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Kawasaki May 12, 2015 posted by Donn

Bay Ridge Barn ( well, storage unit ) Find – 1984 Kawasaki GPz-750

Hard as they are to find, unmolested early sportbikes pop up occasionally.  This pre-Ninja 750 appeared on the New York Craigslist recently.

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 left

1984 Kawasaki GPz-750 for sale on Craigslist

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 left front

Developed from the KZ-750, the GPz-750 had 92 hp, new frame with Uni-Trak rear suspension, and generally more sport-oriented.  The sweet bikini fairing foreshadows the full fairing to come later.  For 1984, mostly color changes but slightly raising the clip-on handlebars made the bike friendlier.  Rubber front engine mounts helped, too.  The smallish 280mm brakes nonetheless performed well.  Overall a speedy, stable rider.

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 left rear  20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 right front wheel

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 right rear wheel  20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 left engine

From the Craigslist ad:

This bike has been very well maintained it’s entire life by a mature older gentleman who kept it in clean, dry, and temperate storage. Pictures do not do this bike justice. The paint is in absolutely stunning original condition. This bike has no mechanical or electrical issues at all and can be ridden anywhere. The carburetors have been jetted and air box has been replaced with air filter pods. Vance and Hines full exhaust looks and runs great with the properly tuned carbs. This bike’s motor pulls strong and has no issues. Chain and sprockets were replaced with new ones last year. Tires are in great condition with no dry rot and lots of tread left. This bike has to be seen in person to truly appreciate how clean it is.

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 cockpit  20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 tank

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 seat  20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 nose

CL ads can be hyperbolic and poorly documented, but this common-sense ad has great pictures.  The GPz-750 was the fastest bike in its day and still has a lot to offer.  The silver paint and red/blue stripes look great, and the bike seems very clean overall.  Sensible asking price for such a pretty historic.  Certainly have to do your homework on a purchase like this but a GPz in such fine shape is worth a look.

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 left rear


Bay Ridge Barn ( well, storage unit ) Find – 1984 Kawasaki GPz-750
Kawasaki May 7, 2015 posted by Donn

Grown-up’s Ninja – 1994 Kawasaki ZX-9R

Tagging along with the CBR-900RR of 1992, Kawasaki developed a bike to bridge the gap between the 750cc sportbikes and the 1100cc sport-touring machines.  Offered in the green, white, and blue of Kawasaki’s racers, it was also available in maroon or smoke subdued paint schemes.

20150506 1994 kawasaki zx-9r right

1994 Kawasaki ZX-9R for sale on eBay

20150506 1994 kawasaki zx-9r left

More than a racer with lights, the ZX-9R is a stable-handling powerhouse, 139 hp and slightly relaxed riding position.  Race-developed innovations are civilized on the ZX-9R, the fabricated alloy perimeter frame and swingarm are made from beautiful sculpted stampings.  The clip-on handlebars rest on top of the triple clamp, ready for a longer ride.  The adjustable upside-down forks and remote-reservoir rear shock are rather softly sprung.  The 4-piston front brakes from the ZZ-R1100 are more than up to the task.

20150506 1994 kawasaki zx-9r front  20150506 1994 kawasaki zx-9r cockpit

20150506 1994 kawasaki zx-9r left rear wheel  20150506 1994 kawasaki zx-9r rear

The owner gives a lot of information in the eBay auction:

You are looking at a classic 1994 Kawasaki Ninja ZX9R in Maroon/Silver/Black.This was the 1st year of production for the ZX9R. My bike is in unbelievable condition.I have owned it since June 1995, when I purchased it from Kawasaki of Ft. Lauderdale off the showroom floor with 1000 miles on the odometer. The bike has been registered and on the road since then, but only has 11,692 miles on it 21 years later. That’s an average of 557 miles per year! It has been garage kept and I have never driven it in the rain. The bike is impeccable,no dents, no dings and the only mar is a scrape under the fairing below the radiator that can’t be seen.There is no pitting,no rust,no discoloration anywhere. The bike runs, rides and drives as strong and straight as it did the day I bought it. Everything functions perfectly including the radiator fans. The only flaw mechanically is a slight clunking sound while shifting (may need a new clutch eventually). The bike is tastefully upgraded with a Vance & Hines ss2r pipe, Scotts steering damper, braided steel brake lines, K&N air filter, rear tire hugger, carbon look turn signals and Corbin gunfighter seats (I have the like new original seats). If this is your dream bike don’t hesitate! The only way you will find a nicer example of a ZX9R is to find one still in the crate! I even have the original tool kit, books and paperwork for the bike!

