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Ducati May 30, 2015 posted by Donn

Bet it All on Black – 3 Custom Ducatis

Unusual to see three well done customs pop up at the same moment, as “well done” can be pretty subjective.  While customs are not RSBFS’s specialty, this trio of black Ducatis caught my eye, and maybe you’ll enjoy them as well.

Three Custom Ducatis ( Black ) for sale on eBay

2007 Ducati 696 Monster Cafe Racer

20150528 2007 ducati 696 monster custom left

This 2007 Ducati 696 Monster Cafe Racer has a Sport 1000 flavor with retro badged and striped half-fairing.  Lots of new parts in the cockpit and neat monoposto looking seat.  Freshly serviced, the Monster-based bike should be a sharp handler.

From the eBay auction:

One of a kind built at Beverly Hills Ducati.  The bike is a 2007 Ducati 695 Monster.  New Build includes 1970’s style Custom SS fairing w/clear wind screen (both tank and fairing are custom painted with Vintage Ducati emblems and racing stripe).  Front end includes new clip-ons, Rizoma grips, Rizoma resevoirs, Rizoma mirror, Brembo slave cylinders & CRG adjustable levers.  Also included, Fresh tuneup, New brake pads, New rear sets, new tires, High tech speed superbright l.e.d. turn signals, Custom made café seat & High performance Leo Vince exhausts.

2007 Ducati Sport 1000S Custom

20150528 2007 ducati sport 1000s custom left

The exquisitely photographed 2007 Sport 1000S is pared down to the bare minimum but finished to a very high level.  With no carbon or billet parts, all the magic here has a vintage look, though many of the hard parts are from later Ducatis.

The Portland-based builder, Digital Directiv, states:

Many builders like to take pride in doing everything themselves, but at the expense of the final product. I’m not one of those guys. Everything has to be perfect and if someone is an expert at what they do, I’m not afraid to involve them in the project. That’s why I recruited some of the best in the business to help me out. Chris from Masic Industries was enlisted to refinish every nut and bolt back to factory new condition and the only one I trust to coat the mildly-modified frame and wheels. Also done there was the mirror-like polishing of every aluminum part including the engine covers. All seams and casting marks were removed before many of the parts received a brushed finish; a feature also taken from the unique MH. Jeff Johnson of Ill Eagle Designs hand-formed the one piece aluminum solo tail section that mounts using the stock seat latch for easy removal. He also adapted the Monster 1100 headers into an amazing underseat exhaust capped by Cone Engineering cans. Ginger from New Church Moto was the only choice to make the sexy hand-stitched suede seat and matching pad. Tying it all together is the bottomless black and charcoal paint laid down by Tony’s Customs.

2008 Ducati 1098

20150528 2008 ducati 1098 custom left

Using more carbon fiber and powder coating than the others combined, this 2008 Ducati 1098 is re-finished and upgraded, previously the owner’s track bike.  Every system has been overhauled and / or upgraded, and comprehensive maintenance makes it seem ready to go.

Too much to list here, but the owner makes these comments in the eBay auction:

The sale of the bike will include the following OEM/Extra parts: Passenger seat, Passenger rearsets, OEM rear midnight black seat, Extra set of carbon fiber mid-side fairings.

I’m the second owner, the bike has been maintained throughout its life at Ducati AMS Dallas.
The following has been recently done to it – Past 3000 miles or so. Yes this Ducati visits the track, thus the upkeep and upgrades.

Though it rarely results in more value, sometimes a bike has to be refinished if not rebuilt.  Laid down or just run out, it’s the owner’s opportunity to try something, a combination of components or finishes that wasn’t available from the factory that year.  These three bikes have a lot of personality as well as a very professional presentation.  If the right cyclist comes along, and does their homework, everyone could wind up happy.

– donn

Bet it All on Black – 3 Custom Ducatis
Ducati May 28, 2015 posted by Donn

Pre-Poggipolini – 1982 Scuderia NCR 600 TT

Around the corner from the Ducati factory in Borgo Panigale, NCR founders Nepoti, Caracchi, and Rizzi began to modify and race Ducatis in 1967.  Their lightweight chassis and race team became a presence in endurance racing, winning the Isle of Man TT in 1978 with Mike Hailwood aboard.  Early in the trellis-frame’s development, Pantah-based 600cc bikes were built to Tourist Trophy specifications ( by more than one tuner ), and this NCR 600 ready for the road may be more rare than a factory TT2.

