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Kawasaki May 22, 2012 posted by claudio

Kawasaki RR in Italy

Here’s my absolute favorite Kawasaki model of all time: the first ZXR 750 R !

Produced between 1991 and 1992 this sample was registered only in September 1993. With 29000km and what appears to be complete original condition (apart from the number plate holder) this is truly a rare find. With a single seat, aggressive red stripes instead of blue ones  as on the standard ZXR model (or at least in southern EU that’s how it appeared) , this bike came with a tall first gear (130kmh !) and close gear ratios. Suspension internal sand ignition were also modified in comparison to the standard model. Delivering 125 HP this bike preferred to rev above the 4000 RPM mark to start playing. On the scale it registered 190kg (-5kg over the standard version).

Here’s a couple of snapshots from a 1991 Superbike mag:

On sale in Northern Italy at 5200 Euro. The seller has fitted new tires and had it serviced.

Available here: Kawasaki ZXR 750R


Bimota May 21, 2012 posted by claudio

Another Bimota from the Alps (Switzerland)

Ok, I’m getting into some sort of Bimota fetish…I think it might have to do with today’s manufacturers lacking the ability or will, to create some bike exotica. I mean, look at Honda, they are developing only cross overs between motorbikes and scooters. The marketing people might say this is the future but I say, yes this will be the future if the kids growing up now dream of a two wheeled quiet-engined-plastic-filled-sort-of-space-ship with no gears…AKA a “scooter”…indeed very popular this side of the Ocean. Well, let’s get back to the old days and let’s do that with the small production hot Italian brand of Bimota, and in particular with this YB-10 model (yes sir, a monoposto in this case):


Produced between 1991 and 1994 in 224 examples (to my records) this was the evolution of the YB8. Powered by Yamaha’s 1000cc engine and delivering close to 150HP this model obtained a new faring (check out the very original single seater there) and revised geometry for added comfort….(mmmhhh should a Bimota be comfortable at all…is this the first sine toward what modern bikes are becoming ?)…

The bike is on sale from a private owner who add in the package a second set of complete wheels, a carbon front mudguard as fitted currently on the bike and an extra carbon silencer.

The bike has less than 14000km. It was registered in 1998 and has had a conformity certification in April 2012 (here in Switzerland this regular check is called MFK and it is obligatory every 2 years for bikes of this age).

The bike was among the ones designed under the technical leadership of Pierluigi Marconi who happened to be also the creator of the famous Tesi 1D:

You might notice how the theme of monocoque rear seat module with a thin suede replacing an otherwise common foamy seat was taken over to the center hub steering model too. The YB10 used carburetors and improved fueling in comparison to the YB8 with the aim to improve a slight torque dip around 6000rpm. Here’s how it sounds like:

The model below is on sale for 11500 CHF ($12230 USD) which is probably the other reason why I am developing this Bimota kick, I mean this money is no present but what’s out there that is as unique, exciting and prestigious for this cash ??

Available here.


Sport Bikes For Sale May 20, 2012 posted by claudio

Rare, Rare, Rare…Suzuki GSX-R 750 R 1986 Limited Edition

A truely special and limited edition race replica motorbike: the 1986 GSX-R 750R LE:

This bike is one of the most exclusive Suzukis ever built. These days a few of them in close to new condition have appeared on the market and I was lucky enough to grab one myself. The above sample is sold via eBay in France but the bike is located in Sion in Switzerland. It is a Swiss edition which included a few adaptations to be able to be imported in Switzerland. These include 2 restrictions, one on the carbs inlet and one on the exhaust. The easiest way to recognize that it is a country special version is by checking the RPM counter: the Swiss edition starts with the 0 RPM at the bottom end instead of the 3k mark used on other versions:

To me, the Limited Edition is just as prestigious as an RC30 and while an exact number of models produced worldwide is not known, it is believed to be in the range of the 500 samples.

What is peculiar about the LE: to start with the bike has a competition derived dry clutch. It is said that the discs are the same as the ones used on the actual 2 stroke GP bike and therefore have always been very expensive (that is 2000 $ for a complete set !). The clutch isn’t built anymore by the OEM and collectors have been piling up stock and grabbing any clutch set they can find on the market. Few and I mean few, are still available if you look in the right places. The LE also features a hand made rear glass fiber single seat unit which, together with the seat itself, was made for this model only. Headlights were upgraded and the front fork anti-dive system is now electrically controlled through the front brake lever sensor instead of the previous hydraulically actuated system as used on the Katana. Want to hear how a dry clutch Suzuki sounds like ?

