forks, and typically aero full bodywork covering up the liquid cooled, single cylinder 50cc two stroke powerplant.

From the seller:
This RS50 has been in my collection for many years. It is not new but looks brand new – there is not a mark on it. It is completely original. And it starts, runs and rides as new. The bike has been maintained in operational condition, including; fresh fuel and a fully charged battery. The bike is ready to display or ride, as is. It comes with a clear, Oregon title. Both originaal keys and the owners manual are included in the purchase. This is as close to brand new as I have ever seen. This bike is really fun to ride and to look at.

Small two strokes have been around for many years. From the ’80s variants (MB5, AR50/80) to the ’90s and the miniature YSR50 that spawned a new level of roadracing (on kart tracks no less), to the modern era of the tiddler: This RS50, along with the TZ50 and NSR50 all comprise smaller versions of the most desireable two stroke sportbikes avialable. That being said, I’m a bit puzzled by the passenger pillion and pegs on this one – by most counts it has nearly enough power to motivate one person, much less two!

This little stocking stuffer is available now, with the latest bid at $2,125. There has been a fair amount of bidding on this bike, so interest is high. There is no reserve set, meaning that somebody is going home with a nearly new bike in a few days. For your chance to check out this smaller smoker, click the link and jump over to the auction. I sure hope Santa is reading this…..


Yamaha September 8, 2011 posted by

Legal Smoke: 1985 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts Edition

For Sale: 1985 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts Edition

Is it just me, or has this year just flown by? It is September already. The kids are back in school and in many parts of the US the riding season is wrapping up. Pity those Californians, however. Their riding season still has months left to go. Too bad they can’t register really cool bikes like gray-market import smokers. Fortunately for the Golden State, this good looking RZ is ready to go with CA title!

This 1985 RZ350 sports some nice add ons that really help make the bike. The factory RZ came only with the bikini fairing (yellow bikes had King Kenny’s signature in ’84, but both the yellow and the white/red bikes had it in ’85). This bike has aftermarket lowers – nicely color matched – which help clean up the silhouette. The fork brace, also evident in this shot, is another necessary addition for when the road turns twisty.

With only 13,500 miles on the bike, this bike is right in line with other RZs we have seen. The Toomey piles are the real deal, and the K&N filter (and requisite jetting changes) really work together to wake up the performance of this little buzz bomb. The rear sets might be more extreme than some prefer, but the stock RZ has the rider sitting a bit upright – comfortable, but hardly in line with the intent. If you scrape a peg on this bike, it might be because you are sliding down the road! The clubman bars, evident in this photo, also appear to be an aftermarket item.

For Sale:
1985 YAMAHA RZ350N Kenny Roberts Edition. Excellent Condition. Always Garaged. Original Paint Still Shines Like New. Full Fairing, Raask Rear Sets, Toomey Pipes, Front Fork Brace, K&N Air Filter. Carburetors Recently Professional Cleaned and Tuned. Runs Flawlessly. Only 13,452 Original Miles(may have a few more by the time the auction ends).

The Only Flaws On This Bike that I Know of are as Follows…

Standard Road Debris Paint Wear on Bottom of Frame.

Tiny Touched Up Ding in Fuel Tank from Old Stock Mirror.

Oil Tank Mounting Tab on Frame and Plastic Tank Broke Off Clean Many Years Ago(oil tank sits in place by the hoses anyways so I never bothered to have it welded). You Can Set the Tab Back in Place on the Frame and Barely See the Crack so that is Why I Say it was a Clean Break. Another Oil Tank is Included with the Bike in Case the Buyer Wants to Fix this.

Small Touched Up Area on Top of the Rear Fender.

Minor Spider Cracks Around Some of the Screws on Fairing.

Exterior Rubber Fork Seal Covers Have Some Cracking from Age.

The Bike is Very Clean and You Have to Look Real Close to See any of the Above. The Spot on the Seat in the Main Photo is A Spec of Dust on the Camera Lens and Not a Flaw on the Seat. There are no Rips, Tears, or Flaws on the Seat.

This Bike is Street Legal in all States Including CA. It is the Last Street Legal US Two-Stroke Manufactured.

Don’t Miss this Rare Opportunity to Own a Clean, Low Mileage, Red/White Kenny Roberts RZ that is Sure to Increase in Value Over Time.