20150527 1982 ncr 600 tt right

1982 Scuderia NCR 600 TT for sale on eBay

20150527 1982 ncr 600 tt left front

Most of the Ducati V-twin 600cc engines have 80mm bore and 58mm stroke, displacing 583cc, though there was an 81mm bore update, displacing 597cc and using 40mm rather than 36mm Dell-Orto carburetors.  In the neighborhood of 60 hp is available mostly north of 6000 rpm, with two-into one exhaust, dry clutch and 5-speed transmission.  Three 260mm Brembo disk brakes provide the stoppage, very light looking 18-inch wheels suspended by 35mm forks and monoshock rear.  At a weight which should be just over 300 lbs, handling this bike will be a joy.

20150527 1982 ncr 600 tt left grip  20150527 1982 ncr 600 tt left tank

20150527 1982 ncr 600 tt left engine detail  20150527 1982 ncr 600 tt right rear wheel

Though one might want to fit air filters for the road, the discretely lighted 600 TT displayed appears ready for a ride.  The owner’s comments mention a 2005 restoration, and the bike looks at least excellent, though there is no odometer, it’s nearly 35 years old.  The alloy tank, half-fairing and monoposto seat fairing look unblemished, as does the frame.

20150527 1982 ncr 600 tt right front wheel  20150527 1982 ncr 600 tt frame

20150527 1982 ncr 600 tt right engine  20150527 1982 ncr 600 tt right rear wheel

From the eBay auction:

Believed to be one of only two 600cc street bikes made by the legendary Ducati race team. The 600 TT is purely a NCR design, where the better known TT2 is more a Ducati product. Approximately seven NCR 600 TT race bikes and two street bikes were built. This bike was most likely built in Germany from a kit.

Unable to pass the ultra strict type certification the bike was placed into storage. It resurfaced in 2005 and was restored and rebuilt and serviced. Still unable to be used in Germany it was advertised for sale in 2012. I purchased it, and imported it into the United States. The bike has barely been used since being built.I have ridden it a few times, where it performed flawlessly.

It has a clean correct Tennessee title. The condition is excellent. The only non standard parts are the turn signals. The only fault is a small dent in the exhaust system.

20150527 1982 ncr 600 tt right front  20150527 1982 ncr 600 tt left tank

20150527 1982 ncr 600 tt right peg  20150527 1982 ncr 600 tt binnacle

Pedigree would seem critical for a bike with this kind of buy-it-now, and perhaps the previous owner, restorer, or NCR can provide a paper trail.  Unrecognizable on the road, a vintage Italian track day would be a good day out for this machine, hopefully it will not be relegated solely to display.

– donn

p.s. – After being purchased in 2001 by Poggipolini, an aerospace and motorsports titanium concern,  NCR continues to thrive hand-crafting exotic parts and Ducati-based bikes.

Pre-Poggipolini – 1982 Scuderia NCR 600 TT
Ducati May 25, 2015 posted by Donn

Three Cheers for the Red, White and well, Green – 3 Ducati 750 F1’s

Rare as they are, an 80’s Ducati 750 F1 should not be overlooked, but this week, there are three on eBay.  In what could have been Ducati’s last gasp, the 748cc aircooled twin F1 was produced in 1985-88 in a numbered edition.  A stripped-down racer with equipment for the road, few have survived intact, of the three here, two are restorations, the other a barn find.  ( below 750 F1’s at Daytona in 1986, Marco Lucchinelli leading Jimmy Adamo, from )

20150524 1986 ducati 750 f1 daytona

Ducati 750 F1 – Three for sale on eBay

Fed by two 36mm Dell-Orto carburetors, the 76 hp are fed through a dry clutch and 5-speed transmission, and slowed by three 280mm disk brakes.  The endurance racer fairing is decked out in the Italian flag, and the aluminum tank nestles in the red trellis frame.  40mm front forks and mono-shock rear supports a tube-fabricated swingarm.

20150524 1985 ducati 750 f1

The 1985 F1A here is the barn find, parked for twenty or so years, and was featured here last November.  Surprisingly intact, it’ll need a comprehensive going over or could be a restoration candidate.  Most distinctively, it has 570 miles and has never been titled or registered.  As stated in the auction:

With the motorcycle comes the original Ducati document – the Manufactures Statement of Origin – Photo included – This bike is most likely the only 1985 750F1A in the United States with this document and has never been titled.  I believe #499 to be the most original Ducati 750F1A in the country (maybe the world) and only that has not been titled.