Here is a demo with a Schüle exhaust system (still available form Mr. Schüle himself in Germany today, check his website) fitted on (look for the last bit of the video and listen… just listen to this amazing combination of GSX-R engine sound with the mechanical rattle of the dry clutch !):

1986 LE sound

Back to item on sale…as you might have noticed form the picture of the tacho above this model has just 1520 km ! The pictures below further sustain the seller’s short description:

Comme neuve Km 1520 toute d’origine


If you wonder how one of these feels to drive I can give you an insight: basically unlike modern bikes you do not sit on top of it rather you sit “in it”. The seat is comfy and you arms are stretched toward the clip ons. Bikes of this age used 18inch wheels, add to it a long wheelbase and this adds up into a different riding style to what you might be used to nowadays. Basically you need to start entering a corner earlier and foresee a generally more round trajectory. Forget hard brake, turn in, square out and full gas (if you have traction control) of a modern let’s say RSV4 or Panigale. Nevertheless I love the feeling of driving the Limited. First of all you feel back in time with your head fully protected from the wind by the large bubble scree Being stretched along the bike when turning into a corner you are part of the bike and tend to move much less around the seat as you’d do on a recent super bike. Also the fact that you need to think and focus as you draw larger and more linear trajectories and having much less braking power, this all contributes to a truly involving and greatly rewarding experience. Add to it the amazing sound (not with the original exhaust though which is ultra quite), the view of the rev counter in front of your eyes, the light weight of the bike and the smooth and quick gearbox and you are in for a unique experience.



















The bike on sale has currently a bid at 10.500 EUR and the reserve

price is not indicated.

If you are a collector…buy it.

If you are a bike enthusiast…buy it.

If you even don’t care about bikes, you should still buy it

as in these times of Euro crises this will be your best investment !

Suzuki GSX-R 750 LE 1986 1500 km

only 1 day left…













Suzuki May 10, 2012 posted by claudio

Feelin’ Lucky ! [Switzerland]

Suzuki GSX-R 750 Lucky Strike 1900 km (!) 5320 $

Here’s a rare version of a not so rare bike: the Lucky Strike edition of a 1992 Gixxer 750:

Besides the original color scheme, this bike is also worth the excursion to Switerzland because of its mileage of just 1900 km!

Much has already been said about the glorious and reliable R-versions of the Suzuki GSX. Just in case, this is the first version of the water cooled engined bikes also known as GSX-R W. While the model saw production in 1992 (!) for the first time, this sample here was registered on public roads in the Confederation only in 1994. Considered by the enthusiasts not the best of the series due to its increased weight versus the previously oil cooled models, this bike will still deliver enough thrills thanks to its powerful and robust engine. Add in a beautiful and now rare to find Yoshi muffler included in the package and you are ready to ride off in pure Suzuki GP nostalgic style:

With a 34 number on that yellow rear cowl plate holder you’ll be giving tribute to the unforgettable Suzuki rider legend Kevin Schwantz:

The bike here is described by the seller (Mr. Buser) as better than new (I guess he is referring to that Aluminum Yoshimura…):

Schöner als Neu,Liebhaber Fahrzeug.

It is quite difficult to find such a pristine model and while the picture below is a bit blurred, you can still count the zeros and realize that the bike hasn’t even reached the first 2000 km from new.

The bike is sold by a private through the Suzuki dealer of Mr. Wernli who will give you 1 month warranty on top of it. I know myself Mr. Wernli and in particular the many wonders hidden in the seller of his shop in the country side in canton Aaurgau. I can only say that if you are a Suzuki GSX-R fan or a Honda CB Four or… etc. etc. you”l drop your jaw when stepping down the stairs from an otherwise  conventional Suzuki dealership and glaze at his private collection. Now these bikes are not advertised for sale as such but, let’s say that you are passionate enough, you know what you are talking about and you might be able to approach him for the bike of your dreams. This is were I bought my beloved ’86 GSX-R 750 R Limited Edition with also less than 2000km on the clock….Bless him !

On sale here.

Click here for a full model history of Suzuki’s best known super bikes.


Kawasaki April 27, 2012 posted by claudio

Without Pedigree but Ticks All the Boxes: Kawasaki ZXR 400 (Germany)

How about 65 HP for 160 kg ? How about redline at 14.000 rpm. This might not be an exotic V4 (read NC30) but it will deliver just as well.

Small capacity 4 cylinders in-line have always been popular in Japan and especially on race tracks but these models made it  in relatively big numbers to Europe as well. You wonder how a 400cc revved at 14.000 rpm sounds like ?

In terms of performance the 400cc 4-strokes are very much comparable to the 2 cylinder 250cc 2-strokes like the Suzuki RGV 250. The 2-strokes have at their advantage less weight but are penalized by less torque and engine elasticity. I grew up on bikes with 2% oil in the mix and therefore always been a fan of the RGVs but considering reliability, lack  of major mainatanance operations and modern environmental friendliness’ laws the 400cc 4-strokes are a great choice for cheap, fun an yet exotic bikes.

