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MV Agusta January 11, 2016 posted by Donn

MV Agusta 3, Robots 1 – 2004 MV Agusta F4 SPR

Featured in the 2004 film i,ROBOT, the MV Agusta F4 SPR tumbles in an early action sequence and give its all to take out a few wayward automatons.  Unlikely more than a few moviegoers knew of MV Augusta’s recent revival with Cagiva backing, still less knew what a bike Hollywood had just sacrificed for the film.  The Special Production Racing limited edition was a very special 750, lighter and more powerful than most larger displacement sportbikes.

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr right

2004 MV Agusta F4 SPR for sale on eBay

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr left front

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr left rear

The F4 750 was the inaugural MV Agusta after Cagiva purchased the trademark, and outside help was enlisted to ensure success.  The 749cc transverse inline 4 was derived from the early 1990’s Ferrari F1 engine, and the F4 continues to use the radial valve layout today, in the 1000cc engine.  Thanks to 12:1 compression and an updated cylinder head, power is spectacular for a middleweight – 146 hp at 13,000 rpm.  The grey steel trellis frame connects to massive 50mm upside-down front forks from Marzocchi, with nitride hardening.  Rear suspension is a single-sided swingarm sprung by a Sachs damper.  Bespoke Nissin brakes are 310mm in front with 6-piston calipers, and 210mm rear.   Exhaust is updated for the SPR, and the factory offered three optional rear sprockets to adjust gearing.  The satin black bodywork is set off by silver graphics, and carbon front fender, intake covers with CRC ( Castiglioni Research Center ) emblem, and swingarm guards.

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr cockpit

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr right fairing

A speed-oriented exotic requires exercise and maintenance, and this SPR has had both.  It looks pretty flawless with 6,800 miles.  Just a couple of clear lenses and an HID headlight have been added.  From the eBay auction:

I am the second owner and purchased this bike in the summer of 2005. The previous owner only put approximately 3000 miles on the odometer before selling it to me to purchase another toy. Since the bike has been in my care I have only put an additional 3700 miles on the odometer through occasional weekend rides. The bike has never been taken to the track or abused. I have always stored the bike with a dust cover inside my garage hooked up to a battery tender. The bike is currently housed at my office. The bike is completely stock except for the clear turn signal lenses and HID headlight. All the carbon fiber pieces are OEM. The bike starts every time and runs perfectly. All functions work on the bike as well.

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr right rear

I recently performed the following maintenance items at approximately 6500 miles:
-Oil and filter change with AMSOIL synthetic
-Coolant flush
-Brake fluid flush (Front and Rear)
-New fuel filter
-New fuel pump
-New fuel hoses
-Professional Fuel Injector Cleaning by RC Engineering
-New NGK Platinum Spark Plugs
-I also performed a valve check on the bike at about 5000 miles and found all of them to be within factory tolerances with no adjustments needed.

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr left fairing

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr right front wheel

Reviewed as a chore in town and a dream on the open road, the SPR isn’t super light at just over 400 lbs, but the power comes on strong around 7,000 rpm pulling strong right to the nearly 14,000 rpm redline.  A sweet handler with Ohlins adjustable steering damper, the F4 SPR can make quick work of straights and turns.  For this level of performance and in such fine shape, even the buy-it-now seems reasonable.  Shame if even one real F4 SPR was sacrificed making the movie…

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr front


Suzuki January 8, 2016 posted by Donn

Re-Upped – 1999 Suzuki TL1000R

Fully faired and with re-designed chassis, Suzuki’s TL1000R provided a short-term home for their wonderful 996cc V-twin.  Originally built to compete with Ducati for Superbike wins and sales, the factory returned to the four-cylinder formula for racing in 2004.  The distinctive sound of the TL-R’s chain and gear cam drive, also used in the Bimota SB8K, lives on in this very clean example.

20160107 1999 suzuki tl1000r right

1999 Suzuki TL1000R for sale on eBay

20160107 1999 suzuki tl1000r left front

20160107 1999 suzuki tl1000r left rear

Re-tuned from the TL1000S for more top-end power, the TLR reviewed as having easier access to the 11,000 rpm rev limiter, though peak power of 135hp is back at 9,500 rpm.  As with most big twins, torque is excellent at 79 ft-lbs.  Triple adjustable 43mm front forks are helped by an oversized steering damper, as well as geometry changes from the -S.   Rear spring and damper are separate, the shock absorber being a rotary rather than pushrod type, all in the name of keeping the wheelbase manageable with the long engine.  Brakes got a nice update with the 6-piston Tokico calipers in front, riding 320mm disks.  The fairing is wide for a tandem twin and provides good protection, dual high and low beams, ram air intakes, and a Hayabusa-style hump hiding the passenger seat.