20150506 1994 kawasaki zx-9r left grip  20150506 1994 kawasaki zx-9r centerline

20150506 1994 kawasaki zx-9r left rear wheel  20150506 1994 kawasaki zx-9r right peg

Not ridden much and garaged in Florida, this example has a few nice improvements, still undamaged and shiney.   Nice Corbin seats, but stock seat included, as are owner’s and workshop manuals.  The owner promises two helmets and jackets if you use buy-it-now.  Still a sportbike capable of a 10-second 1/4 mile and 170 mph, maybe you had a green/white/blue one some twenty years back and are ready for another, like you, camouflaged as an adult.

20150506 1994 kawasaki zx-9r left rear


Grown-up’s Ninja – 1994 Kawasaki ZX-9R
Moto Guzzi May 4, 2015 posted by Donn

Quintessential Cafe – 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

The oldest European manufacturer in continuous production of motorcycles, Moto Guzzi has an impressive history, from their founding in 1921 by two Italian Air Force pilots and their mechanic, championship-winning 250, 350, and 500cc racing machines, to the present-day large displacement fuel-injected street bikes.  Long a technical innovator, the company developed a 500cc engine with one overhead and one side valve, a 500cc V-8 motorcycle, pioneered the rear swingarm, and was the first motorcycle manufacturer to build a wind tunnel.  The V11 Sport uses some of their most durable developments, the longitudinal V-twin and shaft drive.

20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport right

2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport right front

The booming twin displaces 1064cc and weighs almost 550 lbs. fueled, but a lightweight flywheel allows the air/oil-cooled pushrod twin to rev happily, though the wide torque band ensures some giddy-up is almost always available.  A revised 6-speed gearbox, fully adjustable suspension, and three big Brembo brakes make this a 21st century bike which hasn’t forgotten its roots.  The V-twin and shaft drive have been part of the lineage since the 1967 V7, and the bikini fairing recalls the 1976 850 Lemans.

20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport right rear  20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport left detail

Treated to a few nice updates, this Moto Guzzi has carbon mufflers, a power commander ( making fuel injection 1.0 and Y2K emissions better to ride ), braided brake lines, and bar-end mirrors.  Honey-where’s-our-bike paint with red frame and gussets.  Neat factory pillion cover.  Certainly a rider with 31,000 miles, the paint looks good and the bike appears mishap-free.  Forks and shock have been rebuilt.  Sporting a Moto Guzzi National Owner’s Club sticker is some reassurance the oil changes and valve adjustments haven’t been ignored.

20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport cockpit  20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport rear

20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport right rear  20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport left detail

From the eBay auction:

This is a very strong running exotic Italian V-Twin with 31,xxx on the clock located near Akron, OH. 
Well cared for, this Moto Guzzi is a work of art for pleasure riding as well as track day adventures. Like the idea of having the rumble of a Harley with the ride of a sport bike? Moto Guzzi is the answer.

20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport left grip  20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport under seat

Over on the cafe racer side of the sportbike universe, the classic look and sound of a V11 Sport have the makings of a fine weekend afternoon.


Quintessential Cafe – 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport
Yamaha May 2, 2015 posted by Donn

Sensible Tribute – 1984 Yamaha RZ350 Rainey

20150501 1984 yamaha rz350 rainey right front

Looking for all the world like Wayne Rainey’s 1990 YZR500 GP bike, this sparkling tribute is a lot more streetable than an expert-only RZ500 race replica.  Based on a titled RZ350, this machine has been treated to a full race fairing from Air-tech Streamlining, as well as a comprehensive rebuild.  Appearing well-sorted and immaculately finished, this street legal race replica should be fun on the street or at the track.