Unlike the bigger sister (the ZXR 750) the clutch on this model is cable operated. Every component though has nothing less than the ones mounted on the bigger capacity and this also explains the relatively original high price tags of the 400cc Japanese machines.  Nevertheless, considering the light weight, the screaming sound and the fact that you can trash them around public roads without finding yourself at insane 3 digit speeds, these bikes are a good choice for the sport riders who enjoy using all 6 gears and riding on twisty mountain roads.

A few words from the seller:

Hallo zusammen

da meine frau die lust am motorrad fahren verloren hat möchten wir ihr kleines schätzchen verkaufen die maschiene steht jetzt schon seit 16 monaten in der garage es ist eine zxr 400 sie ist offen und hat 65 Ps giftig ohne ende dreht bis 14000/Umin. sie wird noch sauber gemacht und sie bekommt noch hinten nen neuen reifen batterie haben wir heute neu gekauft tüv wird anfang nächste woche auch noch gemacht sofern der reifen diese woche noch kommt also eine super maschiene für den start der sasion sie hat gerademal 16.500 km original gelaufen es ist KEIN austauschmotor die maschiene wurde immer gewartet in einer fachwerkstatt meine frau ist die 2te besitzerin vorher wurde die maschiene auch von einer frau gefahren also keine verheitzte kiste immoment haben wir den laser sport endtopf verbaut damit hört sich die maschiene richtig gut an der originale für den tüv ist natürlich auch mit dabei die maschiene bekommt nächste woche noch neuen tüv wie gesagt reifen kommt auch noch neu und einmal durchchecken sie können sich die maschiene gerne anschauen kommen nach terminabsprache und wir lassen sie auch gerne probelaufen achso erstzulassung ist 26.03.1998

bei fragen schreibt uns einfach an

da privarkauf leider keinerlei garantie oder rücknahme meinerseits auch wird nicht mehr gehandelt vor ort ein gebot ist bindend und verpflichtet zur abnahme

maschiene sollte innerhalb von 7 tagen bei uns abgeholt und bar bezahlt werden

Am 25.04.12 hat der Verkäufer die folgenden Angaben hinzugefügt:

so beim reinigen der maschiene sind uns noch 2-3 kleinigkeiten aufgefallen zu sehen auf bild 6 und 10 bild 6 ist die verkleidung vom stoßdämpfer behälter eingerissen und auf bild 10 ist die frontmaske ca 2 cm eingerissen würde nichtmal auffallen wir schreibens aber hier rein leider ist mir heute beim zusammensuchen der teile der originale endtopf vom regal runter gefallen hat einen leichten ditscher abbekommen beeinträchtigt nicht die funktion ist ehh nur für den tüv auf den bildern ist der laser endtopf zu sehen den haben wir nach erhalt der plakette immer rauf gebaut wie nun zu sehen ist steht die maschiene trotz der 2 kleinigkeiten super da bei fragen einfach anschreiben


He describes the bike as being his wife’s machine. The bikes has 16500 original km on the clock and had 2 previous owners. The model is form 1998 and will delivered washed up, with new tires and with a new test certificate from TUV. On the original post below, the seller mentioned a couple of scratches visible on pictures 6 and 10. The silencer fitted to the bike is from Laser while the original one is partially damaged due to a drop of the muffler itself.

Other than the silencer and the black windscreen (by the way, I don’t understand why every Kawa owner needs to change the original screen onto a black one), the bike is in original trim. This ZXR 400 is available in southern Germany.

Happy bidding: ZXR 400 aus Deutschland


Ducati April 26, 2012 posted by claudio

Less is more: 2001 748 R in Germany

Here is a red Ducati 748 R with 28000 km.

It is a 2001 model with the first versions of the the fairing with large cut outs behind the radiator. This was the first R model following the SPS version. Ducati used to call their special versions with SP or SPS  standing for Sport Production but then went for a more international R code.

My favorite version comes in yellow but I don’t want to initiate a huge discussion on this or do I ????