20160107 1999 suzuki tl1000r cockpit

20160107 1999 suzuki tl1000r left muffler

Looking excellent with just about 16,000 miles, the owner has added carbon mufflers with ecu re-flash, smaller turn signals, and a few carbon accents.  He also reviews recent maintenance in the eBay auction:

The bike has thousands of dollars in aftermarket upgrades and accessories below is a list:

1. Full M4 Stainless steel exhaust system with Carbon cans (This exhaust sounds just like a Jap bike should)
2. Carbon Fiber Rear Hugger
3. Carbon Fiber look Air Dam Surrounds
4. Shorty turn signals front and rear
5. Smoked Windscreen
6. Tank Protector
7. Chrome swingarm spools
8. Yosh-Box ECU remap for M4 exhaust (Yosh-box not included)
9. Speedo-healer installed
10. 41T rear sprocket installed

Here is a list of recent maintenance items done to the bike (Most done within 100miles)

1. New Avon tires installed (Front and Rear)
2. Brand new oil and filter (Synth oil)
3. Chain adjusted and oiled
4. Steering stem bearings cleaned and repacked with fresh grease
5. Front and rear axle bearings cleaned and repacked with fresh grease
6. Valves checked and found in spec at 12k

20160107 1999 suzuki tl1000r right front wheel

The owner also posted a walk-around video here.

20160107 1999 suzuki tl1000r rear

Some useful and tasteful mods to this TLR, thankfully only one set of frame sliders.  Preventive maintenance very much appreciated.  Tested as needing a slight weight reduction for its sporting ambitions, the TL1000R can still lift the front wheel easily.  The video of the loping twin and $3500 buy-it-now almost had me planning a trip to Indy, not this time, but I think somebody will and be happy for it…


20160107 1999 suzuki tl1000r right rear

Re-Upped – 1999 Suzuki TL1000R
Ducati January 6, 2016 posted by Donn

White Sale – 2007 Ducati S4RS

Time was when retailers would put their sheets and towels on sale mid-winter to find a way out of the January doldrums.  A naked 998cc Testastretta would be a more RSBFS path to a winter thaw, and while the buy-it-now isn’t really a bargain, the whopping white twin would be a special second or around town bike.

20160105 2007 ducati monster s4rs left (2)

2007 Ducati Monster S4RS for sale on eBay

20160105 2007 ducati monster s4rs right

After several years of leading the brand in sales, the factory introduced the S4, with the water-cooled 916 engine.  Things naturally got out of hand and using the 130 hp 4-cam engine from the 999, S4RS performance is well above any sensible naked, more of a rolling trophy case for Ducat-ista.  Trellis frame in beautiful red sets off the red-striped white bodywork, this one with red coolant pipes as well.

20160105 2007 ducati monster s4rs cockpit

20160105 2007 ducati monster s4rs front

Accents are also gold-anodized, the Ohlins forks ( fully adjustable along with Ohlins monoshock ) and on this bike, aftermarket controls, clutch hub and clutch slave.  Brembo brakes are oversized for a Monster but right for a Superbike – 320mm front disks with 4-piston radial-mounted calipers, and 245mm rear.  Carbon mudguards, side and belt covers match the black seat, and are helped by the upgraded carbon mufflers.  Special light alloy wheels help keep the weight under 400 lbs.

20160105 2007 ducati monster s4rs right front

Tucked away in the lake-effect snow belt, this Monster hasn’t reached oil-change miles, and whatever the pity,  looks great for it.  From the eBay auction:

Collectors bike in “like new” condition with only 519 miles. Upgrades including Rizoma, Speedy Moto, Sato Racing & carbon exhaust. Title, factory manuals & “Red Key” in Sellers possession. This Ducati is one of a kind; a one-of-a-kind ‘Monster.’ Included are thousands of dollars of high-end components.