20150501 1984 yamaha rz350 rainey right  20150501 1990 yamaha rz500 rainey

An AMA Hall of Fame inductee and fitting recipient for a fan’s tribute, Wayne Rainey won the 500cc GP Championships in 1990 through 1992 with the Team Roberts.  His riding career was cut short by a series of accidents in 1993 leaving him a paraplegic, but he continued as a team manager and race organizer, and is still racing in a hand-controlled superkart.

1984 Yamaha RZ350 for sale on eBay

20150501 1984 yamaha rz350 rainey left front  20150501 1984 yamaha rz350 rainey left rear

20150501 1984 yamaha rz350 rainey left front detail  20150501 1984 yamaha rz350 rainey right rear

With the YPVS electronically controlled exhaust port, the little 350 put out around 50hp and 32 ft-lbs. torque, the power curve less peaky.  An overall lightweight package at under 350 lbs., it has a six-speed transmission, adjustable suspension, and three 280mm disk brakes.  Some of the updates to this example include expansion chambers with carbon mufflers, steering damper, and braided brake lines.

20150501 1984 yamaha rz350 rainey binacle  20150501 1984 yamaha rz350 rainey nose

20150501 1984 yamaha rz350 rainey left front wheel  20150501 1984 yamaha rz350 rainey left rear wheel

From the eBay auction:

84 RZ, airtech fairing, custom paint, Suzuki Katana gauges,(and they actually all work) Jim Lomas pipes. Braided lines, fork brace, teleflex clip ons, steering damper, stock rear shock and swing arm, front forks pretty freshly rebuilt with progressive springs.

Engine has about 2,000 miles on it. Hot rod crank, trued and welded. Wiseco pistons, cylinders bored one over, milled head. Ports are stock, has TDR reeds, new clutch. Properly jetted, has a newish CDI from RZs unlimited I think.

Bike is setup with no battery, lossless, starts on 1-3 kicks, oil injection is still in place. Very well sorted and a lot of fun to ride and look at. A lot of time and money has been spent on it. Chain and sprockets in great shape, rubber is good, overall a very nice midly custom RZ, it is clean, looks great and is ready to ride.

20150501 1984 yamaha rz350 rainey left grip  20150501 1984 yamaha rz350 rainey right engine detail

20150501 1984 yamaha rz350 rainey right tail  20150501 1984 yamaha rz350 rainey taillight

Maybe a bit of a sheep in wolf’s clothing, but the power delivery of a 350 two-stroke is like a more modern 600, and lighter weight makes it easier to straighten out the corners.  With its up-to-date maintenance and excellent cosmetics, this RZ350 looks ready to achieve lots of fun, the ultimate goal of any bike !

Can’t really say it better than the owner:

Bikes like this make most people smile; even non motorcycle people. They make politicians, bureaucrats and other authoritarians cringe…so you know it’s something Good. Honest. Righteous.


Sensible Tribute – 1984 Yamaha RZ350 Rainey
Kawasaki April 30, 2015 posted by Donn

Bodyman’s Baby – 1985 Kawasaki GPZ900

The revolutionary early Ninja’s combined many improvements with the result being the first street cycle capable of 150mph.  Not the first inline 4, or with 4 valves per cylinder, or water cooled, but the first to combine these in a production engine.  Great attention was given to lightening and narrowing the drivetrain, the alternator and starter are behind rather than beside, and the camshaft drive chain is at the left end of the crank, rather than between cylinders 2 and 3.  The primary and secondary shafts in the transmission are stacked, allowing a somewhat shorter wheelbase.

20150429 1985 kawasaki gpz900 right

1985 Kawasaki GPZ900 for sale on eBay

20150429 1985 kawasaki gpz900 left

Tests from the time show that the GPZ900 was a neutral-handling rocket, with a smooth-shifting 6-speed transmission and excellent triple-disk brakes.  Never a lightweight at around 550 lbs, the Ninja was smooth thanks to an engine counter-balancer and comfortable to ride.  The GPZ900’s combination of power, handling, and brakes won many multi-bike shootouts and a generation of riders.

20150429 1985 kawasaki gpz900 tank  20150429 1985 kawasaki gpz900 left detail

Looking like it just rolled off the set of Top Gun, this early Ninja is a young 30.  A previous owner contributed a K&N filter and Yoshimura exhaust.  Re-painted in factory colors with graphics stenciled and wet-sanded, some extraneous reflectors and logos have been removed, and some of the aluminum has been polished.  With the multiple clear coats it looks ready for a show or a cruise.