Anyway, faster colors apart, the 748 R is one of the best Ducati packages ever made. It has the finest components like:

  1. Ohlins front fork
  2. Ohlins rear suspension
  3. Oshlins steering damper
  4. Termignoni silencers included in the package (titanium 50mm on this one)
  5. Light weight magnesium wheels from Marchesini (they look like the standard 5 spoke wheels as mounted on a normal 2001 748, but if you look closely you’ll find the shape of the spokes is slightly different,  and if you put them on the scale you’ll find they are very different).
  6. Carbon front mudguard
  7. Carbon side panels
  8. Ventilated racing style discs (look at the groove along the vertical section of the disc to distinguish from standard discs)
  9. A distinguishing number plate reminding you of owning a limited series model

By far one of best handling motorbikes ever, this is a favorite track tool. Add a carbon air intake box and you’ll have one of the best sounding Ducati ever. This is also because the 748 smaller motor revs higher than the big brother’s 996 resulting into a higher twin cylinder pitch…mmmhhh…

I personally owned one of these (in yellow, best color, did I mention that ?) during my life in the UK. I regret having sold it and looking at the price tag of this sample I’d hit myself…

I rode it to Cadwell Park (check this out on youtube and look for the BSB British Superbike riders jumping with both wheels at the mountain !) , Anglesey, Donnington Park, Rockingham and Mallory Park…man I miss those times…

On my bike I fitted a slipper clucth and race fairings. With less torque than the bigger brother but similar maximum power (105 Hp on R model), lower weight and better brakes, you’ll find yourself quicker than the average 996 rider. The bike is extremely neutral in its handling performance, very stable and razor sharp.

With just enough power to be seriously fast while never risking high-sides (unless you look or it…) this is for me one of the ultimate track day bikes. Add to this that values of these models will only increase when in good conditions like this one and the only thing might stop you from putting an offer on eBay should be the distance to Germany. The previous owner bought the bike in 2011 and spent   1550 Euros in comprehensive service.

Number 728.

Here’s the eBay listing: Red Ducati 748 R 2001 model

Yours with 7000 Euro or less .-)

Good luck with the bidding !


Bimota April 24, 2012 posted by claudio

Bi.Mo.Ta. SB6-R @ a Great Price in Germany

Bi.Mo.Ta. stands for the initials of the 3 founders:

Bianchi Morri Tamburini…I guess you know the latter…

Bimota always manufactured exclusive (read also expensive) hand made racing motorbikes. In particular Bimota actually realized stiff light weight frames to be coupled with the finest components and the state of the art power plants. The first letter of the bike’s code always identified the engine supplier: K for Kawasaki (early ones) D for Ducati, Y for Yamaha and S…you guessed it: for Suzuki.

Here is one of the most sold Bimota models, the SB6-R:

Powered by a tuned (intake and exhaust) Suzuki GSX-R 1100 W, it delivered in 1998 150 horses for roughly 190 kg dry weight. The Aluminum frame connects directly the front fork to the rear swing arm and is realized form a single block of aluminum that is then machined (for extra stiffness, no junctions or welding areas !). Besides the front and rear mudguards, there’s plenty of carbon to to keep the weight down (rear subframe just like modern race bikes).

The front forks are Paioli and rear shock is of the finest types: Ohlins. If you wonder how its sounds, here’s a clip:

The bike is pretty much original apart from the turn lights. The seller advises the presence of few scratches on the left side of the bike as a result of a slide. This model was first registered in 2002 while it is a MY 1998. With 21600 km it is on sale in Germany at the link here below:

Bimota SB6-R ebay and it would be yours with the equivalent of 6000 bucks…how’s that for a “snäppchen” as they would say in Deutschland…

I think I am becoming a Bimota enthusiast !


Gilera April 20, 2012 posted by claudio

Rare…Red…Hot: Gilera in Germany

Looking for something really rare? Ever heard of an Italian bike built from an idea of the Japanese importer? How about lightweight is better than power…and how about classic looks remind us all of the style of the 60s? By now you might be wandering what the hell am I talking about…let’s play a little more…

Q: Is it red ?
A: Yes it is.

Q: How many cylinders does it have ?
A: 1.

Q: Ok, it must be the ultra expensive Ducati Supermono, right?
A: Wrong, try again.

Q: I don’t know, give me a hint…
A: It has the name of a planet

Right, it is the Gilera Saturno 500 Bialbero:

A born child form an imaginative idea of a Japanese, traditionally always keen on small capacity bikes and the even more crazy acceptance of Gilera. The engine comes from an Enduro bike, the relatively popular Dakota model. The name Bialbero stands for double head cam also often referred to as DOHC which was state or the art in 1991 for a mono cylinder bike.

Add a larger single carburetor, a stiff tubular frame, a mono sear, mono large diameter single disc front brake, Ferrari red paint, a round light, an exhaust taken straight form a Manga comic and there you have an amazing fun package.

And here are the specs:

And a little video from…Japan…

On sale in Germany for 3820 Eur, The bike was originally registered in Hungary and is now on sale in Germany. It has 15.500km.

Here’s the link:

Gilera Saturno 500 Bialbero