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BMW August 12, 2015 posted by Donn

The Winner and Still Champion ( of the BoxerCup ) – 2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika

After the introduction of their first sportbike since the R90S of 1973-76, BMW sponsored a spec race series for their new R1100S in 1999.  Running mostly in Europe but expanding to Daytona in 2003-04, the BoxerCup was great international series, with many different riders from different countries winning races during the season.   The Boxer Cup Replika was offered in 2003 and 2004, last year of production, with performance updates such as carbon head guards and belly fairing, braided brake lines, underseat Laser exhaust, and Ohlins suspension.

20150811 2005 bmw r1100s bcr right front

2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika for sale on eBay

20150811 2005 bmw r1100s bcr left

The most powerful BMW boxer to date, the R1100S has 98 hp on tap, thanks to dual spark heads with four valves per cylinder.  Owners were provided an updated engine management chip at the first service.  Though a heavyweight at 505 lbs. wet, the BMW Paralever single-sided swingarm ( with shaft drive ) and Telelever anti-dive front suspension work with the rigid frame to make it handle.  Brakes are appropriately sized 320mm fronts and 276mm rear.  Nice touches include carbon front and rear fenders and dual seat with fairing cover.

20150811 2005 bmw r1100s bcr right rear wheel  20150811 2005 bmw r1100s bcr right front wheel

Following BMW’s legendary ability to roll the odometer, this R1100S has over 25,000 miles, but looks good and with the up-to-date maintenance, should be ready for more.  From the eBay auction:

BEAUTIFUL BOXERCUP. LOOKS LIKE NEW. ALWAYS GARAGED. ALL BOOKS AND KEYS.  Bike  has been fully tuned with valve adjustment, new alternator belt,brake and cable adjustment all done in last 2 weeks. Tank bag included. Laser exhaust, non abs model.

20150811 2005 bmw r1100s bcr seat  20150811 2005 bmw r1100s bcr right

From the last year of production, the BoxerCup offered has the more attractive paint and graphics, and appears undamaged save a few scratches on the head covers.  Looking very stock and racy without the optional luggage, owner improvements include tank bag, K&N filter, and fork-mounted conspicuity lights.   A great, stable and very sporty BMW, this one is just at mid-life, no crisis…


The Winner and Still Champion ( of the BoxerCup ) – 2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika
MV Agusta August 10, 2015 posted by Donn

Sterling Silver – 2002 MV Agusta F4 750

Rarely seen outside of the factory red with silver lowers, the MV Agusta F4 750 is a true exotic, a technological wonder in a beautiful package.  From its introduction in 1997 until it was succeeded by the 1000 cc model in 2004, the F4 750 enjoyed a few special models and updates but kept the winning design penned by Massimo Tamburini.

20150807 2002 mv agusta f4 750s right

2002 MV Agusta F4 750

20150807 2002 mv agusta f4 750s front

With design assistance from Ferrari, the F4 was given hemispheric combustion chambers and radially arrayed valves ( 4 per cylinder ), complicated but achieving 126 hp.  Complementing the power output are 49mm diameter Showa forks and 310mm front disks squeezed by 6-piston calipers.  More-is-more extends to the 4-into-4 exhaust system and Ohlins steering damper.

20150807 2002 mv agusta f4 750s left grip

Not super-light at just over 400 lbs, the reviews show the F4 750 to be a fast, stable platform.  Controls at the handlebars and footpegs are adjustable, as are the suspension and ride height.  Nice carbon fiber touches at the front fender, airbox, and side covers.

20150807 2002 mv agusta f4 750s right tank

Offered by a dealer on the back east, this F4 750 looks excellent, substantially stock with a nice tail tidy.  Though there’s no bidding or offering, the buy-it-now looks reasonable.  From the eBay auction:

Rare All Silver OEM Color!
6000 miles
Excellent condition
Well maintained
Carbon Fiber air box, side covers, air tube covers,
tank protector and key guard
Beautiful Merlotti plate re-locator
Integrated turn signals / tail light

20150807 2002 mv agusta f4 750s rear

MV Agusta’s history includes many championships and countless wins, mostly long past, though they returned to some racing since 2000.  After several years of a few hundred bikes per year, the F4’s distinctive design and top-shelf components helped the company turn a corner to the new machines.


Sterling Silver – 2002 MV Agusta F4 750
Yamaha August 6, 2015 posted by Donn

Proof of Concept – 1990 Yamaha OW 01

Shortly after the Superbike World Championship opened in 1988, manufacturers were compelled to prove their production bikes were up to the task, by providing comparable bikes to the marketplace.  Numbers of bikes homologated depended on the size of the manufacturer.  Though it did not result in a championship, Yamaha provided the OW 01 to the fray in 1989 and 1990, and in the process created a very memorable street machine.