20150429 1985 kawasaki gpz900 right rear  20150429 1985 kawasaki gpz900 radiator

From the eBay auction:

Here’s my first gen 900. An avid fan of the original Gpz, I think the first gen 900 was the last and best of them. The bike has a short list of mods that I think make the bike much better overall. First the paint. I have painted the bike in original colors but instead of using decals for the stripes and ‘Kawasaki’ and ‘Ninja’ they have been hand stenciled with 5 coats of clear over them. There is no bump as you run your hands over them. They’ve been wet sanded completely flush. The ‘liquid cooled’ emblem I made of super thin ‘water slide’ material. I put a drop of pearl metallic in the clear coat which is very subtle and only visible when the bike is under full sun. The bike has been completely wet sanded and buffed. The fairing amber side reflectors have been eliminated as has the front headlight ‘Kawasaki’ emblem. I feel they both take something away from the bike. The rear fender was trimmed. The wheels were done in red base coat clear coat keeping more in line with the original Gpz’s. I have polished the peg mounts and the swingarm. The bike came with the Yosh pipe and K&N filters, thus the bike doesn’t use the stock airbox. I think this is also a big plus. When I bought the bike it had a Corbin Gunfighter but I’ve always disliked them so I bought a stock seat. I’m the third owner and the bike has 26,000 miles on it. It’s in perfect mechanical condition and I believe it’s the prettiest first gen 900 you will find anywhere.

The auction for this first generation Ninja has already generated 14 bids and there are still 4 days left.  If you’re one of the many fans, take a look.


Bodyman’s Baby – 1985 Kawasaki GPZ900
Aprilia April 27, 2015 posted by Donn

2003 Aprilia RSV Mille R Colin Edwards Edition

After great success racing the smaller displacement classes in Moto GP, Aprilia developed a World Superbike machine and produced the RSV Mille road bike from 1998 through 2003.  Except for the SP ( Sport Production ) 1999 homologation special which used a Cosworth-developed high revving engine, the R model is the ultimate, and this Colin Edwards Edition with livery from the RS Cube race bike, is from the last year of production and very rare indeed.

20150427 2003 aprilia rsv mille r right

2003 Aprilia RSV Mille R Colin Edwards Edition for sale on eBay

20150427 2003 aprilia rsv mille r left

20150427 2003 aprilia rsv mille r front  20150427 2003 aprilia rsv mille r cowling

With a 997cc v-twin from Rotax, the booming RSV-Mille has 137hp, a wide torque band, and a 172mph top speed.  The R-model has fully-adjustable Ohlins front and rear, O-Z forged wheels, and Brembo disks, 320mm front and 220mm rear.  Somewhat lighter than the base RSV at 416 lbs dry, the R model has carbon fiber front fender, air scoops, heel guards, and muffler stays.  In addition to the race-replica paint, the Colin Edwards Edition has a ram-air carbon filter housing and Akrapovic exhaust.

20150427 2003 aprilia rsv mille r cockpit

20150427 2003 aprilia rsv mille r left rear 20150427 2003 aprilia rsv mille r right rear

With just about 10,000 miles, this bike looks to be in fantastic shape.  From the eBay auction:

Selling this one of a kind Edwards edition with the original Aprilia race accessories carbon fiber air box.  This bike is strong running and tuned making 127 hp to the rear wheel. The motor is perfect, low miles, shifts and runs perfect, sound is amazing with this airbox.
All service has been done. The bike just had valves checked and the cams have degreed for max efficiency of torque and hp peak.  The forks have been recently serviced as well as the brakes. Tires are barely used Dunlop Sportmax GP-A’s. The forks have the Ohlins SS valving kit installed and the bike is sprung for a 180 – 220 suited rider and have the original springs as well. 
Chain is a perfect Ek MVXZ 520 16/44 aluminum rear sprocket.  
Forward frame sliders are installed. 
 Billet shorty brake and clutch levers are installed.  Air box has always had a custom oiled foam intake filter installed. 
 Gabro custom chip installed. Full system Akrapovic exhaust as sold with Edwards Edition. 
The inside of the tank is seal with Casewell tank sealer to prevent ethanol damage.
The seat is custom formed I also will include a NEW front seat.

The bike has never been down starts right up cold every time and has no stumbles or hesitations. Bid with confidence on this rare one of kind Mille you can own AND ride!

20150427 2003 aprilia rsv mille r airbox  20150427 2003 aprilia rsv mille r spares

20150427 2003 aprilia rsv mille r binacle

Not much time left on this auction, and the buy-it-now has an uncommon down-to-earth appearance.  Time to do some homework and maybe plan a trip to Georgia !


2003 Aprilia RSV Mille R Colin Edwards Edition
MV Agusta April 23, 2015 posted by Donn

Race bred – MV Agusta F4 750 S EVO3

A dynasty like no other, MV Agusta won 63 world championships from 1948 through 1980, in all classes of Moto GP.  After the death of the founder’s son Count Domenico Agusta in 1971, the drifting trademark was revived by Cagiva in 1991, which re-introduced MV Agusta cycles in 1997.  Now-legendary designer Massimo Tamburini had recently completed the Ducati 916 and leg the Cagiva Research Center in their efforts, consulting with Ferrari on the new design, especially the hemispherical combustion chamber.

20150421 2003 mv agusta f4 750 s evo3 right

2003 MV Agusta F4 750 S EVO3 for sale on eBay

20150421 2003 mv agusta f4 750 s evo3 left

A true exotic, the F4 was built in very low numbers of around 300 per year, and generally cost more than double what more popular machines could ask.  The radial array of 4 valve per cylinder is derived from the Ferrari Formula 1 engine, generating 137hp at 12,500 rpm.  The bodywork, which was carbon on the 1998 show bike, is mostly fiberglass, as the magnesium parts of the original F4 are now generally aluminum.  Brakes can only be considered extreme with 6-piston calipers gripping 310mm front disks.  The often-copied underseat exhaust has 4 small mufflers.  A lovely and light package, capable of 170 mph.

20150421 2003 mv agusta f4 750 s evo3 right lever  20150421 2003 mv agusta f4 750 s evo3 front

20150421 2003 mv agusta f4 750 s evo3 rear  20150421 2003 mv agusta f4 750 s evo3 left lever

This MV has 9,500 miles and upgrades include carbon bits and wheels, and lower profile rear lighting.  From the eBay auction:

Solo seat version.
Excellent condition!!!

Upgrades include: 
Carbon fiber fenders, exhaust guards, ignition guard, etc.  
Marchesini wheels.  
Aftermarket rear lights / turn signals
Also included:
Extra Pirelli Diablo tires ( 2 front, 1 rear)
bike cover.
20150421 2003 mv agusta f4 750 s evo3 right rear wheel  20150421 2003 mv agusta f4 750 s evo3 left rear wheel
20150421 2003 mv agusta f4 750 s evo3 right front  20150421 2003 mv agusta f4 750 s evo3 cockpit
Factory improvements to the F4 750 were mostly cosmetic in 2003, as MV Agusta prepared the 1000cc model for introduction.  The one has some nice improvements, and is looking to be in excellent shape, with spare tires and matching leathers ( if you’re 5’10” and 155 lbs. ).
Race bred – MV Agusta F4 750 S EVO3
Ducati April 20, 2015 posted by Donn

Dressed to the nines – Ducati 999

For 2003 Pierre Terblanche penned a smoothly faired liter-bike capitalizing on the narrow Testastretta engine, the stacked headlights and air scoops generating a love-it-or-hate-it response.  A World Superbike adapted for the road, the 999 can stretch a one-hour ride into an afternoon of deep braking and wheelies leaving the corners.

20150420 2003 ducati 999 right

2003 Ducati 999 for sale on eBay

20150420 2003 ducati 999 left rear

Though eclipsed by -S and -R variants of later years, the early 999 is very well equipped and with 124 hp, a great performer.  The steel trellis frame is all but hidden by the fairing, and this bike has some extra carbon fiber guards on the long frame rails ( and swingarm ).  Though the factory supplied fully adjustable Showa front and rear dampers, this owner upgrades to Ohlins, which hold a pair of the lightest-looking 17-inch wheels ever.

20150420 2003 ducati 999 right front wheel  20150420 2003 ducati 999 right detail

20150420 2003 ducati 999 right rear wheel  20150420 2003 ducati 999 right lever

With a pair of 320mm disks in front ( upgraded by the owner to Brembo HP series ) and 4-piston calipers, only one or two finger-fulls of the CRG levers should be required.  Originally equipped with a catalyst and muffler combination under the rear seat, this bike has been upgraded with Remus carbon mufflers.

20150420 2003 ducati 999 binnacle  20150420 2003 ducati 999 steering

20150420 2003 ducati 999 left rear wheel  20150420 2003 ducati 999 taillight

And about the seat, this bike was delivered as a biposto, but has been converted to a single-seater with factory bodywork.  Currently sporting the sponsorship of the Italian telecom company Alice (“A-Lee-Chay”), the owner has retained the original fairing.

20150420 2003 ducati 999 stands  20150420 2003 ducati 999 spare bodywork

Truly too many upgrades to list, the eBay listing tries –

Minor scuff on tank (in pics) Shop Service Manual incl’d: CD & Printed Binder (color) / PitBull Front & Rear Bike Stands / Shorai Lithium-Iron battery (NEW) / CRG Lane Splitter Mirrors / CRG collapsible Brake/Clutch Levers / Gilles chain adjuters & Rear sets / GPR damper / Pipercross air filters / Speed Bleeder brake-screws / Rhino-moto axle sliders & frame sliders / $4K in Shift-Tech Carbon Fiber parts / Ducati Mono-Tail / 3-sets of fairings, including original bodywork / Nice Cycle “Alice” Fairings / 2 sets of wheels: Both sets are Marchesini wheels (2), Cast Aluminum*Gray*(2) / Forged Magnesium*Black*1098 Frt. susp. upgrade w/Ohlins internals / Brembo HP-series front rotors / Remus Grand Prix Carbon Exhaust: w/DEI Exhaust wrap(Black) / Undertail lic. plate holder / LED turn signals front/rear / Rear turn signals integrated into LED Brake / Sargent seat / 2005 Black swingarm / Ducati service performed in Oct. 2014: Belts, Fluids, Valve check, overall inspection / New Barnett Clutch w/less than 50miles – Too many other items to list.

20150420 2003 ducati 999 right front

While winning WSBK championships in 2003, 2004, and 2006, the model was superseded by the 1098 in 2007 when rules allowed increased displacement.  This bike, obviously the recipient of much care, has recent service and new wear parts in addition to the mountain of upgrades.

The owner explains –

For sale is my 2003 Ducati 999 Bi-Posto. The tail section on this 999 was converted to a Mono-Posto with OEM Ducati upgrade accessories. However, all original parts are included, should the buyer choose to place the 999 back to its original state. Every single item that was changed or ugraded, the factory part was retained. Copies of all receipts will accompany the sale of the bike. Receipts varying from parts, to accessories, to service records has all been recorded/filed. The bike was serviced at Coleman PowerSports in Falls Church, Virginia has been serviced at Speed’s Cycles in Elkridge, Maryland.The 999 model was only manufactured during the years of 2003-2006. These models are rare, as they were not manufactured for too many years. A question that is frequently asked, “What kind of bike is that? Who makes it?” The 999 definitely draws attention to itself.This bike has been very meticulously cared for. It has been garage kept, and never ridden/caught in rain. There is a minor flaw on the left top side of the tank, as a part on a shelf in the garage fell down and made contact with the tank. The pictures will show the extent of the flaw. I chose not to paint/repair this flaw, as I have rarely been riding the bike as of late. Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions on the bike, or the items that will be sold with along with it. The bike really has many hard to find carbon parts, that took extensive research to locate. The swingarm carbon fiber made it to the USA, from Germany. I planned to purchase a spare and to my surprise found that the item(s) had been discontinued. The carbon fiber frame covers are another item which is no longer in production.

A lot of great possibilities here – show bike, back to biposto, track star, or maybe leave just as it’s shown and rule the twistie bits.



Dressed to the nines – Ducati 999