20150524 1986 ducati 750 f1

The 1986 is a fresh restoration and has a lot of upgraded and new parts.  Showing 16,000 miles, most of the photos show the restoration in progress.  The owner states:

it has radial masters with single reservoir, first design billet calipers, brembo verlicchi arm clip ons, acront/marvic wheels, verlicchi exhaust, ccr did repairs on the bodywork

allazura sidestand, 39mm fcr Penske rear shock, I have the original dellortos and works performance emulsion shock

this is not a stock f1 it is a period correct highly  modified f1 all the good stuff from the 80s

As with any restoration, one man’s upgrade might not suit another, so careful inspection is warranted.

20150524 1987 ducati 750 f1

The 1987 F1B is also a new restoration and boasts original equipment, totally rebuilt driveline and 12,500 miles.  From the eBay auction:

1987 Ducati F1 B. Just completed frame up restoration. Almost impossible to find an example of this model with all original equipment still in place. Stock motor new valve job, cylinders and side covers remove looks like new inside. New belts. New tires and battery. Rebuilt kits replaced in brake hydraulics. Parts usually not available are with this bike mirrors, turn signals,Brembo brakes, air box, 36 mm carbs,.dual seat, passenger foot pegs come with it. All systems in working order. Bike to be shown at the Riding Into History Concours d’ Elegance event on May 23rd at St Augustine Florida.

Not insignificant money-wise, two of these auctions have buy-it-now’s of $18,500, so shop carefully.  These lightweight replicas are simple, no-nonsense, and capable of TT-winning speeds.  Cagiva’s investment revived the company and led to bigger and better, but these years are a signature moment for Ducati.

Three Cheers for the Red, White and well, Green – 3 Ducati 750 F1’s
Ducati May 20, 2015 posted by Donn

Well there’s that – 1992 Ducati 888 SP4 #361

After Doug Polen’s 1991 Superbike championship aboard a 888 Corsa, the Ducati 851 SP3 ( which used the 888 engine ) was updated to the 888 SP4 for the 1992 model year.  Though there was also an even racier 888 SPS, the SP4 used the winning 851 frame and 888cc engine.  Quite rare here in the USA,  this one is located in Minnesota and while the photos aren’t comprehensive, appears to be stock and undamaged.

20150520 1992 ducati 888 sp4 left

1992 Ducati 888 SP4 #361 for sale on eBay

20150520 1992 ducati 888 sp4 right

First introduced in 1987, the Desmoquattro four-valve head was the beginning of a long successful run, with belt-driven cams, fuel injection and water cooling.  The 888cc engine delivers 116hp at 10,200 rpm.  Fully adjustable Ohlins forks and shock absorber support the white-painted frame.  Full-floating cast iron disks are 320mm in front and 245mm out back.  Some mild modernization of the fairing appears very successful on this sweet-looking machine.

20150520 1992 ducati 888 sp4 binnacle

With a little over 10,000 miles, this particular bike has not been ignored and looks in very nice shape.

From the eBay auction:

1992 Ducati 888 SP4 in very good original condition. I have owned since Jan.1997. One previous owner. All body parts have original factory paint and no cracks or repairs. Bike comes with the original tires ( Michelins TX HI Sports) and new OEM hand grips . Just had injectors clean and flow tested as well as new fuel filter . Will need new sprocket and chain soon and probably cam belts.  Engine runs well – has not been apart other than  a cam timing in 2000 by Doug Lofgren at Motor Cycle Performance.

Bike has a clear Minnesota title. Some factory upgrades from the standard sport/strada are 45/50mm exhaust , twin injectors per cylinder, hotter cams, full ohlins suspension , adjustable rear ride height rocker, close ratio transmission, full floater cast iron rotors, factory carbon fenders and rear shock heat guard, better clutch, solo tail with aluminum sub frame, a bit more compression maybe some others but can’t recall right now.

20150520 1992 ducati 888 sp4 left engine  20150520 1992 ducati 888 sp4 right engine

20150520 1992 ducati 888 sp4 under seat

Certainly one would expect to renew the rubber, belts, and liquids before running this bike as intended, and inspect the sprockets and chain as the owner recommends.  But once those are done, it’s off to the races, as it were.  And speaking of races, 12 hours into the auction there are 14 bids, up over $10K which hasn’t met the reserve, looks like interest in this model and condition will be strong.

Well there’s that – 1992 Ducati 888 SP4 #361
Ducati May 20, 2015 posted by Donn

Keeping it Simple – 1995 Ducati 900 SS / CR

Filling out the 1995 line-up next to the 916 and 900SS, and of course the Monster, was the Ducati 900SS/CR ( Cafe Racer ? ).  A lot less money than the new 916, and a little less than the 900SS, the half-fairing 900SS/CR still has respectable performance and a great fun factor.  The sweet-looking CR had a great view of the engine and few things that occasionally, the upper range of the line wished they had.