I like a seller who is not afraid to show his cards. In this case, the flaws are openly noted. I would prefer a few more photographs (preferably taken in better light), but you can’t fault the seller for sharing what he knows.

There are also a few items not mentioned here that are worth looking at. The turn signals were not originally flush-mounted – stockers sat on posts front and rear – so these have been modified. The seller also mentions a dent on the tank caused by the stock mirrors, but the stock mirrors were not bar-end mounted like the current set. That leads me to believe that when the bar-end mirrors were mounted somebody did not account for clearance between the mirror or mount and the tank. Minor, but a detail nonetheless.

Pricing on this RZ is right in the ballpark: The opening ask is $3,750 (a very reasonable starting point), and the BIN is set at $5,750. The BIN number might be a touch high for the market, but for someone who wants a titled smoker in great shape it is not an absurd price.

For your chance to check out this CA legal two stroke, click on the link and jump over to the auction. These RZs continue to be very sought-after motorcycles, and values may well rise in the coming years. Don’t forget to tell ’em you found it on RSBFS!


Yamaha September 2, 2011 posted by

Northern Light: 1982 Yamaha RD350LC

For Sale: 1982 Yamaha RD350LC for sale

Forget the EPA. While you’re at it, skip the FDA, ATF, DOT and DMV too. What you are looking at my friends is an imported smoker par excellence. And while this might be a commonplace machine to our international readers, US-based droolers know better. For while Yamaha continued the RD line unabated until the late 1980s, US riders only had access to the 2 year model run of the RZ 350.

This bike is based on a RD350LC – the close equivalent to the US-based RZ. From there, many tasty two stroke go fast bits have been added, and I imagine many pounds of unnecessary weight removed. This bike looks very clean, and there are some nice touches that reek of care and time investment such as the safety wiring. The components look to be absolutely fantastic quality, and who wouldn’t want a set of those Spondon discs on their ride?? The very best part of all is that this bike is already registered in the US and plated in California. Aside from being the home of Hollywood and the ex-Governator, California is also one of the most difficult states in which to import a smoker. That right there is a value add!

From the seller:
















You have to like the honesty of the seller on this one. Not only is he generous with the pictures and details on the upgrades, he is also very candid about pricing. To make things even better, his announced buy now price is very, very competitive with other RZ350s we have seen – before all of the upgrades were added in.

This bike is a possible steal in the making; The current bid at time of writing is only $3,999 with ZERO bids. One of you RSBFS readers better jump on this one quickly before I get myself into trouble (again)! Click the link, jump over to the auction, and enter smoker nirvana. Good luck, and make sure you tell ’em you found it on RSBFS!


Sport Bikes For Sale August 19, 2011 posted by

Rough but ready: 1984 Yamaha RD 500 LC

For Sale: 1984 Yamaha RD 500 LC

Hail Canada! Lucky recipients of the complete RD series of bikes, our neighbor to the North has occassionally let one or two slip through the borders, providing US riders with grey market 2-smoke candy. This is one such bike. And while the condition is a bit more rough than many of the bikes you are accustomed to seeing here on RSBFS, it is no less special.

With the speedo calibrated in the devil’s own metric system, this is clearly an import. The kilometer to miles conversion puts this bike under the 15,000 mile mark, which is not bad considering the age. And while a lot of collectors look for extremely low mile bikes, the truth is that a bike that has been ridden regularly makes for a better purchase for those who want to ride. Nothing wears out seals and gaskets like a garage queen. Like people, motorcycles do well with a little excercise.

The RD500LC was best known as the RZ500 to enthusiasts Stateside. While the Candian nomenclature followed in the RD footsteps (adding an LC for “Liquid Cooled”), the US re-introduction to the two stroke was via the RZ moniker. Thus, this RD500 can be thought of as an early RZ500. Yamaha eventually dropped the RD in favor of RZ across the board in 1985, but that change took time.

From the seller:
You are bidding on my 84 yamaha RD 500 LC the european version of the rz 500. This bike is an great condition and has alot of upgrades done to it. The bike has a clean California title and I have pink slip in hand. The overall conditon of the bike is as desribed, It has the original stock fairings, the brake pads have alot of life in them. Rotors are in great shape, Tires are in exellent shape, The jetting has been properly done for the Jolly Motto GP pipes, the bike has k&n filters which have been attached to the air boxes, It has fuel filters which run from the tank to the carbs, The engine has about 30hrs on a rebuilt top end.I have been using the motul 710 injector lube for the oil pump which works fantastic. ypvs is operational. Transmisson and clutch runs superb. The only issues this bike has is a small dent on the top of tank,needs the front turn signals, the RD sticker kit and a paint job. I will also be including the orignial stock pipes and extra gas tank with purchase.

Let’s quickly review what the seller has to say about this bike. The key words – for those of you working on your book report – are CA title, Jolly Moto pipes, K&N filters, and rebuilt top end. Of all of those, the CA title is the key. Even if you do not live in the sunny Republik of CA (which, by the way, has amazing roads and many, many warm sunny days to ride), that title will save you a great deal of pain when registering the bike in your own state. Largely regarded as the most difficult state in which to title an imported bike, that sticker on the plate is gold for CA residents.

This bike is not quite perfect, but if you look at the pics you will see a complete bike plus another RZ in the background. This would lead me to believe that the seller knows a little bit about these bikes – which is always a good thing when an import is concerned. The buyer will also receive some additional stock parts as part of the deal.

This auction is going on right now. With only a handful of bidders present, the current price is $6,500 – with NO reserve! For your chance to own a two-stroke legend – or if you just want to check out the details and pictures – click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!!


Ducati August 10, 2011 posted by

1992 Ducati 851 Strada

For Sale: 1992 Ducati 851 Strada with only 715 miles!

In the early 1990s, the sport bike world was changing fast. All of the Japanese manufacturers had re-energized their fleet through liquid cooling, fuel injection and four valve per cylinder technology. Ducati had none of these in the line up, instead continuing to rely on the ubiquitous air cooled, two valve L-twin. In one fell swoop, however, the 851 changed all of that.

Simultaneously adding liquid cooling, a four valve per cylinder head (with desmo activation, natch), AND fuel injection, Ducati propelled itself back to the top tier of the world’s stage – and created an iconic machine that became the foundation for all Ducati superbikes to follow. With a racing pedigree, sharp looks and limited numbers, the 851 continues to be one of the high water mark machines created by the Bologna firm.

From the seller:


This 1992 Ducati 851 BiPosto is in very good – excellent condition. This bike has been in a collection for the last 20 years and has always been stored in a climate controlled garage. LOOK at the bolts on the bike, these are original Ducati bolts, and if you know Ducati’s, you know the bolts are the first items to oxidize.

This bike has never been crashed or damaged in any way. It has always been garage kept and is extremely clean. The only faults I can see: Please check pictures, are a few stone chips, a small scratch on the tank from a belt (hard to photograph, but you can barely see it), some scuffs on the rear cover (can probably buff out), and a mark on the left mirror. I would also give the bike a good buff / wax. Also, please check the decals. The tank decal blemish is under the clear (probably came from Ducati this way). The Agip decal is not cleared and still can be replaced.

The Strada model is the most lowly of all 851 variants. Designed as a bi-posto two seater, the rear seat is covered by a color coded piece that mimics the bodywork. Once removed, a passenger pillion is revealed. To add to the two-up usefulness, grab handles can be rotated out of the storage area, and then retracted when not in use (see picture below). There is even a fair bit of room under the passenger seat for toolkit storage and sundry items. In all, it is a very useable superbike.

The four valve motor revs quickly and willingly to a redline of 10k. Where the two valve mills run out of breath, the 851 is really just getting started. Add in the booming exhaust, Brembo brakes and great handling, and you have a potent package on your weekend rides – even if the bike is nearing 20 years old.

These bikes are also fairly bulletproof, provided that they have the standard services done at regular intervals (oil changes, belts and valve adjustment). With only 715 reported miles, this bike is really brand new from a mechanical standpoint. You simply do not see many in this condition, and it would be a fantastic addition to any collection.

If you have been lusting after an 851 but just haven’t found the right one – this could be it! This auction is going on right now, and the opening ask is $11k. That may sound a bit steep when you compare this to some of the more ratty, tired 851s that come up for auction, but at the end of the day it is actually well within reason for such a well-preserved bike. For more information, pictures and details, click the link and jump over to the auction. Don’t forget to tell ’em that you found it on RSBFS!