20160105 2007 ducati monster s4rs right rear

As the Monster was early to the naked party, the S4RS foresaw the super-naked revolution with power more than adequate to peel the unprotected rider right off.  Despite the mileage, cam belts will want changing before this bike takes a serious ride, though it could perfectly be retired to the gallery.  Maybe after a sparkling new chain with red, or maybe gold side plates…


White Sale – 2007 Ducati S4RS
Yamaha January 4, 2016 posted by Donn

Subdude – 1994 Yamaha FZR1000

Development of the FZR1000 had about reached its culmination in the early 1990’s, and development of the succeeding Thunderace had begun.  The flagship continued consuming road miles by the ton, as it had since 1987.  Offered as the alternate livery from the team-inspired white/red/blue, the subdued flashiness of the 1994 model hangs together in a 90’s kind of way, but the performance – 20-plus years old and a sub-11 second 1/4 mile – is ageless.

20160103 1994 yamaha fzr1000 right

1994 Yamaha FZR1000 for sale on eBay

20160103 1994 yamaha fzr1000 left rear

20160103 1994 yamaha fzr1000 dash

Using the stamped and heli-arced aluminum for the perimeter frame and swingarm, Yamaha engineers provided enough rigidity to contain the irresistable 145 hp and 79 ft-lbs torque.  Adjustable for preload at both ends, 43mm upside-down forks and monoshock rear.  Yamaha’s EXUP, a servo-controlled exhaust collector, provides a wider torque curve for the powerhouse.  Brakes are Porsche-like, 320mm dual disks in front with 6-piston calipers, and the rear of 267mm is commonly seen on the front of smaller bikes.  But we are talking triple-digit speeds and 1/4-ton weights.  Full fairing helps the rider hide from the gale, and sends ram-air down to the engine room.

20160103 1994 yamaha fzr1000 right front

20160103 1994 yamaha fzr1000 right rear

Previous riders must’ve been very careful as there is barely a mark divulging the 20,000 miles, and it appears completely stock save the orange windshield.  Nothing about past owners or maintenance history, but here’s what’s in the eBay auction:

Pictures speak for themselves! All stock, NO modifications!
Adult owned and gently ridden.

20160103 1994 yamaha fzr1000 left front

20160103 1994 yamaha fzr1000 right radiator

Reviewed as a heavyweight road weapon, it’s a stable high-speed platform, only real squawk being the lack of anti-dive up front.  No reason to zing the big motor with the amount of torque available, and it should be fine for another 20K miles.  With the fairing providing the feeling that the rider is glued to the bike which is glued to the road, they should go by quickly…


Subdude – 1994 Yamaha FZR1000
Honda January 2, 2016 posted by Donn

Best of Both Worlds – 1993 Honda NC30 Rossi Commemorative

How cool to have a great championship commemorative that you could just jump on and ride, almost without worry ?  Not a temperamental exotic as you’d expect a replica Moto GP replica to be, but a downsized but very sporty model with a winning drivetrain and graphics package.  Valentino Rossi’s second season with Honda was a great championship year, Rossi winning 9 of 16 races.  At Valencia in 2003, his RC211V sported a 60’s inspired psychedelic livery, transferred here to a sportbike which can almost be considered practical.

20160101 1993 honda nc30 rossi right

1993 Honda NC30 Rossi Commemorative for sale on eBay

20160101 1993 honda nc30 rossi left front

20160101 1993 honda nc30 rossi front

Often a gray-market import here because of its diminutive stature, the VFR-400R or NC30 has an exotic V4 400cc engine generating 59 hp.  Japanese 400’s being speed limited, the welterweight shootout with Yamaha and Kawasaki mostly took place in Europe.  Looking and sounding like its older brother RC30, the 13,000 rpm redline machine has a twin-spar aluminum frame but right-side down forks and rear monoshock, both dual-adjustable.  Brakes are appropriately sized with twin front 269mm disks ( with 4-pot calipers ) on the 16-inch front wheel, and a smaller disk on the 18-inch rear.

20160101 1993 honda nc30 rossi right rear

20160101 1993 honda nc30 rossi rear

Whatever inspired the commemo-restoration ( might’ve been an accident, judging from the scraped speedometer ) they took it right to the hilt.  The fairing shapes have their similarities but a lot of differences, but just about every graphic element on the RC211V is on the NC30.  Otherwise it’s a great looking low-mileage example.  From the eBay auction:







20160101 1993 honda nc30 rossi left rear

20160101 1993 honda nc30 rossi right front wheel

Tested as the middle performer in the blue ( back then white and red ) and green sandwich, the NC30 was near the end of its run in 1993 and received a 1994 update along with the 750cc RC45.  The lighter weight and good balance of the smaller bikes made their sportiness more usable than their upmarket counterparts, almost more fun since you could really wring them out.  Less sure is how much value the replica paint adds to the value of an NC30, surely better than a wreck, it’ll be in the eye of the beholder…


Best of Both Worlds – 1993 Honda NC30 Rossi Commemorative
Ducati December 31, 2015 posted by Donn

Wideout – 2007 Ducati 1098S Tricolore

In a little high-stakes WSBK poker, house designer Giandrea Fabbro penned a treatment reverent to the 916 and 996, and powerplant engineers prepared an 1100 with a few beneficial changes to the valve train – just before the rule czars increased twin displacement to 1200cc.  The 1098 was a nice success for Ducati but was shortly succeeded by the 1198.  The 1098S-Tricolore was just the thing for an NFL wide reciever with a new long-term contract.

20151230 2007 ducati 1098s tricolore left front

2007 Ducati 1098S Tricolore for sale on eBay

20151230 2007 ducati 1098s tricolore right front

20151230 2007 ducati 1098s tricolore right tank

A return to Ducati’s superbike roots, the 1098 had a lower look and two-one-two exhaust.  Claiming 160 hp and a whopping 90 ft-lbs torque, verifiable by the digital dash and analysis software.  Beside standard superbike fare of DOHC big twin, trellis frame, and dry clutch, the -S sports Termignoni carbon mufflers, forged Marchesini wheels, fully adjustable Ohlins dampers, and carbon fiber just about everything.  The Tricolore paint with gold highlights is just the icing on the cake.

20151230 2007 ducati 1098s tricolore dash

20151230 2007 ducati 1098s tricolore left

Nicely presented, this 1098 has just break-in miles and a few nice updates in the lever, seat, clutch cover, and windshield departments.  Otherwise it looks stock and undamaged, with good tires.  From the eBay auction:

Offering my 2007 Tricolore. It has been loved and is in perfect condition. Full Ohlins suspension, Termi exhaust, Suede seat plus original, Carbon fiber rear fender hugger, Yoyodyne clutch slave, new Michelins, new lithium battery, full 3M clear paint protection kit, adjustable levers, SSR open clutch cover, Ducati pressure plate, Tinted windshield. 3100 miles (may go up slightly if weather permits). Always covered and kept in climate controlled storage. Always full synthetic oil.

Original owner was NFL player Reggie Brown of the Philadelphia Eagles. All recalls have been completed and documented.

Sale includes all books and records plus both keys, stock windshield and stock seat.

Note* Stock mirrors have been reinstalled. Bar end mirrors were removed and are not included in sale.

20151230 2007 ducati 1098s tricolore right seat

20151230 2007 ducati 1098s tricolore left rear wheel

A beauty and a special 1098, and not an easy bike for the road, Ducati took the R-variant to the WSBK banquet in 2008 and 2011 ( with 1198 cc engine ).  Difficult to demo and sometimes even to inspect this time of year, the low miles, right keys, and documentation is reassuring.  Regardless of the miles, the cam belts will want changing, so put that in your bid computer.  Owned originally by a starting Eagles wide receiver Reggie Brown, who never had time to rack up the miles, after a couple of injuries was fighting for his starting spot, and is now coaching college ball in Georgia.  Happy New Year, Dec. 31st is not too early to think spring !



Wideout – 2007 Ducati 1098S Tricolore
Yamaha December 29, 2015 posted by Donn

60th Anniversary Colors – 1985 Yamaha RZ-350 Kenny Roberts

Updated from the RD350 in 1983, the liquid-cooled RZ350 was a pint-sized powerhouse for the company, and though it wasn’t sold after 1986 in the U.S., it stayed another 10 years in other markets.  Yamaha has returned to the Kenny Roberts-era yellow and black for their anniversary this year, but you’ll need connections to get that signature on your new R1 or R6.

20151228 1985 yamaha rz350 kenny roberts left

1985 Yamaha RZ-350 for sale on eBay

20151228 1985 yamaha rz350 kenny roberts left front

20151228 1985 yamaha rz350 kenny roberts right rear

Putting a big fun factor in the small displacement end of the dealership, the RZ350 put 60hp under a 375 lb. motorcycle.  The two-stroke twin had oil injection and YPVS, Yamaha’s electrically variable exhaust port which helped stretch the power delivery somewhat.  Each muffler had a catalytic converter, and a temperature alarm to keep the cats under control.  The frame had four light tubes around the engine, a forerunner of the perimeter frame to come.  The lightweight theme continued with aluminum wheels same size front and rear.  Forks are conventional with rear monoshock, and brakes are dual front disks of 267mm with single rear.  The bodywork is beautifully designed, handlebar-mounted bikini with chin fairing trying to send some air over those pipes.  Side covers and seat fairing stretch the color scheme to the taillight.

20151228 1985 yamaha rz350 kenny roberts cockpit

20151228 1985 yamaha rz350 kenny roberts engine

The RZ350 on offer looks great for its 30-plus years, with expansion chambers and Rizoma handlebars.  Bodywork appears undamaged and smaller plastic bits appear to be all there, must’ve been garaged a ways from the south Florida sun.  From the eBay auction:


20151228 1985 yamaha rz350 kenny roberts radiator

20151228 1985 yamaha rz350 kenny roberts right rear wheel

At least looking lighter than the fully faired F1 model that followed, the RZ350 reviewed as a sweet handler and despite the YPVS, a little sleepy below 5000 rpm, but then pulled nicely right to the 9500 rpm redline.  The peaky Yamahas were wrung out on the street and track, and it’s rare to see one in this kind of shape.  A bargain at more than double the 1985 MSRP, like you needed an excuse to go to Naples this time of year…


60th Anniversary Colors – 1985 Yamaha RZ-350 Kenny Roberts
KTM December 27, 2015 posted by Donn

Right Off the Bat – 2008 KTM RC8 Limited Edition

KTM’s first superbike was introduced on the 2005 show circuit using the 999cc Duke engine.  When production began in late 2007 the 1148cc LC8 was ready and though it was updated the next year, the bike was a success and the factory has campaigned it in AMA and World Superbikes.

20151227 2008 ktm rc8 limited edition right sun

2008 KTM RC8 Limited Edition for sale on eBay

20151227 2008 ktm rc8 limited edition right

KTM developed the 4-valve 75-degree V-twin in record time, and it provides 152 hp and 88 ft-lbs. torque.  The engine is almost 10 kg. lighter than comparable powerplants, which helps the WP ( a KTM subsidiary ) upside-down forks and monoshock do their job better.  Brembo radially mounted calipers hug 320mm front disks and 240mm rear.  The styling separates the RC8 fans from those who make parenthood jokes about the angularity and color schemes.

20151227 2008 ktm rc8 limited edition dash

20151227 2008 ktm rc8 limited edition right engine

Number 42 of a Special 2008.5 Edition of 50 ( Red Bull and Akropovich editions didn’t come out until 2010 ),  this monochromatic treatment has a lot of carbon as well as exhaust and chip.  A surprising combination of 2250 miles and new tires, also a new lithium-iron battery, it’s a beauty to behold.  From the eBay auction:

This is the rare 2008.5 model in stellar condition, #42 of 50 imported into the US. Numbered Plate (metal) included.  

Brand new Michelin Power Sport 3 tires.

It has the Power Commander on the bike, with a custom map from England tuned to the QD Exhaust, a big investment. The bike runs flawlessly with stellar throttle response and power..

All the Akropovic flat carbon bits are perfect as well. The entire tail piece, front and rear fenders, clutch guard are all Akropovic matt carbon. The original tail section is included, immaculate also.

It has orange anodized KTM billet covers installed for clutch, and both brake reservoirs. Then, CRG levers; orange silicone coolant hoses, as well as front and rear axle sliders. Includes R&G tail tidy, and KTM genuine accessory bag, it is made for the RC8 by KTM and plugs into the two holes you see in the tailpiece, which are controlled by the seat latch. Lastly, gorgeous R&G rearsets from England.

The carbon tank shield is from Australia.  I replaced the seat with a carbon fiber pattern-imprinted leather beauty from Corbin. Perfect fit and nicely parallel orange stitching. Original included with sale.

20151227 2008 ktm rc8 limited edition right front wheel

20151227 2008 ktm rc8 limited edition right rear wheel

The flat white, black frame and carbon look cool, with signature KTM orange playing peek-a-boo.  Outstanding digital dash and centralized-mass exhaust is better resolved than many.  Real-world ergonomics have slightly larger seat and higher bars than you might initally expect, but very adjustable, and the bike tested quick and comfortable.  Performance was substantially equal to a Ducati 1098S, their inspiration and competitor.

20151227 2008 ktm rc8 limited edition right tank

20151227 2008 ktm rc8 limited edition tank

Nicely accessorized by the owner with tankbag and cover, there’re also no cam belt worries on a KTM, using a gear and chain system.  This Austrian upstart looks ready to go for some post break-in miles !

Right Off the Bat – 2008 KTM RC8 Limited Edition