20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr left

1995 Ducati 900SS/CR for sale on eBay

20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr left front

Based on the Desmodue engine from the Pantah and 851, the air-cooled 904cc engine has a simpler valve train but still delivers 84hp and over 60 ft-lbs. torque.  The silver trellis frame supports a steel tubing swingarm, nicely reinforced and not prone to cracking.  Dry clutch, but of course.  Plenty of brakes with 320mm front and 245 rear disks.  Upside-down front forks and adjustable rear shock are both by Showa.  On the aluminum three-spoke rims, a 170mm wide rear tire allowed fitment of a 4-1/2 inch rear rim, in-keeping with the overall theme.  Likewise, there is no center stand.

20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr left rear  20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr seat

20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr binnacle  20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr tank

Showing under 6,000 miles, this CR looks cherry by any standard.  Red bodywork and silver frame look great.  Stock seat is unmarked.  Nice Campion del Mondo graphics in honor of Carl Fogarty’s 1994 SBK championship ( he would repeat in ’95 ).  One scrape on the right muffler and the owner states so in the eBay auction:

Probably the best example of this classic Ducati sport bike currently for sale!
This two owner bike has only 5900 miles from new – has new tires and chain and has had a complete service just completed including:

  • New Cam Belts
  • New Oil
  • New Oil Filter
  • New Air Filter
  • Valve Service
  • New regulator
  • Steering bearings checked
  • Wheel bearings checked
  • Brake pads checked

This bike is ready to be added to your collection
There is one tiny blemish on the right hand silencer (see photos) but otherwise this bike is perfect

20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr left front wheel  20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr left engine

20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr left rear wheel  20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr right engine

Seeming well preserved and well serviced, this CR looks a great entry into the Ducati world- a little simpler, a little lighter, maybe not 916 quick, but still a classic air-cooled 900cc Ducati, and a nice one.


Keeping it Simple – 1995 Ducati 900 SS / CR
Aprilia May 16, 2015 posted by Donn

Featured Listing: 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup For Sale

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup right

Forty some-odd years into Aprilia’s history they added road racing to their off-road program, with remarkable results – ten 125cc championships and nine in the 250cc class.  Bold names from this year’s Moto GP grids like Valentino Rossi, Marco Melandri, and Jorge Lorenzo all were 250cc champions for Aprilia.  Built from 1995 through 2002, the RS250 uses the Suzuki RGV250 engine, with Aprilia’s own intake, ECU, and exhaust.  This low-mile RS250 Cup is set up for the racetrack, though it’s too nice to have spent much time there.

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup left

The massive aluminum box frame appears to belong to a much larger cycle, though the RS250 Cup weighs only a bit over 350 lbs.  A sculpted alloy “banana” swingarm allows the expansion chambers to inhabit the underside of the bike.  The 300mm front disks could also brake a larger machine, but on the track, you’re either wide open or hard on the brakes.  Fully adjustable suspension will allow you to tailor the ride to your style.  Multi-function digital dash has a built-in lap timer.

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup right detail

The seller states:

Nothing like the sound and smell of a 2-stroke! This is a great, low maintenance track bike. Well cared for and at around 60 – 65 bhp it’s easy to ride. This bike is in exceptional condition and has been ridden conservatively by an older rider. A couple of small nicks and blemishes, but nothing obvious. Note: As a track bike this is sold without a title and on a Bill of Sale only.

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup front  20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup rear

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup right front wheel  20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup left rear wheel

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup binnacle  20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup right rear wheel

Ready for track days, the RS250 Cup is large enough for an adult rider.  The 70hp supplied by the Suzuki is more lively between 9,000 and 12,000 rpm, so the neighbors will know you’re testing.  With 56 watchers, the auction has a lot of interest and a buy-it-now of $6,700.  Someone could have one hell of a father’s day !

Please see the eBay auction here or contact the seller via email.


Featured Listing:  1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup For Sale
Triumph May 16, 2015 posted by Donn

Triple sec – Sweet 1995 Triumph Daytona 900 Super III

Revived by entrepreneur John Bloor after their final bankruptcy in 1983, Triumph Motorcycles engineered a family of engines using a 76mm diameter piston and established a manufacturing facility in Thailand.  The venerable brand celebrated it centenary in 2002 and has continued manufacture and now completes almost 50,000 motorcycles per year.  This particular bike is a nice example of one of their best machines.