20150805 1990 yamaha ow 01 left

1990 Yamaha OW 01 ( FZR 750 R ) for sale on eBay

20150805 1990 yamaha ow 01 right

Built to compete with the YB4 and RC30, and the eventual championship winning Ducati 851, the OW 01 was a thinly disguised racer.  A 749cc carburetted straight four delivering over 120hp can hardly be otherwise.  The 5-valve OW 01 was reputed to be quite rideable, thanks to EXUP, the automatic exhaust port valve.  The aluminum perimeter frame was not an innovation but this lightweight DeltaBox was , with similar fabricated swingarm.  Large for the day, 43mm forks are fully adjustable, as is the Ohlins rear shock.  Braking handled by 280mm front disks and 177mm rear.

20150805 1990 yamaha ow 01 cockpit

20150805 1990 yamaha ow 01 front

Not without its blemishes, this OW 01 looks good for its 34,000 kms.  From the eBay auction:

One of only 500 produced this bike has never been raced. dry stored for the last 7 years, running and riding perfect before storage
has the stock exhaust and muffler which is in mint condition,
has 34,000 kilometers (20,000miles)
top end was done using yamaha parts and i have the receipts
comes with the owners manual and pouch
original toolkit, missing one small socket
as you can see in the pics there are 2 chips in the paint beside the headlight and under the headlight area there are stress cracks in the paint.

20150805 1990 yamaha ow 01 binnacle

A higher mileage OW 01, this machine might be a restoration candidate, maybe after some serious rides.  The steep price when introduced speaks volumes about the development dollars and potential in each machine.  OW 01’s are available as perfect restorations or patina-ed racers, this one could be great to take in either direction…


Proof of Concept – 1990 Yamaha OW 01
Ducati August 5, 2015 posted by Donn

You look surprised to see me, again, Mr. Anderson – 2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition

Toward the end of the 998 model’s run of 2002-04, the company made a special color edition after a Ducati was used in the 2003 film, Matrix Reloaded.  A non-standard color and with special badges, but otherwise a 998, the final update of Tamburini’s legendary 916.  A commemorative as rare as a green Ducati, only around 150 were made.

20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition right

2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition for sale on eBay

20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition left

The final version of the 916 generation had 123 hp on tap, thanks to the new testastretta 4-valve heads.  If not on the move all that power can be hard to keep cool.  Contrasting silver trellis frame looks great under the green fairings.  The hydraulically actuated dry clutch might be the best of both worlds.  Not a lightweight at just over 400 lbs, it relies on 320mm front disk brakes and 220mm rear.  Showa supplied adjustable forks and Ohlins the shock for the bike, supporting a sweet cast aluminum single-sided swingarm.  Nice factory steering damper, and Termignoni fabricated the aluminum mufflers.

20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition right detail  20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition front

20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition cockpit  20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition left detail

This 998 looks great and the owner is very proud, and he states in the eBay auction:

This is a 2004-Limited Edition Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded.  Its in Excellent condition, low miles and always been garaged and on a front wheel chalk block.  It has a clear title and never had any problem.  It has been regularly maintained with tune up.  I have put on brand new rear turn signals that are sequential integrated LEDs and Beautiful!!   When I got the bike it had a 1098 wiring harness on it for the rear lights and was not functioning properly.  The harness was removed and the original wires that were zip corded up, I rewired the original wires.  The rear marker lights work perfect and are very bright!  That was the only issue I have had.  The bike is very well cleaned and I have personally detailed it from top to bottom!  The bike comes with the front chalk block where you can keep the kickstand up and it wont fall over!  Awesome garage feature and a set of new tie-down straps!  I have all the paperwork, maintenance documents, factory 998 book!  Which alone is very RARE!!  The coolant has been ran with anitfreeze and water-wetter to maintain a cooler running temp which works perfectly and on average keeps the bike about 15 degrees cooler.

20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition binnacle  20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition right front wheel

20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition right rear wheel  20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition right muffler

Looking very stock as the owner states, super-clean and nice low miles, includes free-standing wheel chock.   Though the high minimum bid might be an impediment to some, but except for the -S and -R models, this is the ultimate bike of the 916 generation.  The 998’s speed requires special attention to ride on the street, and forget about splitting lanes in head-on traffic – – ( a 996 was used in the movie ) – a rare and very distinctive Ducati…


You look surprised to see me, again, Mr. Anderson – 2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition
Ducati August 1, 2015 posted by Donn

Absolute Power – 2008 Ducati 1098S

After the controversial 999, the 1098 of 2007-09 was an un-redesign, instantly recognizable as a Ducati, designed by Giandrea Fabbro, now a senior designer at the company.  Additionally, the Testastretta engine received some significant upgrades after a petition to FIM for an additional 100cc for Superbike World Championship twins.  The result was a quintessential Ducati which just happened to have the most favorable power-to-weight ratio of any v-twin ever, at least for a while.

20150729 2008 ducati 1098s right

2008 Ducati 1098S for sale on eBay

20150729 2008 ducati 1098s right front

Returning to a look more like the 916, the 1098 was available in red, black, and yellow, this one is the attractive black over the red trellis frame.  Brutally powerful with 160 hp and 90 ft-lbs. torque, many owners mounted a throttle tamer to make the response more progressive.  Though other models in the line for that year have a wet clutch, the 1098 keeps the all business dry clutch.  Putting many sportscars to shame, the 1098 has 330mm front disks with radial mounted calipers and 245mm rear.  In another tip of the hat to the 916, the 1098 has a 2-1-2 exhaust, with twin mufflers under the seat.

20150729 2008 ducati 1098s display  20150729 2008 ducati 1098s rear

The -S has a few high-euro upgrades from the base model, wheels, suspension, exhaust, and dashboard.  Forged Marchesini wheels save almost 4 lbs, reducing critical unsprung weight.  Three-way adjustable Ohlins dampers are on both ends of the bike, and carbon Termignoni silencers replace the aluminum canisters.  The all-LCD rider display includes a data-logging function for track days.

Changes to the 1098 engine involved adjusting the valve angles, smoothing flows and improving economy.  These updates also reduced stress on the valvetrain, extending the valve adjustment interval.

20150729 2008 ducati 1098s left  20150729 2008 ducati 1098s left rear

With a healthy 8,000 miles, the 1098S offered here appears very good at least.  The owner has made a few nice upgrades like a Puig double-bubble windshield, hideaway rear turn signals, and includes a Pitbull stand and adult-sized Alpinestars suit.  From the eBay auction:

The body is in excellent condition and the engine is as strong as the day it was purchased. New Tires, Bought new from Duc Pond Motorsports all service records are up to date and done professionally by Duc Pond themselves. It currently has 8K miles and a few after market parts including a single side stand, Corsa Diablo tires, set Ohlin’s suspension, a Puig double bubble window and hidden taillights in the upper louvers of the tail section. I also have a pit bull stand to go with the bike and an XL full Alpine Star leather, worn twice.

With current maintenance and great condition, this 1098S is more desirable than non-S and much less common than the 848 – worth a second look !


Absolute Power – 2008 Ducati 1098S
Ducati July 29, 2015 posted by Donn

All on Red – 2008 Ducati Sport 1000S

Cashing in on the retro-craze or reverently invoking Ducati history, the Pierre Terblanche design for the Sport Classic series was ( and is today ) a hit.  Built from 2006-09 in relatively small numbers, the bikes were styled in the 1970’s but had power and reliability for the new century.

20150728 2008 ducati sport 1000s right front

2008 Ducati Sport 1000S for sale on eBay

20150728 2008 ducati sport 1000s left front

Using the air and oil-cooled 992cc Desmodue, the Sport 1000S has 92 hp available, driving through a hydraulically actuated wet clutch and 6-speed transmission.  Big 43mm upside-down forks lead the way for a more retro dual-shock rear swingarm.  Not terribly overweight at a scosche over 400 lbs, the 320mm dual front disks and 245mm rear are up to the task.

20150728 2008 ducati sport 1000s left tank  20150728 2008 ducati sport 1000s binnacle

The seat and fairing choices changed from year to year, but this Sport 1000S has the monoposto seat cover and lowers to complement the windshield fairing.  The red bodywork is magnificent.  Without even first-oil-change miles, this bike is hard to call used, but after 7 years in the garage, the belts and tires might want sprucing up.  From the eBay auction:


I have all keys, manuals, etc. Also there is no fuel tank spreading issue on the bike. It was checked out when Ducati did the recall a few years back and is still nice and tight today. Bike has never been dropped and has never seen rain. I know ‘it’s only new once’ but this is about as close to new as you’ll find for a 2008 bike.

20150728 2008 ducati sport 1000s right front wheel  20150728 2008 ducati sport 1000s rear

Though the Paul Smart commemoratives are fetching huge bids, the buy-it-now on this bike looks almost reasonable.  Hmmm, a little over an hour from here, maybe a test-ride up Conn. Rte 7 would be possible ?  After a quick service, this Sport 1000S should be ready for a lot of fun miles…


All on Red – 2008 Ducati Sport 1000S
Honda July 28, 2015 posted by Donn

Paging Dr. House – 1991 Honda CBR400RR

More appropriately sized for Hugh Laurie than the 954RR he rode in the show, the CBR400RR is a Japan-only model which occasionally finds itself in North America via the grey market.  Name-dropping back to the CB400F Supersport ( well, for riders of a certain age ) the diminutive 400RR is updated in every way and revs to 14,500, making 60 hp available at 12,500 rpm.

20150727 1991 honda cbr400rr left front

1991 Honda CBR400RR for sale on eBay

20150727 1991 honda cbr400rr right rear

Closely related to the CBR900RR of the same vintage, the 400 also has an extruded aluminum beam frame enclosing the 399cc inline four.  Similarly, it has a reinforced aluminum swingarm, the chassis easily coping with the power available.  A smooth wet clutch sends power to the 6-speed transmission.  A steady and nimble handler, the preload-adjustable forks complement the rear shock adjustable for preload and compression.  Suitably-sized triple-disk brakes ( 275mm front / 220mm rear ) can handle the slowing.

20150727 1991 honda cbr400rr left tank  20150727 1991 honda cbr400rr binnacle

20150727 1991 honda cbr400rr left front wheel  20150727 1991 honda cbr400rr right detail

With just over 6,000 miles, this 400RR has had only two caretakers.  The current owner re-bodied the bike in Repsol, but includes the factory fairing.  Updated muffler looks great, and CRG shorty levers are a known quantity.  Describing it in the eBay auction:

Bike runs strong and fast, extremely fun to ride. Everything works and is in great shape for a 24 year old bike. A few things to note:

  • I replaced the stock exhaust can with a ‘Fuel Exhaust’ (carbon, oval), sounds great.
  • I installed CRG ‘Roll-A-Click’ clutch and brake levers, “shorties”.
  • I swapped out the OEM bodywork with ‘Repsol’ plastic. Tank has been painted to match. I will include the OEM bodywork with the successful bid (black/silver/teal scheme).  
  • I have all of the Japanese paperwork from the original owner, including the shipping manifest from Japan to the US.
  • The bike only has 6,337 miles on the clock (10,200KM).

This bike is very rare in the US. It has been meticulously cared for; always garaged, covered and properly maintained.

20150727 1991 honda cbr400rr right rear above

Recent maintenance included carburetor service, which can be a bugbear on older creampuffs.  Maybe you know a new rider or a collector on the smaller end of the scale…


Paging Dr. House – 1991 Honda CBR400RR
Ducati July 27, 2015 posted by Donn

Fascination Fogarty – 2002 Ducati Monster S4 Foggy #019

After Carl Fogarty retired his 916 racer with 4 Superbike World Championships, the Ducati factory released a 2002-only Monster S4 commemorative edition which are quite rare with total production of only 300 and highly regarded as the first water-cooled 4-valve Monster.

20150726 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy left

2002 Ducati Monster S4 Foggy

20150726 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy front

With 101 hp and just a bikini fairing, the S4 is study in contrasts, the short Monster wheelbase but the booming 916 cc engine.  Developed on an ST4 frame, it’s a monoposto but with a relaxed seating position, the bars mounted to the tops of the triple clamp.  A neat carbon chin scoop under the horizontal cylinder, but not much cover for the water pump and radiator.  Running gear is more standard early 2000’s Ducati, 6-speed straight cut gearbox, dry clutch, nice 320mm front disks and 245mm rear.  Almost all the external accessories are carbon, headlight fairing, cam belt covers, side covers, and various guards – even the Termignoni’s  – help keep the weight around 400 lbs.

20150726 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy cockpit  20150726 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy left detail

20150726 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy right engine detail  20150726 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy seat

Number 19 0f 300 with just break-in miles, this 13 year-old machine appears super nice.  Only two owners to date, and the sale includes front and rear pit stands, and factory cover.  Red and black keys shown ( plus spare key ), so no immobilizer issues.  From the eBay auction:

#19 of 300. 1 of 300 worldwide and 1 of 75 imported into the U.S. This is 916cc 4-valve water-cooled engine mounted to an ST frame to handle the increased power. 110hp/66 ft lbs torque. 2100 miles since new and in near-mint condition with very minor imperfections as one would expect for a Quality motorcycle. This motorcycle wants for absolutely nothing and is 100% ready to ride..Fresh oil and service 6/23/15. It comes with front and rear stands and the red cover and all three Keys. I am the second owner of motorcycle.

It’s mid-summer and likely too hot for much sport biking, but this would be just the ride across town for an ice cream or down to the beach, while celebrating one of Ducati’s great champions…


Fascination Fogarty – 2002 Ducati Monster S4 Foggy #019