20150515 1995 triumph 900 super iii left

1995 Triumph Daytona 900 Super III

20150515 1995 triumph daytona 900 super iii right front

Initially designed in 1989, the smooth-running 885cc triple underwent a major review in 1993 and with Cosworth’s help emerged with 115hp, and somewhat lighter thanks to pressure casting the engine cases.  Too busy trying to stay alive to enter into racing, modern Triumph cycles never experienced the weight loss racing requires, and the Super III carries 465 lbs wet.  But with the aluminum frame, 43mm forks, 310mm front disks, the entire package tests lighter than it should, a well-balanced handler.

20150515 1995 triumph 900 super iii cockpit  20150515 1995 triumph 900 super iii left tank

20150515 1995 triumph 900 super iii left seat fairing  20150515 1995 triumph 900 super iii left engine

The speed yellow fairing on this example appears better than excellent, the lower reaches of the classic shape protected from chips by automotive film.   The black monoposto seat looks cushy and in nice shape, the pillion seat under a fairing.  Very polished and very pretty 3-into-1 header with carbon muffler appears to be the only modification, and belies the 8900 miles the odometer shows.  Have to like it when someone’s been detailing the engine !

20150515 1995 triumph 900 super iii right engine detail  20150515 1995 triumph 900 super iii right rear wheel

20150515 1995 triumph 900 super iii tool kit  20150515 1995 triumph 900 super iii right engine

From the eBay auction:

Proudly kept and displayed indoors with only 8900 original miles. (That’s less than 450 miles/year)100% Original everything*. Perfect condition; no scratches, dents, or nicks of any kind. Carbon fiber everywhere. Aluminum 6.6 gallon tank.

As second owner, I’ve meticulously maintained the bike in every way. All questions will be answered immediately.

20150515 1995 triumph 900 super iii right rear

Though a revised 675cc engine has led to recent racing successes by a contingent of privateers, the Daytona Super III was developed before the racing program and is a smooth, powerful road bike, the 1995 being a nice update from the original design.  This auction looks to be for one of the very best of this model.

Triple sec – Sweet 1995 Triumph Daytona 900 Super III
Suzuki May 14, 2015 posted by Donn

Racer with lights – 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition

After it was started in 1976, the AMA Superbike Championship became a way to reach the sporty segment of the American motorcycle market.  The 1983 rule change reducing maximum displacement to 750cc was the catalyst for a new approach, rather than racing road bikes, Suzuki tailored their racing machine for public use.  Their light weight and simplicity won the championship in 1989 and launched a thousand privateer race teams.

20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition right front

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition

20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition left

Introduced in 1985, the GSXR-750 had an innovative alloy frame, and the bike was noticeably lighter than the competition.  An evolutionary engine, the micro-finned inline-4 is primarily oil-cooled, a large oil radiator behind the front fender.  The full fairing recalls the Suzuki endurance racers, and the riding position is decidedly racetrack oriented.  Updates for 1986 include a more stable 25mm-longer swingarm and radial tires.  Intended to homologate some components for the AMA championship, the Limited Edition had an alloy fuel tank, dry clutch, 310mm front disks, steering damper, electronic anti-dive, and remote reservoir rear shock.  Special badging and colors, gunmetal grey engine paint and blue wheels distinguish the Limited Edition.

20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition left front wheel  20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition headlight

20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition binnacle  20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition tank

With quite low miles and very stock, the previous owner did not mess with perfection, apart from a pair of conformal front turn signals and a little de-reflectorization.  Intact headlight fairing and the absence of more than a couple of nicks in the bodywork is encouraging.

20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition left tank  20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition left seat fairing

20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition right exhaust  20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition right engine detail

From the eBay auction:

This is the bike that started the homologation wars. If you are looking for something special to show up at bike night on, this is it!
Bike is from my private collection and has been stored in a climate controlled environment being ridden only once or twice a year.
Everything works perfect and the motor runs flawlessly. Dry clutch functions as it was designed as well. This example is very close to stock with the exceptions of the windscreen and front turn signals. It does come with the stock from turn signals and three of the four side reflectors (one of the front ones is missing. It does have the front headlight bubble which is no longer available and is removable if you choose. The rear helmet lock is missing too, but still has the stock exhaust in great condition.
There are some small chips here and there but nothing major and the bike has no scratches on the lower fairing bubble which is a sure sign the bike has been dropped. The pictures should speak for themselves and if I were to rate this from 1-10, I would give it a solid 9.

20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition left rear wheel  20150513 1986 suzuki gsx-r750 limited edition right steering head

A simple lightweight racer, this is the second year of the Gixxer dynasty, a no-nonsense star on the track, which became an undeniable movement on the road.

Racer with lights – 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition